Racism Debate UK:Jade,Shilpa and Imran

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Jolly Goody anf You Bloody Paki:

Bradistan calling

Mrs. Jade Tweed (nee Goody) Died in Sleep on March 22, 2009(Mothers’ Day in UK) after suffering from Cancer. She left behind two sons and a grieving husband.

Ms. Jade Goody got into spot-light thru Big Brother (a reality show where participants live in house monitored by TV cameras 24 hours).Her behaviour in BB got a lot of press coverage. Jade became a star for both Right and Wrong reasons-as they say in show biz all publicity is OK- and it got her a lot of money.An invitation into celebrity version of BB House, where her racism and bullying toward fellow star Indian film star Shilpa Shetty got UK and India relations into trouble.


In a era of equality and human rights what happened in BB house can not be allowed to be aired in any open democratic and modern society, UK Indians felt the full media glare of racism debate focused on them and naturally tempers were flamed both in India and



Jade Goody apologised and was forgiven by Shilpa. Jade went to India to be a peace ambassador. It was on the sets of BB India 2008 show where Jade found out that she had cancer. It was devastating for her and her two kids.Even in that moment of grief, she decided to use her celebrity status to leave behind a large sum of money and secure future for kids by employing – what can only be described as 24 hour media team with cameras – Public Relations Guru Max Clifford.


The tabloid press (what Pakistanis jokingly call “Yellow Journalism” for their sensational and sexual content) came to Jade’s help in full force. Jade hastily arranged a lavish wedding with long term  Boyfriend( Live-Together Partner in UK lexicon) Jack Tweed for the benefit of OK magazine and living TV who  broadcasted the pictures  earning heavy revenue and part of the money going for kids education fund after Jade’s death.

Jack Tweed himself has a colourful past with drugs and assault charges in the courts of law.What ever happens to  kids future,the media circus will continue their headlines to sell more newspapers in a time of economic recession.


Jade’s media profile increased awareness of Cancer in women. Her wedding and christening her sons raised the profile of religion in British society. Will Shilpa Shetty and Imran Khan continue charity appeal on Cancer issues? Can this become a rallying call for cancer charities in UK, remains to be seen?


The grief felt by British public on her death has forced Politicians to issue statements of sympathy. Actor/Director Stephen Fry called her “Princess Diana” from wrong side of the tracks (one  who was from Poor family and was not very well educated).

But, was this a true reflection of things in British society and British ethnic minorities?

THE BIG ISSUE is the Gulf between Hindu and Muslims of BRITAIN.


Hindus and Sikhs (few exceptions) are considered IT professional Bangalore-Well Educated, well Paid and moving quickly in Social mobility ladder in UK. They consider themselves middle –class. Muslims (Pakistanis, Bangladeshi) are generally considered as working Class (Low Paid, Low Education Level) doing jobs like Taxis and Pizza delivery take away.


Asian was a Term of Social indicator classification, coined in 1950s to describe anyone from former British Indian colony of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and later Bengal, Nepal and other south Asians from Fiji and East African colony Uganda and Kenya. Asian and Apne Log (our own People ) was considered a badge of honour in 1960-2001.Post 9/11 things have changed dramatically.


The Big brother racism debate blew the lid off the stiff upper lip elite of Millionaire businessmen’s etiquette of the dinner parties. The gossip is in full swing on racist word “Pakis” being labelled on do-gooder Indian millionaires. These People have created more offence on the TV than the Race Relations Commission could handle.


The Government (so called left) could not to deal with Race and Religion “Hot Potato”. New labour race record has already plummeted to new lows. The new generation of working class Pakistani immigrants sees their ONLY Salvation in PVE (government abbreviation for Preventing Violent Extremism), judging by attitude young generation wants to protect violent extremism in Muslims of Britain. Government can only hope and pray that they can brush PVE under the carpet and close the Pandora’s Box of this mirror showing the racism of Real Britain.

Refugee phobia, Xenophobia and Islam phobia, which was in the incubator of rightwing politics has fully grown into a monster nourished and fed by lies and deceit of BNP(far right British national white supremacists ) and NF(National Front also known as Hitler Youth) criminality. This fully protected dual hypocrisy of Tories and New Labour, miserably fails to tackle Drugs, Unemployment and sliding education standards in the apartheid “White/Paki” ghettos of North of England. The Local Council Housing-Estates have become “No-Go” areas for coloured (Black and Asian) people.



The biggest causality of this Political-drama is the prestigious and high class Suited-Booted Hindu Council of Britain and the Sikh federation. Their executives ran from pillar to post with shame of being called  “YOU Bloody IND#@$

Same millionaire Councils (of religious Divide and Rule) commissioned a survey  a few years back, arguing that Hindus and Sikhs don’t want to be identified as Asian or being categorised with “those mushy(derogatory slang for Muslims, not President Musharraf) PA#!S(Pakistanis)”.


Saying “we are not the Terrorists that these Muslims(Asians) have become” and that Hindu and Sikhs are more loyal to the KING than these Uneducated ,Good for nothing Taxi Driver Mushys. Sir Iqbal Sugarani (who got a Knighthood from the Queen for his services to his OWN Muslim Council of Britain) took offence, “How dare you Call Muslims Terrorist”.



Unfortunately these Hindu, Muslim Lords and Sirs are more concerned about their Collar (dog, no offence intended) and their cheque-books than about the Indian shopkeeper or Muslim Taxi Driver on the street of Britain.


Fortunately these media gimmicks fail to divide the community on religious grounds. Hindu Muslim moderate councils did not break any ice with racist thugs either. In the policy of appeasement, the only winners are the Nazis and the Terrorists (remember Chamberlain and Hitler, Swat and Bin Laden).


Bollywood movie “I, Proud to be Indian” clearly captures the panorama of fear among the Immigrants (Blacks and Asians) living in England’s Poor Council Housing –estates.

THE DOG TRIBE in the North West of England and East of London in their nightly raids on Ethnic Minorities (coloured people) don’t care about Hindu Muslim name badge. NF and BNP don’t ask for British ID Card before launching into vicious GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm) attack on a lone walker in a dark lane.

 The racist thugs of NF and BNP don’t care if coloured are Hindu , Muslim or Sikhs African or Jamaican. They are all PAKI (a sad fact of life for hundreds of Communities living in constant fear).


The first person killed in revenge attack after 9/11 was Balbir Singh Sodi a turbaned Sikh (uncanny resemblance to that Terrorist Usamma Bin Laden). Balbir was killed in cold blood by Ku Klux Klan in Arizona. His family is still waiting for his return from the petrol station job that he so peacefully went to thinking he was safe in Land of Plenty. Contrary to what Muslim council, Hindu council or Sikh federation want us to believe, KKK don’t issue apology letter saying sorry for killing a non Muslim by mistake.

Fascists’ don’t pick and chose victims, on the bases religions, for attacks. A delusional Sikh School –master Raj (pen name, I presume,) writes for BNP magazine advocating apartheid between Muslims and non-Muslims in UK)


The Choice is Simple United we Stand, Divided we Die. The Elitists millionaire Hindus, Muslim Councils should wake up and smell the morning coffee.


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