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Are Ahmadis Non-Muslims?

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

(Written exclusively for PakTeaHouse. Please give credit when crossposting)

The poison of ignorance and extremism that Bhutto and General Zia jointly fathered during their dictatorial regimes has fully indoctrinated even those who otherwise describe themselves as educated.

This week the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN inched closer to the discovery of Higgs Boson or the God Particle as it were. In this extraordinary story of human achievement,  Dr. Abdus Salam is a key player who put Pakistan on the map of theoretical physics. In his homeland though, a group of self-styled champions of Islam have started a posthumous campaign of scurrilous slander claiming that Dr. Salam was giving out nuclear secrets. Forget that even a confirmed bigot like General Zia  held a ceremony in our only nobel prize winner’s honour or that no one ever accused Dr. Salam of any such thing; in Pakistan to be a hero you have to actually transfer technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea.

Now consider the case of 11 year old Sitara Akbar. Every Pakistani and his mother in law are citing her as a crowning national achievement, blissfully oblivious of the fact that she is an Ahmadi. To them her religion is suddenly unimportant or irrelevant or is it? How many Sitara Akbars have been expelled from our schools for being Ahmadi? How many productive citizens of this republic have been killed and maimed for believing differently?

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s National Assembly imagined itself the Islamic equivalent of the Council of Nicea. Just as that ancient bastion of Christian orthodoxy excommunicated unitarian Christians for not believing in the trinity of the father, son and the holy ghost, the National Assembly saw it fit to – primarily at the instigation of the Prime Minister and his law minister- declare an entire sect non-Muslim. Just like the post hoc elevation of the principle of trinity at Nicea, Pakistan’s National Assembly located Islam in the principle of the finality of Prophethood.

This act of our sovereign legislature stood in sharp contrast to the view of this nation’s founding father. On 5 May, 1944, in response to demands of the orthodox vis a vis Ahmadis, Jinnah made it absolutely clear that anyone who professes to be a Muslim is a Muslim and welcome in the Muslim League and that those who were raising the issue were trying to divide the Muslims. Here I am forced to say that I am inclined to accept Jinnah’s view and reject the collective wisdom of our sovereign legislature. There are several reasons which may be cited in this regard:

  1. First and foremost Pakistan is bound by the United Nations’ charter. Therefore Pakistan is bound to ensure freedom of religion for all its citizens and freedom of religion means freedom of religion according to the definition of the subject of the said freedom.
  2. Identity is subjective not objective. The state of Pakistan or any other state cannot tell an Ahmadi that he is not a Muslim because it is intrinsic to the faith of an Ahmadi.  This is an inviolable, inalienable right as part of right to life which every state in the world is bound to protect. If Ahmadis say they are Muslims they ought to be accepted as such.
  3. Pakistan is a signatory to the ICCPR and without reservations since June 2011. Therefore every piece of legislation that discriminates against Ahmadis or forces a label upon them is ultra vires the ICCPR.
  4. The Islamic argument: According to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) anyone who utters the Kalima Shahadah is a Muslim. None of the Kalimas, including the Primary Kalima Shahadah contains any reference to the principle of the finality of Prophethood as understood by the Muslim majority today.
  5. Finally because by conduct and promise, Pakistani state is estopped from claiming otherwise. In 1947, Pakistan laid claim to Qadian as a Muslim holy place, a counter-blast to Sikh claims on Nankana Sahib and Hassan Abdal.  Similarly in 1946 elections which is the basic referendum on the question of Pakistan, Ahmadi votes were instrumental in getting Muslims Pakistan. These are undeniable facts of history.


Therefore- fully aware of the stigma attached to this statement- I concur with Quaid-e-Azam Mahomed Ali Jinnah, thefounding father of Pakistan that Ahmadis are Muslims, if they say they are Muslims and no one, not even the sovereign legislature, has the right to say otherwise.


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3,214 Responses to "Are Ahmadis Non-Muslims?"

  1. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    watch how minorities are enjoying freedom in Pak ….
    In fact they are better off than the Muslim majority.

  2. Romain United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hisham Talibani United StatesGoogle ChromeWindows says:
    January 31, 2014 at 10:33 am
    This is serious hate speech- the poster is openly inciting violence. Moderators, kindly refer this to authorities.

    Somebody please give me his email address, I will forward it to the FBI.

  3. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    Arabs have been barred from marrying foreign women because they have big dicks and are only okay for Caucasian cunts…or deep cunts like you.
    Intermarriages between Pak women and Arab men cannot be allowed for above reason,,,and vice versa. They are looking for mug-shaped broads who can withstand their ‘thrust’ and you seem to be the right candidate.

    Pak people are NOT Arabs….neither are they Saudi’s.
    They are the same people who live in India….raised from the same ferment. You are only jealous of Indians and Paki’s..damn you!

    why don’t you point out when any person other than a Christian, Mirjai or Hindu gets killed in Pakistan?? Don’t you know at least a dozen Sunni;s get killed in Karachi only every day?? You are a bloody hate monger,,an idiot…I don’t know what you are ,,,male, female or transgender??

    You are simply a nut who has caught the sun!!!

  4. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:



  5. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    maggu akb mohan romain and kamath,

    why isis and al qaeda never attacked isreal,

  6. MAGGU United States Chrome for iOS iPad says:

    ROMAIN:: Just point them to his post … They will do the finding, and the carrying. Pakis have no problem if Americans pick up their people for direct flights to the sunny beaches of Guantanemo

  7. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    sunny beaches of Guantanemo

    jail mein paploo chaloo kar deinge.

  8. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    gO AND lick your master’s ass …that’s the best you were born for, traitors and beasts!

  9. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ news for Maggu,,,et al

    The challenge to the Muslim world’s stability presented by the Islamic State has become quite serious over the past few days. I.A. Rehman for Dawn: “…The people of Pakistan should be concerned that the slogan of caliphate has spread to India. NewAgeIslam, a well-known online forum for debate on Muslim affairs, has disclosed a charter of demands presented by a leading Muslim scholar, Maulana Salman Husain Nadvi, urging Saudi Arabia to establish a caliphate. Maulana Nadvi is reported to have pleaded for a world Islamic army and argued against branding the religious militants as terrorists. Instead, these ‘sincere Muslim youth fighting for a noble cause’ should be united in a confederation of jihadi organisations for worldwide action under the guidance of the ulema.

  10. Parliament certified Muslim United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    ZAB doesn’t have to be blamed…he did not declare mirjai’s as kafirs

    AKB ! You are a buffoon. You don’t understand simple statements. Of course, ZAB is not to be blamed. He is to honored. Hazrat Bhutto was the great hero of Islam. What are you talking about? Hazrat Bhutto steered the Parliament towards defining the term “Islam”. He defined the term “Muslim”. He defined the term “Non-Muslim”. Imagine how bad things would have been if the term “Muslim” had not been determined and institutionalized in 1974. All these ages “Islam” tugged along without being defined. For 14 centuries, nobody could define what the term “Islam” meant as evidenced by Munir Commission of 1953. Then finally, in 1974, by enacting the historic Second Amendment, Hazrat Bhutto blessed “Islam” with a definition.

  11. Waseem Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    are ahamadis muslim? Chawwal insan they are MURTAD’S ….not muslim!
    Muanfiqs like you should be dragged into the street to death before anybody else. When it is clear they are contradicting QURAN O HADEES who the hell are you to still debate either they are muslim or not?

  12. Parliament certified Muslim United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    are ahamadis muslim? Chawwal insan they are MURTAD’S ….not muslim!
    Muanfiqs like you should be dragged into the street to death before anybody else. When it is clear they are contradicting QURAN O HADEES who the hell are you to still debate either they are muslim or not?

    My dear Muslim brother! You are partially correct. To prevent any further confusion in future, let everybody here at Pak Tea House, note for ever and ever, that only the Parliament-certified Muslims, certified according to the historic 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, are “Muslims”. No one else. This is final and this has been decreed by the Sacred Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which is “forever” inviolable. Brother! you have unnecessarily brought in the “QURAN O HADEES”. Please don’t get into this chakkar. Otherwise, the Qadianis will start quoting from the Quran and the Hadees. Anyway, the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan came after the Quran and Hadees. This is the latest holy document. The 1973 Constitution supersedes and over-rides all previous holy scriptures. Also note that the Quran and Hadees don’t define the crucial terms “Islam”, “Muslim” and “Non-Muslim”. The 1973 Holy Constitution does. So which is a more complete guidance?
    The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is an Islamic Republic and it has a State Religion, which is Islam. Which Islam? Please note that the most correct interpretation of Islam is that of Mumlikat al Arabia al Saudia al Wahabia al Salafia. May the religious and monetary blessings of Saudi Arabia continue to flow into our country, till eternity, Ameen.
    All Certified Muslims, who have been duly certified according to the Second Amendment of the Sacred 1973 Constitution are Class I citizens of this country. Christians, Hindus, Parsis, and Sikhs are Class II citizens, while Qadianis/Ahmadis are Class III citizens.

  13. Naseer Ahmad United States Google Chrome  GT-I9500 Build/KOT49H) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/35.0.1916.141 Mobile Safari/537.36 says:

    Call Ahmadies what you like but please dont degrade the Holy Quran and the Hadith by declaring the words of a Parliment superior to them. This very Parliament was declared the most corrupt and incompetent Parliament by Gen Zia.

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