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Happy birthday, Bibi Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari!

By Saria Benazir.

“Benazir Lives”… I’ve always have heard this and possess an unyielding credence in these words. Nevertheless, as I turn up to gaze at the heavens in moments of obscurity, she is there to placate me and to grant me hope and direction. The instant, I see myself ripped by obstructions, she is there to give me valor and vigor. The empathy twinges into trillions and splits my soul as I heed of her brutal assassination even after years, be it a very small mention of the sacrifice that she gave for democracy and humanity. My eyes have not turned blind after watching it and my ears haven’t turned deaf after hearing the sound of bullets – atrocious world… Isn’t it? Someone gives their blood and the other instant; one finds the boulevards being washed to hide that blood… Hide it from whom….and for how long…? Failure, when the blood begins to write up its own history; failure, when the same blood cries out: “You cannot execute a vision”; an utter failure, when you find the same blood flowing through her “charismatic” daughter, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari.

Time turns to be pitiless, fate turns to be austere, and life turns to be a prickly passage, but there is a flicker of illumination far apart, which tends to brighten the entire universe. That light brings in a message of buoyancy and prosperity, and a conviction to stand with the demoralized and to take a bullet for safeguard the motherland. Thereby, the legend begins – a story of exemplary audacity in a sea of tears. “Benazir” courage comes into existence again, as it requires guts to be able to recall those vicious blazes that burnt the entire planet and snatched the anticipation from trillions – The words do not exist, but yet, it requires empathy to feel that excruciating incident, which threw the entire nation into gloom. In all the frustrations, one heeds the voice that reaches straight away to the heavens:”…murdered legendary mother…you had beauty and intelligence…enemies feared your presence…shot at the back of your ear, so young in 54th year, murdered with three kids left behind, a hopeless nation without you…”


The bereavement has not come to an end yet. Life ceases, as one goes four years back… Is there no worth of a human’s life…? Isn’t the blood given for humankind too sacrosanct? My eyes again catch sight of a crowd, too enthusiastic to see her step on her soil, the same slogans of “Jeaye Bhutto” ring in my ears, and I view the same Benazir, who was the most beloved to me, loaded with rose petals with the white scarf hovering on her head, which became an insignia of hope and democracy. “Walking in your room and office, you’ll always be back you promised…still got the sense of your presence…your eyes, your smile, the presence…perfection, beauty, your elegance, the epitome of benevolence, you were counting down the days to pray at your dad’s grave…” Her charisma continues to be felt and the lesion intensifies as one grasps the veracity in the words of her pudding, Bakhtawar.

The chronicle is lengthy enough…Months later, I get to comprehend the truth that martyrs continue to live, as I see Bakhtawar amidst her mother’s followers. The commotion gets unplumbed, as one feels the presence of Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto in her words and conduct, concern for the afflictions of the ailing and vow to assist the under privileged. An icon of women empowerment, highly involved in student politics and humanitarian activities at an international level, one can view a “Benazir” heart in her, which moves to see the peoples’ sufferings. Beginning with her struggle to materialize the vision of her mother, she formed an NGO “Save the Flood and Disaster Victims” to raise donations for those affected by the catastrophic floods in Pakistan. Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari inspires millions, as a daughter, who is too dedicated and committed to the cause for which her mother gave away her life. At times, it appears that Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto left her the present of a celebrated name and “the people of Pakistan” on her upcoming birthday on January 25, 2008, as this day, she has proved to be the upcoming daughter of the East. Indeed, her passion to terminate the stress of the humanity has earned her trillions of hands, which rise in prayers for her 24/7. “Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto is the most inspiring figure in my life. She was larger than life. I always thought of a tribute which could do some justice to her grand abilities. The very core aim of this NGO is inspired from her passion that was the true emancipation of the people of Pakistan. So I ask in her name for help. Let us come together and rebuild Pakistan. Let’s rebuild it in an even better way. Let’s turn this grave tragedy into an opportunity. We have to rebuild a new bright and shining Pakistani society, to which our commitment is total and unending.” Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari has thus, placed her heart and soul in this soil, as did her mother Shaheed Benazir Bhutto.

Bakhtawar is the true manifestation of the aspirations of her martyred mother.“…how could you be taken from me…my eyes they keep getting sore…when we prayed at your grave, my knees they just hit the floor…”“…But if I could have you…I would take the pain away, I would take the pain, I would take the pain away…”

Amidst snivels and timidity, twinge and murkiness; Benazir was born the very day, the heavens could all heed “I would take the pain away…” Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari – the parable of unparalleled heroism begins…She is bound to be the “lucky charm” for Pakistan, as her name suggests.

“Is mulk ki kismet ap ke hatho may hai, so let’s make a difference”.

Zinda Hai Bibi, Zinda Hai!

Happy Birthday to the future leader of Pakistan, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari! :) <3












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14 Responses to "Happy birthday, Bibi Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari!"

  1. Jehangir United States Safari Mac OS says:

    you, the zardari family and the rest of her chamchas WISH she will be Pakistan’s future leader. over our dead bodies will we let the Zardari family rule over us any longer.

  2. Haris Kamal Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Pakistan’s future Queen. Oh wow!!!! I didnt knew we are a kingdom of Bhutto-Zardari. Much more funny is how they are converting Zardaris into Bhuttos. LMAO!!

  3. Mustafa United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    The Pro Democracy blog PTH, favors monarchy!

    Pakistan should be ruled on the basis of merit! Not wealth or family ties, we have had too much of this feudal mindset. Really dissappointing that a website claiming to be a liberal blog, posts this rubbish example of idol worship and monarchy!

  4. UNF Ireland Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    The Cult of Bhutto ~ where the lost adherents disgustingly wallow in its blinding hypocrisy until proximate oblivion. Carry on, kids!

  5. rex minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    It was not easy to get rid of the Kennedy cult in the USA. One after another were cut down! How many more Bhuttos or Zardari Bhuttos must be martyred to stop this hypocracy. What is the educational background of the lady? If nothing specific then let the young woman get married to someone who is atleast more talented than her father and stop this make believe mama story.

    Rex Minor

  6. rex minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    O’h sorry, happy returns Miss Zardari. You are not a Bhutto and do not give yourself the name Bhutto!

  7. Zeenath Hong Kong Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    WOW… and i thought the age of Monarchy was over!!….LOL… this article is laughable… and yet makes me want to cry… Pakistan, is THIS what you have come down to? a Fiefdom of some family from Sind?… we “have ‘Sinned’!

  8. Rehmat United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    We will give our blood for the democracy and Bhutto and Bibis family- Try your ass off.

    and if you cant suceed- My ass is always there to be kissed. cheers

  9. rex minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    Careful, democracies do not need someone blood, but people bleed when they become reckless and delude themselve to having the hereditory right to lead the people. Public service demands community service sharing the concerns and worries of the peers; bibis are aristocrats and do no longer have much in common with the masses and therefore not eligible to lead them. Mrs Zardari was groomed by the military to head the civilian Govt. and it was the military which retired her from public service. This was not understood by the Bhutto/Zardaris who later turned over to the foreign power brokers.
    Pakistan needs new blood in the leadership to take the country out of the stalemate and not the old blood which over a passage of time got saturated with wealth.

    Rex Minor

  10. rex minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


  11. Anwar United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Reads more like a Nazi propaganda pamphlet…

  12. Nasirh Canada Google Chrome Windows says:

    This article utter nonsense. Gushing garbage written by someome obviously in the pay or the Zardari/Bhutto fiefdom. PTH I am truly disappointed.

  13. [...] Happy birthday, Bibi Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari! [...]

  14. Amjad Cheema United Kingdom Safari iPad says:

    Fascism goes unabated, Bakhtawar has a right to contest her abilities, let the people of pakistan decide who they want to lead them.
    These drawing room eunuchs of the society should stop superior human being culture.
    We all have equal civic rights.

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