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The internet divide: it’s just not cricket

By Ghazala Akbar:

In cricket as in politics, the Machiavellian dictum holds: if your opponent is your enemy, then your opponent’s enemy is your friend. Pakistanis, on the back foot on just about every front these days took time off — from bemoaning the state of their own Nation — to admire and applaud England’s recent drubbing of India 4-0. Never mind the fact that our own team got a similar pasting last year, 3-1. This was different. It is not every day that we get to see a prolonged public flogging. It is not every day that super heroes come crashing down to earth not so much with a bang but a whimper.

A word of German origin encapsulates this emotion: Schadenfreude—glee at other people’s misfortunes. Who can resist a sly smile when the nouveau riche neighbour has a flat tyre and his gleaming SUV comes to an embarrassing halt? And when his monstrously loud Generator splutters and conks out in the middle of a power outage, there is even more cause for satisfaction and mirth. Everyone needs— and gets their comeuppance from time to time. In cricket just as in the game of life you have to accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue.

However, what is happening on cyberspace these days between our two countries is not quite cricket or the remotest bit gentlemanly. Ill-directed bouncers and beamers are hurled with alarming frequency amidst the occasional wily googly. While our leaders talk solemnly in platitudes of dialogue and confidence – building measures, (Cavalli, Birkin, Mikimoto?) there is a vicious discourse being conducted between Indians and Pakistanis, with a sub-text that does not make for pretty reading. Schadenfreude—over just about every topic —appears to be the dominant feel-good emotion.

No adverse story on India or Pakistan (where admittedly most of the bad news is coming from these days) passes by without a stream of vitriolic comment and triumphal gloating from the other side. The language is coarse, abusive and inflammatory. Internal problems are a source of much ribbing and taunts. One recent post blamed the disturbances in Karachi as divine retribution for the Hindus killed during the partition riots in 1947. An appeal for flood victims in Badin is greeted with hoots of delight and the advice that Pakistan should export the excess water to its brothers in the Islamic world.

Clips from anchors or participants on talk shows criticising their own societies or governments are selectively edited to ridicule and deride. Music videos are a battleground to trumpet cultural and religious superiority and denigrate the other. Often the comments degenerate into abuse of the mother/sister variety. It is a no-holds- barred verbal proxy war. Even the lofty intellectual fraternity are not immune from it. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal about Pakistan triggered a volley of cross- border accusations and counter accusations.

Can this trend of name – calling and denigration of the Other be dismissed as insignificant musings of a few intentionally provocative ‘trolls?’ Does the anonymity and safe distance provided by the internet emboldens people to say what they really feel, free from any threat or repercussions? Are these postings the creation of embedded intelligence operatives engaging in cyber warfare? Or is this really a true reflection of deep – seated hostility, distrust and loathing both sides feel towards each other? Probably a bit of all four. Let us be honest. There has always been a love- hate relationship between the two countries since we separated. A never- ending family feud with violent origins carried from one generation to the next. It is just not about the wounds of Partition. It is about Ideology and Nationhood, Us and Them, a thousand year war or so we have been conditioned to believe.

And yet, whenever Indians and Pakistanis do interact with each other face- to-face, there is camaraderie, fellowship, and an acknowledgement of a common cultural strand. And this is not just restricted to what are euphemistically referred to as ‘the educated classes’. In the Gulf countries millions of skilled and unskilled labour from India and Pakistan, have been living side by side in peace and amity– even during times of heightened tension in their home countries, there have been no clashes. This is true too of the UK, the US — and globally where ever our people have emigrated or work as expatriates. In Birmingham recently, where three boys of Pakistani origin were killed Sikhs and Hindus also mourned. And whenever the Indo- Pakistan tennis duo, Bhopanna and Qureishi play it is a cause for joint celebration.

The sad fact is that feelings of hostility and hatred are exacerbated because millions have grown up in both countries without having actually known a citizen of the other country. (I first saw a Sikh when I was 22 and that too in the UK!) In the absence of proper people-to-people contact, misconceptions are based on racial or religious stereo types. Opinions and prejudices are formed on a very superficial knowledge of their neighbour over the fence. The only common denominator is cricket or movies. Often the attributes or failings of individual cricketers or entertainment stars are seen to typify and typecast a whole nation.
The reality is that there is more that unites than divides. Like it or not we both live in the same pond. Poverty, illiteracy, energy shortages, rising prices and corruption are common problems. The visual image of Indian muslim children breaking fast with Anna Hazare is a pause for reflection. It is a powerful message in the month of Ramadan: there is a need for spiritual and moral cleansing of the individual and society. There is a need to think about out-of-the-box solutions for old problems. There can be unity amongst diversity. People power can change entrenched mindsets and force governments to change policies.

Slanging matches and shadow boxing on the net may be amusing but the discourse must move on to another level and not remain mired in the past. Indo- Pak relations needs a re-match, a new meeting ground and a fresh set of players. We may not win but what more is there left to lose? It’s not as if the present stalemate is getting us anywhere. After sixty-four years without a result, even an exciting draw is as good as a win –provided we learn to play with a straight bat.

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38 Responses to "The internet divide: it’s just not cricket"

  1. nusrat United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    “One recent post blamed the disturbances in Karachi as divine retribution for the Hindus killed during the partition riots in 1947. An appeal for flood victims in Badin is greeted with hoots of delight and the advice that Pakistan should export the excess water to its brothers in the Islamic world.”

    you took the time to highlight two abusive post penned by indians but couldn’t find any taunting remarks made by pakistanis?

    btw, pakistan is home to more than a few hundred thousand sikhs.

  2. obsrver Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    The pakistani sees his reality better when he reads what an indian says about Pakistan. The pakistani has grown up in a quagmire of flattery being heaped on islam, Mohammad, kuran, Iqbal, Jinnah, Pakistan ideology, Ayub, Zia etc. etc. The hindu recognizes all that correctly as humbug cooked in hogwash.

    Let us not play this “I (should) love you and you (should) love me” self-deceit. Self-deceit helps no one. What is really dangerous about Pakistanis is their glorification of violence against hindus and the inculcation of this attitude in their children (= child molestation of pakistani muslim children). Islam was created in Makkah and there it should remain. Even if it works there, then too it may not and will not work here.

  3. Amin Kuwait Safari iPad says:

    For starters, India and Pakistan need to stop that ridiculous ceremony at the Wagah Border. It is so childish and sends a wrong message to children on both sides.

  4. [...] The internet divide: it’s just not cricket [...]

  5. PMA United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Good article Ghazala Akbar. Anytime any article anywhere in the world – and I really mean world – is posted about Pakistan or Jinnah on any website, a very large number of Indians come on and post abusive remarks and comments about Pakistan and its founder. Even here at PTH, at least dozen to half a dozen names regularly appear that routinely abuse Islam, Muslims, Pakistan and Jinnah. Often wonder why. What compels these individuals to do so. Why are they so unhappy in these own lives that they are wasting their lives away in such activities. What do they wish to achieve.
    Let me regress a little. I am a post-independence child. My first experience of the India-Pakistan hatred was when in September 1965 Indian war planes came over our town and dropped bombs over a passenger train. Then I saw dog-fights over our city. President Ayub Khan came on air and made his “Meray Aziz Hum-Watno” speech. Prime Minister Shastri said “Kashmir is an atoot-ang of India.” Madam Joor Jahan recorded patriotic songs and Film Star Dave Anand shouted in the streets of Bombay “Pakistani Dogs.”
    Now move forward few years. Since moving overseas I have come across many Indians. There were Indian students and professors in my university. Some of my co-workers are of Indian origin. My personal physician, my grocer, my take-out cook, they are all Indian. I do not know what sentiments they may be carrying in their hearts but on the surface they are respectful and polite towards me. Then why this venom in the print and electronic media. Is it that in-person we do not want to show our real face but on the internet we are free to say what we really feel towards each other.

  6. hiob Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    to PMA

    Thanks for your candid view. But the answers are there for all to see. Even in your post you are accusing indians. Why this accusatory tone?

    Indians write frank emails but don’t say the same on the face? Ask yourself why. This is because we indians/hindus know muslims as proud violence-glorifiers-aggressors and we fear your violence. What about the abuse from the pakistanis – and you will surely have noticed that their abuse is far more venomous or frivolous? In the hindu-muslim conflict the hindus are the wronged party, they are the ones who have had to bear the ruthlessness and aggressivity and arrogance of islam and its agents in their own indian homelands. The muslim represents aggression and he is even proud of being the aggressor. Even demographically he is the aggressor, even today.

    If you as a muslim feel injured if Naredra Modi is eulogized, so do we hindus feel injured when Jinnah is eulogized. Can you comprehend that? And Jinnah did his ill-deeds 60 years before Modi (supposedly)did his. You castigate and hate Israel for doing evil to Palestinians, but never realize that you muslims/pakistanis did worse to hindus. You talk about rights of Kashmiris (only of the muslims of Kashmir) but remain silent about kashmiri hindus or Tibet.

    When I see a video from Pakistan then I notice that most pakistani faces are hindu faces. Why must they become bootlickers of arabs and turks and chinese, as is being imposed upon them by pakistan ideology?

    The very idea of “divine revelation” or “final revelation” is and has proved to be a foundation of fascism and imperialism. The evil and the idiocy begin right in that there. Pakistanis have been reduced to zombies and dare not ask such questions or do not have the intelligence to do so.

  7. Raj too Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Pakistanis misunderstand that Indians hate them. Indians don’t hate them.

    Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism. Pakistan’s ISI staged Mumbai 26/11. Pakistan’s ISI was giving shelter to Osama bin Laden. Should Pakistan stop Terrorism against India, India would not even know that Pakistan exists. Pakistan is known to the world, because it is a cesspool of …

    In order to affect India with AIDS, Pakistan allowed itself to be infected by it. India has an immunity to Pakistan’s strain of AIDS, something we got during our homeland’s Partition.

    If one could say that a country could develop AIDS, then one would see that Pakistan is afflicted. The decay of governance, civil society, social values, are all symptoms of national AIDS. So should we hate Pakistan? A people of 180 million, who are destined for misery. Or should Indians have pity?

    Indians don’t hate Pakistanis, for we have nobody to hate. There are no Pakistanis – not as an ethnicity, not as a nation, not as a civilization. What we have is a population of 98% Ajlafs, converts from Hinduism, being ruled by a minority Ashrafs.

    Pakistan is not a nation, it is only a mindset, an ideology. It is an ideology enforced by the Ashrafs on the hapless Ajlafs, forcing them to think they are anything but Indians.

    Would Indians hate our own blood in Pakistan? No. We don’t hate our blood. But we see Pakistani ideology as a devious ideology, which has broken the land of Bharat, to which all Pakistani Ajlafs belong to.

    Ashrafs would however get the Bill. They will go down in the fires they have lighted.

  8. hiob Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    A human being does not hate the person who has inflicted insults and injuries upon him. Hate is not the right description at all. The insulted-injured person fears him, and especially so when the injurer’s ability to do more damage keeps increasing (thanks to help and support and protection from Arabs, Turks and China) and he becomes more rabid and shameless and proud of his way of life.

    The hindu does not hate the muslim, the hindu fears the muslim. The hindu fears the muslim’s demographic and territorial aggression and his weapons and political shamelessness. The hindu fears the successes of islam’s ongoing totalitarianism and imperialism and the shamelessness with which the muslim exalts it. The hindu fears the muslim’s falsified history-writing because this mendacious history-writing is going to keep the flames of islamic arrogance and self-glorification high for ever.

    Do you understand the difference between fear and hate? If you can then may be some fair and honorable way out can be found. But you insist on accusing hindus of hate because that way you can exonerate yourself of all responsibilty.

  9. Raj too Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    hiob ji,

    They relish the feeling when others fear them. It is like honey to them. Never fear them!

    The Wasp may be able to sting, but ultimately the wasp has far more to fear of humans, as we do of them.

    So I would put it more in terms of being irritated by them, irritated enough to want to crush them.

  10. hiob Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    to PMA and PTH

    Muslims want their feelings and sentiments to be respected, but do they respect the feelings and sentiments of non-muslims, esp. of hindus? Does the kuran not contain many insults, vilifications, threats etc. directed at the non-muslims?

    When has a sincere muslim gone among the hated hindus and sincerely asked them why the hindus fear (or hate) islam and muslims? Has he compared the history-writing of the muslims with that of non-muslims without self-righteous feelings?

    Islam and the muslims want to rule over mankind and they feel persecuted when they are prevented from doing it. I see among muslims no one who is qualified to rule over non-muslims. We do not wish that the follower of a totalitarian ideology should rule over us or come anywhere near to doing it.

  11. hiob Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Quote from Stephen Knapp :

    “Another view of the source of the name Hindu is based on a derogatory meaning. It is said that, “Moreover, it is correct that this name [Hindu] has been given to the original Aryan race of the region by Muslim invaders to humiliate them. In Persian, says our author, the word means slave, and according to Islam, all those who did not embrace Islam were termed as slaves.” (Maharishi Shri Dayanand Saraswati Aur Unka Kaam, edited by Lala Lajpat Rai, published in Lahore, 1898, in the Introduction)

    Furthermore, a Persian dictionary titled Lughet-e-Kishwari, published in Lucknow in 1964, gives the meaning of the word Hindu as “chore [thief], dakoo [dacoit], raahzan [waylayer], and ghulam [slave].” In another dictionary, Urdu-Feroze-ul-Laghat (Part One, p. 615) the Persian meaning of the word Hindu is further described as barda (obedient servant), sia faam (black color) and kaalaa (black). So these are all derogatory expressions for the translation of the term hindu in the Persian label of the people of India.

    So, basically, Hindu is merely a continuation of a Muslim term that became popular only within the last 1300 years. In this way, we can understand that it is not a valid Sanskrit term, nor does it have anything to do with the true Vedic culture or the Vedic spiritual path. No religion ever existed that was called “Hinduism” until the Indian people in general placed value on that name, as given by those who dominated over them, and accepted its use. Furthermore, the term has been used to convey demeaning connotations. So is it any wonder that some Indian acharyas and Vedic organizations do not care to use the term?”


    So you can understand why hindus must hate or fear islam and muslims and their power and will to do mischief.

  12. yasmeen United Kingdom Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    Well done Ghazala Akbar. You have presented your arguments with logic and clarity. Cricket require a good cricketing brain, and we have to learn to play on a pitch that has been treated to make it level.

  13. Sachbol United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Hate is not in our nature as we know the Karmic law of nature as well practice transcending low level living in duality. There is no Us Vs them in Snatan Dharm at defining level. Hiob ‘s hate at best can be translated as being cautious, apprehensive and common sense way to avoid swallowing a Makkhi with eyes open or avoid delibetate stomping in pile of poop to spite those who walk by.

  14. hiob Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to sachbol

    Thanks for being understanding. But you could have expressed it more clearly using simpler language.

    When muslims accuse me of hate then they are really trying to avoid my argument which hit them hard since they are so clear, unambiguous and factual and based on the actual words and deeds of muslims as read by me in pakistani muslim nwspapers. This is a trick which muslims have been practising since 1400 years – avoid or scoff at criticism of islam by accusing the critic of hate or blasphemy or lack of inteligence etc.

    That I continue to decently and bravely criticise islam and muslims inspite of all the slander, expletives and shrieks brought to bear against me shows my genuine concern for them as fellow human beings. I have never advocated or recommend violence – as is in accordance with what you call sanatan dharma.

    I will continue to say that islam is totalitarian and fascistic and is also an instrument of arabic and tukish imperialisms and warn muslims and non-muslims about it.

  15. Raj too Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    when we express fear of the dog, we should qualify it a bit. What we fear, is that the dog will shit on the carpet, or spread the fleas it carries. We however do not fear the mongrel’s efforts at biting!

  16. Tariq Asaf Husain Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I am overwhelmed by the ignorance and hatred spewed. The lack of knowledge of history is particularly appalling. But do carry on, Ghazala.

  17. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    You had your share of Sikhs and Hindus and Bengalis… It’s another matter what you do to them…

  18. hiob Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Tariq Asaf Husain says:

    “I am overwhelmed by the ignorance and hatred spewed. The lack of knowledge of history is particularly appalling.”

    By whom? Among whom? Name the names.

  19. lady Guinevere United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Raj too! Here you go again with the dog! What do you have against dogs? They are so much nicer than most people I know!

    Lady Guinevere

  20. hiob Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to lady Guinevere

    Raj wrote nothing against dogs. He only wrote something against their concomitants, their co-riders so to speak.

    This is like saying Osama was not as dangerous as his supporters (many og them in the “glorious” momin-muslim army of the islamic paradise of Pakistan) and accompayniers and worshippers and defenders.

    And same about Jinnah too.

  21. Raj too Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Nothing against the dog. We’re willing to adopt the mongrel. Are you willing to give it up? Otherwise I’m afraid next time you will see it strung up in a Chinese meat store!

  22. hiob Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    India lost cricketly badly to England. And yet pakistanis hate India. Must be from their religion and because of their religion. They have no other motivational force or source of knowledge and inspiration except the one from Arabia. How the arabs must be laughing in their fists.

  23. Hayyer India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    “Is it that in-person we do not want to show our real face but on the internet we are free to say what we really feel towards each other.”
    As Snoopy is reported to have said,”On the internet no one knows I am a dog.”

  24. Raj too Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    or a sidekick of a poodle!

  25. Chote Miyan United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    “or a sidekick of a poodle!”

    Hiob, see what your master thinks about you.Sad.

    By the way, go over this news in the timesofindia and if you can get the newspaper, please make a nice tight roll and stuff it up your a**.

    “Indian Muslims unhappy over their leaders’ weak response to terror acts: WikiLeaks”

  26. Raj too Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Chote/Bade Miyan,
    I see you recognized the hint, that it was directed at the likes of you. If Pakistan is America’s poodle, then I guess the Miyan Brigade is here the sidekicks of that poodle!

    I can see all of you sidekicks busy sniffing at the musharrafs (backside) of the American poodle.

    Just showed you what heaven looks like to the likes of you! You can call me Prophet now!

    Have fun!

  27. Chote Miyan United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    If you cared to know a bit more beyond the pamphlets issued by RSS, Snoopie meant something else too. But it doesn’t really matter. We all know why you are here. I am really curious though about your profession. What kind of work do you do that allows you to post with such frequency? Nothing wrong with that but there is a reason why wise men say, talk less, talk sense.

  28. Amin Kuwait Safari iPad says:

    Reading this article and the comments it generated I am reminded of a joke:

    Two Right- wing extremist Indians were sitting alongside a Pakistani on a flight. Gradually they began talking about the needless hostility between the two countries. After a while the Pakistani got up to go to the lavatory. While he was away one of the Indians spat inside his shoe. A little while later the Pakistani got up again to get a drink and asked the Indians if they wanted one too. As he left his seat, the other Indian spat on the other shoe. The Pakistani returned with the Cokes. And they continued with their conversation. As they were about to land, the Pakistani bade goodbye to the Indians and said: how long can we can go on like this, this hostility, this hatred, this spitting in shoes, this pissing in cokes…!

  29. Raj too Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Chote Miyan,
    Nationalism is not the preserve of RSS. I don’t know a single RSS member. It never came to it.

    Of course Nationalism is also not something the likes of you wouldn’t know, for you are still high from sniffing at Paki musharrafs.

    As for what I do, it is enough to give some charity to some needful people in India. Something you made fun of once.

    My comment on dogs was a response to your stupid comment to hiob, quoting one of my comments.

    Bade/Chote Miyan, you talking of wise men! Come on… Just makes me laugh!

  30. hiob Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    To Chote Bade

    Why do some use filthy language, language of the filth?
    Why does their brain do the work of the lower intenstine? Not my problem.

    Pakistan became bootlicker (poodle, minion, quisling, barking dog etc.) of Arabs, Turks, USA and later of the chinese because of wrongful history-writing and hate of hindus and islamic training.

    That is well-known and admitted now by all.

    India did her batch of blunders too – but on the whole retained her self-respect and open-mind-ness. Only politicians who wanted to please the muslims endangered this self-respect.

    Will Pakistan learn from history – I mean from history as written objectively, mostly by non-muslims?

    Chote and Bade quislings must soon make up their minds about it.

    As regards hate/problems/disputes between India and Pakistan – all indicators point to islam as the real and permanent cause, source and driver. If quislings cease to be quislings then things will improve on the fast track.

  31. G.Akbar Kuwait Safari iPad says:

    Thank you, Indians and Pakistanis for your frank views. At least we are talking…jaw jaw is better thar war war!
    It took Europe two World Wars and several million lives to realise the futility of agressive nationalism and militarism.
    We need not go down that road. We cannot escape our history either but we can learn from it. As I suggested we must now look at out- of-the- box solutions. Joint Indo – Pak administration of a united Kashmir? An Independent Kahmir…like Switzerland? It could be playground for the whole of the sub- continent. The possibilities are endless.

    @ nusrat: I have been negligent in not including a negative comment about India by Pakistanis in the article. They are equally abhorrent. Re: Sikhs: are are not visible in Southern Pakistan unfortunately. They mostly live around the Hasanabdal area,though I’m not aware that they number over100, 000. The Hindu community is active in Sindh and prosperous too. Danish Kaneria and Anil Dalpat are two who have played cricket for Pakistan.

  32. Raj too Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    G.Akbar wrote

    As I suggested we must now look at out- of-the- box solutions. Joint Indo – Pak administration of a united Kashmir? An Independent Kahmir…like Switzerland? It could be playground for the whole of the sub- continent. The possibilities are endless.

    You don’t even have any part of Kashmir left. You have sold it off all to China! Do you think those Chinese would ever return Gilgit-Baltistan to Pakistan?!

  33. hiob Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    G. Akbar wrote:

    “Joint Indo – Pak administration of a united Kashmir? An Independent Kahmir…like Switzerland? It could be playground for the whole of the sub- continent. The possibilities are endless.”

    The Sindhu river basin (incl. Kashmir) is hindu land snatched by islam (an imperialist ideology exported from Arabia). Islam has gobbled up and swallowed huge amount of land and humans. Enough is enough. The agents and quislings of islam have no right to determine anything in the indian subcontinent. You can’t go below that fundament of self-resepct, fairness and justice.

    Muslim history-writing has played havoc in the pakistani mind.

  34. Amin Kuwait Safari iPad says:

    @ raj: we didn’t sell it…we gave it to China. We are generous to our friends. Its not something Baniyas like you would understand. That’s why you are giving loans to Bangladesh at high- interest rates after having taken territory from them.

  35. observr Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    to amin

    Bangladesh has let loose many immigrants (millions of infiltrators) into India. Bangladesh tries to solve its population and poverty problems by exporting them to India. So India has to take territory (if that is really the case) in proportion to the number of refugees – that is fair and just.

    How can you give kashmiri territory to Chinese without taking permission of kashmiris? Is that how you respect the Kashmiris? It is a sin to be generous at someone else’s cost. Was a referendum held in whole of Kashmir about giving any rights to chinese? How does China deal with tibetans – why Pakistan remains silent about that? This is a clear case of bootlicking the chinese.

  36. Rehan United Kingdom Google Chrome Windows says:

    Wow, looking at all the spleen being vented here by self righteous Indian bigots, I wonder if there ever will be peace and harmony between the two neighbours. However, I know for a fact that the losers who have nothing better to do than write lengthy posts maligning a major world religion that’s not going anywhere anytime soon are not representative at all of the majority of Hindus. In my experience, Hindus are some of the kindest, loveliest people I know. I have great respect for them and I know that they respect me too. Let’s not let the trolls highjack the discussion. – A Pakistani Muslim

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