Shame on you! PPP, ANP and PML-N

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

As an unfortunate voter who voted for the PPP,  I wish you all to the bottom of the sea.    The shamelessness with which you have sold away this country.  The people of Pakistan gave you a mandate on 18th February, 2008.  That mandate was a constitutional and democratic Pakistan run by rule of law i.e. Jinnah’s Pakistan.  Instead you’ve brought us to the brink.   We have been wishing, hoping and praying that you would work as democrats for the unity, prosperity and welfare of this country.   Now it seems that you are working together for its ruin.  

One guest on a ridiculously idiotic TV show shamelessly declared that there is nothing unconstitutional about the Nizam-e-Adl because the constitution says that there can’t be any legislation against Islam.   That there can’t be any legislation against Islam doesn’t mean that a group of militants can take up arms and force “Nizam-e-Adl” by treaty.  That is patently unconstitutional but the guest was obviously not well versed in the finer points of constitutional law.    The gent in question was Bijrani- PPP federal minister of education. 

This is a strange government.   The president is president because he was married to Benazir Bhutto.   The prime minister’s claim to politics is his claim to some irrational pseudo-religious and feudal witchdoctor heritage.   The honorable federal minister of education can probably not even spell “constitution”.     Yet its apologists claim that this is a “leftist” government.   The leading Trotskies and Maos of this party count amongst their “achievements” – the introduction of “state religion” in the constitution,  the ex-communication of Ahmadis, banning gambling, alcohol, clubs and now more recently introduction of Taliban-style Sharia in Swat.   

Allied to them in NWFP is the “secular” and “nationalist”  Awami National Party.   ANP’s brilliant and “secular” leaders were pressurizing the president to sign the bill even without parliament’s symbolic approval.   ANP it seems is in a hurry to see Pakistan disintegrate.  What they don’t understand their destiny is linked with Pakistan’s survival.  What is bad for Pakistan is even worse for Pakhtunkhwa.   If they feel they can charm the Taliban snake,  they will soon find out that pythons eat up their prey whole. 

And PML-N.  What a “party” ladies and gentlemen. Put together as a break-away faction of Junejo’s League when the Junejo’s government was thrown out by General Zia for being “too independent”,  one would have hoped that they would try to wash away their sins against Pakistan and genuine Islam which they had committed in form of their shariat act of 1991 which made blasphemy punishable by death or the amendment to transform Prime Minister of Pakistan into some sort of pseudo-religious caliph which was defeated in the Senate in 1999. Instead – they are now trying to out-flank their former allies in the center by sponsoring the local version of the KKK in Punjab.  

All the while Balochistan BURNS!    

POST SCRIPT: A gentleman from across the border wrote these words which I have read over and over again. 

They say ‘there is no cause more worth fighting for than a lost cause’ .

It is because in fighting for this, one fights not for victory, nor for gain or glory; it is a fight purely for principles, a noble, vainglorious battle waged because one is convinced that it is the right thing to do. Yet by waging such a lonely battle one truely and completely defines who he is.

Let me state this  and I hope every Pakistani worth his salt will state it: I will not run.  I will not be driven out.   We who believe in Jinnah’s Pakistan have nothing to lose anymore except our own honor and we will stand up and we will not give in.   PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

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