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Are Ahmadis Non-Muslims?

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

(Written exclusively for PakTeaHouse. Please give credit when crossposting)

The poison of ignorance and extremism that Bhutto and General Zia jointly fathered during their dictatorial regimes has fully indoctrinated even those who otherwise describe themselves as educated.

This week the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN inched closer to the discovery of Higgs Boson or the God Particle as it were. In this extraordinary story of human achievement,  Dr. Abdus Salam is a key player who put Pakistan on the map of theoretical physics. In his homeland though, a group of self-styled champions of Islam have started a posthumous campaign of scurrilous slander claiming that Dr. Salam was giving out nuclear secrets. Forget that even a confirmed bigot like General Zia  held a ceremony in our only nobel prize winner’s honour or that no one ever accused Dr. Salam of any such thing; in Pakistan to be a hero you have to actually transfer technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea.

Now consider the case of 11 year old Sitara Akbar. Every Pakistani and his mother in law are citing her as a crowning national achievement, blissfully oblivious of the fact that she is an Ahmadi. To them her religion is suddenly unimportant or irrelevant or is it? How many Sitara Akbars have been expelled from our schools for being Ahmadi? How many productive citizens of this republic have been killed and maimed for believing differently?

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s National Assembly imagined itself the Islamic equivalent of the Council of Nicea. Just as that ancient bastion of Christian orthodoxy excommunicated unitarian Christians for not believing in the trinity of the father, son and the holy ghost, the National Assembly saw it fit to – primarily at the instigation of the Prime Minister and his law minister- declare an entire sect non-Muslim. Just like the post hoc elevation of the principle of trinity at Nicea, Pakistan’s National Assembly located Islam in the principle of the finality of Prophethood.

This act of our sovereign legislature stood in sharp contrast to the view of this nation’s founding father. On 5 May, 1944, in response to demands of the orthodox vis a vis Ahmadis, Jinnah made it absolutely clear that anyone who professes to be a Muslim is a Muslim and welcome in the Muslim League and that those who were raising the issue were trying to divide the Muslims. Here I am forced to say that I am inclined to accept Jinnah’s view and reject the collective wisdom of our sovereign legislature. There are several reasons which may be cited in this regard:

  1. First and foremost Pakistan is bound by the United Nations’ charter. Therefore Pakistan is bound to ensure freedom of religion for all its citizens and freedom of religion means freedom of religion according to the definition of the subject of the said freedom.
  2. Identity is subjective not objective. The state of Pakistan or any other state cannot tell an Ahmadi that he is not a Muslim because it is intrinsic to the faith of an Ahmadi.  This is an inviolable, inalienable right as part of right to life which every state in the world is bound to protect. If Ahmadis say they are Muslims they ought to be accepted as such.
  3. Pakistan is a signatory to the ICCPR and without reservations since June 2011. Therefore every piece of legislation that discriminates against Ahmadis or forces a label upon them is ultra vires the ICCPR.
  4. The Islamic argument: According to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) anyone who utters the Kalima Shahadah is a Muslim. None of the Kalimas, including the Primary Kalima Shahadah contains any reference to the principle of the finality of Prophethood as understood by the Muslim majority today.
  5. Finally because by conduct and promise, Pakistani state is estopped from claiming otherwise. In 1947, Pakistan laid claim to Qadian as a Muslim holy place, a counter-blast to Sikh claims on Nankana Sahib and Hassan Abdal.  Similarly in 1946 elections which is the basic referendum on the question of Pakistan, Ahmadi votes were instrumental in getting Muslims Pakistan. These are undeniable facts of history.


Therefore- fully aware of the stigma attached to this statement- I concur with Quaid-e-Azam Mahomed Ali Jinnah, thefounding father of Pakistan that Ahmadis are Muslims, if they say they are Muslims and no one, not even the sovereign legislature, has the right to say otherwise.


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3,228 Responses to "Are Ahmadis Non-Muslims?"

  1. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:

    who says wahabis are not beautiful people?

  2. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:

    Bhura bhura – itni joravari mat dikhao…ma khan saab se mafi mango, aur ye dekho


  3. Kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    “So if Islam karey toh sahi… Koi aur karey to Galat?”

    Galat aur sahi ki baat nahi hai. Mine was merely a factual statement: Ahmadi methods are so trite and commonplace in the history of religion that they can convince only naive non-Muslims, or those Muslims who are Muslims in name alone.


    By the way, if this brings any solace to various enemies of Islam – Ahmadis will not go away. Many people born in Muslim households now wish to be Muslims in name alone. They don’t really believe in any fundamental aspect of Islam – except as some vague woolly generalities and trivialities which they have never thought through. These people will increasingly assert that Islam be turned into a grab-bag shadow of Hinduism – wherein it is enough that a person identities himself or herself as so and so.

    Once that happens, that will be the death of Islam. For, ‘be-Hindu-by-calling-yourselves-Hindu’ property of Hinduism that many ‘Muslims’ wish to imitate arises from very specific Hindu belief systems. One can’t adopt that aspect of Hinduism without turning, essentially, into Hindu oneself – albeit, with an Arabized set of names.

    These ‘identity-Muslims’ will fight to protect Ahmadis because they see the bitter Ahmadi-Muslim battles as proxies for their own battles – ones they would like to fight but lacking any coherent ideological framework of their own, are unable to.

    In fact, PTH’s active support to Ahmadis is a cry for that freedom from Islam – presented differently.

  4. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    “is a cry for that freedom from Islam – presented differently.”
    Is that a Freudian slip or a statement of fact? You only want freedom for oppression/slavery……

  5. KafirInfide United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    rex,maggu,akb,pankaj,mtb,mahee,understand india,

    East Brunswick, NJ

  6. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    No Freudian slip there, madam.

  7. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    @kaal chakra,
    i am really seeing some deeply offensive remarks AGAINST PAKISTAN and ahmadis as well!it would be appreciated for you two to keep the environment of this as peaceful as possible! as nno matter how obscene you get, it will not do us ahmadis any harm neither will it enrage us in any way!
    if you have any solid argument to bring on table, then dont hesitate at all, it is more than welcome.ahmaddiyyat is the true face of islam and it will propagate peace no matter how far they have to go for it!
    What i see here is your immense amusement at the fact that we ahmadis have given a very honourable status in our faith to your prophets ram and krishna.But it,s the beauty of ahmaddiyyat and a miracle of Hazrat MIRZA Ghulam Ahmed a.s, for making this clarification on command of have to accept this as a faovur of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed on your community, why so much resistance to such a huge effort made on our behalf from divine commandement of god!to bridge the gaps between various religions of the world!why is it so unacceptable and undigestable for you!hass the baal thakrey culture made your judgement so hazy that you cannot see this wonderful pact of making peace and coming together as one humanity. your belief that pth is suppporting us to get freedom from islam, shows a very biased indian sure you are better than that!
    pth is a secular place, of “intellectuals” ,moderates and modern individuals who have been blessed with the priceless pearls of knowledge, thankfully they are not from your biased hindi community neither from biggotted mullah crux!they are the wise ones and to represent them i would like to quote this very first ayat of quran revealed on Holy Prophet pbuh, that says “read, oh muhammed read” and and when holy prophet Muhammed said “attain knowledge , no matter if you have to go to china” they are the true followers of this precious command that Muhammed(s.a.w)gave for the for his ummat!
    their mind is open, and they have used it very rightly to judge whats right and whats wrong! its their open mind and enlightenment from “ilm” learning which has lead to support ahmadis as they feel, what maulvis have done with ahmadis was totally unethical,unlawful and rather barbaric.if they were fed up of islam then trust me when i say ahmaddiyyat is not the place they would have gone to!because when you “READ” the ahmmadi philosphy you’ll get to know we are more islamic than any islamist of saudi arabia!the language we speak is quran and ahadees,just because we accept hinduism, sikhism,zorosrianism as divine religions doesnot make us bad muslims or anti islamic!that is your pereption that is not digesting it, we have no issues in believing what seems to be appropriate.
    you must also read, strive for wisdom before passing derogatory remarks!

  8. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    people who quote ALLAMA IQBAL ,agian and again fail to understand that man was a real philospher and thinker and one of the best poets , east ever got, so yes he accepted ahmaddiyyat ! what he over saw after accepting ahmaddiyyat, was his stupendous and unique, peice of writing going down the drain!
    he saw the hatred people of Pakistan had for ahmaddis and if only his name has so much power in this state right now is because of the fact that he denounced ahmmadiyyat!because people of pakistan have been so smooth. and flawless in making wrong judgements, choosing wrong leaders, upholding wrong heros! The price any wisest of wise on this land has to give, to rightfully aclaim his fame in this nation is be from the lawful muslim sect,most importantly a sunni muslim side. there is no question about his brightness,his meticuliety, his extraordinary talents,the first question pakistan would ask him before any appreciation to be dispersed upon,is that what sect you are from? and do you denounce mirza ghula ahmed as prophet??
    so , in this nation where gems like sir Zafarullah Khan, and Abdusalam , one for his exceptional leadership qualities and one for his exceptional genius are given zero percent credit!where, mediocrity of the country has been kept so un anware from these big names of pakistani history, that the common man and his generations to come would never be able to follow these great examples and role models and get inspired!ask a lame person of pakistan about a pakistani who got noble prize he would be surprised! thats the level of shit pakistan is in because of ignorance.
    Hence, i back ALLAMA Iqbal”s decision, to back off from ahmaddiyyat his words deserved acclaim,deserved to be studied deserved to appreciated,deserved to followed! for all the noble work he has done, for his priceless motivational writing for the youth of pakistan and tonnes of favour he has given pakistan this one selfish act will most probably be forgiven, hope fully!
    Making people like Mumtaz Qadri our heroes is really telling us alot as to wich direction we are heading!!

  9. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ mahee

    stop trying yo make a fool of yerself again and again..Allam Iqbal never endorsed Mirjaism. Produce some authentic evidence to prove your point or just don’t try to be a smart alec.
    Qadri was one of your kind…a fundamentalist. All Pakistani muslims are not with Qadri and what he did was his individual act comparable to Ilm din or Bhagat singh. You talk like an idiot…twisting things and saying such things which outrightly go against you…

  10. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ Mahee

    Zafarullah khan was a moron who led to the creation of Israel. Ask YLH….as he has the time and energy to dig up archives and narrate history with his typical anti Islamic sentiments.

  11. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    salam was a physicist and a teacher who was awarded nobel by his old farangi masters. Because he was a deviate he is also taken as a pariah heretic in all Muslims who condemn him for his apostasy and narrow mindedness towards Muslims and pakistan.

  12. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ Syed

    don’t talk rubbish and listen to Kalachakra….his arguments carry weight and you don’t have a leg to stand upon. Stop lying before the evidence against you. how could you be Muslims if all muslims were ‘infidels” and ‘kafirs”??? Who the hell is mirja ghulla of qadian to compel others to believe in him to ratify their faith?? Nobody likes your thinking..for heavens sake don’t teach granny to suck eggs!! Post only sensible arguments reflecting commonsense if you want people to listen to your baloney. You can fool new Muslims but not the old ones…because they know islam better than you, eventhough they might not be its strict followers.
    But islam continues to flourish and is the fastest growing religion in the US , nay all over the world. Today the famous japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki embraced Islam (not Mirjaism) and changed his name to Mohd Hussain Inoki. A Japnese like him and many other converts in the world are not as foolish as you to subdue to the compulsion of accepting the deviate he5retic Mirja ghulla to have their islam certified, they don;t need to do it , why you???


  13. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ KafirInfidel

    the incidents reported by you do not represent the bulk of Hindus, so better refrain from posting odd incidents with a view to malign any religion. I would ask mtg to observe the same policy and avoid posting unnecessary cut and paste stuff or videos from the web…as all that doesn;t go to impressing anyhone..and anyone can post from the dunghouse of web to the contrary.

  14. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    Overwhelming majorities in the UK and other western European countries believe Palestinians should have their own state and want their governments to vote for recognition of Palestine at the United Nations at the end of the month, according to latest polls.

    Among Britons questioned, 72% said the Palestinians had a right to statehood, against only 6% who disagreed. When it came to the British vote on recognition at the UN general assembly on 29 November, 58% were in favour of a yes vote, against 8% who said the UK should vote no. Similar widelarge majorities were found in polls in Germany, France and Spain. The online polls were commissioned by Avaaz, the pro-democracy advocacy group, and carried out by YouGov in Britain and Germany, Ifop in France and Metroscopia in Spain. They took place earlier this month, on a sample size of 1,635 adults in the UK, and more than 1,000 in the other countries.

    Of the four countries polled, Spain is expected to support Palestinian recognition, France has said it will not rule it out, and UK and Germany have given no clear indication. Israel has been intensively lobbying EU states against recognition and has issued threats against the Palestinian leadership, including saying it will seek to overthrow the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, if the general assembly vote goes ahead.

    The Palestinians are expected to win the vote, but Israel is anxious that major European powers do not support the resolution, in an effort to reduce the “moral authority” implied by a United Nations vote.

  15. Kashif United States Safari Mac OS says:

    //…Mirjai;s are not liberal…one example is they don;t allow others to enter their places of worship…I can enter a mandir or a mosque but not the den of Mirjai worship…//
    All that froth and foam will not change the facts. Anybody is permitted to enter an Ahmadiyya mosque. In fact, we frequently take non-Ahmadi Muslims as well as non-Muslims along with us to our mosques. You do seem to be ill-informed, not to mention ill-mannered.

  16. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:

    ahmedis are more liberal and peace loving, there is no doubt about it…

  17. Maggu India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Purification of the Land Of the Pure- Army of the Pure Supports it too
    Karachi: A century-old temple in Karachi was hurriedly demolished by a builder despite a Pakistani court hearing a petition seeking a stay on such a move, triggering protests by the minority Hindu community on Sunday. Besides razing the pre-Partition Shri Rama Pir Mandir in Karachi’s Soldier Bazar, the builder demolished several houses near it on Saturday.
    The idols were left of the side and gold ornaments of the idols stolen.
    Nearly 40 people, a majority of them Hindus, became homeless as a result, The Express Tribune reported on Sunday. Following the demolition, the Pakistan Hindu Council organised a protest outside the Karachi Press Club on Sunday afternoon. They protested the demolition by the builder and the lack of action on the part of authorities. The Sindh High Court is hearing a petition seeking a stay on any move to demolish Shri Rama Pir Mandir.
    During the demolition, the area was cordoned off by police and paramilitary Pakistan Rangers. Outsiders were not allowed to enter the area.
    Stealing of ornaments from idols is good work and is a long practiced tradition to encourage the kaffir to accept god’s word. Good job Mr Builder. Lets make the land PURE

  18. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Land of pure is working on Shias these days. Next might be liberals and wanna-be Indians.

    Another decade or so- land of pure will the purest land on earth.

  19. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed The Promised Messiah (A.S) in his book titled as “Kashti-e-Nooh” wrote a.s about:
    “Elevated position of the Holy Quran”

    i have been given to understand that some among you there are who altogether reject the Hadith. If this is so, then these people are in manifest error. I have never taught that they should hold such views. Quite to the contrary, I hold very firmly that for your guidance God has provided three things. The foremost among these is the “Holy Quran”, which sets forth the unity of God, His grandeur and greatness, and decides all points in dispute between the Jews and the Christians. Further, the “Quran forbids that you worship anything other than God” — neither man, nor beast, the sun nor the moon, nor any other heavenly body, nor material means, nor your own selves. Therefore beware. Do not take a single step in contravention of anything contained in the Holy Book. Verily, I tell you truly that whosoever evades even the least of the seven hundred commandments embodied in the Holy Quran, he slams the door of salvation upon himself. The real and perfect paths of salvation have been opened only by the Holy Quran; all others were only its shadows. Therefore you should study this holy scripture with the utmost attention and deepest thought; and you should love it as you have never loved anything else. For, indeed, as God has conveyed to me,

    All the good lies in the Quran.

    All kinds of good are to be found in it — and this is the truth. Unfortunate, indeed, are the people who to other things give preference over it. The Holy Quran, is the fountainhead for your salvation, for all betterment and success. There is not even a single spiritual need which has not been met for you in this Holy Book. The supporter or falsifier of your Faith on the Day of judgement would be the Holy Quran; and apart from this Book there is no other under the heavens which can provide you with direct guidance. It is indeed a great blessing of God upon you that He has bestowed on you a book like this. Verily, I tell you truly that the book which has been read upon you, had it been read upon the Christians, they would not have perished; and the blessing and guidance which has been vouchsafed to you, had it been extended to the Jews, in place of the Torah, many of their sects would not have ended by denying the Day of Judgement. Realise, therefore, the value of the blessing bestowed on you. It is a precious blessing, and a great treasure. Without the Holy Quran, the whole world would have been no better than a dirty clot of half formed flesh. Indeed it is a book as compared to which all other scriptures and sources of guidance amount to nothing at all.

    The Holy Quran can purify a man within a week, provided there is no attempt to get away from it in form or spirit. The Quran can make you like the Prophets, provided you do not try yourself to run away from it. Apart from the Holy Quran what book is there at the very outset which has taught its readers a prayer like :

    Guide us to the right path, the path of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy blessings

    and has thus held out to them a great hope, namely, the hope of the way being shown to them which would lead them to the attainment of those blessings which were bestowed on those who were of the Prophets, the Siddeeqs, the Shohada, and the Saliheen. Therefore elevate your resolve, and do not reject this invitation of the Quran when it calls you to work for attainment of the blessings given to the earlier peoples. God in fact is inclined to bestow on you even more. God has made you inherit all their spiritual and material substance, but until the Day of the Qiyamah these will not pass away from you to anyone else. God will not keep you deprived of the blessing of Revelation, and of the tangible forms of communion generally spoken of as mokalamat and mokhatbat. He will consummate all those blessings on you which He ever bestowed on others. But whosoever by way of insolence shall lie and shall claim to have received Revelation from Him, when in fact he had received no such Revelation, or claim that he had the honour of communion with God of the kind called mokalamah and mokhatabah, when in fact no such honour had been bestowed upon him, then, with God and all His angels as my witness I declare, that such a one shall perish and be destroyed for having lied about his Creator and for having perpetrated a fraud.

  20. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    he further adds about: The explanatory position of the Sunnah

    The second instrument for guidance vouchsafed to the Muslims is the Sunnah, i.e., the measures adopted by the Holy Prophet with a view to the exposition of the Holy Quran and its being put into actual tangible practice. For instance, looking at the surface only, there appears to be no specification in the Quran of rak’aats in the case of the five daily obligatory prayers, how many for what prayer, but the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet has made all these things very clear. No one should fall into the error that the Hadith and Sunnah are one and the same thing, for what is called the Hadith came to be collected a hundred and fifty years afterwards, while the Sunnah existed from the very outset side by side with the Holy Quran. After the Holy Quran, the greatest debt of gratitude the Muslims owe to anything is to the Sunnah. The obligation on God and His Apostle in regard to the guidance of mankind was only twofold, namely, that by sending down the Holy Book, God by means of His word indicated His will and pleasure, in fulfilment of the demand inherent in the Divine law: while the duty which devolved upon the Holy Prophet was this that by putting it into actual practice he should clearly demonstrate it in all its aspects in actual operation. Therefore he transformed into action what had been said in the form of words, and by his actual practice solved a number of difficulties. It is not proper to say that this duty devolved upon the Hadith, since Islam had established itself upon the earth long before the Hadith came to be collected. Did not the people offer their prayers at the time when the Hadith had not yet been collected? Did they not pay the Zakat. or perform the Hajj? Or, were they ignorant as to what was permissible, for them and what was not?

    promissed messiah (a.s) said about: Supportive position of Hadith:

    Of course, the third means of guidance is the Hadith, because many points in regard to history, ethics and jurisprudence are to be found explained fully in it; and the great utility of the Hadith lies in the fact that it is a servant of the Quran and the Sunnah. Some people, who are ignorant as to the real position of the Holy Quran, here assign ta Hadith the position of a judge on the Quran, as did the Jews in regard to some of their traditions. We on the other hand look upon the Hadith as a servant of the Quran and the Sunnah, the existence of servants being in no way derogatory to the master, being in fact a sign of his importance and grandeur. The Holy Book is the Word of God, while the Sunnah is the act of the Holy Prophet, the Hadith being a supporting witness for the Sunnah. It is wrong to say (God forbid) that the Hadith is a judge on the Holy Quran. If there is any judge on the Holy Quran, it is the Holy Book itself. The Hadith, which in any case has an element of speculation in it, cannot be given a superior position, being no more than a supporting argument. The Quran and the Sunnah have done all the real work, the Hadith doing no more than supplying some additional verification. How can the Hadith be in the position of a judge for the Holy Quran? The Holy Book and the Sunnah were extending guidance to mankind at a time when as yet there was no sign of the so-called judge. Therefore, never say that the Hadith is a judge on the Holy Quran: say rather that the Hadith supplies further supportive evidence for the Quran and the Sunnah. Of course the Sunnah, undoubtedly, is a thing which indicates the will of the Quran, and it signifies the path on which the Holy Prophet put his companions. The Sunnah is not a name for the things which came to be written and collected a hundred or a hundred and fifty years afterwards. These are called the Hadith. The Sunnah, on the other hand, is the practical example that has, from the very earliest beginning, existed, all along, in the practical actions of the Muslims, their number extending to thousands at the most conservative estimate. But even though in a great part of it the Hadith occupies the position of a speculation, still, where it does not run counter to the Holy Quran, it deserves to be accepted, serving as a supporter for the Holy Quran and the Sunnah, with a large store-house of material, bearing on many Islamic questions.

    Failure to appreciate the Hadith, therefore, is tantamount to cutting away a large part of the body of Islam. But, of course, if a Hadith falls counter to the Holy Quran and the Sunnah, and counter to other Ahadith which are in accord with the Holy Book, or it stands in opposition to the Sahee Bokharee, it should not be acceptable; for acceptance thereof would imply rejection: of the Holy Quran, and of all those Ahadith which stand in accord with the Holy Book. I am satisfied that no righteous person would want to subscribe to such a belief. In any case give due recognition to Hadith and derive benefit from it to the fullest possible extent, for they come from the Holy Prophet and unless they are rejected by the Quran and the Sunnah, you should not reject them. You should adhere to the Hadith to such an extent that no action of yours, no pause, no performance, and no failure to perform any work, should be without basis in Hadith. But if there is a Hadith which stands in contradiction of what has been stated in the Quran, you should exercise your mind to reconcile it in interpretation: but where no such reconciliation is possible, the Hadith should be rejected and thrown aside, since it cannot be taken to have come from the Holy Prophet. But if there is a weak Hadith, which stands, nevertheless, in accord with the Holy Quran, it is to be accepted, for the Quran has confirmed it.

  21. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    AKB , i quote Promissed Messiah (a.s) above and i will quote more of mmore of him , to clArify every wrong perception about him! your challenge is to FIND anything, from above mentionED paras, that is blasphemous,unislamic,deviant,pigishsetc etc!!
    if you cant donot bring the anti ahmaddiya website copy/paste material on this page!
    i challenge you with all the obscenity in you! find something using your own brain

  22. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Purification of the Land Of the Pure- Army of the Pure Supports it too

    maggu bi, soon it will be rebuilt.modi demolished 79 unauthorized temples in ahmedabad,media was silent.pakistan rebuilt nearly all temples damaged when historical babri mosque was demolished.let us see when they rebuilt babri mosque.

    dont forget that 2200 mosques are illegaly occupied in punjab alone including many famous dargahs.

  23. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    mirza GHULAM AHMED (a.s) The door of revelation is open even now

    Do not think that the Revelation from God is not possible in the future; that it was possible only in the past: do not think that the holy spirit cannot come down now. I tell you truly that every door can be closed but the door for the coming down of the holy spirit. Open all the doors of your heart to receive it. With your own hands you remove yourself to a distance from that sun when you yourself closed the window through which light can enter. Therefore get up at once and throw this window open, so that the light of the sun should, of its own accord, enter your heart with the simplicity and inevitability of a natural process.

    When God has not closed the doors of His blessings upon the world, when in fact He has multiplied them even more than before, do you venture to presume that he has closed upon you the doors of His spiritual blessings, even at a time when they were needed most? No, no; not at all. Rather has that door been opened beyond any possible shadow of doubt. Now, in accordance with His teaching as given in the Surah Fatihah, when the door of all earlier blessings has been opened for you, why do you decline to receive them? Create a thirst for this spring, and then, of itself, the water will begin to gush out. For this milk cry like a child, so that it should well up in the breast. Begin to deserve mercy, so that you should be shown mercy. Show anxiety and deep concern, so that your minds should be set at rest. Cry out with pain, again and again, so that a hand should stretch itself and take hold of you. Indeed, how terribly difficult is the way which is the way of the Lord! But, verily, it is made easy for those who jump into the abyss, resolutely determined to face destruction and death.

    Blessed are they who for the sake of the Lord wage a war against their own selves; while truly ill-stared are they who for the sake of their baser-selves wage war against the Lord, and refuse to mould themselves in obedience to His will. Whosoever, for the sake of his own self, evades a commandment of God, he will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

    Strive therefore to the upmost that not a jot or syllable of the Holy Quran should bear witness against you, and cause you to be apprehended on that account. For indeed, even a single grain of evil is punishable. The time is very short, the mission of your life is not yet fulfilled. Walk with speed, for the evening draws nigh. Whatever you have to put before the Lord, examine it well, and as often as you can, lest some defect remain to cause irreparable loss or lest you take something with you which in fact should amount to no more than filthy and spurious goods, not worthy to be presented at a royal court.

  24. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Deliverence from sin lies in perfect conviction

    O ye who seek the Lord, open your ears and listen! Take heed that there is nothing like perfect conviction which delivers you from sin; conviction gives you the power to do good; and conviction alone can turn you into a lover of God. Can you turn away from evil without perfect conviction? Can you hold your base impulses in check without the help of a sure light? Without this perfect conviction, can anyone bring about any real change in himself? Gan you attain to any state of satisfaction and peace of mind without this perfect certainty? Can you at all win any real prosperity without it? In the wide world, is there any Atonement which can give you the power to avoid sin which man so much stands in need of? Can the fictitious blood of Jesus, son of Mary, deliver you from sin? O ye Christians, refrain from uttering a monstrous falsehood, even such as would fain break this earth to pieces! For deliverance Jesus himself had to depend on perfect conviction. He believed with conviction, and was delivered. Woe, indeed, on those Christians who deceive the world by saying they have been delivered by the blood of Jesus Christ even when from head to foot they are drowned in evil. They do not even know who is their God. Their life is one of indulgence and ease; with the intoxication of wine in their head they remain unaware of the life with God; and for them there is no share in the fruits of life as lived in purity. Always remember, therefore, that you cannot come out of the darkness without firm conviction, nor can you get the holy spirit. Blessed are they who have this conviction, and blessed are they who have been delivered from uncertainties and doubts, for they alone shall be delivered of sin; and blessed will you be when this great treasure of firm conviction is given to you, since on that day sin for you will come to an end. Sin and conviction cannot exist together. Would you ever knowingly put your hand into a hole which you see is occupied by a poisonous snake? Or would you remain standing where a shower of red hot stones is coming down from some belching volcano? or which forms the target of a thunderbolt from the skies? or where a ferocious lion is likely to attack any moment? Or would you live in a place where a dangerous plague is destroying mankind? Then, if you believe in God with the same firmness of conviction as you believe in the danger from a snake, or a thunderbolt, or a lion, or from plague, it is not possible that you should defy Him by disobedience, to incur punishment thereby, or that you should want to break the bond of sincerity, and loyalty which binds you to Him.

    O ye people who have been called to righteousness and truth, rest fully assured that Divine attraction will take its birth in you, and you will be washed clean of the ugly blot of sin, only when your hearts become brimful of firm conviction. Perhaps you will say that you have this conviction, but you should take care to remember that this feeling is not more than a delusion on your part. That firm conviction is most certainly not yet yours, for you do not display the conditions which necessarily must go with it always. You have not yet given up your sinful ways; you have not yet taken the first step which you ought to have taken the moment this firm conviction became yours. You do not yet fear sin as you should. You can very well think out the question in your own mind. A man never puts his hand into a hole which he knows to be occupied by a poisonous snake; nor does he ever knowingly partake of a food he has reason to believe has been poisoned. Nor will he thoughtlessly walk into a thicket of trees which harbours a lion. Then how can your hand and feet, your eyes and ears, dare to sin when you have the same degree of certainty in regard to the punishment and reward from God on your conduct in life? How in the name of reason can you throw yourself into a fire which you know will burn you to ashes? And always remember that the defensive ramparts built by firm conviction against sin are veritably as high as the heavens, so that Satan cannot scale them to get you, after you have once properly built them up.

    Everyone who is purified, is purified through firmness of conviction. It is conviction which gives you the strength to bear hardships, even to the extent of persuading a king to abdicate his royal throne and take to the life of a mendicant. Conviction dissolves all difficulties. Conviction enables a man to see God. All ideas of any atoning sacrifice are false, for every kind of purity comes only from firm conviction. The only thing which delivers a man from sin, and advances him in sincerity and steadfastness, far ahead of the angels themselves, is conviction and conviction alone. All religions which fail to create this firmness of conviction are false. All religions which fail to show God by means beyond any shadow of doubt are false; and all those religions are false which contain nothing more than a handful of tales and fables about what happened in the past.

  25. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Mr.obscene, please copy and paste,what you are best at!copy and paste some part that you find arrogant and blasphemous ???

  26. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    i am waiting mr.”A”.”K”(known).o”B”scene, as you quoted a christian’s saying to represent yourself for protection of islam!
    i am waiting because i have tonnes of more, articles for you to extract evudence of arrogance of ahmadis and Mirza GHULAM AHMED(A.S) from!

  27. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    to reitrate THE real islam which is Ahmaddiya Islam:
    promissed messiah says
    “”O ye learned people of Islam!”"

    O ye learned people among the Muslims! Do not be hasty in rejecting me as false. There are many profound secrets which man cannot comprehend in a hurry, all at once. You should not be ready to reject a thing the moment you hear it, for this is not the way of the righteous. Had there been no errors among you, and if you had not interpreted certain Ahadith in a manner contrary to their real sense, then the advent of the Messiah, as a judge and adjudicator among you, would have been a useless thing. The mission you assign to this advent, namely, that he would join force with the Mahdi, to make war on all in order forcibly to convert them to Islam, is a belief which brings disgrace to Islam. Where at all is it written in the Quran that war is permissible for the sake of spreading one’s religion by force? On the contrary we find Allah saying in the Holy Book:

    There is no compulsion in matters connected with religion.

    Then wherefrom would the Messiah, son of Mary, get the right to use force for converting people to Islam? The entire Quran is replete to the effect that there can be no coercion in religion; and it is absolutely clear on the point that when the Holy Prophet took up the sword, he did not do so to spread Islam by this means, but (i) as a due punishment for these who had killed a large number of Muslims, and had driven out many others from their homes. We read in the Holy Book: “Permission has been given to those who fight because they had been oppressed, and Allah indeed has the power to help them (in spite of the odds against them)” 22:39. (ii) Or these wars were defensive, fought against people who were leaving no stone unturned to extirpate Islam and to stop its propagation by force of arms. (iii) Or they were fought to assert legitimate freedoms. Apart from campaigns undertaken for these three aims, the Holy Prophet and his blessed Khalifas fought no war, whatsoever. In fact, before taking up arms in self defence Islam bore oppression with silent fortitude to an extent of which there is no example in the history, of other peoples. Then what kind of a Messiah and Mahdi would these be who would embark on their mission by putting their opponents to the sword right from the start.

  28. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Stealing of ornaments from idols is good work and is a long practiced tradition to encourage

    bhagwan dont need ornament.he gives ornaments to others.HIS ornaments are also stolen in india by hindus.once narang group of delhi was very active they used to stole murtis and ornament is simple theft.i hope police will recover this soon.i support the hindus but dont communalize issue.these things happen in india as well.culprits are usually hindus.jitne bhee pande hain unki main expertize dan kosh se 500 rupee ka note kheechnen ke hai.mere friend guptajee ke father temple mein 4 hrs yahee kaam karte hain.vasant vihar mein 2 ghar khareed liye hain.

  29. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    Wow… Two Acts of Purification in The Land of The Pure on The Same Day- A temple and ahmedi graves, Waah waah
    Islam Kay Bahadur Sipaahi ghazis did one more brave deed today:
    LAHORE: Over 100 tombstones were desecrated by unidentified men at an Ahmadi graveyard in the Model Town area of Lahore early Monday morning.
    Eyewitnesses said 12 to 15 masked men, carrying weapons and excavation tools, had entered the graveyard in Model Town Q Block between 1:30am and 1:45am.
    At least five of the men were reported to be carrying weapons, including 9mm pistols and a bigger gun.
    The perpetrators removed and broke the tombstones of graves. They also told the caretakers that they were not supposed to write the Kalima or Bismillah on the tombstones because, “Ahmadis are infidels.”
    They will be showered by rose petals and get a French kiss from mumtaz Quadri.

  30. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    Police said that they were not aware of the incident.
    “There is no such thing in our knowledge. We will take action when someone files a report about the incident,” local police station chief Idrees Qureshi told AFP.
    Later Mr Idrees Qureshi told AFP that he had recently read a book by Mahatma Gandhi and had been very impressed. He had adopted the Gandhian philosophy of Bura Mat karo, bura nat dekho, bura mat Suno. This Gandhian thought is,taking strong hold among policemen in Pakistan across the,cities of Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar.

  31. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ Maggu

    I have been to the mandir kinda chali at Soldier bazaar Karachi….it was in dilapidated and despite notices the Hindus mostly poor dalits working as janitors did not do repairs. This posed threat to their lives hence they demolished it rather than go through the expenses and are selling it over to some Mirjai?


    Idol worship is forbidden in Islam…..yet how kind Muslims were to Hindu’s and other idol worshippers can be seen through the mirror of history epecially the Mughals who did not demolish any place of idol worship nor looted their wasteful booty!!
    Sultan Mahmood was an exception…the Hindu conspirators invited him to attack India and take away the treasure hidden in idols as his reward. You can see it is the fault of the idol worshippers themselves which causes their mandirs demolished or their idol-teasure looted. According to Muslims the goods recovered in a battle or war from enemy are Halal…


  32. Secular Pir Manki United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    The law-abiding among Hindus should be protected. They are protected subjects of Muslims. Mirjaees are traitors. The law does not apply to them until they revert to Islam.

  33. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:


    Since there is so much overflooding rhetoric from you and there is so much material on record on the net that there remains hardly any point to left to say about the deviate Mirjai’s that they are MURTEDS AND ENEMIES OF PAKISTAN. The Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan have been promulgated to keep rescals like you in their skins. You talk too much in air….because the syber Laws are yet to be enforced in Pakistan….wait for a little while before your pants are taken off….
    and all of you Mirjai;s adopt as Maggu Makhee as yet another female frofet of yours thereby paving an easy way to hell!

  34. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ maggu makku

    yes, Pakistan police has its draw backs…like any other police. Beware of them before they took you on and sent to gallows for the anguish against Muslims you suffer from…



  35. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:


    ”Mirza Mahmud targeted Africa since 1st World War. With the active support of British Imperialism, Qadianis set up their missions in its large part, Imperialist powers had an eye on Africa because nature has blessed this region with invaluable material resources. Its geographical location in the world globe carries strategic importance. These powers always contested with one another to extend their sphere of influence over this area. The British Imperialism, however, controlled a large part of Africa and exploited its resources for its colonial ends.

    In early 50s, pressed hard by the force of national liberation movements, European colonials had to leave Africa, but neo-colonialism as system of Imperialists exploitation still exists in Afro-Asian countries. Adapting themselves to a changed situation and keeping young sovereign countries within the orbit of their economic domination and political influence and retaining indirect political and military control over many of them, the Imperialist countries hope to preserve the system of economic and political dependence.

    Israel has acted not only as an outpost of Imperialism against the Arabs in the Middle East but it has also been used against the oppressed people of Africa. In this connection the modus operandi of Imperialism has been different. While in the Middle East Israel displays naked aggression and persists in the policy of occupation, in Africa the Imperialist sponsored Israeli moves have been more subtle, indirect and disguised. It offers technical and economic help to the under developed countries of Africa. Under this policy the Israelis, particularly in 1960s, established close economic and cultural relations with a number of newly independent African countries where there were pro-West governments in power. The Israelis gave `technical assistance’ and even `economic help’ to these countries, worked on the construction of roads, ports and educational institutions. In some of the countries the Israelis offered cooperation in the military field. Many Israeli military experts worked on African soil as “advisers” and many African countries sent their defense personnel to Israel for training. But the more significant aspect of Israeli incursions into Africa was its close collaboration with the racist regimes of South Africa and former Rhodesia. Israeli military expertise was available to them for suppressing anti-colonial and anti-apartheid liberation movements.
    Qadianis have the full-backings of the Imperialist-Zionist lobby in Africa. They are their loyal and dependable agents. The Ahmadya Missions are stronghold of Imperialism and are involved in spying and strengthening the political and ideological influence of Israel in Africa. They work to make African countries Israel’s political allies and mobilize support for Zionist aggression against the Arab states. Israeli Zionists seek entrance into African trade, social, political and religious circles with a view to subjecting them to their influence. Their main targets of attack are the African intellectuals, young people, trade unions, economic organizations and emerging political leadership. Qadianis had intimate relations and personal contacts with Israeli advisers, technocrats, military officers, diplomats and agents of Mossad. In Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Sierra Leone Qadianis played a vital political role at the behest of Israel. In 1961, Mirza Mahmud declared. `God has preserved the countries of Africa for Ahmadyat. The future of Ahmadyat is closely linked with Africa.’5 As a result of it, Mirza Mahmud organized so-called missionary activities in Nigeria, Ghana. Sierra Leone, Liberia, Togoland, Ivory Cost and Gambia in West Africa and Kenya, Uganda and Tanganika and through them extended influence to Congo, Rhodesia and Nyasaland. In South Africa due to Government restrictions, they could not send a missionary from Rabwah but local Qadianis worked under the instructions of Khalifa.

    There was only one mission in London established in 1914 but in 1964 under Tehrik-i-Jadid there were 66 missions in 31 countries manned by 152 Qadiani missionaries – 69 were sent from Rabwah and 83 were natives.6 These missions operated in Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Scandinavia, British Guyana, Singapore, Borneo, Mauritius, Israel, Syria, Aden, Fiji, Holland, West Germany, Lebanon, Latin America, Ceylone, Malaysia, Indonesia and Africa. Total number of worship places were 291 in 1964 most of them were in Africa. There were 59 Ahmadya educational institutions with over 50% concentration in Africa. Three medical missionaries served in Nigeria and Sierra Leone. Mirza Mahmud gave special attention to the press as a vehicle to propagate Jamat beliefs in foreign lands. There were 17 papers of the community including one Albushra (Arabic) From Haifa (Israel).7

    Arab-Israel War: During the last quarter of 1965 many Qadianis moved from Iran to Israel. They safeguarded the Zionist interests in the Persian Gulf States and were supported by the Jewish Agency Tehran and the Tehran Office of the World Jewish Congress. Jacob M. Landau, a Jewish writer states that on 31 December, 1965 there were 327,000 non-Jew Arabs in Israel and a few hundred Ahmadis who came from Iran. 8

    ‘The Arab-Israel War of 1967 resulted in the defeat of Arabs. Pakistan strongly condemned the Israeli aggression and raised its voice in favour of Palestinian cause. Qadianis living in Pakistan and abroad maintained a dubious silence on the pretext that they had nothing to do with the politics. They neither condemned Israeli aggression nor rendered even lip service to the Palestinian cause. Qadiani Mission in Israel extended full support to Zionism as it was an article of their faith to support the policy of the Government under whose rule they lived whether it be Jewish, Sikh or a racist one. In accordance with that policy and in view of their Zionist orientations, Qadianis living in Kababir (Israel) were said to have expressed satisfaction and jubilation over Zionist victory over Arabs. 9

    After the 1967 Arab-Israel War, Mirza Nasir Ahmad left for Europe on 6 July, 1967. It was his first tour after becoming head of the Jamat. Sir Zafarullah and M. M. Ahmad, then Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission of Pakistan, met him in London.
    A Conference of Qadiani elders was held in London to devise future strategy for an `Ahmadya Revolution.’ The Chattan, Lahore in its editorial discussed the implications of Mirza Nasir’s visit to Europe immediately after the Arab defeat in 1967 War. During his tour a correspondent asked him to give his reaction over the Arab-Israel War but he fought shy of it. The paper disclosed that Mirza Nasir had been invited by certain foreign powers to discuss post-war issues and to project Arab-Israel antagonism as the exclusive problem of Arabs and not of Islam

  36. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ mahee

    I have already read tons of your articles for research and found them only a bundle of lies. Ofcourse I am only interested in your categorical replies to questions asked….no need to bugger yerself up with more shit from your ‘Kaaba’ in London!!
    Again, I repeat and reiterate on the grounds stated hereinbefore that MIRJAI’S OF QADIAN ARE PUCCA NON MUSLIMS, LIARS AND DEVIATES.

  37. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    Meaning of Khatam


    The following information has been compiled from the book Akhari Nabi, written by Maulana Muhammad Ali in 1922 and published by the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam, Lahore. Its English translation has also been published under the title “The Last Prophet”.
    Meaning of Khatam an-nabiyyin
    All the classical lexicons of Arabic and the Quran give the meaning of Khatam an-nabiyyin as “Last of the Prophets”. For example,
    Taj -al-`arus,
    Lisan al-`arab,
    Raghib’s famous Mufradat of the Quran,
    Majma bihar al-anwar (a dictionary of Hadith),
    all say that Khatam an-nabiyyin means the Last of the Prophets.

    Edward William Lane’s Arabic-English Lexicon, based on the classical Arabic lexicons such as those above, says:
    “Khatam an-nabiyyin and khatim an-nabiyyin both in the Quran mean the last of the prophets (33:40).”
    The above lexicons also record that the usage khatam al-qaum existed among the pre-Islamic Arabs and meant akhiru-hum or the “last of the people”.
    Meanings of khatim, khatam, etc.
    While “seal” is a meaning of khatam, it is also mentioned in every major lexicon that “last” is also its meaning. The lexicons record that khatam is similar in meaning to several of its variants (such as khatim) and that it means the “last part” of something.
    Taj al-`arus
    The Taj al-`arus says:
    “wal-khatamu min kulli shai-in `aqibatu-hu wa akhiratu-hu ka-khatimati-hi wal-khatamu akhir-il qaum.”
    The khatam of anything is its end (`aqib) and its last part (akhir), as its khatim is, and the last of a people is its khatam.
    Taj al-`arus also says:
    “khatama ash-shai means ‘he reached the end of a thing’. From this is derived khatamtu-l-Qurana which means ‘I reached the end of the Quran’. The khatam of a people (qaum) is the last (akhir) of them, just as the khatim is. And it is in the word of Allah: khatam an-nabiyyin, that is, the Last (akhir) of them.”
    Similar meanings are given in:
    Lisan al-`arab
    the Qamus
    Mukhtar as-sihah
    Muntaha al-`arab
    Sihah al-Jauhari
    Lisan al-`arab
    In the Lisan al-`arab, it says:
    “Wa bil-kasri khatimu-hum, wa bil-fathi khatamu-hum akhiru-hum.”
    “With kasra (vowel stroke under a letter) it is khatimu-hum, and with fath (vowel stroke above a letter) it is khatamu-hum, and it means the last of them.”
    It goes on to say:
    “Khatim and khatam are among the names of the Prophet Muhammad, and in the Quran it says: Muhammad is not the father of any man from among you but he is the messenger of Allah and the khatam of the prophets, that is to say, the Last of them (akhiru-hum).”
    Further on it says:
    “Among his (Prophet Muhammad’s) names is al-`aqib also, and its meaning is the Last of the prophets (akhirul-anbiya).”
    Mufradat of Raghib
    This famous dictionary of the Holy Quran, under the root kh-t-m,discusses the various occurrences of words based on this root in the Quran. It then says:
    “Khatam an-nabiyyin li-anna-hu khatama an-nubuwwata ayi tammama-ha bi-maji’i-hi.”
    “He is the Khatam an-nabiyyin because he ended prophethood, that is, he made it complete by his appearance.”
    Classical commentaries (tafasir) of the Quran.
    The classical commentators also explain khatam an-nabiyyin as meaning the Last of the prophets.
    Abu Hayyan says: inna-hum (“they” – the prophets)
    bi-hi (“with him”, i.e. Prophet Muhammad)
    khutimu (“have come to an end”)
    nabiyy-un (“prophets”)

    Here the passive voice khutimu is used, meaning “have come to an end”.

    In Fath al-Bayan, it is recorded:
    “Khatam is that by which something is terminated. Thus the meaning is that God has terminated prophethood with him, and so there is no prophet after him.”
    Ibn Jarir (the famous at-Tabari) writes:
    “The meaning of khatam an-nabiyyin, ‘ta’ with ‘fath’, is that he is the Last of the prophets.”
    In the commentary of al-Baidawi it is written:
    “Akhiru-hum al-ladhi khutima bi-him au khatamu bi-hi”
    “The last (akhir) of them with whom they (the prophets) came to an end, or they came to an end with him.”
    Hadith reports on Prophet Muhammad being the last prophet.
    We propose to deal with these in a subsequent article. Here we just note that there are at least forty different hadith reports in which the Prophet Muhammad has explained that he is the Last Prophet. If the different channels of reporting are counted, these amount to 89 (eighty-nine) reports. These are all quoted in the book Khatam an-Nabiyyin by Sayyid Muhammad Ahsan of Amroha (India), published in 1922 by the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam Lahore. (Incidentally, the author S. M. Ahsan was recognised in the Ahmadiyya movement as the second most learned follower of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the first being Maulana Nur-ud-Din.)

    As regards the high standard of reliability of those reports, the classical commentator Ibn Kathir writes:
    “This verse of Khatam an-nabiyyin is a clear proof that no prophet would come after him … and there have been continuous (mutawattir) reports on the subject, recorded by an entire group (jama`at) of the Companions of the Prophet.”
    These hadith reports are to be found in the most reliable of the Hadith collections, i.e. Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmizi, Nisa’i, Ibn Maja etc.

    It may be noted that in these hadith reports the Prophet Muhammad has used several different ways to explain that he is the Last Prophet.
    In many reports he uses the words: La nabiyya ba`di, meaning “There is no prophet after me”.

    In some reports he uses the passive voice of khatam (kutima, “have come to an end”), rather than the active participle, to say that “prophets have come to an end with me”.

    In some reports he has used the first person as follows: I have (khatamtu) brought the prophets to an end.

    In some, he refers to himself by the title al-`aqib (the one who follows at the end), adding that he bears this title because no prophet will come after him.
    As against this, nowhere and absolutely nowhere is the Holy Prophet Muhammad reported as saying that prophets would come after him, nor is there any statement from any of the Companions that “prophets will appear after the Prophet Muhammad”.

  38. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:


    Bolay ke tumpe deen ki islah ferz hai
    maien chal diya yeh kehke ke aadab arz hai

  39. Mahee United States Opera Mini Unknow Os says:

    Akb, lol, hahahahahahaha, thats exactly what i expectd!! Thanku for clarifying to me and the entire world, about your ignorant,demented 7self.

  40. Maggu India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    SWAT: One woman was killed and six others, including children, were injured in a bomb blast near the house of Kainat Riaz – one of the girls who was accompanying Malala when she was attacked by the Taliban, Express News reported on Tuesday.

  41. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    @tajender, you summed up the entire debate that i HAVE been to engageD in with lunatics in these two verses , thanku!GOD BLESS YOU!! AND “MUQARAR”
    Bolay ke tumpe deen ki islah ferz hai
    A.K.B chal diya yeh kehke ke aadab arz hai”

  42. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:


  43. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    “KEEP IT UP” :) :) :) :p :p :p :p

  44. mahee United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Surah Al Kafirun
    1. Qul ya ayyuha al-kafirun ( Say, “O disbelievers,)

    2. La a’budu ma ta’buduna ( I do not worship that which you worship,)

    3. Wa-la antum ‘abiduna ma a’budu ( nor do you worship the One whom I worship.)

    4. Wa-la ana ‘abidunm ma ‘abadtum ( And neither I am going to worship that which you have worshipped, )

    5. Wa-la antum ‘abiduna ma a’budu ( nor will you worship the One whom I worship.)

    6. Lakum dinukum wa-liya dini ( For you is your faith, and for me, my faith.” )

  45. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    mahee says:
    December 4, 2012 at 4:52 pm
    @tajender, you summed up the entire debate that i HAVE been to engageD in with lunatics in these two verses…………

    hum aisee sab kitabein qabile zabtee samjhte hain,
    kee jinko padh ke bete baap ko khaptee samajhte hain.

  46. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    @tajender yes indeed.

  47. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    a very good article:On Dishonest Maulvis, Harsh Laws, and Minority Rights
    September 3, 2012

  48. mahee United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    @tajender, “hum aisee sab kitabein qabile zabtee samjhte hain,
    kee jinko padh ke bete baap ko khaptee samajhte hain”
    if the book you are refferring to is quran then im sorry you are mistaken!!

  49. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:


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