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Not doubting, just concerned

By RAJA FATAH ALI What about our Nukes? Are they save enough? Who were they? They belongs to CIA, MOSSAD, even RAW. They can’t be Al-Qaida. Well after claiming the responsibility, if someone say, “How claiming the attacks means that Al-Qaida or Talban did that, even I can claim the responsibility of attack, then I am not sure about his mental health”. Because we all can judge in a minute or so that who were they, if we had a very good look at situation and anger shown by Tehreek-e-Talban Pakistan after OBL operation in Abotabad. But we were calm because we want some real proof and intelligence or investigation report which can confirm Al-Qaida or Talban or if we do not be so specific about them, then we want a solid … Read entire article »

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Meet the new apologists on Pakistan TV channels

Meet the new apologists on Pakistan TV channels

By Zia Ahmad We are already familiar with the rants and tirades of Taliban apologists on TV screens and Op-ed pieces. Enter the Pak Army apologizers. Since the May 2 Abbottabad incident, this lot has come to fore defending, justifying and making excuses for the khakis. Hasb-e-Haal has been a well received TV show which has enjoyed more than two years of popularity with the masses, owing more to Sohail Ahmed’s alter ego Azizi than the trite … Read entire article »

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From Establishment’s Proxy to Democratic Conservatism

Raza Habib Raja The Post Osama Bin Laden political landscape is continuously heating up and is marked by growing chasm between army and the civilians. However, out of prominent political players the party which is blatantly asking the right questions is not a “liberal” party but a conservative party. What makes the whole scenario interesting and even ironic is that the party in question was once the proxy of the establishment. The same party which once needed crutches of the so called “deep state” is now the vanguard of democracy. Yes, right now the questions, which should be asked are not asked by “liberal” parties but a party whose genesis were in the darkest and most shameful period of Zia’s Martial Law. Yes, there will be people who may not agree … Read entire article »

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By Riaz Ali Toori Be safe and protected from harm Be free from all stress and alarm Innocence of a child is a marvelous thing It’s their life’s early spring Compared to us children see life quite differently Of the guilt of corruption they are totally free Children are God’s blessings and every nation’s treasure. It’s our responsibility to keep this treasure safe and utilize it in the best way by changing them into wise guardians of their nation. So each and every child must be protected from the malaise of “Child labour” to let him enjoy his youth, full of divine innocence. … Read entire article »

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Attention “Professor Emeritus” Ishtiaq sb

By Yasser Latif Hamdani In a discussion on a public forum, Professor Ishtiaq Ahmed wrote the following – a claim that was extremely astonishing as having read most of Jinnah’s cases I have never come across any evidence of it. … Read entire article »

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Our collective psychosis

By Raza Rumi Pakistan’s right wing has flourished on the crutches of a national security doctrine: A world view, which prioritises paranoia and ‘security’ of ideological and geographical frontiers. Never mind if the majority of Pakistanis have no access to water and sanitation or the public education and health systems have virtually collapsed. The events of May 2011 cast a long shadow over the merits of investing in security institutions and fuelling patriotism with conspiracies. First, the poster-Shaikh of anti-Americanism has been ‘eliminated’ when the mighty guardians were asleep. The new round of WikiLeaks cables reveals anecdotal evidence of civil-military acquiescence to the grand designs of ‘evil’ America, including the nasty drones that kill civilians. And now, the latest attack on a well-guarded naval base and destruction of high-value military equipment has jolted us all. … Read entire article »

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A.R Cornelius – The Islamic Catholic?

By AA Khalid ‘’Over the past twenty-five years, academics in Europe and the United States have written a great deal about the relationship between Islam and democracy, and between Islam and human rights. This scholarship often fails to acknowledge or take into account similar debates that occurred earlier during a period of decolonization. This article discusses the work of a Christian judge who served on the Supreme Court of Pakistan. This judge, A.R. Cornelius, was a famous Cambridge-educated legal liberal who courageously tried in the 1950s and 60s to protect human rights as Pakistan came under martial rule. Cornelius came to argue shockingly and controversially in the 1960s and 70s that Islamizing the law of the state not only permits the liberal rule of law to survive, but, under certain … Read entire article »

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For God’s Sake Show Some Mettle

Raza Habib Raja Series of events involving the “deep state” actors have jolted the political landscape of Pakistan. Suddenly the incompetency of the security establishment has been ripped open in front of the people and for the first time RIGHT questions are being asked even by those anchors that were previously called as proxies of the intelligence agencies. I have heard zillion times that some of the anchors are being paid by the ISI to cultivate so called ISI narrative according to which the political parties ( rather just one party) are corrupt and military establishment is the ultimate savior of the country. However the earthquake which has followed the assassination of Osama Bin Laden and the recent attacks on PNS Mehran is so severe that even  “paid agents” have been forced … Read entire article »

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Letter to Gen Kayani

By AA Khalid “Perverse times have come, I know the mystery of the beloved crows have begun to hunt hawks, and sparrows feed on falcons horses bear the whipping, while donkeys graze on lush green no love is lost between relatives, be they younger or elder uncles There is no accord between fathers and sons, Nor any between mothers and daughters The truthful ones are being pushed about, the tricksters are seated close by The front liners have become wretched, the back benchers sit on carpets Those in tatters have turned into kings, the kings have taken to begging O Bulleh, that which is His command who can alter His decree.” (Bulleh Shah) Dear Mr Kayani, The great Pakistani Army, one of the largest armies in the world which consumes the wealth of this nation more than any other sector has consistently failed in its existence and … Read entire article »

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Defending the Constitution

By Yasser Latif Hamdani First published in The Friday Times: “During my talks with one or two very high-ranking officers I discovered that they did not know the implications of the oath taken by the troops of Pakistan. Of course, an oath is only a matter of form; what is more important is true spirit and heart. But it is an important form and I would like to take the opportunity of refreshing your memory by reading the prescribed oath to you: ‘I solemnly affirm, in the presence of Almighty God, that I owe allegiance to the constitution and the Dominion of Pakistan and that I will as in duty bound honestly and faithfully serve.’ … Read entire article »

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The ‘Rebel Angel’ remembered

The ‘Rebel Angel’ remembered

By Meena Ahmed To acknowledge the contributions of Asim Butt, a renowned young artist whose death has left a great void in the art scene, the Mohatta Palace Museum has released a catalogue in his honour. “I paint as a political act: to express my power larger than myself. I paint to create what it is I want to see, to fill an absence in the world,” read an excerpt from the 60-page catalogue entitled ‘Rebel Angel’. … Read entire article »

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Interesting: Blasphemy Law, Apa Nisar Fatima and Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam

By YLH Apa Nisar Fatima – the Jamaat e Islami legislator and mother to Ahsan Iqbal – sitting MNA from PML-N moved in 1986 the law that became known as Blasphemy Law.  She then went to the Federal Shariat Court  and got a judgment which stated that death penalty can be the only punishment for blasphemy. … Read entire article »

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Attention Imran Khan

By Yasser Latif Hamdani Imran Khan sb- you have been very active in giving dharnas against the civilian government for allowing drone attacks. As many people pointed out to you : The permission probably comes from the Army. Now the Wikileaks prove it: “Newly released Wikileaks cables revealed that the US military’s drone strikes programme within Pakistan had more than just tacit acceptance of the country’s top military brass, despite public posturing to the contrary. The cables state that the country’s military was requesting the US for greater drone back-up for its own military operations as long ago as January 2008.” Now unlike most of your detractors I consider you a man of impeccable integrity. You are no opportunist like Qazi Hussain Ahmed and other crooks you have unfortunately and disastrously affiliated yourself with. How … Read entire article »

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Mukhtar mai Media and Misogyny

Mukhtar mai Media and Misogyny

By Raza Rumi   As if the showering of rose petals on Mumtaz Qadri and the release of a new Urdu book ‘Parwana-i-Shama-i-Risalat’ extolling him were not enough, Mukhtar Mai’s plight in today’s Pakistan is simply depressing. Within hours after the Supreme Court’s split verdict on her was announced, Pakistan once again appeared as a divided polity. The medieval minds in media and intelligentsia were quick to harp on the soundness of the Court’s verdict while those who were … Read entire article »

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Things More Important than Sovereignty and Honor

Zia Ahmad Two days ago, a motley crew of a handful militants raided and occupied a highly sensitive and supposedly heavily fortified Naval air base in Karachi. The ensuing battle lasted for sixteen plus hours at the cost of ten military personnel, fourteen injuries and two surveillance planes. Bear in mind, these are the official numbers. We can’t really blame the people if they find the official toll of damages suspect and assume a higher count of casualties. It is also said that a contingent of a hundred commandos was deployed to reclaim the naval base. Let’s run the numbers again: … Read entire article »

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