An Ahmadi Major lays down his life for Pakistan

By a Pakistani

The contribution of Ahmadis to Pakistan starting right from Zafrulla Khan (the full measure of whose service to Pakistan one can get from reading the Jinnah-Isphahani Correspondence and Begum Abida Sultan’s memoirs)  has been first rate.  Our only Nobel Prize Winner is an Ahmadi,  Dr. Abdus Salam,  a man who has served Pakistan and humanity much  better than we can imagine.  In the 1965 war amongst those who were left unsung were two courageous Ahmadi brothers who laid down their lives.

In 1974,  an ambitious Prime Minister – trying to outmaneouvre the Mullahs- ex-communicated the Ahmaddiya community.  The Ahmadis however continued  to serve their nation with a zeal that is extraordinary.  

Major Afzal Mehmood was born in 1976 in Karachi and he did his F.SC from T.I College (Taleem ul Islam College) Rabwah, And for his Country and People he was fighting with the enemy in FC NWFP from past year. On 19th June 2009 he went on Patrol with his men on Pak-Afghan border but near Bajur they were ambushed the troops returned fire but this brave man achieved Shahadat (Martyrdom) when he was hit by a bullet in the Head.

On 20th June his Body was brought to Rabwah for Burial were he was given Full Army Salute and a Shaheed’s Burial.

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