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Armed to Educate

By Zara Farooqui And Maheen Bashir Adamjee


Forging a new future: Lyari, known for its gangs and crime, also has thriving “street schools” set up by locals. Photo: Danish Khan


“Your car is parked on my classroom,” a visibly angry man scolded Newsline’s photographer, Danish Khan. Confused, we looked around to discover that the narrow lane in which we were standing – watched by curious half-clothed children with runny noses and surrounded by rubble, roaming goats and heaps of rubbish – was being partitioned with a blue parachute sheet. At exactly 5 p.m., the section that was being cordoned off was converted into a classroom, with the blue sheet serving as a curtain marking the classroom and the wall opposite as the blackboard. (see photo gallery below).Click here to read remaining article


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