To proponents of “If they had been your brothers ..” doctrine..

This is all I have to say…..

Raza Habib Raja

Ever since the Raymond issue erupted and took the centre stage in the national psyche, any deviant voice showing its disagreement with the mainstream and overwhelmingly dominant opinion has been constantly been barraged by a phrase “If it had been your brother…”

Now since my opinion has not been consistent with the mainstream opinion, obviously I have also been taunted. I think since now the issue has been “resolved “and YES I FULLY AGREE with the solution, I would like to answer. Well frankly if it had been my brother and if I accepted enormous amount of money under the leeway of an existing though controversial law, then frankly rest of the country should mind their own business. If I and other close relatives are okay with the solution then those who have objection should do the right thing: TRY GETTING THIS LAW CHANGED!!

Now there is also a lot of hue and cry over that Raymond Davis issue has proven how powerful manipulate the justice system. Well I fully agree but why did it take an American’s custody to realize that this system is bankrupt? Why it always take a foreigner to make us see the obvious? Mind you everyone was shouting that Pakistani courts should decide. My dear “patriotic” friends Pakistani courts have decided though you may not like the verdict. Yes you will cry that courts have been manipulated. Dear friends, courts in Pakistan are always manipulated. When you were shouting at the top of your voices that Pakistani “justice” system should be trusted, did you forget that Pakistani courts have a long history of such decisions!!! Why you are getting so angry now? Fools, Pakistani courts have once again done which they have always done!! And by the way this is still a much better decision because families of the victims have actually been compensated and have become richer than they could ever dream of. Yeah I know you will say they were forced to accept it. Wow! Considering the fact that in Pakistan people have been forced to do so many things against their will, here families have actually become millionaires through this “coercion” and above all gotten what you have been trying desperately to get while chanting hypocritical slogans against USA: A GREEN CARD.
The irony is that the families of the victims have accepted blood money and Green Card and the rest of the country is trying to prove that they loved the victims more than their own families!! Such comical irony!!!And by the way during these two months, media was constantly following the families. Everyone got to know who they were. All the “patriots” knew that compensation was one of the options. Did anyone of them tried to assure the families that they would match the amount? Yeah a few traders in Lahore. I remember these traders had also assured Nawaz Sharif before we made the last “Ghariat Mand” stand in 1998 (when we went Nuclear) that they would give every sacrifice and would even eat grass. Did they eat grass??? When the time came for sacrifices they all refused to pay additional taxes.

My dear “patriots”, have you ever wondered WHY your courts, establishment and the leading political parties ALL collaborated in brokering this solution? It is because they all knew through history that when Pakistanis like you talk of “national honour” and sacrifices, it is nothing but a huge joke. They all know through bitter experiences in the past that our nation collectively does not have the will to pay the price of “standing up”. Forgot what happened when you went nuclear? You literally forced the entire establishment and the government to go nuclear, made tall claims of eating grass and sacrificing. And when they obliged you all ran away. Some of the patriots were actually betting against rupee and while others stubbornly refused to pay additional taxes. Within months, Pakistan was at the door of IMF, begging for balance of payment support.

But even more comical irony is that a controversial law which Islamic parties have been supporting at the top of their voices has been used to contradict own stance on Raymond issue. Whoever scripted this “solution” was a genius! I am against this law but frankly I am relishing that all these religious zealots have been stumped using their OWN supported law. Some moderates have been raising fears that this practice would become entrenched. I would like to retort that this is the first time that everyone has actually realized what an absurd law it is!! At times it needs such a high profile case to make everyone realize the absurdity.

Dear patriots and some of the patriots, who call themselves “real liberals”, remember the decisions of this world are taken in accordance with realpolitik which is the REAL politics. Realpolitik is always underpinned by ground realities and ACTUAL interests of the stakeholders. While negotiating a solution, the rational parties will try that the solution while addressing the real issue should nevertheless not contravene basic human rights. Here the realpolitik demanded that Raymond be handed over and in a short time. One solution was to use diplomatic immunity which would have just kept the courts out and left the victims without any compensation and the other was to use Pakistani courts (which you were demanding) and pay the victims a huge compensation. Now knowing that Mr. Raymond had to be handed over at every cost (frankly, we need US money because people like you do not have the mettle to make sacrifices and moreover the entire US Pak relations could not be jeopardized), the latter solution was a much better one.

In the conclusion I would like to HUMBLY remind all the super patriots that sovereignty is underpinned by economic strength and if not then by ability to make sacrifices in lifestyles. With due apologies, you are not an economic super power (heck you are not even technically a developing country as you lag behind in some critical indicators like literacy, health etc) and history shows that you never sacrifice. Let me humbly remind you that you are not even ready to pay the additional taxes.

Some of you are settled abroad and insisting that Pakistan should have shown “spine’. My NOT SO HUMBLE reminder to them (not all the expatriates because some of them fully understand) is that you people were not prepared to live in this country when there were no sanctions. For better living standards you decided to leave the country, why on earth are you expecting those Pakistanis who could not leave, to make sacrifices? If you are that keen on showing spine, my request to all of you is to please come back and share these miseries with us. When you are not prepared to do that even when there are No sanctions, then frankly do not lecture about “spine’ while sitting abroad.

My dear countrymen, your government, both federal and Punjab, your armed forces and courts have tried to do best they could under the circumstances. They have actually ensured that at least the families get compensation and the decision of acquittal comes from Pakistani courts. Hate people like me if you want to but this is all I have to say.

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