Yielding in Front of Extremism

By Adnan Syed

I am attaching two links here that movingly touch upon the state of barbarity that is inflicted upon the nation of  Pakistan.

Please give thirteen minutes of your precious time to the moving words of  Member National Aseembly Mrs. Asia Nasir. These words describe the anguish and pain of the very Pakistanis who are being discriminated by the society, as well as by the institutions of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Terror reigns supreme in Pakistan. The righteous ones are hunting and killing everyone who calls for absolute equality of every human inside the boundaries of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. And in this environment, this brave lady comes out and unequivocally condemns the barbarity that the religious minorities are facing. She has more guts than the spineless members of parliament and our electronic media who are big on token condemnations, but short on pinpointing our country’s intrinsic contradictions with respect to religion; the same contradictions that has never allowed Pakistan to treat every Pakistani as an equal human being first and foremost.

Dedication to Shabaz Bhatti

My deepest respects are due towards Mrs. Asia Nasir. Her words should stir every single Pakistani who cares about this nation and wants to see an equal and fair Pakistan for our future generations.

Because today this discrimination is directed towards disenfranchised minorities; history tells us loud and clear that once a society fails to protect its vulnerable ones from tyranny, the whole society will be eventually be subjected to tyranny. Pakistan has struggled throughout its brief history with the role of religion in the affairs of the state. Playing havoc with the country, this struggle has now brought us to the abyss. And if we fall into that mindless religious extremism, even our troubled prior history will evoke a longing nostalgia.

Below, I am linking another moving article from Daily Times by Shahid Saeed titled “Murder, Most Foul”. As Shahid talks about the discrimination perpertrated by his childhood friends against their Christian teammates, he went on to lament that:

“Cowing in front of extremism or being apologetic on their demands is what we have been doing. Abdicating responsibility and state power by agreeing to the demands of men of evil that block our streets to celebrate the murderer of a brave man who stood up for a poor Christian farmhand is what we have been doing. Of the politicians who stood up for Aasia Noreen, Salmaan Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti are no more. Sherry Rehman is under virtual house arrest having been told by the Interior Minister that she better leave the country — and later he went on to express his desire to extra-judicially murder blasphemers in order to prove his credentials too.

We are so insecure as a nation that we undercount our minority populations in our census. We have become a country ruled by mobs, by angry men who preach hatred, bigotry, xenophobia and irrationality. We cannot coexist peacefully until these madmen are taken to task, legally, for spreading messages of hate. Rest assured, things are looking extremely bleak and Shahbaz Bhatti will be just another victim in our bloodstained history. Our all-consuming, self-righteous and fire-breathing media was back to regular programming within two hours of his coldblooded assassination. That is the level of respect and honour that a brave, patriotic and great Pakistani deserved from our 24-hour news channels. We shall continue to blame the Yanks, the Indians and every other force for our own machinations whilst our Christians, Hindus, Shias and Sunnis, men and women and even children are murdered in our land”.


Rest in peace dear Shahbaz Bhatti. Let me assure you, that fight for an equal and fair Pakistan for everyone, irrespective of their caste and creed is worth fighting for, and will go on. We will continue to stand up to these fanatics, who have always been restive throughout our history but are now finally threatening to run amok with their single-handed pursuit of bringing the divine law upon everyone. We may not be as courageous as you are, but we now know that our country still possesses fearless humanists that we can take inspiration from. The idea of an equal, secular and pluralistic democratic Pakistan is an idea worth living for. Because if this ideology of hatred is not fought today, tomorrow it will consume everything, Pakistan included.

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