The Lal Salam Manifesto

by Lal Salam

Let me explain Lal Salam in the beginning, coz he doesn’t want any sh*t later.

The Lal Salam isn’t left. You are wrong about it, if you think so. And he owes anyone nothing. Unlike others, he can say whatever he wants. And he may try to make you uncomfortable, which is most of the times by the way. The Lal Salam knows that the majority of the country belives in liberal policies. They just know it, or you can say they have been brainwashed over the course of past few decades. You may find his language a little bit harsh and rude, but that’s the way it is. Lal Salam doesn’t just mean you get to say words like “f**k.” F**k, it if you think that. Its just to give people enough rope.

Another thing, Lal Salam knows all. He has seen everything, been with you everywhere. But he doesn’t give a sh*t about you. He basically doesn’t care, coz he owes you nothing. Right?

Lal Salam will drag Pakistan, kicking and screaming, back to hope, back to a government by the people in his own way.

Lal Salam has been waiting for when the level of stupidity in the world reached such a fever pitch that he could not longer stay silent.

Lal Salam has started now and he’s rude.

Lal Salam is a contributor at PTH. He is a disgruntled media-man from Lahore