Your “Sannu Ki” hypocry!

By Kiran Nazish
“Christian girl, 12, kidnapped, beaten and raped for eight months until she converted to Islam” said the headline of a report published in Daily Mail. This ofcourse happened in Pakistan, the publication ofcourse revealed an Islamic, radical, extremist & militant (yes, they multi-task) group member as culprit. In response, the non-militant, non-extremist, v-tolerant liberals (yes, they multi-task too) respond dismissively, and matter-of-factly, “Oh! They aren’t Muslims. We (muslims) will never do this.”
It is also widely believed that there is wisdom in these words: ‘That’s not me, that’s them.’

Now, (generally speaking) which do you think is more abhorrent: the event of importunate rapes, under prolonged kidnapping and then enforced conversion to a different religion, or the fact that members of that religion shrug off by saying, ‘It can’t be one of us, Its the hijackers’. What do you think is less decent? Do you suddenly feel helpless, but to respond with a million excuses related to security and insecurity for why you don’t can’t take ownership, for such complex issue? With all the controversies, real or fabricated, one has to recognize the immense potential of this nation to be so generously tolerant towards such culpability of being called intolerant. 

Most of the wisest among the wisest find remarkable maturity in playing ‘them’ v/s ‘us’. It is in-fact believed to be an achievement to have finally realized that those who violate religion, and manipulate the institution of society actually are not among us. “They can’t be Muslims” they are animals. And of-course Muslims are not animals, right? Right. And of-course, Islam teaches us tolerance, not animosity, right? Correct. Those who go around blowing themselves up, raping women and inciting hatred for others are not the real Muslims; they are in-fact the un-real Muslims, the hijackers of Islam, the morons taking mileage from the pure and virtuous good-for-mankind organization called Islam. Right? Hmm. 

Because, Islam teaches us such tremendous tolerance, so tremendous my friend, that we have become immune to intolerance, right? Absolutely right. Just to be clear, I’m being sarcastic here.

Let’s go back and recall how our gracious “tolerance” has portrayed us in the eyes of the world and why are we the celebrity extremists of this beautiful planet.
Right when we were grieving Salman Taseer’s murder, we kept ourselves composed and upright, disgraced the culprit and bit our nails at the sheer thought of “Why would any Muslim do that?” 

Those who did not side with Qadri, must also remember that they were secluded in their protests because there was another group that demonstrated heartfelt support to Qadri, showered red rose petals on him and chanted slogans for him calling him The Ghazi. Yes, Bravo! 
Those who sat in their homes in melancholy (Yes, you! The English medium educated lot), disgracing the moment when hundreds of lawyers were garlanding the heroic man (Ghazi Sahib i.e.), are known little to the rest of the world. Precisely because you were not out there and were therefore not seen and heard of. Which is why, simply dismissing an idea, my friend, is not enough. Saying that it’s ‘them not us’ on twitter or some English paper’s Op-ed is not enough because your voice is not covered and/or consumed by the mass. People who understand and are educated via local language papers don’t read you, heck they don’t even know you. Resultantly, it was, as a matter of fact, the pro-Qadri movement that turned out to be conquering and effective because its participants (and your hijackers) took the pain – with much joy i.e; to go out on the roads – and probably bought those flowers to shower him with, from their own pockets; just to show their support.

The media was on the other hand; busy covering how extremism is soaring this nation’s fate. International media gave extensive coverage to the flower-shower event because to be honest, you were too satisfied with yourself, confidently telling yourself, “It’s them, it’s not me. Sannu ki, Sannu ki”.

You hypocrite, yes you!

Should we ask if this very broad-mindedness has been fanning extremism? Or that, how significant a role could this tolerance play in encouraging extremist tendencies amongst the people of this country, in general? The fact of the matter is; that ignorance has perpetually led to a lamentable loss for this nation, which is so conveniently sulking at the dearth of fine leadership. We lack the substantive manifestation of reclaiming our identity; as Muslims and as Pakistanis. And sadly, we are okay with it. After all, “It’s them, not us”.

It amazes me with such concentration that my nights sleep has repudiated while I meaninglessly ponder over the state of mind of this nation.

To start with, we must stop blaming extremism, because this extremism has its finest fiber made of  the remarkable tolerance of ours. Mind you, this is not the forbearance Islam talks about. This is selfishness, foolishness and the tallness of irresponsibility. If Islam is facing an identity crisis, you have to budge to rescue it, right? Right. (And no, I’m not being sarcastic now) This is the call for Jihad. Oh, for God’s sake, not that Jihad. The verbal Jihad, in order to reclaim Islam from the hijackers. The Jihad of discourse, of making our identity apparent to others and to ourselves. So summon yourself to what the Prophet Muhammad said: “The most excellent type of jihad is speaking a true word against a tyrant …” [Reported by Imaams Abu Daood, At-Tirmidhi and Ibn Maajah]

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