Meher Bukhari has Salman Taseer’s blood on her hands as well

Zia Ahmad

The brutal assassination Salman Taseer has opened a can of worms in an already contaminated social landscape of Pakistan which is struggling with modernity in the second decade of the 21st century. The odious adulation over the extremist security turned homicidal goon Qadri is as disturbing as it is, the media was also not far behind in scoring sensationalist ratings on the Taseer/Asia Bibi fiasco. Below are two clips from Mehar Bukhari’s show on Samaa TV where she interviewed the late Governor on the 25th of November 2010. Observe the rabid antics of the above mentioned TV anchor and her uber-provocative assault on Mr Taseer. The media must draw a line on their point scoring, foaming behaviour and a call for the said TV anchor to take a fraction for inciting hate against Salman Taseer and pandering to the radical conservatives.