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Who is afraid of Veena Malik

Yasser Latif Hamdani writing in Daily Times:

Veena Malik is our new punching bag. As I write this article, yet another TV show anchor has gathered a number of misguided and self-righteous but confident youth to bash Veena Malik, who has become the focal point of our collective honour. Voices of reason and common sense are drowned out by the thumping of hands and feet of our post-Zia populism.

Still one must attempt to talk reason and sense to this new semi-educated, completely unenlightened and socially illiterate urban ‘middle class’ high on the opium of honour and shame even if it is incapable of understanding that not everyone carries the chip of culture, tradition and honour of an entire country on their shoulder. Veena Malik went on the Bigg Boss show in her personal capacity and was not representing anyone but herself. She was not representing the indigenous cultures of Pakistan, the Muslim woman or even the working woman. Given that most of our urban middle class loves to watch Indian films and Indian television, the only possible ‘charge’ against her seems to be that she is a Pakistani woman. My suggestion is that we should think 100 times before making Pakistani citizenship a crime in Pakistan. It has already become almost that in many other countries in the world.

Let me reiterate that Veena did not do or wear anything on the show that is unacceptable in Pakistan’s media, fashion and society circles. I certainly would not want to pass judgement on the goings on in our entertainment industry. Still, the irony here is that Veena is being castigated for her “short dresses”, but only a year earlier we were ready to declare Indian tennis star Sania Mirza our collective national bahu (daughter-in-law) despite her tennis attire, which was as short if not more. Of course, we quickly backtracked after she delivered a stinging and well-deserved slap on our collective national face by saying that she was merely cricketer Shoaib Malik’s wife and not Pakistan’s bahu.

Indeed, there are many in our ghairat brigade who think that by acting like a “buri aurat” (loose woman), Veena Malik has tarnished Pakistan’s image abroad. Of course, the same guardians of Pakistan’s image are not bothered in the slightest by bloodshed and murder in broad daylight. Some of them, including leading columnists and writers in the national press, actually support murder and bloodshed. To our ghairat brigade it does not matter that the world thinks of Pakistan as a terrorist haven. It matters however that a young woman, who has chosen to earn her bread and butter through the entertainment industry and has managed against adversity to educate her siblings through it, is somehow defiling Pakistani culture by wearing clothes on an Indian television show that are considered the norm in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Should Veena have reinforced the stereotypes of Pakistan by wearing a burqa or swimming in a burqini? Would that not be hypocrisy?

It is then argued that with India there is a special sensitivity involved. This, of course, is the crux of the matter. After 63 years of independent existence, a constitution, one of the largest armies in the world and a nuclear arsenal to boot, we still feel insecure about our identity as Pakistanis especially when it comes to the Indians. Indians, of course, have a lot to do with it, but may I ask the ghairat brigade why a country of 180 million people suddenly feels threatened by the actions of one of its citizens? Are Pakistan’s ‘ideological frontiers’ so permeable as to crumble every time an actress from Pakistan wears ‘inappropriate’ clothing in India, clothing that is a norm in the Pakistani entertainment and fashion industry? I am frankly unsure of what these ideological frontiers are. After all, the same ghairat brigade never raises an eyebrow when Maulana Fazlur Rehman and his party declare — time and again — that Jinnah was not a real freedom fighter. Instead, the ghairat brigade supports the appointment of reactionaries from his party to the highest offices of Islamic ideology.

I digress. Getting back to Veena Malik, the kind of hate that is being promoted against this one individual is a dangerous trend. We have already seen where that leads. The country cannot afford such violence anymore. The ulema and anchors who are raising a hue and cry against her have clearly forgotten the lessons of Islam, which enjoins every believer to avoid slander and libel against individuals. Making this an issue right now when the state is going through an unprecedented upheaval will only lead to further heartbreak. The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) should take immediate action against all the anchors who are trying to exploit a poor woman for their own ratings. To me, Pakistan’s honour and integrity are violated by their actions and by the actions of those they condone, including those cricketers who are allegedly involved in spot fixing. My appeal to all of these champions of Pakistan’s honour is to cry “halt” before it is too late and there is nothing left to defend.

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23 Responses to "Who is afraid of Veena Malik"

  1. Fellow-Pakistani United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    If some male Pakistani actor had interacted with some female Indian actress, Pakistani nation and its youth would have been so proud of him, for kissing, hugging a Hindu lady. They all would have fantacised: “One day when Pakistan army will conquer India, and we citizens of victrous country would take Indian girls as LONDIAN (concumbines and warcaptives) and would do same like that Pakistani actor”
    Pakistanis don’t make it an issue of honor, and their GAIRHAT-BRIGADE goes on vacations when as a human and as a Muslim we should make it an issue of honor to stand for the right of weak and poor, in society!!!
    Shame on TV hosts who don’t have ba**s to openly say that there is Holy Quran, Sunna and Hadith.
    Any Pakistani who thinks Veena did wrong should NOT propose her for marriage!

  2. Fellow-Pakistani United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Shame on TV hosts who don’t have courage to to openly say that there is Holy Quran, Sunna and Hadith does NOt allow murder of anyperson for what he/ she says”. Capital punishment reserved only for murderer and even in that case forgiveness/ blood money etc is encouraged.

  3. Fellow-Pakistani United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    What happens to THIRD CLASS PAKISTANI NATION when a little girl is raped and killed in Pakistan. Both the girl and her molesters are Muslims.
    No one cares for the poor victim. In country like USA, which Pakistani love to hate, if such thing happens its news spreads like fire and case is followed up.

  4. libertarian United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    @YLH: thank you for standing up for Veena Malik. She deserves this and much more. After seeing her rip that maulana apart – knowing the possible consequences – it’s clear she’s got more courage, and a better moral compass, than all those monkeys put together. They’re pissy little cowards who hoot monkey-style only in a group. Individually, they’re all midgets.

    If you men of Pakistan cannot man up enough to defend and respect women like Veena Malik and Sherry Rehman, Pakistan won’t be around. And it will be well-deserved.

    Sad to see the Army not be assertive when it needs to be. They’re the one institution that could instill real fear in these little pricks.

  5. yasserlatifhamdani Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Thanks Libertarian.

    I will reproduce an email here from a ghairatmand Musalman:

    Hi Hamdani,
    Note: Consider me a neutral person (regardles of religion, race, gender etc.)

    Please ask your family (Sisters, Wife , Daughters, Cousins) to get educated from Veena G n then send them to big boss to have a sex scene with AAsshhmmitt Patail n then read your won article.

    I think if you are a MAN then u will find ur self the Leader of Beghariat brigate

    Please don’t get annoyed.

    I think you belong to highly roshan khayal Family but let your sister (or even a prostitute or a porn star) comment on Veena, they will surely say that the act that Veena has performed is against the diginity of a Woman(any woman). I perceive that if u hire prostitute from any Western country she will not perform these acts in BIG BOSS infront of this much huge public.

    Please don’t mind. iss aurat nay lafz Aurat (Woman)” ke toheen ke hay.


  6. We are a nation of confused ideas as a whole. We condemn Indian movies, we condemn Indian channels. Period. But, what do we practice? Cinema houses are being turned into plazas because nobody goes to see Pakistani movies. Out of seven movies, so to say, produced in an year, five are Punjabi and two in Urdu. TV in every house is tuned to Indian channels most of the time. And if Veena acts in Indian soap Bigg Boss, it becomes a big big question of Ghairat. Bigg Boss is an Indian production, their direction, their script and in their own land. There is a big conflict between our ideas and actions.

    Someone is greatly mistaken if they think that whatever happened in the “House (Ghar)” was extempore and without any prior direction before shoot. A slight slip from the programmed shoot was given a retake. The bottom line is Veena Malik did not do anything on her own, she could not have done.

    I do not know what TV show program has been referred to by the writer. But I watched only yesterday a TV show of Express in which Veena alongwith Ateeqa Odho and Producer/Director Noor, also participated. In that Veena shouted with full throat without reservation and tried to defend herself. In a way, I think she was right on some points.

    Veena’s role in Bigg Boss was not that big an issue as being projected by media. But media, specially TV channels have their own limitations, they are always in search of sensationalization to win over other channels. Sensationalization is on sale big time, no matter if it is fanning friction among the people. Who cares any way, we all die alone.

  7. no-communal United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    I didn’t know who Veena Malik was until I saw her in some snippets of Big Boss. Then I watched the by now famous quarrel she had with that Mufti (and with the interviewer too, who was an ass himself). I must say I was completely bowled over by that exchange. My wife and I have become fans of Veena Malik.

    If Pakistan has more Veenas, send them over to US, UK, Australia, to as many Big Bosses as possible. The picture of Pakistan will change overnight. And it will be for the better, no matter how many massages she gives to people. And post that video everywhere (you know, the one where the Mufti and the host shut up and wept quietly). It will show that Pakistanis have the courage, the gusto, and the resolve to push the Muftis back, not all hope is lost for Pakistan.

  8. libertarian United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    @YLH: good grief. For this human scum all honor accrues from the genitals of the women in their lives. What a sad f**ked-up existence.

    I have a little girl. I would want her to be as tough-minded and with the same moral certitude that Veena Malik and Sherry Rehman have shown.

  9. Ally Netherlands Internet Explorer Windows says:

    all I can say is Go Veena! Go Veena! Go Veena!

    someone does need to educate the Pak population on the abuses of the mullah… maybe a documentary in Urdu or something!!!

    she makes such a valid point, there are so many other things to worry about and the mullah comes on tv to admonish her!!!

  10. jtmh United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Besides all the good points made above,I also think media started turning against her when she came on tv during the recent cricket scandal. I noticed these same very hosts, after the first shock at scandal had passed, started making snide remarks about her, her reasons for coming forward, how she was maligning the cricket stars etc. They seem to be waiting for an opportunity to bring her down, and big boss oferred plenty.

  11. Octavian United Kingdom Mozilla Firefox Windows says:



    imbecile mullahs

  12. ahmad hassan Pakistan Safari Mac OS says:

    why don’t you guys name the tv channel ? Are you protecting each other ?

  13. Monano New Zealand Google Chrome Windows says:

    [Edited for personal attacks and nonsense]

  14. YLH Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Yawn. Phir wohi honour aur shame for “your wife, sister, daughter etc”.

    I don’t own anyone. Perhaps you should realise the same Monano mian.

  15. Tilsim United Kingdom Internet Explorer Windows says:

    The Veena Malik issue is being used for propaganda purposes. It is being used to create common cause between the mullah brigade and ordinary conservative Pakistanis. The mullahs and Islamists need sympathy for their views and this provides a good way to rally the troops to their side .

    Veena’s robust defence on Frontline is the way to respond to the misinformation and hypocrisy endemic in society.

  16. erowid Canada Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    More power to Veena. You go girl. I love how you panic pakis.
    The problem with pakis like Monano are that we think we own our women, and izzat of family and nation is because of them and nothing do to with anything a paki make does.
    We are a nation of small minded, tunnel visioned, bigoted a** holes who will cover their sisters up while trying to date and rape every female around us.

  17. skarlok United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    We are a nation of small minded, tunnel visioned, bigoted a** holes who will cover their sisters up while trying to date and rape every female around us.

    Hmm, sounds similar to american high-school and college kids. Except the american’s at least don’t want to cover their sisters up, altough they would prefer to send them to all-girls schools.

  18. Mubarak United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    While I understand why a mullah will be upset at Veena I don’t understand how the pakistani film industry has gone after her. What did she do that doesn’t exist in pakistani films themselves.

  19. Monano New Zealand Google Chrome Windows says:

    [edited for nonsense. I was not aware that you thought Veena Malik was your wife. Apparently Veena Malik has no idea about your alleged marital relations with her. -YLH ]

  20. Monano New Zealand Google Chrome Windows says:

    [EDITED for Nonsense. Unless you can produce a copy of your Nikah Nama duly registered under the laws of Pakistan with Veena Malik we cannot entertain your claims about you being her husband. It would amount to libel.-YLH]

  21. yasserlatifhamdani Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    “liberal extortionist”
    Liberal fascist
    Liberal extremist
    Liberal fundamentalist
    Liberal dogmatist
    Liberal terrorist

    …. Yawn


  22. MUHAMMAD SHAHZAD United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:


  23. [...] “beauty with boldness.” One young columnist, Yasser Latif Hamdani, took her side her earlier this year, saying, “Of course, the same guardians of Pakistan’s image are not bothered in the slightest [...]

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