Man At War With His Own Species

By Nasim Yousaf  on

Allama Mashriqi’s 120th Birth Anniversary

“Man is perhaps the only species in Nature endlessly at war with his own species and he is doing this unnatural self-destruction…” — Allama Mashriqi

Allama Mashriqi – reformer, scientist, philosopher, and visionary – dedicated his life to uniting mankind. While Mashriqi made countless efforts to this end through the course of his lifetime, this article presents five key examples which speak to his commitment to unity: (1) his Khaksar Movement’s ideology, (2) his speech at Indore (India) in 1938, (3) his efforts to keep India united, (4) his letter to scholars and scientists entitled the Human Problem, and (5) his Foreword to a book on Islamic Jurisprudence. An analysis of the aforementioned items provides a sufficient sample set with which to derive meaningful conclusions. In fact, it quickly becomes evident that Allama Mashriqi’s vision of equality, social justice and community service are not only still relevant today, but hold the key to solving the problems currently facing the world….

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