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Well played India and Thank You Pakistan Cricket Team

Raza Habib Raja I was 18 when Imran Khan, one of the most famous cricketers our country has produced, lifted the World Cup. In the room of my house where all of us were watching the match, some of the family members burst into tears. I felt euphoric and went outside to the nearby liberty market to witness what was unimaginable level of fervor and joy. People were dancing and performing Bhangra. The streets which had been almost deserted during the match, as everyone was in front of the TV sets, had suddenly become overwhelmingly alive. For those brief moments, from Karachi to mountainous area of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan had become one. Everyone was cheering and there was an overarching feeling of unity. Those scenes have become imprinted in memory and … Read entire article »

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Prophets of Doom

By Dr. Niaz Murtaza Pakistan is probably the country whose demise is predicted most frequently and nervously. David Kilcullen, an American-based guerrilla warfare expert, wrote the most apocalyptic (and inaccurate!) obituary back in 2009: collapse within months. Political scientists, wiser than narrowly-focused warfare experts, are less impetuous. However, while acknowledging that Pakistan has a final, fast diminishing opportunity of a few years (decades for some) to undertake reform, their overall outlook is still pessimistic.   These analyses (e.g., the 2011 “Future of Pakistan” by Brookings Institute) invoke impressive evidence: stagnant economy, poor governance, militancy, ethnic fissures, demographic bulge and weak democracy. They convince readers about the serious problems and the need for urgent steps. Less clear is whether the profile painted is of a country hurtling towards the abyss or one stuck in the … Read entire article »

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Cricket Diplomacy: Expect The Usual Hand Shakes And Nothing More

By D. Asghar Of course no one knows, what will happen in Mohali on March 30. The World Cup semi final between Pakistan and India will indeed be a nail biting and nerve pounding match, as many are predicting. Indian Prime Minister Singh’s invitation to his Pakistani counterpart, our PM Gilani to watch the match live from the stadium is a welcome gesture. Many are trying to call it “Cricket Diplomacy” and expecting, way too much from this. Our media has dug into the previous such “Cricket Diplomacy”, of General Zia and Musharraf. To say the least, it turned out to be a good photo opportunity and some temporary news blip. Everyone knows that it was nothing more than that. The idea of this write up is to remind us of ground … Read entire article »

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Letter and spirit of the Lahore Resolution

By Yasser Latif Hamdani (in Daily Times) Very rarely do politics, history and sport overlap but when they do they can produce the most heart-warming of coincidences. As millions of Bangladeshi fans cheered them on, the trouble-prone Pakistan cricket team completed a clinical victory over the West Indies on March 23, the 71st anniversary of the Lahore Resolution. The most charming coincidence was the fact that the stadium we won in was named after Sher-e-Bangla, A K Fazlul Haq, one of the founding fathers of our republic and the gentleman who moved the Lahore Resolution all those years ago. Every child in Pakistan is taught about the symbolic significance of the Lahore Resolution but hardly anyone in the country has ever bothered to read the words that are cited as nothing less … Read entire article »

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Pakistan’s Geopolitical Dilemma China Or US: Viewpoint From Pakistan – Analysis

Pakistan’s Geopolitical Dilemma China Or US: Viewpoint From Pakistan – Analysis

Written by: Eurasia Review By Khan A. Sufyan The dynamic nature of geo-political environment is transitioning from American efforts to retain its uni-polarity to a stage where the emerging competitors and challengers are moving to a position of asserting their influence. This is likely to result in geo-economic, geo-political and geo-strategic changes, realignments and re-assertions, in certain regions which are likely to play important, if not pivotal roles in the future. These are high-stake political games … Read entire article »

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Cricket—Game or War

By Riaz Ali Toori Steve Winwood once wrote,   Think about it, there must be higher love Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above Without it, life is a wasted time Look inside your heart, I’ll look inside mine On the other hand Jimmy Carter provokingly described war as an evil. “War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other’s children”. Love is the most powerful passion that overcomes every other sentiment. It motivates mankind to move for peace, to bear pain for others, to join hands with strangers. Everyone has this emotion, because our souls when created, were centered around this very passion. But it is very unfortunate that today, … Read entire article »

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We have failed the Lahore Resolution

This brilliant article argues what I have been arguing for a while. By Rubina Saigol On March 23, 1940, the chief minister of Bengal, Maulvi Fazlul Haq presented the Lahore Resolution, later termed the Pakistan Resolution, at the 27th annual meeting of the All-India Muslim League held at Minto Park. The pivotal paragraphs of the resolution read as follows: “It is the considered view of this session of the All India Muslim League that no Constitutional Plan would be workable in this country or acceptable to the Muslims, unless it is designed on the following basic principle, namely that geographically contiguous units are demarcated into regions which should be so constituted, with such territorial readjustments as may be necessary, that the areas in which the Muslims are numerically in majority as in the … Read entire article »

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Reclaim your freedom, reclaim Pakistan!

Reclaim your freedom, reclaim Pakistan!

By Kiran Nazish Pakistan Resolution 1940, that was later made part of All India Muslim Leagues’ Constitution in 1941 and materialized the Two Nation Theory in 1946 became the single most founding document of Pakistan. From Iqbal’s revelation of a dream in 1930 to the official realization of Lahore Resolution in 1940, it took Muslims of India about 7 more years to achieve Pakistan. Look at Pakistan now, with its extremism and fanaticism, I … Read entire article »

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Thank you Bangladesh

By Raza Habib Raja Today is the Pakistan day, celebration of the historic Lahore resolution which was passed 71 years ago. Despite the chequered history and the current wave of extremism which is threatening the very existence of the state, 23rd March, also known as the Pakistan day, is still celebrated with zeal. It is like renewal of the pledge which our founding fathers took 71 years ago. Throughout the history of Pakistan, the game of cricket has always been followed and loved. The passion for cricket transcends the domains of normality and in fact even motivated a book by an English woman titled as “Cricket: A Pilgrimage” which is a beautiful compilation of pictures of people playing cricket throughout the subcontinent. Keeping in view the zeal and passion for cricket, it is understandable … Read entire article »

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Pakistan: The silent coup

Feroz Khan is a Toronto based political analyst with interests in military history and issues of conflict management and conflict resolution. Khan has contributed this exclusive piece for PTH which we are posting here. We should clarify that the views expressed are those of the author and PTH does not subscribe to them. However, this piece raises pertinent issues for a debate. Therefore, we are publishing it without prejudice to anyone. The pointing finger points to the silence of the Pakistani army towards the murders of Salmaan Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti. Has no one wondered why the security establishment has been so silent on the issue? Can no one hear the loudness of this silence?  When something is too obvious, it is not really obvious and when all other possibilities are eliminated, … Read entire article »

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Alternative narratives: ‘History rewritten to further political ends’

Alternative narratives: ‘History rewritten to further political ends’

People named their sons after Dahir and Chach until 1960s, says historian Manan Ahmed. LAHORE: The view that Pakistan was conceived as soon as Muhammad bin Qasim set foot in Sindh amounts to rewriting of history, Historian Manan Ahmed said on Saturday. He was speaking to an audience of academics, journalists and bloggers at the Nairang Art Gallery. Earlier, he had read excerpts from Kashful Mahjoob by Ali Hajveri and Chach Nama by Ali Kufki. … Read entire article »

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Imran Khan’s Boiling Revolution

By D. Asghar By now almost everyone around the globe is in agreement, when it comes to the power of the social media. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, the news whether good or bad, travels like wild fire. This You Tube video of a revolutionary of Imran Khan has gone viral on the net. Over the weekend, I was under the weather. I wrote one of my piece on another forum and an inter actor did post this. I was literally on the floor, laughing and getting a wild spasm of cough at the same time. This is a classic and I am sure this young man has made it. Definitely not in politics, but in the entertainment arena. If I was him, I would be getting my series out … Read entire article »

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Engineers of Jihad

We are posting an abstract from Oxford University (working papers) and the link to the full paper – Engineers of Jihad – which is an essential reading of our times. Diego Gambetta (Nuffield College) & Steffen Hertog (University of Durham) “You have trivialized our movement by your mundane analysis. May God have mercy on you” Ayman al-Zawahiri Abstract. We find that graduates from subjects such as science, engineering, and medicine are strongly overrepresented among Islamist movements in the Muslim world, though not among the extremist Islamic groups which have emerged in Western countries more recently. We also find that engineers alone are strongly over-represented among graduates in violent groups in both realms. This is all the more puzzling for engineers are virtually absent from left-wing violent extremists and only present rather … Read entire article »

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Mullah between modernity and tradition

Mullah between modernity and tradition

Intro: This New York Times article is being reproduced here because in passing it makes two very important points: 1. Deobandis in the subcontinent have always been allies of Gandhi. 2. India’s favorite myth of having more Muslims than Pakistan is a lie.   AKKALKUWA, India — On opposite sides of a dusty road, thousands of Muslim students in this remote farming town are preparing for very different futures. On one side, inside a traditional Islamic seminary, teenage boys … Read entire article »

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Raymond Davis and our national honour

By Raza Rumi A few weeks ago, when the Raymond Davis saga had gripped the public imagination, I had humbly suggested, on a TV show, that this issue was not going to be resolved either through street protests, or by invoking the absurd ‘national honour’ discourse. There was only one solution: Recourse to the laws (international and domestic). The ghairat brigade had a field day for at least a month by flogging the useless anti-Americanism horse and short-sighted elected politicians, such as a former foreign minister, also risked their political careers by exposing whom they were actually reporting to. Other than the usual suspects crying foul over Americans having coerced 18 members of Davis’s victims’ families to accept a blood money settlement, the saga has ended rather swiftly indicating that when Pakistan’s security establishment wants … Read entire article »

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