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Aitzaz Gives Call for LAWYERS’ BLACK FLAG WEEK

Lahore: In a statement issued here from his residence, where he is detained, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, President Supreme Court Bar Association, said that a Long March scheduled for March 09 has been postponed to give Parliament time to restore the deposed judges. It has not been cancelled. The lawyers, he said, appreciated the concern of the Parliamentarians and the leadership of the political parties to permit Parliament to meet and take steps for the restoration of the judges in the first instance. Aitzaz, however, said that two of the most unfortunate days in our history fell in the year 2007. On March 9, none other than the Chief Justice of Pakistan was arrested. On December 27 a much greater and far more enormous tragedy struck. The most important leader of the … Read entire article »

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ظفر اقبال کی غزل Zafar Iqbal's new ghazal

We are posting a fresh ghazal composed by the eminent Urdu poet, Zafar Iqbal’s courtesy Tahir Aslam Gora – یہاں سب سے الگ سب سے جدا ہونا تھا مجھ کو مگر کیا ہو گیا ہوں، اور، کیا ہونا تھا مجھ کو ابھی اک لہر تھی جس کو گزرنا تھا سروں سے  ابھی اک لفظ تھا میں، اور، ادا ہونا تھا مجھ کو … Read entire article »

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Contribution by Shaheen Sultan Dhanji Kishwar Naheed was born in 1940 at Bulundshehr, she was educated at Punjab University. She is a leading woman poet in Urdu. Her book of poems, Streets, Sunshine and Doors, won wide acclaim. Kishwar Naheed writes in free verse and has translated poets such as Pablo Neruda into Urdu. She lives in Pakistan. SPEECH NUMBER TWENTY-SEVEN My voice is the voice of my city. My voice is the voice of my age. My voice will influence generations. What do you think it is, that you call my voice a clamour? How can you call my voice the voice of madness? How can you think the coming storm a mere illusion? I am no prophet, I only see today with open eyes. Your barbaric acts diffused like the stink of money, you recline in the back seat of your limousine so that … Read entire article »

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The new political constellation

The new political constellation

Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari and Asfandyar Wali join hands during a lunch hosted by Zardari to demonstrate their parliamentary strength here on Wednesday. afp … Read entire article »

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A model for our parliamentarians to follow

A model for our parliamentarians to follow

By Yasser Latif Hamdani As we move towards another session of the National Assembly, elected after what have been described as landmark elections, it would not be out of place to remember and draw inspiration from the long and illustrious legislative career of Mr. Jinnah, Pakistan’s founding father, in the service of India’s people(s).  In this career you would find the staunchest denunciation of Emergency rule, martial law and government’s attempt to usurp the civil liberties … Read entire article »

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six of one, or half a dozen of the other

a (hopefully non-contagious) rash of versificationings by kinkminos to know i’m not i can’t say why i can’t say how i can’t say who’s behind me now i can’t be held responsible for things i’m not accountable to who or why or where or what it’s who i am i know not who i’m not ●          ●          ● dimetrically opposed don’t drink of me twice cos this once i just might … Read entire article »

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An open letter to Mr Aitzaz Ahsan

This was published in DAWN yesterday By Raza Rumi THAT you are principled, charismatic and right is beyond doubt. You have inspired the cynical, intelligentsia, revived a moribund civil society and awakened Pakistan’s traditionally de-politicised middle class. This is something that history shall record gloriously – reminiscent of the way you re-invoked the essential attributes of ‘Indus man’ in your treatise on the pre-historic identity of Pakistan. Today, all efforts to generate ‘positive’ results from Election 2008 have foundered; and there is a new parliament ready to be sworn in. The new National Assembly, reflecting the fractured polity, has one common thread – nearly two thirds of its members constitute or sympathise with what was known as the opposition before February 2008. This is a moment of reckoning and most concrete outcome of … Read entire article »

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Surreal Narratives by Mudassar Manzoor

Surreal Narratives by Mudassar Manzoor

Posted by Fiza Ishaq  “Moving away from the thematic conventions practiced so laboriously in the academic studio, Mudasser Manzoor casts around for ideas close to his heart. Not letting go of these early bonds of tradition, he engages with both philosophical and emotional concerns. Clearly these are contradictions to be encountered. He explores the influence of Sufi thought on the visual image. Solitary figures are lost in contemplation, disengaged from the world, yet very much part … Read entire article »

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Pakistani Censorship Downs YouTube–Globally!

by iFaqeer  In my last post, I mentioned the then breaking story that the Pakistan Telecomm Authority was in the process of blocking YouTube from the country. The “reason” given a video that was disrespectful to “An Hazrat, Maulana Mohammad, Rasul Allah”, as we are wont to say in Pakistan, or “The Gentleman, Our Lord, Mohammad, Prophet of God”. Of course, amongst our wonderful, patriotic Pakistanis, there were the immediate questions about whether that in itself was a rumour or documented. Well, please do take a look at one of the documents that went out from the Pakistan Telecomm Authority to the ISP’s on Siliconstani’s blog. The suspicions on the part of the grapevine is that this blocking/censorship happened when it happened because of videos that were ending up on YouTube of … Read entire article »

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Save Thandiani

Save Thandiani

— Mahmood Aslam Pakistan Dear friend of heritage and history, Good news… Due to your prayers and great efforts government of NWFP has now decided to save most of the buildings which are included in this stream.. Please spread the word among your contacts , friends and media men, so that the way they stopped looting of Patriata forest in the name of “new murree”, similarly they also stop murder of pristine and innocent little Thandiani.. Thank you very much … Read entire article »

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RAQS (Dance) – Noon Meem Rashid

Posted by Raza Rumi A timeless poem by Noon Meem Rashid Translated by Ayesha Khanna ai merii ham_raqs mujh ko thaam le zindagii se bhaag kar aayaa huu.N mai.n Dar se larazaa.N huu.N kahii.n aisaa na ho raqs_gaah ke chor daravaaze se aakar zindagii Dhuu.NDh le mujh ko nishaa.N paa le meraa aur jurm-e-aish karate dekh le come, my fellow dancer, hold me from life I have fled and arrived quivering with fear that in this brothel, life may follow and find me intoxicated see me decadent, corrupt and debauchedai merii ham_raqs mujh ko thaam le raqs kii ye gardishe.n ek mubaham aasiyaa ke daur hai.n kaisi sargarmii se Gam ko rau.ndataa jaataa huu.N mai.n jii me.n kahataa huu.N ki haa.N raqs_gaah me.n zindagii ke jhaa.Nkane se peshtar kulfato.n kaa sang_rezaa ek bhii rahane na paaye come, my fellow dancer, hold me these cycles of dance enigmatic revolutions of sin with what zeal I … Read entire article »

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Whither Islamabad?

Whither Islamabad?

By Helga Ahmad (writing for the DAWN) WILL 500 years hence tourists be flocking towards the remains of the erstwhile capital of Pakistan, similar to the present massive influx in Fatehpur Sikri? This five-century old capital built by Akbar the Great was shifted 14 years after its inauguration as water resources were dwindling rapidly due to an ever-increasing population. Islamabad will soon celebrate 50 years of its existence. But, what is there to show for it? The … Read entire article »

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An option for the new Prime Minister in Pakistan

The ANP challenge in NWFP  by Yasser Latif Hamdani Here is a suggestion: What if instead of a PPP prime minister or PML-N prime minister, ANP’s Asfandyar Wali Khan was to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan?  Could this be a viable option? The high politics of coalition making and breaking have already begun in the capital. Besides the many considerations of judiciary and democracy,  the mainstream Pakistani parties which have won-  PPP and PML-N- must take stock of the new situation emerging out of the NWFP with ANP’s massive victory there. Informed cynics have begun to question the victory of ANP as part of a grand strategy to bolster up Hamid Karzai and the NATO forces against the rising tide of militancy, the underlying implication being that the elections were indeed rigged … Read entire article »

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Democracy is the best way to fight 'terrorism'

Ali Eteraz on Pakistan at the Guardian. Yet, when it comes to uprooting terrorism in Pakistan, democracy is probably the best way of accomplishing that goal. This is because the primary tool that a democratic regime uses to tackle militants is the police, which, due to its design, civilian connections and close relationship with the judiciary, has the ability to disable militant networks far more effectively than an army. Not to mention that he also likes what has been said here … Read entire article »

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Democracy Rules! Pakistan Blocks/Bans YouTube

There’s an old (from our youth :p) Bollywood song that goes “Main ro’oon ya hansoon; karoon mai kyaa karoon?!” or “Should I cry or laugh; To do, what do I do?” Users subscribing to the Internet though the PTCL (Pakistan Telecom Corporation Limited, the semi- or formerly-government-owned corporation), in particular, have been getting the following message today if they tried to access YouTube: -------------- Dear Internet Users Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ( directed all ISPs of the country to block access to web site for containing blasphemous web content/movies. The site would remain blocked till further orders from PTA. Meanwhile, Internet users can write to to remove the objectionable web content/movies because this removal would enable the authorities to order un-blocking of this web site. Best Regards Manager Technical Assistance Center Micronet Broadband Pvt. Ltd. Islamabad ------------- For background, see: Cross-posted on the … Read entire article »

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