Release of Raymond: A Mature decision if compensation has been paid

 Raza Habib Raja

Right now I am seeing the television coverage of the release of Mr. Raymond Davis. According to the news Mr. Davis has been released after a huge compensation was paid to the immediate families of the murdered individuals. Media of course is stunned as it had whipped the issue in such a way that any rational and solution had apparently become impossible.

No matter what spin is given by media and by those religious parties who wanted to extract political mileage out of the issue; the fact is that eventually a mature decision has been made. It is a decision which incorporates the concerns of realpolitik and at the same time ensures that the families of the victims have been properly compensated.

Although the media and a substantial chunk of its urbanite followers would be screaming about foul play but if the families have indeed accepted compensation then frankly justice has been served.

I had previously also pointed out that the right defense was not diplomatic immunity but self defense supplemented by proper compensation to the families of the individuals who had lost their lives.

There is a tendency in our society to call those as “sellouts” who talk about the need of arriving at a rational and a win win situation. During the length of this entire episode, all those who were talking about the need of ensuring, rational self interest along with proper compensation to the families of the victims, were being accused of “sellouts” and of slavishly following US interests. I have myself been abused and called a “sellout” for suggesting that a proper solution which took care of everyone’s interest was needed.

Now if indeed the families of the victims have accepted the compensation and Mr. Raymond has been released after compensation has been paid, then frankly it is a win win situation. Although I know some may disagree because they desperately wanted to see Raymond publicly hanged but a thoughtful analysis  would reveal that in fact USA has not been able to bully Pakistan and eventually had to resort to proper legal means and had to compensate the families. Of course this fact would not be acknowledged by the media but if the families have accepted the compensation then it is a moral victory of Pakistan while preserving its realpolitik concerns.

Right now media is whipping frenzy and trying to remind the viewers that some family members of the victims had threatened suicide in case of Raymond’s release. I really do not know what is the purpose of all this negative coverage? In fact it is this sort of coverage which led to the suicide of the spouse of one of the victims. Frankly media is equally responsible for that poor woman’s death.

 There are much bigger issues confronting us than this non issue. And if we care to think in a proper manner then frankly USA had to eventually respect Pakistan’s law. For God sake, let’s move on.

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