Attention Imran Khan

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

Imran Khan sb- you have been very active in giving dharnas against the civilian government for allowing drone attacks. As many people pointed out to you : The permission probably comes from the Army. Now the Wikileaks prove it:

“Newly released Wikileaks cables revealed that the US military’s drone strikes programme within Pakistan had more than just tacit acceptance of the country’s top military brass, despite public posturing to the contrary. The cables state that the country’s military was requesting the US for greater drone back-up for its own military operations as long ago as January 2008.”

Now unlike most of your detractors I consider you a man of impeccable integrity. You are no opportunist like Qazi Hussain Ahmed and other crooks you have unfortunately and disastrously affiliated yourself with. How about a Dharna against the Pakistan Army and its Mullah allies i.e. Jamaat e Islami?

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