Assassination of Salmaan Taseer by that Coward Mumtaz Qadri


One year has passed since Governor Salmaan Taseer was martyred in cold blood by his bodyguard who was charged with the duty of protecting him. On this one year anniversary of the death of that tiger of a man, I wish to ask the orthodox doctors of religion, the ulema and maulanas, especially of Sunni Tehreek, a few questions:

1.  Are you going to kill everyone who disagrees with your version of the faith? Isn’t that what it comes down to? Salmaan Taseer believed that 295-C was not the law the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) would have approved of. How is that blasphemy by any stretch of imagination? Who made you Deen’s last word? Who died and appointed you God?

2. If Salmaan Taseer had committed blasphemy, why didn’t Mumtaz Qadri file a criminal complaint against him? If Qadri was right in his actions, why keep 295-C and the legal process on the books? Why not allow everyone to kill everyone else to avenge blasphemy?

3. Is the killing of an unarmed man at your mercy and under your protection an Islamic act? Is it not an act of cowardice to attack someone without warning ?

You guys have made a mockery of our Deen. The conduct of the Sunni Tehreek in particular and the actions of coward Mumtaz Qadri are a lot like the actions of those “Muslims” who attacked and killed the Hazrat Hussain (AS) at Karbala. A poet had perhaps expressed this best when he said:

Ajab khel hua Islam ki taqdeer ke saath, Qatl-e-Shabbir hua naara e Takbir ke saath.

May Allah forgive you for your bigotry, ignorance and idiocy and that halfwit coward Mumtaz Qadri.

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