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Take our hand of friendship, India tells Pakistan

* Indian foreign minister says Islamabad must take credible action against terrorists * Says New Delhi will like to cooperate with Pakistan against terrorism By Iftikhar Gilani NEW DELHI: India has extended a hand of friendship to Pakistan through its new foreign minister SM Krishna. But the foreign minister said that dialogue between the two nuclear neighbours might, however, not be forthcoming unless Islamabad dismantled terrorist camps inside its territory and took a more determined action against terrorist organisations. … Read entire article »

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Pakistan religious schools get scrutiny

Pakistan religious schools get scrutiny

The madrasas, schools that teach the Koran and little else, are suspected of nurturing extremism. Under U.S. pressure, the Pakistan government has pledged to reform the system. By Mark Magnier Reporting from Akora Khattak, Pakistan — The Darul Uloom Haqqania campus is a sprawling labyrinth of ashen buildings where young men in black beards and white skullcaps spend their days and nights on hard concrete floors learning all 77,701 words of the Koran. Some people call it … Read entire article »

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A Better Bargain for Aid to Pakistan

By C. Christine Fair The Obama administration pledged more than $100 million in aid last week to Pakistanis fleeing the fighting between the Taliban and the military in the Swat Valley. All told, since 2001, the United States has spent about $12 billion to help Pakistan. Yet last month, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared Pakistan a “mortal threat” to international security. Washington needs to strike a far better bargain for its billions. … Read entire article »

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THIS IS BRADISTAN (courtesy Daily Times – this article was first published.Sir Cam was the Guest columnist for Bradistan from Mela 2003.Dil Nawaz’s comments and updates for2008 will appear within brackets 2009 Mela will be held on weekend of 13th and 14th of June 2009) Here in was a mighty fusion of cultures: Eastern, Western, English, Pakistani, Indian, African, Arab and others — a potpourri of sounds, smells, and sights … Read entire article »

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Iraq redux? Obama seeks funds for Pakistan super-embassy

By Saeed Shah and Warren P. Strobel     | McClatchy Newspapers ISLAMABAD — The U.S. is embarking on a $1 billion crash program to expand its diplomatic presence in Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan, another sign that the Obama administration is making a costly, long-term commitment to war-torn South Asia, U.S. officials said Wednesday.  The White House has asked Congress for — and seems likely to receive — $736 million to build a new U.S. embassy in Islamabad … Read entire article »

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PRESS RELEASE:  PAKISTANI STUDENTS ARRESTED IN TERROR RAIDS IN NORTH WEST.* National Campaign formed. On Saturday 9th May, people from across the UK met in Longsight, Manchester and formed a national campaign called ‘Justice for the North West 10’. The meeting was addressed on mobile phone by three families of the students from disparate areas of Pakistan. They expressed support for the campaign and have been mobilizing their own campaign in Pakistan. The meeting was also addressed by legal representatives of the students and other innocent victims of the Terrorism Act. … Read entire article »

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After Strategic Depth: Remembering Eqbal Ahmad

Posting by Raza Rumi Eqbal Ahmad’s death anniversary passed away without the pomp and galore that we assign to such events. Perhaps the best way to remember Eqbal Ahmad is through his insightful, almost prophetic writings. This one in particular is a grim reminder of the blunders that we have committed in the past that are now haunting us in our face. Pak Tea House pays tribute to EA by posting this piece and inviting a discussion on the key issues highlighted therein. What After Strategic Depth? [Dawn, 23 August 1998] Eqbal Ahmad In his letter to Zarb-i-Momin, the Taliban publication, Mr. Azam Tariq, leader of Pakistan’s violently sectarian Sipah-i-Sahaba party, is ecstatic over his ideological brothers’ recent victories. … Read entire article »

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Nuclear Aims By Pakistan, India Prompt U.S. Concern

By R. Jeffrey Smith and Joby Warrick Washington Post Staff Writers Sometime next year, at a tightly guarded site south of its capital, Pakistan will be ready to start churning out a new stream of plutonium for its nuclear arsenal, which will eventually include warheads for ballistic missiles and cruise missiles capable of being launched from ships, submarines or aircraft. About 1,000 miles to the southwest, engineers in India are designing cruise missiles to carry nuclear warheads, relying partly on Russian missile-design assistance. … Read entire article »

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Amnesty targets Pakistan and SLanka rights records

LONDON (AFP) — The conflicts in Sri Lanka and Pakistan have added to human rights abuses in Asia this year, Amnesty International said in its annual report. As the global economic downturn bites, Amnesty said millions of migrant workers in China who have lost their jobs face “an uncertain future”. On a more positive note, the rights group noted that the devastating cyclone in Myanmar last year prompted China and other nations in Southeast Asia to take rare steps to ensure that survivors received desperately needed aid. … Read entire article »

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Obama aide: Too soon to say if Afghan plan working

By Caren Bohan WASHINGTON, (Reuters) – It is too soon to gauge results of the revamped U.S. strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, but its prospects for success should become clear within a year, a top White House official said on Wednesday. President Barack Obama outlined a strategy in March that includes a troop increase for Afghanistan and more aid for that country and for neighboring Pakistan. He has also replaced the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. David McKiernan. … Read entire article »

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Time To Bring Mullah On Board

The horrific tragedy in Lahore has done little to either bring the country together. There is the usual condemnation; people voice their anger, especially if they are in front of the camera or talking to a reporter. The talking heads on television channels repeat the same mantra – India with the help of Israel and America wants to destabilize Pakistan because of its nuclear capabilities, etc. In other words, nothing new in analyzing the causes and no effort to actually examine internal facts that might be a cause of suicide bombings or terrorists acts in the country. I have believed it for a while that unless people of Pakistan take a good hard and realistic look at themselves, they will never understand their standing in the world today. They would also … Read entire article »

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How A Continent Divided?

PARTITION OF INDIA SERIES [Dawn, 24 August 1997] By Eqbal Ahmad The cold war’s end has yielded a rich harvest of ethnic conflicts. Hence, there is renewed interest in the subject, and some experts in international relations have revived the argument in favour of territorial division as the best way to resolve such conflicts. At a recent conference in Italy a dozen “experts” from the world gathered to discuss the matter. They generated much information, yielded some insights, and offered few answers. The conference considered five cases: India, Palestine, Cyprus, Ireland, and Bosnia. Since it was the first partition to take place after World War II, the South Asian event came up for discussion first. Most participants judged it to be a successful instance of partition in the sense that even though East Pakistan … Read entire article »

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Militant Madrassas – time has come to fix them

Dr Ishaq Inqilabi For Developing Pakistan  Some may feel that the state must allow the northern campaign against the Talibans to succeed before opening another front.  This thinking is flawed on several counts.  There may be under 5000 Talibs but probably two orders of magnitude (ie 500,000) supporters of the Talibs spread across Pakistan’s madrassas that teach them violent Wahabi Islam with money from Saudia and elsewhere.  The Pakistani public is slowly beginning to see the nastiness of the radicals.  Sad events like the callous bombing of Lahore on May 27th, makes them more receptive to eliminating the corrupted madrassas which preach violence.  … Read entire article »

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Target Tehran

Did Bibi Box Obama In? by Patrick J. Buchanan On Sept. 20, 2002, as the War Party was beating the drum for preventive war on Iraq, lest we wake up to “a mushroom cloud over an American city,” The Wall Street Journal introduced an eminent voice to confirm that, yes, Saddam was driving straight for an atomic bomb. “This is a dictator who is … feverishly trying to acquire nuclear weapons,” wrote Bibi Netanyahu, former prime minister of Israel. “Saddam’s nuclear program has changed. He no longer needs one large reactor to produce the deadly material necessary for atomic bombs. He can produce it in centrifuges the size of washing machines that can be hidden throughout the country — and Iraq is a very big country. Even free and unfettered inspections will not uncover … Read entire article »

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Casualty of War

By ARYN BAKER A few weeks ago a group of Pakistani journalists and foreign correspondents based in Pakistan gathered to meet visiting representatives of the Washington-based think tank Center for American Progress. Its members were “on a listening tour,” they said, and wanted to hear the journalists’ perspectives on the U.S. and Pakistan. The response was caustic. Correspondents and editors belonging to Pakistan’s top local print and TV outlets let loose with accusations and complaints, particularly about American concerns that Pakistan was failing as a state. “There is no Taliban threat,” said one Pakistani journalist. “Do you really think a bunch of hillbillies from the tribal areas can take on our military?” sneered another. “It’s all propaganda,” said a third, designed “to weaken us, so the U.S. can fulfill its agenda … Read entire article »

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