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9 Responses to "Everything is More Fun in Pakistan!"

  1. Fazl e Haq Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    qadiani toilet type article

  2. Thevoiceofreason United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Fazl e Haq, stfu.


    dead seriously, mediocrity and murdering have been sadomasochistly been wickedly catapulted into mores-cum-funn in pakistan where court orders are flouted in the namew of democracy and “honoyuring” the supreme court, and law officers extracting huge salaries, all sans merit, are patronage appointees busy filling their deep-pockets, pussycating seditious agendas and loyally promoting double standards forbidden by Constl articles 1 to 10-A, et seq.

    this side of indigenous/ASStablizshment fun is very funny and no cause for applause. it seems that selling pakistan short is great fun for the perverse and the perverted who fancy themselves as the elite off pack-a-satan.

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  6. observ Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:



    “Murder of history

    Sir: I recently decided to appear for this year’s civil services (CSS) examinations and as such I started my preparation, not knowing what lay in store for me. I had been told that one has to stick to right-wing opinions in most matters in order to clear his/her CSS examinations, but I always figured that such things were exaggerated. However, one look at a book on Pakistan Affairs, published by a renowned publishing house, caused me a lot of headache. Among other very objectionable historical exaggerations, the main theme of the book remained that before independence, the whole world was conspiring against the Muslims of the subcontinent. Going on to paint Gandhi as the most conniving and criminal individual ever to have lived, the book goes on to blame every Hindu in the subcontinent for all the ills of the Muslims of that time. While this is most of the time also painted in other books in our country, the most frightening part of the book was that General Ayub Khan was painted to have saved the country from 10 years of political instability, and General Zia was painted as a religious crusader who helped guide our country on the ‘right’ path. I cannot begin to explain how disturbing it was that the next generation of civil servants of our country were being led to believe that the military dictators were the good guys and that politicians always mess up everything. Is it any surprise that the bureaucracy has been the biggest supporter and enabler of military takeovers in our country?


    This is the real “fun” in Pakistan. This hate against India and hindus is deadly and anti-human.

  7. roamin United States Internet Explorer Windows says:


    There is a need to find a glue to bind a country together. It can either be pride in oneself or hate for something else. Now there is nothing much to be proud of so hate is it. Of course, hate also brings along with it its own baggage and the baggage is spilling open in the streets for everyone to see – minorities being butchered, Ahmedis being proscribed, Shias being bombed.

    Its all good. Pakistan is well on its to a unitarian society.

    However, the one bright spot for the country is the triangular contest in the corridors of power. This is the first step for change.

  8. observ Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to roamin

    Pakistan changes – yes it does – towards the worse.

    The contesters will all agree that the only way to bring about their own prosperity (let the ordinary people of Pakistan go to dogs) is to restart the hate-campaign against India. After they get tired of their squabbles they will “re-invent” the formula of hating India as their common denominator.

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