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On the tele-evangelist who got caught with his pants off….

The high drama of the week status can be awarded to the leaked Amir Liaqut video that went viral in a matter of hours two days ago and was as swiftly taken off youtube and a host of other sites. Thanks to the democratic and interconnected nature of the web already copies of the video are floating on the net. Café Pyala has done an excellent commentary on the situation. The updates on the post also cover the prompt rebuttal by Mr Liaqut the very other day.

More authentic nuggets are to be found at Mr Lia-cut’s official website where he updated his own stance on the fiasco (dare we say Liaqutgate).

Mr Lya-cut tweeted to his unwavering fans no less than 11 times within an hour on top of his televised denial. What begs the question is if Mr Lya-cut’s claim about the engineered video clip (then again who’s he kidding) is true, and that’s a big IF, why the need to repeat the same clever editing mantra again and again. He honestly seems to believe his legions of disciples live in the middle ages. On the TV denial he exercises his limited range of diplomacy by restraining from taking Geo’s name whereas he doesn’t mince any words on his tweets. A quick run through his messages on the website gives a fair idea of this man’s monstrous dishonesty and moral bankruptcy.

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13 Responses to "On the tele-evangelist who got caught with his pants off…."

  1. hamzad Canada Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    OH OH OH! Why expressing such a shock? Are there no robbers, prostitutes , fashion models, khsraas, heejraas, kanjars , commies, secularoons, liberaloons, zardaris, salma Taseers etc etc etc NOT among “muslims”? why act so holy?

    Knajars, the ba Ba Blacksheep riff-raffs, the westoxicated jaahils have
    no business to open their mouth against any muslim no matter what faux-pa or indiscretion that muslim makes.KanjarRs are incorrigible and inexcusable..a muslim can always seek forgiveness.

  2. haq United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    another maulvi exposed.

  3. haq United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    another maulvi exposed.

  4. Ally Netherlands Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I always knew he was a fraud! Glad he got found out!

  5. crabwalk Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    All of your friends that you took great pains to namecheck in your witty (not) comment make no pretense of beings paragons of piety and self righteousness. Most of them revel in their human frailties, Amir Liaqut on the other presents himself as the proverbial doodh ka dhula hua. Next time you open up your picture dictionary expect to see liaqut’s face in front of the word hypocrite.

  6. Raj 2 too Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    I don’t know what the whole fuss is about! Those who do the most pious dance number and tell everybody how to behave are themselves the biggest hypocrites and full of vulgarity!

    No big deal! One would see such people across the world.

    Anybody remembers Phil Collins take on this!

  7. [...] On the tele-evangelist who got caught with his pants off…. [...]

  8. moinnoori Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Amir Liaquat has refuted this and declared it as fake not geninue

  9. Rafique Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Ok! we believe that you are clean, yo yo please hurled dirty spittle at you. Let’s see how can you come clean. Everybody is living instinctual life. You are wearing pious face and always try to act before innocent peoples of Pakistan.

  10. larki desi Sweden Internet Explorer Windows says:

    i have seen his video he is such a fidgity personality always fidgiting with his clothes and hair i dont know if anyone of you has noticed that. For me a real man does not do stuff like that he might be a bit feminine what do you think? Besides that he is humbug and fake a real waste of time i dont watch stuff like that on TV at all.

  11. Khurram Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I have always disliked him. From the very beginning I have seen him as a immitator. I have no formal word to speak for him.

  12. Arjun United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    The really important question is: who WAS the actor who acted with Rishi Kapoor in the movie “hum Kisi Se Kum nahi?”

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