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Strings of hope

By: Dr. Zehra Saqlain

I would like to congratulate the whole nation that we still have visionaries and writers who can take the burden of addressing the national/social issues with no fear. Yes, I am talking about the representative of the new generation, Bilal Maqsood. I always wondered who will take the responsibility and who would be able to write like Mr. Anwar Maqsood. Nevertheless, after listening to the new song of Strings “mein tou dekhoonga” I felt that Mr. Anwar Maqsood has transferred his wit, knowledge and the writing skills very well to his son.

The way Strings have shown maturity in their writings from “sur kiye yeh pahaar” from their first album to now “mein tou dekhoonga” shows not only the good music but also the maturity in their thoughts. The first time I heard the song it actually gave me goose bumps probably because it is everyone’s thoughts, which they put together.

We grew up listening to some real good crisp scripts & witty lines that now even the most talented writers are not able to produce. These were the times when “aangan tera, aankahi, dhoop kinare took the viewers by storm. The freshness & dialogue delivery was and still is incomparable. Then came the era of fifty fifty, studio dhai, showtime, half plate and silver jubilee. The way Mr. Anwar Maqsood addressed the economic/political & cultural issues in his writings is again no doubt unique. His combo or should I say trio with Moin Ahhtar & Bushra Ansari was superb.

In this era of poverty, hopelessness and indifference, this song came as a fresh breeze. I hope that we actually get to see our country the way they have said. In this time, our generation needs to be reminded that there is still a sliver ray of hope and rather than just leaving the country for “better future” we should educate and stay in and try to make it a better place where “roti sasti hogi aur mehngii hogii jaan…”







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  2. haq United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    i heard the song on youtube after reading this article. Waste of my 3 or 5 minutes. The music was neither powerful anbd neither were the verses of any quality. In future I will be taking Dr Zehra’s articles with a pinch of salt.

  3. Thanks for your hard work in your posts. It is so benificial that it helps me a lot in my graduation paper.

  4. thomas United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    Beautiful video, nice music……. Too bad I can’t understand because I only know English/Spanish..

    Nice concept too with the little children, the true future of Pakistan and our world…

    It is sad how Pakistan sells the country’s children to the American war machine… Did Pakistan really allow the Nato/Americans O.K. to target with Drone Rocket two boys on a motor bike Tarek Aziz and his 12 year old cousin…??? It is disgusting…….. nausiating…MONSTROUS…. INSANE…!!!!!

  5. thomas United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    What an appropriate name for what this weapon does! It reminds me of the predators and serial killers that stalk and kill innocent women and children here in the U.S. Now they are being used against U.S. citizens both at home and overseas. What will be the name of the next high tech weapon used against civilian populations? Perhaps “The Rapist,” or “The Plunderer,” or even “The Killer,” or “The Murderer!” Those who glorify war use Native American names like “Tomahawk” for their weapons.

  6. thomas United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    Sorry forgot… Credit for last post to FalseFlag369

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