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Pakistan’s Geopolitical Dilemma China Or US: Viewpoint From Pakistan – Analysis

Written by: Eurasia Review

By Khan A. Sufyan

The dynamic nature of geo-political environment is transitioning from American efforts to retain its uni-polarity to a stage where the emerging competitors and challengers are moving to a position of asserting their influence. This is likely to result in geo-economic, geo-political and geo-strategic changes, realignments and re-assertions, in certain regions which are likely to play important, if not pivotal roles in the future. These are high-stake political games which may well result in either prolonging geo-political status-quo or the commencement of changes towards a multi-polar balance of power.

To maintain the geo-political status-quo, major US concerns are likely to remain focused on Asia. These include an emerging China, sustaining support for a countervailing India, a resurgent Russia and a concerned Muslim world attempting to redefine its place in the world polity. While US led efforts aimed at containment of Russia are stabilizing almost along the original Russian borders in Europe, endeavours to curtail her expansion towards the south and limit Russian and Chinese influence in Eurasian hinterland are underway.


In February 2002, Colin Powell told the House International Relations Committee that, “America will have a continuing interest and presence in Central Asia of a kind that we could not have dreamed of before.” Chairman of NATO Military Committee while on a recent visit to Australia stated that, securing the safety of Washington and Brussels requires the expansion of a US dominated military alliance into “the Euro-Asian and Asian-Pacific regions.” Major US and NATO presence in Afghanistan and their efforts to enhance military presence in various Central Asian countries under the garb of providing support for Afghan war are clear indications in this direction.

In the post 9/11 environment Asia therefore became the test-bed of American attempts to assert and realign the politico-economic order to maintain her full-spectrum domination and deny or delay the emergence and assurgence of competing powers. US invasion of Iraq was essentially a venture to sustain these objectives and not against terrorism which had roots in Afghanistan. It was thought that the US adventure in Iraq would achieve its objectives soon and would allow shifting the focus to stabilize Afghanistan for a protracted US presence because of geo-political compulsions. While the US was busy in Iraq, they co-opted Indian support to replace Pakistan as a stabilizing influence in Afghanistan, mainly due to Pak-US trust deficit. This also provided Americans an opportunity to project Indian influence in Central Asia to dilute the existing Russian and increasing Chinese support base.

Having failed in her earlier attempts to coerce Pakistan through application of direct strategy, India readily took this opportunity to pay back Pakistan for its alleged interference in Indian Occupied Kashmir and ventured in to a strategic encirclement of Pakistan. Under a calibrated strategy, US also supported India by attempting to persuade Pakistan to allow passageway for sustaining the Indian influence in Afghanistan and beyond. While addressing a press conference in January this year in Islamabad, Hillary Clinton openly supported this venture to the discomfiture of her hosts. However, Pakistan did not acquiesce and avoided a self-inflicted strategic encirclement.

Moreover, in order to dilute and contain resurgent Taliban, US contrived with Indian and Afghan support to shift the terrorist center of gravity to Pakistani territory resulting in manifold increase in drone attacks in Pak regions bordering Afghanistan. However, the US desire to confine this war to Af-pak region was short-lived. Soon the Taliban outside of so-called Af-pak region re-emerged stronger, warranting a US surge followed by a crisis of command and strategy.

Also, the Americans soon realized Indian inability to replace Pakistan’s strategic influence in its backyard. This also solidified the fact that the geo-politically influenced strategic pivot provided by Pakistan could not and would not be replaced by India, no matter how powerful India may be. Pakistan had withstood the challenge, no matter how weak it had been or would be. Achievement of US geo-political and geo-strategic goals therefore would become extremely difficult without co-opting Pakistan. This fact can not be overstated by citing a statement of Senator McCain (courtesy wikileaks), who while talking to David Cameron in a 2008 meeting said that, “if they (Pakistan) don’t cooperate and help us, I don’t know what we are going to do.”

Many believe that India is a regional power, yet they fail to realize the fact that its regional prowess can only be exercised against nations as small and vulnerable as Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bangladesh. It has not been able to convincingly project its power potential against present day Pakistan and China and it is unlikely to happen in the future as well. US Embassy, New Delhi (courtesy wikileaks) corroborates this fact indicating that, with present Indian military capabilities, Cold Start doctrine would encounter mixed results.

US, France, UK, China and Russia etc can project their power potential because either they do not have a powerful regional threat to counter or they have enough capability to deter a regional threat and also project their capability to take care of extra-regional threats.

India cannot laterally expand its influence beyond its western borders due the existence of geo-political impediments in addition to the geographical restrictions placed by the presence of Pakistan. Expansion of its influence towards the east is impeded due to the large geographical lay of China. Myanmar can provide India with limited ability to expand towards South East Asia. She attempted to undertake such a venture but due to its internal upheaval in adjoining areas failed to take timely advantage. Chinese influence in Myanmar has in the meantime increased manifold which may limit future Indian endeavours. Therefore the only direction it may be able to expand its influence is towards the vast expanse of sea in the south.

As per the perceived US game-plan for India, garnering of a seaward influence is likely to be supported by the US and West. This fact is corroborated by increased number of Indian naval exercises with navies of US and other western nations in recent years. The plan seeks India to act as a countervailing force against China, as a milkman to sustain US economy while competing with Chinese economic progress and to stabilize regional disputes with limited force projection capability.

India may become a strong economic power and be able to generate fair bit of economic influence in all those countries which are its trading partners and may also be able to exercise fair bit of negativity against Pakistan and China in this domain. However, it’s overall power projection and generation of influence in the key regions would still remain limited unless it drastically improves relations with both Pakistan and China. It also highlights the importance of strategic nature of Pak-China relationship.
US follows a two pronged strategy against China, what some analysts term as “Contaigement” (Containment and Engagement). China counters this through application of a multi-faceted direct and indirect strategy. The engagement aspect does not irk both US and China to the extent of it being positive. Some of the major facets employed by China to counter the containment are; enhancement of politico-economic and military cooperation in key world regions, development of its military capability and seeking multiple trade corridors. Pakistan can offer major cooperation in many of these facets and thus emerges as a crucial player in facilitating for China a safe alternative outlet in to the global strategic zones.

China developed eastern Chinese region as a deliberate and well thought out policy. Now that this region has been well on its way to becoming a developed reality, western Chinese region bordering Pakistan is also being developed. The population of western China is close to 300 million people. The closest trade access to the sea for this large set of entrepreneurs is through Pakistan’s Karachi and Gwadar ports linked via Karakoram highway.

Pakistan’s sympathetic leanings towards China is one of the major causes of present trust-deficit between US and Pakistan, since the US in its endeavours to contain China is also eyeing Pakistan’s southern sea ports to acquire its own strategic corridor with links to Central Asian resources and to safeguard its interests. If this assumption is correct then it is quite likely that the US will continue to act as Pakistan’s neighbour for quite some time through its presence in Afghanistan and other regional countries and its projected withdrawal from Afghanistan is likely to remain restricted to end of combat operations.

In the 1960s, US attempted to follow the strategy of Pivotal Statecraft with regard to India and Pakistan. The strategy entailed that as US had influence and leverages in both India and Pakistan, it could manipulate or coerce both countries to find solutions to bilateral problems, under US auspices. However, the attempt failed as India had an alternative in the form of Russia and Pakistan looked for Chinese support. Apparently, US is attempting to follow a similar strategic posture again. Interestingly, in the ensuing geo-political environment India has no other entity to align with except the USA, whereas Pakistan can still lean towards China and frustrate US desires.

Pakistan therefore sits at the cross-roads of strategic interests of major world powers – an unenviable predicament or an enviable opportunity! Pakistan’s security and prosperity in the future therefore depends in a large way on how it exploits this geo-political tangle vis-à-vis these major contenders. It is here that Pakistan’s ability to generate a cooperative response from the great powers would be tested. Pakistan may not and should not become a party to any of the big powers and use its influence to generate a cooperative and all-supportive environment for future stability of the region. Pakistan’s decision makers must appreciate the strength Pakistan has placed itself in, despite the impediments and must not loose this strategic advantage. The success of Pakistani grand strategy depends upon its ability to manipulate co-relation of contending powers to its own advantage.


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92 Responses to "Pakistan’s Geopolitical Dilemma China Or US: Viewpoint From Pakistan – Analysis"

  1. Jauhar Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Pankaj Mishra in Apr 6 article in The Hindu titled “The deception at the heart of ‘Rising India” asys that ……
    The (wikileaks) cables offer many such instances of the ideological deceptions practised by the purveyors of “Rising India”. Virtually all economic growth of recent years, a senior politician admits, is concentrated in the four southern states, two western states (Gujarat and Maharashtra) and “within 100km of Delhi”…………………. Visiting the White House in 2008, Mr. Singh induced a nationwide cringe when he blurted out to the most disliked American President ever: “The people of India deeply love you.” (Even George Bush looked startled.) This love unblushingly speaks its name in the cables; even the Pakistanis appear dignified when compared with the Indians stampeding to plant kisses on U.S. behinds. Mr. Singh has presided over an ignominious surrender of national sovereignty and dignity.
    In a testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia Assistant Secretary, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs said, “Our two militaries (US and Indian) enjoy a robust series of exchanges, visits, and exercises that create critical linkages between personnel and further deepen habits of cooperation. From counter-piracy to disaster relief, our two militaries have much to gain from each other….”.
    Ha ha ha …. From counter-piracy to disaster relief …. this where the cooperation begins and this where the cooperation ends even after Indians plant majore kisses in American behinds. Ha ha ha
    The author Mr. Khan A. Sufyan has very aptly highlighted the almost nothingness of India in the emerging geopolitical environment. And that is where the rising India stands or limps?

  2. Zaheer Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    The most interesting thing that emerges from the discussion on this thread is that the inconsequentiality of Indian geopolitical position is being countered by displaying hatred against Islam. And as most Pakistanis are Muslims, they are also hated because they follow Islam. The amount of hatred spewed against Islam and Pakistan in Indian discussion forums is also unbelievable.
    Another important factor which emerges is that some years ago, the Indian discussion forums would immediately react and delete anti Islam and anti Muslim or Christian remarks and banish the posters. This was due to the presence of large population of Muslims and Christians in India. Now however, Indian discussion forums and their blogs not only openly use abusive language against Islam and Christianity but also against Indian Muslims and Christians, at times citing reasons as “pleasing of minorities at the cost of majority Hindus. The sensitivity of their own Muslim and Christian countrymen does not bother them any longer. Indira Gandhi’s grand son was not very wrong when he said that the biggest danger to India comes from Hindu fundamentalists.
    Display of such hatred against any entity which is not Hindu is threateningly alarming for the region as a whole and even beyond. And this phenomenon is growing by the day. We in Pakistan needs to understand this fully well, while continue enjoying and watching semi-nude Indian dancing girls on India TV and films ;) .

  3. Subhan Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Very nicely written article. Very aptly articulated.

  4. Mirza Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    good one yaar. beautiful article.

  5. Mirza Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    wah bhei …. here is another one from this person …… and this one is even better. good yaar.

  6. Hayyer India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    The article is not so much about Pakistani policy options as it is about evil India. Pakistani choices between the US and China are disposed off rather summarily at the end of the piece. I did not see an analysis of the dilemma, so the praise from readers is puzzling.
    Before Pakistan examines policy options it should examine its own attitudes and assumptions perhaps, both a priori and a posteriori.

  7. Progressive Right United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    ” I have my religion and you keep yours.”

    Rex Minor

    That is the correct usage of the Surah from al kafirun. It should not be taken to imply that all religions or even atheism are the same or equally good, as some liberals mis-represent.

  8. Sholay Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    It is a 1400-1500 words small article. Dont expect an executive summary of 1oo page analysis report. It actually is good article which, keeping in view the publishing restraints, explains much much more than what you are seeking. Easier to write a paragraph criticising a thought. :)

  9. Hayyer India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    Even as a summary don’t you think that it is mostly about India? And, the summary does not give any opinion on tackling the US versus China dilemma.
    My other suggestion still applies. If India is not the demon it is assumed to be the whole policy outcome would be seriously in error.

  10. viva India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    ” I have my religion and you keep yours.”
    Mohammad’s religion is not to be applied to others. Islam is Mohammad’s religion and no one else’s.
    Each human being gets his own revelation. He is entitled to it.
    This will avoid collectivism and fascism.

    To Zaheer
    Hindus were earlier naive or timid fools and were thus tolerant towards islam and christianity and their mischiefs. And islam and christianity misused the hindu’s foolishness, timidity and tolerance to spit upon him in his own homeland (and it is being done even today). Thus hindus lost a huge amount of land and people to the agents and designs of islam and christianity. Today some hindus have realized this folly and are taking steps to defend themselves. But their politicians/leaders are too scared of the agents and quislings of islam and christianity who mostly control the resources of the earth. A self-respecting person (hindu) does not become a quisling or agent of islam or christianity – no matter what the bribery or the intimidation or the ridicule.

    Pakistan is islam’s instrument for exterminating hindus and hindu religions. It is a well-planted and deep-rooted instrument now. In the Pakistan territory this task has been completed. Pakistan has to fulfil this destiny-like task given by the arab god in the whole of the indian subcontinent. Pakistan’s politics and education will thus always be India-centric and full of hate, anger, fear and arrogance vis a vis hindus. The real-task given is Saudi Arabia and not China or USA. That China and USA ridicule India is of course an additional factor in the game.

  11. Mehmood Ghazni Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    The Muslims came from Arabia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Caucasia and Turkey ect to India. They captured India from stupid Hindus who couldnt rule it and ruled it for 1000 years. Unfortunately they didn’t use enough force to convert the Vivas of India – -alas – if they had Hindoo.satan would not not be here and there would not be any problem at all. When the Muslims rule became untenable, thankfully not due to Hindoos, they forced a large chunk of land from Hindoo.satan and kept it for keeps calling it Pakistan and later Bangladesh also emerged. Muslims also left a sizeable portion of Muslim population behind in Hindoo.satan to keep the Hindoos on tenterhook. If the Hindoos had an iota of self respect they would not have presented their daughters to Muslims Kings to keep their petty states and continue to remain the rulers. And to top it all – make films like Jodha-Akbar to celebrate giving their daughters to heathen Muslims. ;)
    Viva La Maria ….
    And hey …. Mirza above has said that the guy who wrote this article has written another one – read that as well – he’s had you guys like shmuck

  12. viva India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Ghazni wrote:
    “The Muslims came from Arabia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Caucasia and Turkey ect to India. They captured India from stupid Hindus who couldnt rule it and ruled it for 1000 years. Unfortunately they didn’t use enough force to convert the Vivas of India – -alas – if they had Hindoo.satan would not not be here and there would not be any problem at all.”

    Stupid hindus is correct description.

    Wrong however to think that there would have been no problem if there had been no Hindustan (or no hindus).
    Fact is: as muslim population component increases the problems worsen. Had it not been for petrodollars (from USA, Europe, Japan) the muslim majority nations would have been in dire straits. Whatever good-livable life is today possible in muslim majority areas and societies, it is due to some good things which the muslims get from non-muslims. Just figure that out honestly (without any chauvinism).

    But it has also been argued that islam and muslims would have developed better had there been no petroleum and no petrodollars (and related geo-political interests by the capitalist fascists in the USA). I find this argument quite correct too. The huge influx of idle money in the hands of uneducated uncultured muslim leaders with a feudal-fascist primitive-religious mentality has been a major reason for many of the ills faced by common muslim men and women.

  13. Lala Shahbbir Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    So what do you think the Muslims should have done in pre-partition India to live side by side with Hindoos.

  14. Bade Miyan United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    What do you do for living?

  15. viva India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    to lala shahbbir

    We can’t go back to pre-1947 times. I cannot answer your question since I did not live before 1947. And I don’t have to answer it. Any answer that I attempt will be flimsy.
    We have to look to the future.
    So let me attempt an answer vis a vis the future.
    Muslims must admit that islam, kuran etc. are all fallible, that islamic history-writing is a lot of self-glorifying deceit and self-deceit, that non-islam and non-muslims have contributed far more to the betterment of our lives (amd much remains to be done for which sincere muslim participation is necessary), that islamic monotheism is totalitarian and too arab-centric and tribal, that islam is incapable of real reform because of its absolutist finalism, that this finalism causes it to become fascistic etc. etc. (it can be a longer list).

    Muslims must learn to invite and thank for criticism of islam. If you wish to live and let live as relaxed human beings then criticism – even if it be imperfect or hurting the feelings – is necessary, freedom of expression is necessary, freedom to reject god and religion(s) is necessary (may god bless those all the more who reject him – such a relaxed god-concept is necessary).

    Islam’s god-concept is based on fear, dictatorship, mental slavery, vengeance, cruelty, flattery, fascistic finalism etc. That is where the real problem takes its start.

    I hope you did not ask your question out of any (muslim) urge to ridicule me (a non-muslim) – in that case the answer which I have tried to give (I am not the final prophet) will help you. Depends on your attitude and upbringing.

  16. viva India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    to bade miya
    I am a teacher of physics and languages.

  17. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Mahmood Ghazi//The Muslims came from Arabia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Caucasia and Turkey ect to India. They captured India from stupid Hindus who couldnt rule it and ruled it for 1000 years//

    Bastard Yes Musalmans ruled Indian Subcontinent for a thousand years due to lack of integration. Every fuckin local landlord worth a few hectares wanted his own domain and hence it was easier for the marauders especially the progenies of Mongols to usurp control of India.

    However things changed in post 17th century when Europeans started to lord around all of middle east and Asia as they were simply the best of the lot then

    Ghazni shove your rhetoric down your a**se like the noble BuM and get better of your intelligence

  18. Manmohan Singh Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Prasad, mandir ka parsad kha or thanda ho. Go to Mathura’s mandirs and see some prono inside your holy places. Teri bhen nu gaandu yhen ….
    Viva, The Muslims were not thrown out of India, they forcefully retained a chunk out of bharat mata. After some more time, we will recapture our lost territory. Your bharat mata is going to break anyways because the breackage has already started. South Indiawill break away because they can notsupport the non- cow eating cow belt. North East is going to break away because it is mainly Christian and they can not be governed by heathens whose over 3 million gods are made of earthenware. And Kashmir has already been lost. Punjab will become Khalistan because the remaining India has not remained Khalis. And Some of this may happen in our life time. Good luck to you all.
    And Viva – are you a Hindu or do not follow any religion because it is aganst the ethos oh physics ;)

  19. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Manmohan Singh madar chod ( atleast I got to blast the shit of this dick some how!!!) //Teri bhen nu gaandu yhen//

    Madaar CHHHOD theri bhen ki GAAAND MEIN PHOOOTNI KEien bastard what do you want to convey?:?? If you want to speak right like the Manmohan always does, you should come out like one… I guess YOU HAVE COME OUT LIKE THE CHOOT ‘MOTHER FUCKER ‘PARVEZ MUSHARAFF the BASTAAAARD ie PEECHESE aake choori bhoknaa….KUTHEEEEEEE therii gaand mein Kashmir ki mirchi daalke pakayenge salleeeeeeeee choootneeeee

    Hope you enjoyed this bit you jerk….Indians can fix you in your own language bitch !!cheers

  20. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Manmohan bitch//South Indiawill break away because they can notsupport the non- cow eating cow belt//

    You should come to Bangalore to eat at the Fanoos next time since they sell atleast 10,000 rolls made of beef every day….Bitch pls come and relish !!! you stupid bitch next time you write this crap atleast understand what is South India Like atleast on the MAP!!

  21. Manmohan Singh Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    OHO … prasad ghussa kar giya. What angered you most, Mathura’s porno Hindoo Mandirs or a gay sleeping with your sis.

  22. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    OYE MADAR CHOD PARVEZ aka MANMOHAN teri kuthi ki gaand mein!!!
    why will i get angered you slut!!

    I can f**k y0u any day bitch

  23. Manmohan Singh Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Oh my my … fanoos is a persian word and used in urdu regularly. What is Hindi for fanoos. Because if that goes through I’ll hear hear your cries here in Timbaktoo also.

  24. Manmohan Singh Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Oye daur gya dhoti chuk ke. Oye mera fanoos pichhay latakda piya hai. Oye O te chad da.

  25. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    OYE BHEN CHOD MAAKI PHUDDE let me tell you…had converting Hindustan was so easy, you jokers would have done that atleast 700 years back like how Malaysia and Indonesia was converted in toto. HINDUSTAN MEIN abh BHI MARAD JEETEIN HEIN BHEN CHOD….HARAKE DIKHAON…KYA LADKIYO KEI JEISAE chup chup ken maartha hei…Jeise 26/11 and Kashmir mein har roj karthi hai

    kuthi dum hai to bumb dal ke dikha!!!

  26. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    MANMOHAN HARAMEEEEE Hajaar saal mein nahi kar paya abh kya karega bhosudike!!!! hum already 1 billion ho chukehein….matlab 1,000,000,000 ( kya Gin payeka KUTHIEEEEEEEE)

    Bumb dalke dikhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  27. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    So long as you speak the right words, of amicable settlement of issues, brotherhood and so on , you will have right voices….IF YOU EVER RAISE THE 1000 FUCKIN YEARS OF TORTURE EVER AGAIN !!! we will FUCK YOU

  28. viva India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Man mohan writes:
    “The Muslims were not thrown out of India, they forcefully retained a chunk out of bharat mata.”

    It is (as far as I am concerned) not about throwing out muslims but about exposing islam’s irrelevance and fascism under which the muslims are suffering even more than the non-muslims. It is about helping muslims liberate themselves from islam’s boasts and lies and fascism in the name of an arab god-concept.

    The muslims have forcefully retained a chunk of what they had snatched earlier through their lies and violence. And they have dutifully made an islamic hell out of it (Pakistan). Are they are yearning to bring more territory into this hell?

    The larger the muslim population component the worse the problems. This has been proved by the muslims themselves enthusiastically. Consequently many among the muslim-named persons are hoping that islam loses. They are hoping that non-muslims don’t give in to islam’s tricks and aggressions. Unfortunately too many non-muslim leaders have not understood the hell-bringing evilness in this arab religion.

    You also wrote: “And Kashmir has already been lost.”
    That is true. Sunni fascism is about to take over Kashmir and convert it into an islamic hell like in Pakistan. But may be kashmiris remember that their ancestors were neither muslims nor arabs and pull back from the brink before it is too late.

    As regards (my) religion – a book of physics or maths is more enjoyable, intelligent, clear and honest than the kuran. Gods made of earthenware are less harnful than this 7th century arab god-concept. That too is a proved fact now. Intelligent decent pakistanis will agree with me immediately on this. But they are forbidden from saying so openly.

  29. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    millions of families got converted BY FORCE….., 1000′s of familes lost their faith in the world….multiple families fled ( please read the stories of SARASWAT BRAHMINS FLEEING from Pakistan hundreds of Years back) what would you want to call the medieval world as?????


  30. Jaswant Singh Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Whe you go to India, the only thing which is worthwhile and aankhon ko bhali lagti hai, has been either built by Muslims or the English after that. There is nothing which you can see which eye catching except the pornography carved on Mathura’s Hindoo Holy Places. Muslims of Pakistan and the others from western world may not know it but the famous lingas which they bow infront is a Phallus (A Dick, A Cock, A Lund). Literally, they bow infront of a human dick. Hey prasad – I got a dick hangin – go down and pray, I am waiting ;)

  31. Jaswant Singh Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Teri bhen ko gaandu yhen … what a wounderful saying … ha ha ha

  32. Jaswant Singh Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Oye prasad Linga len chala gaya hein

  33. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Jaswant Singh aka Parvez Musharaff THE TRAITOR OF PAKIStan akA DAWOOD IBRAHIM THE TRAITOR OF INDIA….ie basically a traitor without a fuckin dick!!

    //There is nothing which you can see which eye catching except the pornography carved on Mathura’s Hindoo Holy Places. Muslims of Pakistan and the others from western world may not know it but the famous lingas which they bow infront is a Phallus (A Dick, A Cock, A Lund). Literally, they bow infront of a human dick. Hey prasad – I got a dick hangin – go down and pray, I am waiting ;) //

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    You have one in Mecca too… A linga @!! would you want to use the same word slut?? not sure if you ever read the history of Indo Iranian renaissance during the early ages…..all of the Middle East Asia was of the Aryan Heritage…..So blaming us is blaming you bitch!!!


    well that was just a curious q….nothing to do with your cunt of c0urse!!

  34. Jaswant Singh Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    we dont worship it we g around it.
    In one of the movies about mandirs I saw the Hindoos placing linga and yoni together at night. Oh for those who dont know yoni – it is a female vigina. wow. These guys are educated people and still they take a linga as a god and yoni as a goddess and pray in front of it. heathenly

  35. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Teri maaki bhosudike……ab bhi bhok raha hai kuthiiiii theri gaand me do daalein…. we will prey to lingam and yoni what is your answer??? prey to nowhere and turn east and give arses????

  36. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Turn East and give your arses to the SAUDs???? hahaha heard their prince is a big gay !!! beware he will take your arse….recently he killed his slave doing the arse hohohohohoh .dont ever shine this way you bitch

  37. Prasad India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Manmohan aka Jaswant aka Dawood aka PARVEZ THE MOTHER FUCKER I am logging off now…..will revert to your nonsense sometime later whenever I can

  38. Uma Bharti Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hey Prasad,
    You have taken some one’s Fanoos with you. Please return that at least. ha ha ha

  39. Nauman Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Surprisingly the analysis conducted by Mr. Khan published here has now started emerging in other analyses and articles and op-eds being published by known mainstream world media outlets. Amazing foresight this gentleman had when he penned down his thoughts on future geopolitical environment of South Asia. Marvelous indeed.

  40. viva India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    What Khan Sufyan writes basically amounts to saying that Pakistan has blackmailed everyone till now (by training and sending terrorists or or by agreeing to be the mischief-maker for the one power against the other or simply by threatening to commit a dramatic suicide etc.) and must continue to do so. That is the only thing that Pakistan has done and can do and has learnt to do and Pakistan must execute it more “efficiently” and ruthlessly in future. Pakistan ka matlab kya…blackmail kiya blackmail kiya – aur karte raho karte raho!

  41. Savarkar Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    So what can you do about it viva.

  42. Khurram Pakistan Safari iPad says:

    It is an excellent piece of analysis, though dated as it is.

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