Love and Sex at LUMS 2: 9/11 Destined For Misery


Friday afternoon I had to read Tajwar’s erotic email and since then I cannot help put picture the three scenarios she had put forth in her email. While I regret not being able to witness these spectacles that have apparently slaughtered the LUMS brand; I cannot help wonder in amusement what the contraire is. It has been a year since I have been in LUMS (touch wood) and I was under the illusion that “making third base home runs” was the LUMS culture. In fact I always thought it was the new black and felt like a pariah the preceding year. While I honor either opinions on the subject of PDA, I am still in shock why would anyone want to picture “………. A girl’s half naked leg and a boys hand up the other half of capries”.

I think I am totally missing the point. Are capries a fashion faux pas? And how do you spell capries??

“…………….and he said to the believing men, lower your gaze and guard your modesty” So now I am thinking you lower your gaze and you see half naked legs and that does not leave much of a believer in anyone does it?

So we are in agreement making out on public is a bad idea but extortion and blackmailing a.k.a mass mailing is somewhat suitable. Maybe Tajwar is right maybe it is just lesser of the two evils. We should totally take pictures of Luminites hand in hand and then mass email them around. Then we will be really preserving “the brand”.

I was fasting when I read that email. Curse you people who believe this is a moral issue yet have no concern for people’s sensitive libidos. And talking about over active libidos, yes we have all seen questionable acts of indiscretion but they can totally be ignored. Tajwar complains that her parents were skeptical about sending her to LUMS but wasn’t that in the 70’s. Larki you had four years to bring it up; why now? You have courageously tolerated this fiesta, why are you pulling the plug on it when you have 6 months left? Humari bari ai to main nai khelti??

I have the all the respect on all the opinions (I don’t think that makes me a very subtle person but anyhow) but are we being so intolerant. As JC said ““Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”. Clearly the man has a point there. In the midst of the mass mailing cross fire innocent bystanders are getting shot. I think one of the liberals expressed harsh opinions on beards. The matter has gone on a tangential path and we see a LUMS divided. Remember the good old days when a boy in overalls was explaining Freud to a girl in a tank top; the cool dudes used to cross dress and it was okay to use four letter words in PDC. Lets us go back to our Luminite roots. We are promoting modernity and our arguments are getting primitive.

Contrary to Tajwar’s claim, it has everything to do with emotional liberal concerns and a religious stand point. The tone was clearly emotional on that end. We have no idea what you went through to be so miserable on the subject. Aunties and virginity was totally out of proportion. The credibility of our institution does not ensure virgins but well educated ladies. At least that is the general idea. And lastly what culture are you speaking off? LUMS is the archetype of the prevailing culture amongst the mummy daddy genre of students. Nothing of the sort has been done which is not already seen across Lahore in every café, car and blind spot