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By Aftab Afridi:

The reverberations of Justice Munir verdict in Maulvi Tameez uddin case are being felt even today. Every military coup was sanctioned and given a legal cover based on this faulty decision. The long lasting ill effects of this judgment were not realized at the time of its announcement. Similarly the outcome of the Mumtaz Qadri case will have profound impact on the future of this nation. The fact that an ex – Chief Justice of Lahore High Court has come forward to argue in favor of a self confessed killer is likely to put further strain on the judges. It appears that anything wrapped in a cloak of religiosity will even blind our arbitrators of justice. After the proclamation of the sentence; the anti terrorist court judge was hurriedly transferred to Lahore after his office was ransacked by a section of lawyers. There have already been violent protests all around the country condemning the verdict and calling for its commutation by the President. Clearly the protestors through their threats and aggressive gestures are trying to mould outcome of the case in their favor.


Lately the courts have also been accused of releasing terrorist suspects. However the judges have defended the acquittals on the basis of lack of evidence provided by the prosecution. The Supreme Court in July ordered the release of Malik Ishaq; a dreaded sectarian killer. . He is the founder of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LJ), which is aligned with al Qaeda along with Jandullah and Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan. He was implicated in 44 cases of culpable homicide and was acquitted in 34 of those cases. He was also allegedly accused of plotting terrorist plots from the confines of his jail room and indicted in planning and executing the terror attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team. It has already been reported that Malik Ishaq had in October 1997 admitted to an Urdu daily to being involved in the killing of over a 100 people.


The sectarian temperature has also shot up in the aftermath of his release. There have already been two attacks on Shia Hazaras. On September 19, near the town of Mastung gunmen forced 40 Hazaras to disembark from a bus through which they were traveling to visit Holy sites in Iran; shot them at close range and fled the scene of the crime. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi later claimed responsibility for this attack. Ironically, Malik Ishaq has very close links with this sectarian organization.

The releases of terrorist suspects by courts have been a recurring theme. This has happened despite the fact that mostly ordinary Pakistani citizens have bore the brunt of terror related causalities. A US State Department report in 2010 criticized Pakistan for failing to outlaw militant Islamic groups. It further complained that Pakistan’s acquittal rate of prosecuting suspected terrorists was approximately 75% culminating in release of three out of four defendants. The courts have also been instrumental in the release of Hafiz Muhammad Saeed; the controversial Jamaat-ud-Dawa’s Ameer who was also banned by a UN Security Council resolution. It is pertinent to mention that Mr. Saeed also led the funeral prayers for Osama Bin Laden after his death through a US Navy Seals operation.


The Qadri case presents a very clear evidence of inherent flaws in religiously inspired laws. It also provides the courts with an opportunity to absolve them of the perception that the judges hold a soft corner for the Islamic militants. The evidence is overwhelmingly clear and cogent. However the stay of the sentencing by the Islamabad High Court has again sent the wrong signals. The fight is for the soul of Pakistan. Release of Qadri will have very serious ramifications for the coming generations. This will provide an explicit justification to commit such acts of brute violence in the name of religion. There is still time. The virus of religiously sanctioned killing is still in its embryonic stage. It should be nipped in the bud before it turns into an inferno and engulfing the entire society.

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  1. YLH Pakistan Blackberry says:

    Justice Munir’s judgment was one of the finest expositions of commonwealth history and dominion constitutions. To blame his Tameezuddin judgment for military coups is rather muddled. Perhaps you are confusing it with Dosso judgment and Kelsen’s theory of revolution contained therein.

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  5. jUSTICE mUNIR and justice S A Rahman will be long remembered in history as great writers of applications for personal unjust enrichment .. to wit their affection for plots, for patronage and for other indigenous paraphernalia and exotic yatras abroad. However, they were NOT fetish about pompous protocol or Rs 50-million bullet-[roof value-ADDED Mercedes Benz/BMWs limousines at state expense and keep. My two law classmates, Hajjis Sheikh Riaz and Irshad Hasan (became Chief Justices off Pakistan (and set a record of never writing anything worthwhile in their empty lives) who flunked law examination l957-59 when I topped) beat both munir and S A Rahman (later was a great fan of my art, otherwise, about art he knew nothing worth mentioning. Once former ICS , Elhajj S A Rahman wrote me a nasty letter (and I made a bhatti-gate taep batti of it and sent it back telling him where it fundamentally righteously belongs to be placeboed. SAR apologized and became my fan. Those were the days. Now, in stead, we have e.g., bhands of eimanabad with no sense of dignity or decency or decorum.

    I will reread the notorious judgment of Chief Justice Munir with an open mind. But I, nonetheless, hope and pray that Justice Cornellius enters the divine paradise earlier than Munir.

    That (here is a commercial!) brings to my mind that in 1964 I was residing in Chelsea on Draycott Avenue .. two doors away KIM NOVAK moved in along with her recently married husband … (i used to have a crush on her since my Lahore days) and two days later i received a note from her (amazingly beautiful handwriting) that she was my fan. May God bless her too.

    Stunningly beautiful Kim Novak hailed from Illinois. So in her loving yaad (nostalgiuc-memory) I made Illinois my principal American home while nomad’ing throughout the United States over circa quarter of a century.
    We never met!

    Back to the boondocks, I do insist that any scholar without activism, i.e., alamm without ammal, is like Bar-fee (there is closet double-entendre here) made of milk of magnesia.

    (((((((((Damn a damn mustt calendar/qallaqannd.))))))

  6. US Citizen United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto planted the seed of ‘Might is Right on the Name of Islam’ in Pakistan in 1974. In Zia Ul Haq time it became adolescent tree. In last few years it has become a mighty tree. And now it has started producing its progeny. Pakistanis will keep on feeding their blood to this tree, and it will keep on nourishing, getting bigger and procreating. And more Pakistanis will feed their blood to this tree’s progeny and it will keep procreating. The cycle will continue…

  7. hiob Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    to US citizen

    It is not only in Pakistan. It is in all islamic regions and societies over 1400 years. Why muslim leaders pretend innocence or ignorance or scholarship?

  8. HIOB, YOU Have nothing better to do, why are you so bitter (quite often, your breastbeating smacks of sheer sillyness) about Islam, altho like you I have no love lost for Saudia simpliciter.

  9. hiob Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    to slarpore

    I have a lot many things to do – and better ones than dealing with islam and its agents and quislings. But the worsening situation due to the misuse of freedoms and rights by these islamic agents and quislings forces me to send comments and criticism. One hopes that things will become better.

  10. CroreCommander United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    “Bar-fee (there is closet double-entendre here) made of milk of magnesia”

    LOL!!! You can add one more (I: matric pass CroreCommander(double PHDs (from kakul)) to your fan club!

  11. hiob Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Killers are heroes in Pakistan.

    The BBB religion from Makkah is bound to produce fascists and killers of “infidels” (even a muslim can be easily stamped infidel by another muslim) and bootlickers of arabs in huge numbers.

    (BBB = Big Black Box)

    Why worship this Big Black Box and throw stones at another stone and kill sheep and goats cruelly and bloodily to please some 7th century arab god and declare that god speaks only arabic? Those who do such things will get no true instructions but go crazy or dead and make others crazy or dead.

  12. wonderer India Safari Mac OS says:


    You must be the most hard working commentator on PTH, and I admire your persistence and sibgle-mindedness. Your concern for an unfortunate country like Pakistan is admirable. You also seem to be a well educated person.

    It is,therefore, surprising that you do not see the utter futility of your efforts. I do not think all your efforts have fetched you a single friend. If you are really a well-wisher of our Pakistani friends you must change your ways. At least sound a bit more compassionate.

    A gramophone record stuck in one groove can be very taxing for all.

    Why not think about it?

  13. hiob Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to wonderer

    The time to be a wonderer is may be over – atleast for me.

    I tell truth as I see it. No tactics, strategies, tricks, diplomacies.

    Take it or leave it – at your own expense.

    Appeasing muslims has been going on for too long. I fear islam (because of its open or secret fascism and glorifications of violence) – I don’t fear muslims. I don’t want to appease them.

    The >best compassion< is not to appease and not to mislead.

    The Big Black Box (BBB) is empty of any intelligence or spirituality or culture or science. So too those who worship in its direction. The BBB-religion will bring nothing but more empty BBB's.

    I don't have to work hard at all. The muslims are delivering proofs of the failure and the evilness of islam in huge numbers. I just have to read the pakistani newspapers everyday. That takes only <30 minutes. Newspapers produced by muslims for muslims in a 97% muslim land. They prove that islam has failed and will fail even nmore and they try to cover it up with terror and fascism or pretensions of goodness or reform.

    The flatterer is never the true friend. The critic is. Muslims will never be my friends because kuran does not and cannot teach them this wisdom. So I don't seek friends among them. The muslims cannot, and do not wish to, even differetiate between criticism and blasphemy. Thus fascism (in the name of an arab god) is their eternal


    Compare the kumbha mela with the hajj. The hajj makes a typical fascistically controlled gathering like in Kim's North Korea or Mao's China or Nazi Germany in Nuernberg. The kumbha mela is chaotic, colorful, free, dirty, noisy, no doctrinal compulsions etc. The other gatherings are how fascists organize their mass indoctrination gatherings and to rever their unquestionable fascist leaders.

    God has inflicted so many insults and abuses on me that a few more by muslims or pakistanis mean nothing to me – they are just marginal, they make no big splash on me.

    BTW Thanks for your kind words.

  14. wonderer India Safari Mac OS says:

    To hiob

    Thanks! Have your way.

    The topic under discussion in this thread is”RELEASE OF MUMTAZ QADRI”

    Do you have any views about whether or not “MUMTAZ QADRI” will go scott free? And, the consequences thereof?

  15. hiob Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to wonderer

    Mumtaz Qadri is the real islamic revelation. I don’t believe in revelations – but if I have to point out to a revelation in or for or through or about islam – then it is this man Mumtaz Qadri. (It is this pakistani muslim Ajmal Kasab also, now sitting in jail in Mumbai and costing many crore rupees to the hindus for having killed hindus).

    See how the quislings and agents of islam are squirming about what to do with him. Even if they execute him it does not make islam safe, sound, good and humane. Even if the man killed by Qadri (and this killed person was a hindu-hater and quisling too – so I have no sympathies for him either) comes back alive, islam cannot be white-washed.

  16. wonderer India Safari Mac OS says:

    To hiob

    OK. But do you think the judiciary in Pakistan will one day let “MUMTAZ QADRI” be spared the death sentence already passed against him, and set him free?

  17. Alaskian Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Taseer was a menace, rightly eliminated. Somebody said above ” killers are heros in Pakistan” its funny , Killers are heros in US, India, Israel and every other country too, Need examples?? They have killed so many to kill one OBL n their killing streak is yet not satisfied making them a greater hero woooo, Killing n rapes in Kashmir are making Hindu forces a greater hero, n in Iraq, n Israeli heros in Palestine, Lebanon. its flogging the dead horse.

  18. M.A.MIRZA Canada Google Chrome Windows says:

    IF we cant protect Repecet of our beloved Prophet then nobody can be Hero any where.Jihad is alow only agains Army not agains ordnery peopels.

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