Understanding ‘Media Mujahideen’ of Pakistan

This post by Manzoor Chandio is articulating an alternative viewpoint on the growing phenomenon of urban Taliban. We do not subscribe to all the views presented below but strongly support the argument on the proxy jihadism that is being recklessly promoted by the media channels. (ed.)

Since President Zardari’s statement calling Kashmiri fighters as “terrorists”, Media Mujahideen of Pakistan (columnists and anchorpersons of English and Urdu newspapers and TV channels) have turned their guns on him, despite the fact that militancy never supported Kashmiris.

Hitherto we considered the Mullah-Military nexus responsible for all the ills in Pakistan, but chutzpah shown by Media Mujahideen since the making of Pakistan is the real cause of concern.

Senior journalist Dr Ayub Shaikh in his today’s Kawish column has termed them ‘Urban Taliban’ manufacturing conspiracy theories against the present government. This clean-shaved and full-suit wearing Taliban are fierce opponents of democracy and national rights of Sindhi and Baloch nations.
Urban Taliban and the brigade of Media Mujahideen are as old as Pakistan itself. If Mullah Mujahideen were proxy for the US against the USSR, Media Mujahideen are acting as proxy for Urban Taliban.Media Mujahideen who work for influential English and Urdu newspapers and TV channels condone Kashmiri, Chechen, Philippine Moro, Sinkiang Uigher, Thai Malays and Burmese Karan terrorists but never support rights’ movement of oppressed Baloch and Sindhi Muslims in their own country, if we do not talk about the occupation of Hindu Gymkhana by Urban Taliban.
Media Mujahideen maintained mum over the expulsion of world-class Hindu Sindhi businessmen, professionals, technocrats and lawyers in 1948, but never objected over the coming of terrorists from all over the world who have made Pakistan hell.
No day passes without news of so many killings in suicide attacks and bomb blasts, mostly carried out by Afghan, Arab, Chechen and Uzbek Mujahideen brought by Zia in Pakistan.
No day passes without depressing news of worsening economic conditions, financial meltdown, increasing price hike of basic commodities and utilities because of confusion created by Media Mujahideen.
Mujahideen not only created human bombs but criminally prevented people from administrating polio drops to children by saying that polio drops are conspiracy of Kafirs to make Muslims impotent aimed at reducing Muslim population. Nations like China eliminated polio only after four to five rounds of polio campaigns, but polio is here in Pakistan even after 80 rounds.
Urban Taliban renamed all Karachi roads behind the Osama bin Ladens of yesterday like Mohd bin Qasim, Sher Shah Suri, Mehmood Gaznavi, Zahiruddin Babar etc. They even did not spare great non-violent leader Gandhi and renamed a park in his name in Karachi after violent Mughal ruler Jehangir. Media Mujahideen of today are dutifully continuing the legacy of Urban Taliban and supporting the occupation of Hindu Gymkhana.
What’s wrong if the club building owned by Hindus is handed over to their rightful owners where they can celebrate Holis and other religious days? But Media Mujahideen think if Hindu Gymkhana is surrendered, then they will have to end all occupations they have made in Karachi since 1947.

The wirter can be reached at: catalyst2pk@yahoo.com, He works in daily Dawn, Karachi.

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