Release Osama’s Final Photo President Obama!

By D. Asghar

President Obama’s decision not to release Osama’s final photo will not sit well with many. Personally, I wanted him to do that, as he is underestimating the backlash. If he is afraid of the “Jihadis” going bonkers, then he is trying to reason with the wrong guys, isn’t he?

For them it doesn’t matter, they see and thrive on such images, perhaps all day long. Remember, such people behead people and blow dissenters or unsuspecting people into smithereens. The signal President Obama is sending that, yes we are trying to be thoughtful of your sensitivities. It is not going to sit well with skeptics (my self included), the victims and for the rest of the inquisitive world. There will be this cloud of mystery surrounding this whole event.

The other side of the argument, that even such a photo was released, it will not satisfy the ones who are hell bent on denying this whole thing. No matter, what amount of other evidence, physical, eye witness, DNA or pathology, people will not buy it. Even the most clear and distinctive photo will be dismissed as a “photoshop job.” Even then, the real photo should be released as a historical document.

In the land of pure, conspiracy theorists are busy spinning the whole new conspiracy theory. They are dismissing this whole incident. According to them, this is just an attempt of CIA to malign Pakistan and its only solid institution, the Military. This is part of the grand CIA plan to dismantle and destabilize Pakistan.

Let’s try to go on a futile exercise of reasoning with these ever charged crowd of “true patriots”, the “ghairat mand Pakistanis.” Agreed, without the photo and or video, people have all the right to question. So far the security establishment has not denied that such an operation was carried out by the US Navy seals. They have admitted that choppers entered into the Pakistani territory without their knowledge.

The ghairat mands are claiming that , it is all an act. Either the US has threatened the Pak military to go along with the story or paid them to do so. This kind of not make sense. We all know that the relationship between the ISI and CIA was strained, post Davis episode. Why would CIA pay them to do that? Secondly, why would CIA only threaten them to hush for less than an hour’s worth of job.

The Yemeni female and the child left behind are supposedly the wife and off spring of Osama. The conspiracy theorist are unwilling to buy that as well. Even though both are in the custody of Pakistani authorities. Now, who are these people, perhaps”Hollywood actors”, left behind.

Simply speaking we are always in denial and will remain in denial. No matter how irrefutable the evidence may be. Even if the video of the entire operation was released on You Tube, we would still call it a fabricated job. Much like 09/11 was an “inside job.” 10 years and not a single credible evidence was produced to corroborate that particular conspiracy theory.

It almost feels like we have been caught with our pants down. The sovereignty brigade, who are boiling over the territorial incursion, should worry about something else. Once again, it is demonstrated that we are “bunch of talk and less of walk.” Shameful yes, going into the usual denial mode will not work.

Every conspiracy theory about the US and Pakistan in general has been proven wrong. We can add this one to that long list. The US does not need this to exit out of Afghanistan. Those of you, who think that all is done and this is the end, are perhaps mistaken. It would be naïve on even US’s part to repeat the same mistake of the 80’s.

Similarly, this to boost up Obama’s declining ratings at home, does not hold water. The elections are a full 18 month away. The memories of voters will subside. A lot will transpire in these 18 months. Remember the first Gulf War victory did not come to Senior Bush’s rescue, did it?

If US wants to take an action against Pakistan, it does not need such pretexts. It will not be giving direct and indirect aid to a perceived enemy. For those who think that IMF and World Bank are pawns of the “Imperial US” to get Pakistan, need to provide a counter “economic plan of 21st century.” Just the blanket statement of “Bring Khialfat, all will be well”, will not sell.

To put the wagging tongues to ease, President Obama, please release the gruesome and graphic photos. All of us are old and mature enough to handle them. After all people in this part of the world are accustomed to picking pieces of their loved ones from the scenes of suicide bombs any way. Aren’t they?


D. Asghar is a Pakistani American. A Mortgage Banker by profession who loves to write as well. He blogs frequently at popular South Asian websites. A repository of some of his scribbles is He can be reached at

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