Taliban might be using Swat Women as sex slaves

Taliban’s new scam ladies and gentlemen.  Claiming to provide an avenue for “love marriage” (between boys and girls who haven’t seen each other) they are using their position to abduct and forcibly marry young women in Swat but they call it “marriage of choice”.   You have to read between the lines.   What the heck is our government doing?

The NEWS reports:



Swat Taliban promote ‘love marriages’
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

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LAHORE: The Taliban of Swat have set up a bureau named ‘Shuba-e-Aroosat’ for arranging love marriages of couples who are denied the marriage of choice by their families for one reason or the other, reports BBC Urdu Service.

Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan said the marriage bureau headed by Taliban Commander Abu Ammad arranged 11 ‘love marriages’ in the last nine days while 300 girls and boys are waiting for their turn.

“The love marriage aspirants contact the bureau on a fixed telephone number. The Taliban collect their particulars and then contact their familites to arrange these choice marriages,” he said, adding that Islam allows every adult to get marry according to his/her own choice. He said, “Most of the girls, or their families, who contacted us wish to marry ‘militant’ Taliban.”

Analysts say the Taliban are paving the way for themselves to marry the girls of their choice. It is really strange that they flog the couples on one hand for moving together while on the other hand allow young couples to marry according to their choice. Also the question arises how is it possible for a boy or girl to propose while they have not seen each other, reports BBC Urdu Service.

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