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Remembering the Dream…

Remembering the Dream…

by Yasser Latif Hamdani Pakistan is mourning. It is not just Benazir Bhutto but the dream of Pakistan itself that is in pieces.Pakistan was envisaged as a modern democratic homeland for the Muslim minority of British India as a last resort by Pakistan’s founding father Mahomed Ali Jinnah, who had fought for it to ensure the political and economic future of his people. As a modern Muslim Jinnah sought to protect the Muslims’ economic and political … Read entire article »

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Jiye Bhutto

by Lal Salaam ye jo karbala, is baar barpa ki gai.. vo karbala jo hum ney apni ankhon sey dekhii… … Read entire article »

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Who, What, Where is God, especially when we need Him?

by Mozaffar When we open many commentaries on the Qur’an, we often see this one same narration. We are told that God says, “I am what My slave makes of me.” Too often, when we read this narration we glide past it without much reflection. Similarly, if we consider that the word “Allah” or “God” appears in the Qur’an over 2000 times, we may discover that we also glide past the references to God Himself as we read through the Qur’an. We glide past these descriptions of God because we tend to regard these descriptions of God as basic or ‘common sense.’ Many people, as they read through the Qur’an, are seeking the knowledge of rules, even though they know that the Qur’an is itself presenting the knowledge of God. What is my … Read entire article »

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Funeral Services for Benazir Bhutto…and a word on the religious tenor of the Bhuttos

Funeral Services for Benazir Bhutto…and a word on the religious tenor of the Bhuttos

Just learnt that a Ghayabana Namaaz-e-Janaza is going to be held for Benazir Bhutto after/with Friday prayers at the Masjid-e-Farooq-e-Azam in Concord, California. I am told it is off the Clayton Exit, across from the Safeway and near the BART Station and there will be a prayer meeting (Du’a) at the BART Station afterwards. … Read entire article »

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Benazir Bhutto, "Daughter of Pakistan, Daughter of the Muslim World", RIP

At least a couple of people have wondered why I haven’t posted anything on my blog. Folks have been asking why I haven’t posted anything. Been distracted because my wife and kids were enroute to Karachi. Finally had them rerouted directly to Delhi from Hong Kong, skipping Karachi for now. … Read entire article »

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The vision of Qurratulain Hyder

QQurratulain Hyder wrote Aag ka Darya, which by any measure remains one of the greatest novels in world literature, between August 1956 and December 1997 at Mauripur, Karachi, where she was then living. It is a monumental work, taking in its stride the sweep of history, the rise and fall of civilisations, the eternal human quest for enlightenment, the mystery of life’s transience and the ultimately futile search for happiness. … Read entire article »

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Tony Wheeler on his visits to Pakistan

Tony Wheeler on his visits to Pakistan

Raza Rumi Tony Wheeler from the famous Lonely Planet family writes: I’ve returned to Pakistan a number of times over the years and always found it interesting. My most recent visit was a March 2006 visit to the scene of the disastrous earthquake in late 2005 and my travel blog from that trip includes encounters with Buddhas, batters and booze .. … Read entire article »

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Dynamics of Change in Islamic Law (I): Normative Pluralism

Dynamics of Change in Islamic Law (I): Normative Pluralism

by Aasem Bakhshi In my view, the most important crisis that Muslim society miserably failed to handle during Islam’s sojourn into modernity is diversity. By diversity, I mean religious heterogeneity in any form, may it be the pronouncement of legal injunctions, opinions regarding societal norms or something as personal as individual religious practices. Therefore, whether it is the abundance of contradictory fatwas on issues as diverse as women leading prayers to Muslims attending Christmas celebrations to Islamic … Read entire article »

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Relevance of Bulleh Shah

By Ayesha Siddiqa A COUPLE of days ago I had a chance to see Ajoka Theatre’s play ‘Bulleh’ in Islamabad. The stage play was made on the life and spiritualism of the famous Sufi saint Bulleh Shah who grew up in the town of Kasur near Lahore where some of the modern-day rulers of the country come from.The Sufi was forced to leave his hometown on several occasions as he struggled against the local religious and power orthodoxies. … Read entire article »

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Two Poems – Suicide bomber and A dilemma

by Bolongo Katayama: Suicide Bomber Strapped in detonators nose clogged by the stench of Blood and vengeance. I march to my altar. God needs blood! And so do the gods in lomos and underground shelters. Standing, in the crowd of humanless humans I plunge into nothingness. A sacrificial goat or an Abraham’s son? A moment of redemption! The Splinters of my body, blood and metals will seethe your tranquil slumbers. Sacrifice and terror will make it meaningful. But one last pray! Hail O, gods! Benefactors of chaos, fire and sacrifice, I’m ready for my turn! … Read entire article »

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Pakistani artist Gulgee has been murdered!

Pakistani artist Gulgee has been murdered!

What a sad day ….   KARACHI, Dec 19 (Reuters) – Ismail Gulgee, Pakistan’s most prominent artist, was found murdered on Wednesday along with his wife and a maid in their Karachi home, police said. He was 81. They said the three were found gagged in different rooms of the house, which is in the city’s most upmarket district. The hands of his wife, Zarina, were tied. “All three were suffocated. This happened around three days … Read entire article »

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Pakistanis must stop destroying the pre-Islamic heritage

Came across this pointed though strongly worded post by Danial, where he urges Pakistanis to stop the vandalism against pre-Islamic heritage. “As if the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues wasn’t enough, fanatical mullahs and their constituents from Swat in the Northwest Frontier province attempt[ed] to blow up yet another statue in the name of their twisted version of Islam which is quite alien to the Subcontinent…… … Read entire article »

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Pakistan’s News Media No Longer Silent, but …

Pakistan’s News Media No Longer Silent, but …

Pakistan’s News Media No Longer Silent, but Musharraf Has Muted His Critics by Salman Masood and David Rohde December 11, 2007′. Nearly all private television channels blacked out last month by President Pervez Musharraf’s emergency decree are back on the air. … Read entire article »

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My perseverated election manifeasto

by kinkminos The shameless pigging season comes alive and this time ’round i wish but can’t say why that i were elsewhere anywhere else not milling around hefty troughs overflowing with me and my fellow fat pigs nursing cheeks bursting with pure unadulterate greed for feast after … Read entire article »

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Spare the Animal and Show Your Piety: Eid ul Adha, 2007

by temporal Eid ul Adha is on or around December 19-22, 2007 depending on where you are. Have a safe and happy holiday with your family. Spare the poor goat or lamb’s life. For those who want to sacrifice the writer please scroll down and read Chapter 22, Verse 37 as translated by Marmaduke, Yusufali, Asad and Usmani: or pick your own copy of the holy Qur’an. They all talk about your devotion, piety, God-consciousness and taqwa that reaches Him. Please pause and think. According to the Hidaya Foundation the cost of one goat/sheep is $100 in the US. Here in Canada the price varies between $90-100. I am not sure about the price in Pakistan or India. What I am sure about is only the well wheeled can afford it. The Poor cannot … Read entire article »

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