Get Well Soon Mr. President

By D. Asghar

As the details are still sketchy and unknown, but it appears that President Zardari was taken to Dubai. A tweet from a relatively reliable source mentioned, that he may be flying to London soon, for medical reasons.

Of course the usual speculations and rumors are rife about the political scene and the innuendos will continue to trickle in. From what can be deduced, it seems to be something critical, and that’s one of the primary reason why the President had to depart immediately.

However the on the twitter sphere, there was a rumor that President is getting a safe passage to leave Pakistan. The implication was, there may be “signs that his Presidency will come to an end soon.”

Ever since the Zardari led government of PPP has taken control of Pakistan, these rumors have surfaced every now and then. It sure seems like the favorite past time for many, in Pakistan is nothing but this. To those a reminder, that there is a Parliamentary form of government, currently running in Pakistan. The Prime Minister is the one, who technically is responsible for running the government.

The President voluntarily relinquished his powers with the 18th Amendment and whole heartedly supports it. So to all the ill wishers, who are dreaming of some miraculous curse to descend on the President, “get a life.” The President, his Prime Minister or his government may not be perfect, yet they have a year or so remaining. Let them finish the term and then have the people decide, come 2013.

The irony of Pakistan is, that some people are relatively impatient. Some elements with vested interests want the democratically elected government, sent packing as soon as possible. The list of grievances and examples of poor governance are floated. To them, all I say is “demonstrate your right and voice your opinion at the balloting, when it comes due.”

Strengthen the idea, that Pakistanis are organized and a balanced group of people. They are willing to demonstrate their right and voice their dissent when it is supposed to be exercised. As much as I disagreed with George W. Bush, at the end of the day, he was the President of the US for eight long years.

In the meantime, President Zardari, hope you get well soon. There is a long list of well wishers too, who would like you to return to Islamabad soon. See you soon Sir.


D. Asghar is a Pakistani American. A Mortgage Banker by profession who loves to write as well. He blogs frequently at popular South Asian websites. A repository of some of his scribbles is He can be reached at

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