Lahore attacked … again!

Yasser Latif Hamdani

This Monday morning has turned out to be another bloody one in Lahore.  It is the same determined foe which attacked Bombay in November and then attacked the Sri Lankan Cricket Team in Lahore earlier this month.   It is said that as many as 25 gunmen are currently engaged in a duel to death with the authorities. According to last reports there were eight confirmed casualties and more than 100 injured.   It is alleged that the reinforcement did not arrive till an hour later.

The situation developed earlier today at 6 30 am when grenades were reportedly lobbed at the training facility and an indiscriminate shoot out began, targetting young police cadets.   What a shame.  These young men and women are the unsung heroes of this cross fire between crazies.  We salute these brave Pakistanis who have put themselves in harm’s way again and again without any gratitude or expression of thanks for them from the nation.

The question of ‘whodunnit” will come up again.  I say this: does it matter?  If you can’t secure your assets and protect your citizens does it matter what the motivation or allegiance of the terrorist is?   It is the state’s responsibility to protect the life of every one of its citizens.  This – the first responsibility of any state- has been forfeited by those in the corridors of power.  

Our state- since General Zia-ul-Haq’s time- has been led by Bonapartists and strategic depth great gamers who have brought our country – which we hold so dear and for which we sacrificed so much as a collective- to this impasse.   The bottom line once again is that we have shirked our responsibility and failed to make this a progressive people-friendly welfare state that it was envisioned by Mr. Jinnah.   Successive periods of military rule have turned it into a national security fortress and now the integrity of that fortress has been compromised.  Now it is a national security nightmare.

We must put our house in order!  We must reclaim our land and to do so we must make a clear break from our cold-war past!  That is the most important thing.

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