The Peshawar Blast: Is There No End?

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

How many more Pakistanis have to die before this godforsaken war comes to an end?  The blast in Pipal Mandi has already claimed a death toll of 87 people and this is before they’ve started to clear the rubble. Frankly I am not going to guess who did it.   I am sick of people smelling a foreign hand and declaring “No Muslim could have done this”.  The hand that placed the bomb and the hand that drove the car to Pipal Mandi and the hand that detonated the bomb were all local hands!   And they were most likely Muslims.

 Who pulls the strings is frankly beyond the scope of this article but what is clear is that the puppets at the end of those long strings are our very own and that Pakistan is now facing the blowback of its so called successful war against the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan.    I do not question the Pakistani establishment’s decision to fight the Afghan War but I do question their strategy but that is the subject of another discussion.  What is important right now is to determine what we will do from here?

The situation is really bleak.  All of us working in office buildings are under a constant threat.   Our children haven’t been able to go to their schools for almost two weeks now.  Most of those schools were scheduled to re-open tomorrow- now they won’t. So many young students will waste this year – so many will miss their admission deadlines for colleges and universities.  Many smart young adults who could have gone to university abroad will default on their conditional admissions.


I wonder if those who are hurting Pakistan now understand how they are digging all of us – including themselves- into a hole which shall result in the total and complete annihilation of our people, civilization and way of life.  Only a strong, economically prosperous and educated Pakistan can be of any service to its people and to the Muslim world.   We complain to no end of our backward state, of the fact that we get exploited by western powers etc  but are they- the terrorists- really naive enough to think that by resorting to such acts of desperation they would be able to improve our lot?   If the Western powers are as cold, calculating and heartless as those opposing them portray them, would they give two hoots if 87 Pakistanis die in Peshawar or 100 die in Islamabad or 500 in Karachi?  Some how the logic given by those who support these acts of terror does not gel.

May I remind everyone of a great nation from the very Eastern tip of Asia – which had a military and cultural tradition far more rigid and far more superior to ours-  which rose to become one of the strongest economies of the world.   The Japanese after utter and total destruction at the hands of the allies in the second world war put their head down,  renounced methods that had failed and within decades managed to create a nation state far superior to that of its aggressors.

We must therefore learn a lesson from this.  The way of militancy is counter-productive unless ofcourse the terrorists are merely acting on some sort of collective suicidal instinct.   For god’s sake,  if you truly believe in what you claim to be fighting for i.e. liberation of Islamic lands from foreign exploitation, stop this self flagellation and acts of masochism and sadism now.   Make education, economy and scientific learning your weapons instead.  Only these will truly liberate the Muslim World from dependency.

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