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Salmaan Taseer’s murder — the death of reason

Raza Rumi

Salmaan Taseer’s brutal murder at the hands of a policeman is a cruel reminder of where we have landed ourselves: in a dark morass of irrationality lorded over by pernicious ideologies. Taseer was a representative of the federation in the largest province of Pakistan. Yet, as his death shows, he was very vulnerable to the deep-seated prejudice within the state and society. A target of the reactionaries and of bigots, he became a symbol of resistance against the Talibanisation of Punjab.

A scion of Urdu’s great poet MD Taseer, he was a self-made businessman and a staunch supporter of democracy in the country. He had a long history of struggle against Zia’s dictatorship. After his political hibernation, Taseer emerged as the PPP’s formidable voice of reason. His recent brave act of leading a campaign against the sentencing of Aasia Bibi rallied Pakistan’s moderate Muslims and its intelligentsia who felt emboldened by his courage. Whilst his party dilly-dallied on the issue of revising the blasphemy laws ultimately succumbing to expediency, Taseer remained firm on his position.In Pakistan, injustice is the norm and anyone choosing to defy this norm is likely to be crushed. Such is the case with our former governor who will be remembered as a brave man of principles.

The implications of this tragic development are manifold: First, that resistance against the state-sponsored bigotry will further dwindle. Who will dare to take public positions on issues such as discriminatory laws and abuse of religion? Second, the Punjabi jihadis will celebrate this victory and further strengthen their position in the rural hinterland where militancy is bred and exported. Political parties sharing power in the province have appeased the militants or entered into political pacts with them. Third, it appears that a section of the security apparatus designed to protect public functionaries — as it has failed to protect ordinary citizens thus far — is both penetrable and prey to extremist leanings.

Benazir Bhutto’s assassination and the confounded  investigation of her murder demonstrate two things: our civilian investigation and prosecution agencies are dysfunctional and that the security establishment is above the law. Taseer’s murder is yet another blow to Pakistan’s liberals and moderates alike. The worst part is that if they are eliminated, there is no guarantee of a fair investigation and trial. This is why the flawed strategy of appeasing jihadis here or in Afghanistan is so fatal for Jinnah’s Pakistan. Whatever is left of that original vision of Pakistan is now under grave danger.

If the PPP and the PML-N have to survive as political actors and present viable alternatives to the fascists and extremists, then they will have to get this murder investigated, unearth the conspiracy that must have preceded this act of terror and punish the perpetrators.

Salmaan Taseer, RIP. This country did not deserve you.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 5th, 2011.

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36 Responses to "Salmaan Taseer’s murder — the death of reason"

  1. watanyar Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    great job it is good that one politician who was not in favor of Islam and Pakistan dies
    no worries
    we should celebrate his death

  2. Straight-Talk India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    “Second, the Punjabi jihadis will celebrate this victory and further strengthen their position in the rural hinterland where militancy is bred and exported”.

    The Punjab is a breeding ground for jihadists who fights in Kashmir and Afghanistan and also fertile ground for personnel joining in for PA and other security agencies. So it is quite naive to think that these security personnel would not be influenced by jihadist mindset and agenda followed by their brothers in neighborhood. Pakistan’s policy maker should have realized by now that creating strategic depth by sending extremist in Kashmir and Afghanistan would haunt them one day too. In other words you also can’t be safe from the fire engulfing your neighborhood

  3. ~K~ Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I remember the portrait of past principals of S.P. College Srinagar hung on the entrance to the principals office. Taseer was a name that stuck my mind, never knew it was Salman Taseer’s father! S. P. College (f. 1905) has produced almost all the intellectuals of Kashmir.
    A bit on that:
    Salman Taseer’s KASHMIR CONNECTION
    Son of famed Kashmiri intellectual and perhaps first PhD in the sub-continent, Muhammad Din Taseer (MD Taseer), Salman was a media magnate and an industrialist. He was a nephew of the renowned poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s wife Alys Faiz.
    Muhammad Din Taseer was the Principal of Sri Pratap College in Srinagar immediately before the partition.

    (Sri Pratap College, Srinagar has been the hot bed of intellectuals in the past – now it is a shody reflection of its former self)
    According to historians, in 1946 during a meeting between BPL Bedy, Dr K M Ashraf, Dr Saif-ud-Din Kichlu, Muhammad Din Taseer and Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, the later was advised to launch quit Kashmir movement.
    Ashraf and Taseer presented a copy of “New Kashmir Manifesto” to Sheikh who accepted both suggestions, but subject to the advice of Congress leaders in Delhi.
    Salman Taseer used to take pride in his Kashmiri roots. He maintains that promoting open borders, people-to-people contact and trade could create an ideal atmosphere for settling difficult issues.

  4. Samachar United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I found Salman Taseer speaking out against the blasphemy laws September 2009. Does anyone have earlier instances?

  5. Samachar United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Dawn reports:

    “LAHORE: Lawyers showered the suspected killer of a prominent Pakistani governor with rose petals when he arrived at court Wednesday and an influential Muslim scholars group praised the assassination of the outspoken opponent of laws that order death for those who insult Islam.”


  6. Samachar United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    FYI, here is the September 2009 speech, from The Nation:

    Taseer sticks to his guns
    Published: September 19, 2009

    LAHORE – Sticking to his point on repeal of blasphemy law, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer said on Friday that he could not be cowed down by so-called ulema, who even issued fatwas (decrees) against Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah declaring him an infidel.

    ‘Where were these so-called ulema, when Christians were being burnt alive under cover of this controversial law’, Governor asked while addressing participants of an iftar dinner hosted in his honour by PPP’s Punjab Secretary Information, Dr. Fakhruddin Chaudhry here at a local hotel.
    PPP’s Punjab General Secretary Samiullah Khan, Finance Secretary Aurangzeb Burki, Political Adviser to Governor, Hafeez Malik, party’s Lahore President Asghar Gujjar and district secretaries of information belonging to various Punjab districts attended the dinner.

    Rejecting criticism about his controversial statement, Taseer said he would not be cowed down under any threat or pressure and would continue to hold the opinion that blasphemy law should be repealed for being widely misused against minorities. He, however, said that it was his personal opinion and not that of his party.

    He said late President General Ziaul Haq introduced many amendments in the Constitution, including the controversial blasphemy law, and neither of the political parties today approved these changes.

    He said all parties wanted restoration of 1973 Constitution as it stood at the time of Z.A Bhutto, who gave first consensus Constitution to the nation.
    He said ulema did not even spare Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and also gave fatwas against Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He said he did not care about their statements. Replying to a question, he said he was surprised to see as to why President Zardari was being targeted by certain politicians again and again.

  7. Omer Farooq Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Salmaan Taseer, RIP. This country did not deserve you.

    So True!

  8. Hasnat Chohan United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    My estimate is that in Pakistan civilized people make up only about 5% of the total population. This low percentage is a result of unrelenting brain-washing of the masses for the last several centuries, ignorance, adhocism, acepptance of the “means justifying the end”. With this murder I have lost hope in any improvement in the moral standards of Pakistani society. RIP Pakistan!!!

  9. paktea Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    V depressing – the reactions on TV are horrific

  10. libertarian United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Wow! The reactions are alarming. Particularly the Barelvi folks. If their message resonates with a large section of the population that’s very worrisome. If they represent “soft Sufi Islam” I shudder to think of the more strident versions. These guys are manufacturing consent using a gun barrel.

    Forget the Blasphemy Laws – they’re now radioactive. Sherry Rahman has also disappeared from view – with good reason. Asma J needs to watch her back. Hopefully things quieten down over the next few weeks without incident.

  11. ahmed bukhari Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    at this time when the media with the greatest audience by a very long way,the news channels are filled with justifications & excuses for ST’s murder,the blogs should have been shared as much as possible to reach whatever audience they can reach,but alas!! PTH still doesn’t have any sharing options,no email,no twitter,no facebook sharing facility from this blog itself.
    the administrators of PTH should get a share option for this blog,like the one tribune has or tazeen’s blog has in which there are innumerable sharing options.
    It’s a pity that when the cyberspace needed articles of sanity,a lack of sharing options on this blog hampered that.

  12. Sorry Raza bhai I cannot agree with your analysis. I will elaborate on my blog later inshallah, but I have to say that for most Muslims, including myself, the manner in which Mr Taseer went about speaking of the law was unacceptable.

    I know emotions are high in this blog because of its ethos. But if you’re not screaming fanatics yourself you should hear this out.

    The fact is that for most of our public, “Rule of Law”, Due Process”, “Democracy” , “Freedom of Expression” etc are not that important. Call us “Jazbaati jaahils” but we have our own Sacred Cow, the ONE THING that is ABOVE ALL, and that is the personage of the Holy Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him.

    And why shouldn’t it be? Why shouldn’t Muslims have their own sacred cow? Why does it have to be the same as Western Secular Humanism? Is this “pluralism”?

    And certainly Mr Taseer’s tone was completely un-reassuring considering the public’s fears. He did not say, that this is a very noble law with a very noble purpose, but it has certain “khamian” which need to be fixed so its not so prone to misuse & innocent people are not framed… no, he aggressively declared it a Black Law which must be done away with. The public naturally suspected his motives, that there was more to amending this law than the stated goal, rather the plan was to roll back all the Islamic laws.

    And indeed if the public could have logged on to PakTeaHouse or the internet conversations of Mr Taseer’s supporters their fears would have been confirmed.

    I’m sorry to say, but you Secular Humanists, are here guilty of disrespecting the public. You don’t care what they hold dear. No they are wrong and too stupid to know what they hold most sacred is mistaken. Hundreds of the top scholars of the Barelvis, Deobandis, Shias, Sunnis are all wrong. The one aalim [Moalana Idris Usmani, never heard of him] who does echo your view, the exception who proves the rule becomes the Shaykh ul Islam.

    Wow. I mean I don’t know what to say Raza. There is no effort, not even the usual patronizing one of the Liberals to understand the public.

    Well I’ll end by saying that I fully endorse Mufti Muneebur Rehman’s stance on this.

  13. Samachar United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:


    Q1. Since Taseer was speaking of the blasphemy laws in Pakistan and not of the person of the Prophet Muhammad, so why is the way he talked a reason to kill him? Oppose him, yes, if you’re so minded, but kill him?

    Q2. I thought that your religion forbade any type of Sacred Cow, and so the likening of the person of the Prophet Muhammad to a Sacred Cow is blasphemous, no?

    Q3. Since when did Western Secular Humanists advocate killing those who criticized or ridiculed them?

  14. Samachar sahib
    A1. To oppose punishment for blasphemy is to endorse blasphemy.

    A2. WHAT???? Who is likening the Holy Prophet to a sacred cow? nauzobillah. The Blasphemy law is a “sacred cow” as a figure of speech, the point being that this law is sacred to us no matter how ridiculous it seems to outsiders. Better substitute the word sacrosant.

    A3. The point here being that Western Secular Humanism has its notions of what is sacrosant, such as the aforementioned freedom of expression, while Eastern civilizations have their own.

    I’m sure you get it….
    In case you did get it, but were sarcastically making the point that Secular Humanism is more tolerant of dissent, than obviously, that IS what is sacrosant for them, n’est-ce pas?
    So limited dissent with them sure, they’ll let you write books and even give you tenure. But anything more and you’ll get the H bomb, the A bomb, Napalm etc. Or go further back, the Trail of Tears etc.

    What was that bumper sticker ? Be Nice to America or we’ll bring democracy to your country.
    Or the other bumper sticker: “Terrorist: someone who has a bomb but does not have an Airforce.”

    But that’s another story.

    Please, agree or disagree. And then Move on. No one has time for petty bickering about perceived internal contradictions in their stance etc.. . but I realize this is going to fall on deaf ears.
    I’ve said my piece. So have at it.

  15. Humanity United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    The personage of the Holy Prophet (saw) was declared Rahmatullilaalameen by the Allah (swt), the Ghafoor ur Raheem.

    The act and respect and honor for Allah(swt) and His Holy Prophet(saw) would be to follow the message of love, forgiveness, and tolerance. Killing based on a man-made law in the Holy names of Allah (swt) and His Prophet (saw) is the real blasphemy.

    Allah is Self-Sufficeint and independent.Allah is free of need and does not require the lowly humans to come to His aid (naozabillah) with the faulty laws that are made for worldly control over other. Similarly the honor of Holy Prophet does need to be protected by spilling blood , when he himself forgave the people who were disrespectful to him.

    To take a human life because one can’t control rage and anger is akin to kufr. God have mercy on the souls with twisted beliefs that turn them into ignorant and arrogant gods.

  16. cyclewala Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Nice words, Humanity,
    What did the Holy Prophet PBUH himself say about blasphemers?

    If you get the free time from pontificating about what Islam really is, you might head over to my blog and view Mufti Muneeb’s video before you jump to conclusions as to what is being said. It’s under 4 minutes long.

    If after that you conclude the good mufti is wrong, and you are right, then we can call you Mufti e Azam Humanity.

  17. Samachar United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    What is the meaning of this?
    we have our own Sacred Cow, the ONE THING that is ABOVE ALL, and that is the personage of the Holy Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him.

    and then you write this:
    WHAT???? Who is likening the Holy Prophet to a sacred cow? nauzobillah. The Blasphemy law is a “sacred cow” as a figure of speech, the point being that this law is sacred to us no matter how ridiculous it seems to outsiders. Better substitute the word sacrosant.

    Make up your mind please.

  18. Samachar United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    Regarding the “blasphemy law is sacrosanct” – the laws came into being in 1986. They were not created in a democratic manner or by public demand. How did they become sacrosanct, and in barely 25 years?

  19. yasserlatifhamdani Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Don’t you know… General Zia ul Haq was a prophet of Allah according to the Mullahs.

  20. Humanity United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    The blasphemy law was tabled by one JI member of the parliament and was passed without debate. It was NOT Allah’s wahi sent to the JI through Angel Gabriel.

    If the blasphemy law is not blasphemy then Allah knoweth best what is blasphemy!

    Allah has bestowed the sense of right and wrong in the genetic human code. Murder for standing up against oppression and that too in the name of Allah ( and on Allah’s behalf) is the worst evil without a shadow of doubt. Go sell whatever the mufti and you are peddling where the souls are sold to the devil.

  21. Humanity United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    If the code of humanity is not your mufti-e-azam, then you don’t know Allah, the Rahman, the Raheem and you don’t know Islam. Go worship your sacred cow, the blasphemy law and dance around the so-called muftis who revealed it in the form of wahi.

    Allah guides those who are humble, who are fearful of making divine judgments and thus condemn stepping into God’s realm. May God have mercy on your dark mind.

  22. Humanity United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    The Quarn guides to leave the blasphemers punishment in Allah’s hands. Yhe Holy Prophet (SAW) forgave and was kind to the blasphemers.

    If you and your muftis are adamant to overrule the divine guidance, Allah is sufficient to deal with transgressions.
    Peace and good bye!

  23. cyclewala Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ Samachar, you’re correct I wrote in haste before leaving for work and left out a sentence about a law to discourage blasphemy. However that was what was intended which is why I was speaking of Western legal principles such as freedom of expression, rather than sacred figures from any tradition.

  24. cyclewala Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ Humanity,
    Two issues here. One, is the disparaging genuine scholars: since you’ve not seen the video, Mufti Muneeb’s position is that while murdering Mr Taseer was wrong & unfortunate, it is equally true that Mr. Taseer and the opponents of the blasphemy law are also to blame for blatantly disregarding the sentiments of ordinary Muslims in this a most sensitive manner, and the sort of language they used to criticize the law.

    Secondly your implying that blasphemy laws have no sanction in Islam, a position for which you use various arguments.
    First of all Allah is Qahhar and Saree ul Azaab in the Holy Qur’an also. So to say He is Rehman and Raheem does not mean that He has no other attributes.

    As far as the punishment for blasphemy: it was upheld by the Prophet, peace be upon him in the matters of Kab b. Ashraf and Abu Rafi.

    It is actually in the Qur’an as it is the background to the revelation of 4/65, where Hazrat Umar beheaded a man for disrespecting the Holy Prophet PBUH. See Tafsir Ibn katheer.
    Also would be justified in the light of Sura Ahzab, verse 6 [33/6]

    The 4 Imams of the Sunni schools have all upheld this. So have all the Sufi Masters, although the Way of our masters is to show leniency except where someone has a very public stance and is spreading their opinion a la Rushdie.

    “Ba khuda deewaana war wa ba Mustafa hoshyaar baashad” is after all a Sufi saying.
    -salam alaykum to you too

    PS: It is also in the Torah btw: And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him: [Book of Leviticus 24:16]

  25. cyclewala Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    oh no another typo… that’s Saree ul Hisab. I’m keyboard challenged, sorry.

  26. skarlok United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    As far as the punishment for blasphemy: it was upheld by the Prophet, peace be upon him in the matters of Kab b. Ashraf and Abu Rafi.

    Kab b. Ashraf was guilty of treason not blasphemy. I’m not sure of the other.

  27. skarlok United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    though he also partook in blasphemy

  28. Humanity United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Islam places highest priority on morals to build and sustain a humane society. This requirement forms the core of the philosophy of punishments in Islam. Otherwise, Islam can never become a way of life that appeal to mankind for all time to come.

    The four offenses, that is, adultery, slandering, murder and theft that the Holy Quran provides specific punishments for, are related to protecting the sanctity of a society by safeguarding life, family institution, property, honor and social order.

    The punishment and retribution laws in Islam are clearly distinct when dealing with matters related to obligations to Allah and those towards to human kind. Man is FORBIDDEN in no uncertain terms from punishing anyone for non-compliance with the obligations to Allah. This distinction liberates a human to utilize his/her free will towards the divine obligations without any human intervention and interference.

    It is the absolute right of God Almighty to punish as He wishes an offender who associate partner with Him, an apostate, a blasphemer, anyone opposing Him and His Messengers, anyone maligning Him and His Messengers in any way. These are severe offenses and God has freed man from the burden of judging on these crimes towards Him. It is His mercy that God Almighty chooses to dispense justice for such crimes Himself. He even spares His most beloved of Prophets for the heavy burden of such judgments by telling the Holy Prophet (SAW), ‘forgive them and turn
    away from them’ and the Holy Prophet did so.

    The transgressions against God and the Holy Messengers are the gravest offenses that perhaps no punishment in this world can do proper justice. Indeed, Allah is Qahhar and and Sarre ul aAzzab. He, however, does not permit a human to become Qahhar and Saree ul Azaab. God Almighty has prepared an abasing punishment for such people in the Hereafter, as God Almighty says in the Holy Quran:
    “On the Day of Resurrection, He will disgrace them; they will enter the gates of Hell to abide therein. Evil, indeed is the abode of the proud.” (16:28,30)

    Just look around and see the horrible turmoil created by the man-made blasphemy law and similar laws interfering with the divine realm. The very fabric of society is being ripped apart. While trying to be against blasphemy, humans are playing God in their ignorance and arrogance. This is the very reason God forbids the humans from meddling with His affairs. My mind fails to accept these man-made laws to be acceptable within the Islamic guidelines. They are counter-intuitive to the core of humanity and they negate the very principles of Islam that make it an appealing message of peace for the universe and that fully support freedom of thought.

    I am a feeble, frail human. I’d rather leave the judgment of the gravest of offenses towards Allah and all Holy persons and symbols in the hands of My Creator. My belief, as I understand it, is according to His Holy Book and as I have learnt from the practical examples of His beloved Prophet (SAW). I’d rather not have the audacity to look beyond this guidance to any mufti or any dictator who tells me otherwise. My mind and soul are at peace with my belief.

    May the Ghafoor ur Raheem forgive us and have mercy on all.
    Salaam to you, once again.

  29. Humanity United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Allah is Saree-ul-Hisaab (Swift in Accounting)..

  30. cyclewala Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    wa alaykum as salam wa rehmatullah. Fi aman Allah

  31. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Cycle:: you guys are dangerous to mankind. I can just say that confidently. If given a choice, you will wipe out all animals, plants and humans too….horrible kinds…You folks need to be trained on humanity and in big nos urgently

  32. Samachar United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:


    I hope you realize you committed blasphemy. Whether it was inadvertent and unintentional is irrelevant. You wrote: “…but we have our own Sacred Cow, the ONE THING that is ABOVE ALL, and that is the personage of the Holy Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him. ”

    I hope you realize that under the current blasphemy law, if someone files a complaint against you, the police are obliged to arrest you **without** first investigating.

    I hope you realize that in 2000, Musharraf suggested just modifying the procedure – investigate first and then arrest – and had to back down in the face of religious opposition – I suppose from people like you.

    Now, if you have enemies, they can smear your name beyond belief while you are arrested. Please remember, under the current blasphemy law, repeating what you said itself is blasphemy. (Since I live in a free speech society, I reproduced your blasphemy above). So nobody has to be very specific about what you said, or even hint at that it might have been inadvertent.

    Once the mob is after you, any judge who acquits you is in danger of his life. I hope you realize that too. At least, that is the history of blasphemy cases in Pakistan. So you will have to really have a miracle from Allah to find a judge who is willing to risk his life to stand up for yours.

    So much for the blasphemy law.

    Still, if you are acquitted and set free, some random person on the street might slip a knife through your ribs — because people like you have taught them to cherish such anti-blasphemy actions.

  33. Humanity United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:


    I hope you read Samachar’s post of a potential blasphemy charge. I hope you see the ugly fangs of the double headed snake that the blasphemy law and similar laws are in reality. The slimy thing can slither quietly from within your own sleeve and bite you when you least suspect it to. Look at the leafs of history and you will realize that no anecdote is ever known to have work effectively against its venom. The snake bite is lethal and kills the humanity in a society, as is obvious in the Pakistani nation mob like existence. These sacrilege laws are tools for control, used hypocritically in the name of Allah and His Prophet(SAW). They totally offensive to the Oneness and Unity of God.

    The reason should be now clear to you why Alllah (SWT) out of His sublime wisdom and mercy has freed human of this heavy burden and He has reserved the right to judge on such matters Himseld. He is Qahhar and Sarre ul Hisaab, as you pointed out. He does not need human assistance is such matters.

    Only Allah knows best you intentions. Those against the blasphemy law believe we are forbidden by Allah’s commandment to take any action. The blasphemy law and the states right to determine anyone’s faith must be totally repealed and with urgency, before innocent people are killed in the honored name of the Holy Prophet (SAW), the Reahmatullilalameen.

    Dear cyclewala stand up for humanity and not against it. That is the way of true Islam!

    May Allah forgive us all and show us the right path. Ameen.

  34. Humanity United States Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Erratum .. no antidote is ever known to have work effectively against its venom.

  35. cyclewala Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    I did try and put to you that Mufti Muneeb took a middle path trying to not make a hero out of either ST or MQ, and saying the murder was wrong.

    The Liberals and the Extremists need to listen to this middle path. Or else all you have is conflict.

    Liberals keep shouting we are right and you lump us with the fanatics because we say the blasphemy law is a noble law but it has room for improvement. You say no it must be repealed.

    The extremists are insisting that if we don’t consider MQ a hero and ST a blasphemer that all Islamic laws are fine as they are you are some sort of Zionist agent.

    All this is amazing. The consensus of the Ulema is that there should be punishment for blasphemy, hence blasphemy law, and it should be strict to ensure harmony in society. I took this position and you guys are jumping on Mufti Muneeb as if he garlanded MQ. It’s like Bush, you’re either with us or against us.

    So Mr Harmony, when the Salafis, the Barelvi Takfiris & other extremists are all shouting you’re either with us or against us, what is going to happen?

    Bitter conflict it seems. But the liberals who are obviously my addressees on this blog, are content to scold the ordinary Muslim public with contempt for their feelings on the matter, and a dismissal of their motives.

    btw. if you have to put a fatwa against the blasphemy law on PTH, at least use a famous scholar’s like that of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.

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