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Radicalism and Engineers

By Abdul Majeed Abid

Professionals form the backbone of a society. Professionals include Doctors, engineers, bankers, businessmen, lawyers, soldiers and law-enforcers. Pakistani society as a whole has been affected by the problem of increasing intolerance and religious extremism over the years. One of the many causes of this rise is the state of textbooks in Pakistan that promote hatred and bigotry(Consider for instance Meri Kitab, which is a required text textbook for grade one students in most public schools. Seven out of 16 chapters in Meri Kitab contained religious sermons. A report by United States Commission on International Religious Freedom found that textbooks were filled with disparaging remarks about the Hindus, while never mentioning that for centuries Muslims and Hindus had lived peacefully in the subcontinent.). Students are taught from a young age to hate perceived enemies. Other causes include the propaganda-mongering by state-backed Madrassas and even state-controlled media, enormous groundwork done by religious groups and exploitation of religious beliefs of people by clergy. A common belief about terrorists is that only uneducated, unemployed and frustrated people join the ranks of terrorists. Research has proven this wrong and we know today that there are many doctors, engineers and other professionals in the terrorist ranks. The 9/11 conspirators included 8 engineers, Faisal Shehzad, famously known as Times-square bomber is a qualified engineer, Yahya Ayyash from Hamas-an electrical engineer-is credited with advancing the technique of suicide bombing,  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (confessed Al Qaeda operative and engineering student) tried to blow up an airliner over Detroit, Mohammed Abd al-Salam Faraj, leader of the killers of Anwar Sadat, Kafeel Ahmed, who tried to bomb Glasgow Airport in 2007, Anwar al-Awlaki(top Al-Qaeda leader from Yemen famous for his internet sermons), studied engineering as an undergraduate at Colorado State University. In Pakistan, Hafiz Saeed-the founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamaat-ud-Dawaa, both on International terror watch list-used to teach at University of Engineering and Technology, Faiz Mohammad, a civil engineer, was caught at Karachi’s airport with batteries and an electrical circuit hidden in his shoes, Asif Mehmood, a chemical engineer from UET, was involved in the 2009 bombing of the ISI office in Lahore.

Diego Gambetta and Steffen Herog in their research paper titled “Why are there so many Engineers among Islamic Radicals?” note that According to data compiled by Carnegie foundation in 1984, The proportion of engineers who declare themselves to be on the right of the political spectrum is greater than in any other disciplinary group: 57.6 % of them are either conservative or strongly conservative, as compared to 51.1 % of economists, 42.5 % of doctors and 33.5 % of scientists, 21.4 % of those in the humanities, and 18.6 % of the social scientists. The Carnegie survey reveals an even more surprising fact, hitherto unnoticed, that strengthens the suspicion that the engineers’ mindset may play a part in their proneness not only to radicalize to the right of the political spectrum, but do so with a religious slant: engineers turn out to be by far the most religious group of all academics – 66.5 %, followed again by 61.7 % in economics, 49.9 % in sciences, 48.8 % of social scientists, 46.3 % of doctors and 44.1% of lawyers.” Similarly, Peter Bergen and Swati Pandey in their 2006 study of ‘madrassas (Islamic schools) and lack of education as a putative terrorist incubator’ found that the most popular subjects amongst those jihadi terrorists who attended university was engineering followed by medicine.

Regarding the cause of this dangerous trend among engineers, Awais Masood, an engineer by profession, wrote in the Daily Times, “The relationship between religious fundamentalism and technology has remained complicated. Religious fundamentalist movements have been widely described as reaction to modernity though the movements are themselves modern in nature. Hence there exists an inherent conflict where these movements reject the underlying notions of rationality, secular and scientific constituting modernity. On the other hand, these movements continue to appropriate modern symbols and technology to further their cause. Historically, fundamentalist movements vehemently opposed natural sciences and technology but that does not hold true anymore. As stated in a paper titled ‘Postmodern Conservatism and Religious Fundamentalism’ by Geoff Boucher, the fundamentalist movements of today harbour a selective, instead of a wholesome, hostility towards natural sciences and try to engage in an understanding of the world that remains compatible with the commercialized science of today encompassing applied sciences and technology. Hence, these movements hold a significant appeal among technical professionals such as engineers, doctors and lawyers. Carrying forward this correlation between technical education and fundamentalism, a 2009 study published in The European Journal of Sociology showed that engineers constitute 20 percent of all Islamist militant organizations, a value remarkably greater than the expected 3.5 percent figure.”

There is also the question as to why people who are supposed to think according to the scientific method adopt the narrow-minded approach of terrorists. According to Professor of Nuclear Physics, Dr. Parvez Hoodbhoy, “We need to separate the scientists from the technologists, meaning those who use science in a narrowly functional sense rather than as a means for understanding the natural world. I have never seen a first-rate Muslim scientist become an Islamist or a terrorist even when he or she is a strong believer. But second- and third-rate technologists are more susceptible. These are people who use science in some capacity but without any need to understand it very much—engineers, doctors, technicians, etc.—all of whom are more inclined towards radicalism. They have been trained to absorb facts without thinking, and this makes them more susceptible to the inducements of holy books and preachers.”

The phenomenon of rising intolerance and fanaticism is not limited to engineers rather it has encapsulated our society in general. The most worrying aspect about this issue is the lack of awareness regarding it. As a society, we fall upon excuses to somehow justify terrorism due to clever usage of religious symbolism attached to it, despite losing more than 35 thousand innocent lives due to terrorist activities. Veteran Journalist Khaled Ahmed recently commented that “Pakistan is sinking because it doesn’t want to look terrorism in the eye”.

Very little is being written against radicalization in mainstream newspapers particularly Urdu newspapers. Ratings-hungry News channels are not devoting any time to raise awareness about the radical ideology. Government is not spending enough resources to counter the tide of fanaticism. The problem starts with the textbooks and is augmented by societal pressures and a criminal lack of focus on critical thinking. A combined effort by the government, civil society and media is required to halt the onslaught of radicalism and to ensure a better, a safer future for this country. It should also be mentioned that by not speaking up, we are colluding with the enemy.

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35 Responses to "Radicalism and Engineers"

  1. MilesToGo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Ban engineering, problem solved.

  2. MilesToGo United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted

  3. Bilal Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    It is extremely sad to know that highly educated people are involved in terrorist attacks against their own people and state. In Pakistan, we are living in an environment where even strong people in society can’t stand against religious extremism. I fully agree with the author that our textbooks teach hatred against minorities.

  4. @Miles To Go
    It is not a problem of engineering,It is a problem of your education system.I am a Bangladeshi Civil Engineer,I hate extremism not perceived enemies or Hindu or any other ethnic minorities.Thank You Abdul Majeed Abid Sir.

  5. observ Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Islam teaches that life on earth is unimportant and islam undertakes lot to make it that way.

    Muslims intellectuals and professionals (why pick only on engineers – lawyers, doctors etc. also) grow up in an atmosphere of hate towards non-muslims, vainglory of past islam, desire to be heroes of islam with their intelligence inan overpopulated backward and backward-falling society.

    In such a society first it is the less intelligent who become killers and these blackmail the intelligent into helping them. Imagine a computer specialst muslim gets a phone call from a muslim streetgangster or mullah or jihadist that islam is in danger and his intelligent help is necessary. (And if you don’t help then we will kill you as munafik – we are told by the kuran to do it). What is he to do?

    Giving knowledge, money, weapons. any help etc. to any muslims will always end up helping the islamofascists.

  6. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ OP

    Why then blame the least educated Talibans or the madressah’s??
    With Liberalism and professional education also comes terrorism…as evident from this post.

  7. faisal khan Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted

  8. teerandaz United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    The world has seen many left wing terrorists – especially during the 60s and 70s. How does this analysis apply to them ?

    Whether engineers are more likely to be politically conservative or religious is besides the point. The real question is what makes people turn to violence as a means to achieve political ends.

  9. observ Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    teerandaz asks:

    “what makes people turn to violence as a means to achieve political ends.”

    That is the tradition in politics. Politics was always violence till someone thought of bringing in democracy. But even that does not eliminate violence all toegether. So someone thought of saying that violence should be the monopoly of the legitimate state only. But that too functions only limitedly.

    The hindu religions, esp. jainism, are non-violent because they advocate renunciation and the law of karma. (In practice however the hindu also is a human being and resorts to violence).

    Islam advocates or justifies or recommends or glorifies various forms of violence in the name of justice, or dangerously, subservience to the arab god-concept (a rather fascist god-concept) allah. Islam is violent both in theory and practice. The islamic concept of martyrdom and pleasing the arab god allah is very perverse from the modern standpoint.

  10. saraheleazar Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Disciplines that involve lateral thinking and learning often end up creating tunnel visioned aficionados of a radical idea.
    That angle could be studied as well.

  11. Fingolfin India Google Chrome Windows says:

    I agree with the bangladeshi gentleman here. the problem is with the basic education. if later the trend is that radicalism persists among lawyers, doctors and engineers, then it is because they have never been introduced to an alternate view point. the have lived in a very narrow well and their prism of looking at these issues has never changes ever since it was colored with prejudice by the establishment.

    this is clearly why instances of radicalism are considerably lesser among the people who study the social sciences and humanities. these people deal with issues such as extremism, prejudice etc and are thus exposed to a much wider reading. the state cannot control what they read simply because their study is not restricted to the text book. they have to refer to several other sources of literature and that is what exposes them to a wider world view. so they are not as bigoted as the rest because they have more exposure. it really is all a matter of exposure.

    for this reason i am sure that technical students who study in outside pakistan wont be victims of extremism because their exposure is greater. this is what imran khan said in his autobiography, that although he grew up with a pretty strong anti-india prejudice, this completely changed when he went to oxford. in fact, so much so that his best friend in england was an indian-vinod mehra.

    the way i see it, only the establishment in pakistan is too blame and the poisoning of minds by altering the facts and presenting a bigoted view is the worst sin. this is what shapes ideologies of people in the future. and collective ideologies of people forms the ideology of a country. this is my opinion is the root of the indo-pak enmity.

  12. sadiaali Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    me think every professional has his respect….;)

  13. rex minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    a good article for publication in NYtimes, Washington Post and for most zionist controlled media. For the muslims, this article has nothing but the rhetoric and propaganda stuff put out by nincompup journaist and writers of th western press. Why relate ngineering community, why not simply say the people with two eyes, two hands and two legs are undertaking extremist actions. The author would be 100 percent right and eligible for a noble prize?

    In my humble opinion, the author has gone loco; compare the Professor of the group of arabs who came to study in Hamburg; the guy was crying and was very sad about the incident. The author of hree names implies that the group learnt Engineering with the view to commit a terrorist act? This is absurd and beyond human imagination.Years of learning engineering to commit a few minutes violent action. What a shame and waste of talent to write such articles, with the implicit objective to brand muslims as the terrorists. Is this whaat the aim of the author was? Then why beat about the bush.
    Was the act of marching into Afghanistan and Iraq was humane and therefore the aggressors Engineers of the Americas were peaceful and holy people.
    And I guess, he reckons that the unmanned drones killing childrea and old and destruction of their poor dwellings is a smaritan act of the electronic engineer who is simply monitoring the act and not realy involved. And the invasion of Libya by the French, the italian and the brits air machines was undertaken to distribut loly pops. And the planes which are flying over Syria and dropping weaponry do not have engineers in the pilot seat, but the santa claus: you are more radical and extremist writing this article than those who commit radicalism and extremism.

    Rex Minor

  14. observ Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to rex

    If an engineer (or any professional) is working for a fascist terrorist organisation or street gang or private lashkar then he is a terrorist. If he is working for an army or police that is fighting against fascists and terrorists then he is not a fascist or terrorist.

  15. rex minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Let us change the scene fo a minute and find ourselves in New York, Florida, Detroit, Phoenix of John Maccain, and then go over to Mexico. And what are we going to find extremism, mugging, violence and murder or a peaceful world every one singing the song of love and joy. Wait, the best way to find out is to become a Doctor and work in these city hospitals on the weak end and then just count the bullets, not the number of patients. The author shall know instantly the motivation factor for the extremists!! Not ENGINEERING!

    Rex Minor

  16. rex minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    @Mr yes

    The American commander in Afghanistan has publicly apologised yesterday for the desecration and burning of Islamic books as well as Quraan. What people do not understand or read tend to misinterpret or misunderstand foreign words and then behave like the stone age human and burn them.

    The stone age people were yours and ours forefathers, forget about the non violence theory of Mahatima Gandhi, who became the victim of a hindu extremist.

    Rex Minor

  17. observ Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to rex

    M.K.Gandhi did not become victim of any hindu extremist. He first became a victim of the lies and deceits by the muslims. The muslims had no reason to kill him – afterall he was doing everything to please them. And yet there was much joy among (pakistani) muslims when they heard that he had been killed, all the more because the killer was a hindu. The killing of MKG was a very foolish deed by a hindu. It has brought the hindus only shame and disadvantages until today. It gives the muslims a chance to vilify the hindus and enable them to forget the fact that muslims killed many more hindus for political reasons and exterminated them in the Sindhu river basin, that is today under the boot of islamic fascism.

  18. rex minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    I am going to address you the way I see fit. Ignore the post if you will if the addresse is wrongly addressed and causes the rise in blood pressure. I am also at a disadvantage to think in German and then translate it in english the lingua franca of Pakistanis and even then find that my thoughts have not been accurately understood probably because of my not choosing the right english equivalent. English as you know is a god damned poor language.
    But I have improved a lot.

    In the civilised world and I mean Europe, without belittling other civilised countries of the world, Mr Gandhi is known as the Mahatma Gandhi who brought out non-violence into play in India against the colonialists. Today it is practiced in all European countries, non violence protest against the ruling Govts. violence being the property of the democraticaly elected Govts.

    I am not exposed to your definition of law of nature nor have I the knowledge of your Dharma as such. One thing is sure that both India and Pakistan have not yet decolonised their counries regarding each other as enemies but keeping the diplomatic relations intact. What has happened in the continent is a tragedy and ethnic cleansing pure, and what has happened in former east Pakistan was a genocide( based on what I have understood from different blogs) and what the military did to the sikhs was uncalled for what the militar is doing to the kashmiris is inhuman and uncivilised by any standard. And what the Pakistan military has done in the Pashtun territory and Baluchistan is mean, disgraceful and unforgivabke.

    These are my opinions and unless proven otherwise, I shall stick to them. So please do not relatawise about the tragedies of the subcontinent. In my view the muslims of India wanted a refuge from the hindu majoroty land and out came the idea of Pakistan. Indian leadership opposed it and Mr Jinnah just about managed to save his and many others lives and took the refuge in muslim majority provinces.

    The colonialists were in control before and after 1947. Kashmir was snatched away from becoming a territory of Pakistan, most non muslim population left Pakistan because Lord Nehru ordered them to leave!

    The rest which followed is nothing but a real tragedy for the entire humanity suffering in your part of the world for whatever reason and whosoever fault. Historians will one day write about the love and hate story of muslims and hindus and the sikh population caught in the middle.

    Have a good day! I am the wrong person to hold hands or take sides.

    Rex Minor

  19. rex minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Being a hindu you would not understand what Jesus said to the crowd wanting to stone a womam, alleged to have commited adultery,;

    Let that be the first person to stone who has not committed a sin in life!

    Your people would have just shrugged, they sent living woman to perish with the dead.

    Rex Minor

  20. rex minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    pl note I have taken away the mister title. If you do not conform to the Blog rules I shall change your name to a nice’NO’.

  21. rex minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    You have crossed the red line. You have to score good points before I undertake diplomatic relations. Pakistan potical eadership must breakof diplomatic relations with India! People of both countries in my view want a war and Pakistan militar is testing more and more little loly pops with short range missiles.

    They are on course with their all or nothing strategy.

    Rex Minor

  22. rex minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    And what a simple but provocative word the anglosaxons used for the non believers, the INFIDEL, who were previousl pleased with the arab title of a kafir or a genuine non believer.

    The anglo saxon reckon that the infidels do not believe , do not trust others and do not make neighbours as friends. Quite the opposite to love for the next one the gospels of all prophets and solidarity with the poors. From India to china to japan and korea and then from Sirilanka to Burma to thailand to singapore and far away in Philippines, trade and business and golden calve is their pusuit. Human rights they have left it to the believers world.

    Rex Minor

  23. Sachbol United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    The solution is complete separation between Kaffirs and Muslamans. The ideology based Pakistan will force the world to go for this solution. MAJ had shown the way but indians did not follow. Now Indics have their awakning along side billions of Kaffirs to pay homage to beloved Quaid and his wisdom.

  24. Naeem Ahmed Bajwa Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    It is not just the Engineers who get radicalized very easily, it is has something to do with the nature of education, Technical education creates the mindset which demands exact answers, and the solutions are either right or wrong. Societies do not operate with mathematical precis ion. BUT our religious authorities always have a simple, straight and exact answer for every ailment of the society. It black and white, it is with us or against us, simple dialectics are very appealing

  25. AbdulMajeedAbid Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    a lot of comments have been removed from this thread because we are not going to tolerate any kind of personal battles or belittling of a particular person. The complete policy regarding comments will be unveiled soon, as i earlier said, The Times are a changin at PTH. If you stay ON-Topic, If you stay relevant and respect the right to disagree, you are most welcome to comment.

  26. AbdulMajeedAbid Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    also, regarding the article itself, I gather that most of the commentators did not grasp the concept of “Research” in school. There is a “casual relationship”(an epidemiological term) between engineers joining radical groups, I have simply explored that relationship. I have explained in the first paragraph that the causes of this increase in radicalism are multi-fold i.e. not only the subjects of engineering. I have explained at the end that our WHOLE society is at risk, not just the engineers. I have given empirical evidence of almost everything that I state, people should learn to READ the article before commenting based on their own ideas about it.

  27. aneelashahzad Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    you said,’ rising intolerance and fanaticism is not limited to engineers rather it has encapsulated our society in general.’
    your statement is too generalized as regards to a whole nation of peaceful, working people. A nation with such a vibrant and self-sustaining economy, that inspite of all the corrupt governance and IMF rulings that are constantly inflating the countries price-indices, is moving on. What percentage of the community is a terrorist, surely negligible.
    The Quran, our holy book, does not have one verse for terrorism, which equals to covert cowardice, yes it inculcates the will for open war, which is life and valour of a sovereign nation.
    You should really do some work on where this idea really originated, when would a person or group terrorize another; this has nothing to do with pleasing the God, made known in the Quran. More chance is that it comes from the christian god, who supposedly gave his life to save others, that type of god could be pleased by offering one’s own life.
    Still i think this matter has nothing to do with religion; have you ever read about CIA’s declared agenda on tactical and covert operations, those that it carries out abroad, you can’t dump that as a conspiracy theory, according to their manuals, they do this to secure their interest around the world without have to go into all-out war.

  28. observ Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    aneelshahzad wrote:

    “…yes it inculcates the will for open war, which is life and valour of a sovereign nation.”

    The language that you use shows your peaceless, arrogant, boastful war-glorifying islamic education. You use the word “life” but you muslims are more interested in killing and dying.

    If god creates human beings then it is his duty to protect them. If he tells human beings to do it themselves then it will lead to many wars. Self-defence is a very flexible term. This is where the kuran fails to be genuine and divine. It is just a primitive tribalist book.

    This will for open war has become an ever-increasing obsession and a martyrdom-complex and death-wish and bloodshed phanatsy among muslims. So don’t blame the christian god for that. Jesus did not kill anyone in order to get crucified. Muslims are killing (even their muslim “brothers”) in order to be killed and thus become martyrs.

  29. aneelashahzad Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    let me add, the diction of the Quran is that we can wage war on a)the oppressor and b)to establish the rule of Allah on the new soil.
    Now don’t be naive and say that Pak or India or any nation should do away with its armies and they will be safe, they will soon enough be killed by fear then anything else.
    The military is the pride and strength of any nation, and thats how a nation should live. But if we have really grown up into an educated, civilized humanity, we should be able to at least restrain from its use.
    So who is using their militaries, yes exactly the one’s you are calling the most civilized. and who you are calling the worst people are individuals who cannot be identified once blown off.
    If someone comes and blows himself inside your house, what science say it was one of the resident.

  30. observ Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to aneelshahzad

    The muslim (leader, elite) is the oppressor since 1400 years. If allah is the one and only all-powerful god then he does not need anyone (any human being or angel) to wage war for him or in his name. He can establish his writ anywhere anytime without any human “help”.

    The pak military is not there to defend interests of the poor people of Pakistan. It is there for serving the interests of the arabs, the turks, the chinese and the ruling elite of Pakistan.

    The poor people of Pakistan are mostly dark-skinned and indian-looking. The ruling elite of Pakistan are mostly light-skinned and look like turks, iranians and arabs.

    You wrote: “So who is using their militaries, yes exactly the one’s you are calling the most civilized. and who you are calling the worst people are individuals who cannot be identified once blown off.”

    I never made use of any such expressions.

    You wrote: “If someone comes and blows himself inside your house, what science say it was one of the resident.”

    So you admit that the 10 men who attacked Mumbai and killed 166 human beings (among them 42 muslims) in Nov. 2008 were from Pakistan.

    But do you think those who are blowing themselves up in Pakistan are from outside of Pakistan?

  31. aneela shahzad Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    spell my name correct
    i am not sure i can explain this to you but Allah made all things with purpose and man has some purpose to fulfill too, its not like God playing His own game and us playing our own. Surely Allah does not need us but He does demand us to act right. are you telling me that man has no ethical, moral responsibilities.
    I don’t know how you see the ruling class as all light-skinned unless they have all been on fair-and-lovely lately. Taking history generally, the medes arrived first who were brown, the turks entered from the south, they were white, the greek came with their troops, they were brown, the Aryans came, i think from Iran, whitish, the mongols weren’t stopped either.. so on, so there is a big mix in Pakistan and India (all Indians are not brown or black) and so are the people in the assemblies, but how do you generalize that Pak army serves ‘interests of the arabs, the turks, the chinese and the ruling elite of Pakistan’ is beyond my comprehension. Seems like you have knowledge of the ‘unknown’.

    I do not admit that the Mumbai bombers were from Pakistan, Indians admit that.I only admit that hidden trails are based on lies.

  32. observ Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to aneela

    Islam is the most deceitful ideology on the earth and you are yet another victim of it trying to convince us to become deluded like you. All of islam’s grand claims are turning out to be lies. Islam tolerates no criticism and no ex-muslims to survive and hence islam has become a fascist totalitarian ideology since long. You are also a product of pakistan ideology which teaches you to glorify islam and islam only and denigrate everything non-islamic. Merely because you believe you have monopolized the god-concept does not mean truth is on your side. It is just blasphemy that you muslim misuse god’s name to propagate a fascist ideology like islam.

    Since you deny that the 10 killers in Nov 2008 in Mumbai came from Pakistan I don’t see any reason to converse with you. You are yet another product of the lies which are the staple of “education” and hate propaganda in Pakistan.

  33. aneela shahzad Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    You are in the same dilemma as many of our westernized friends; ‘hate’.
    Looks like you decide to dis-embrace Islam on the basis of anger not logic.If you trust your reason, why are you not ready to accept other people’s logic.
    Throughout known history ,we have evidence of people institutionalizing religion to their economical and political interest, hypocrites who never have the slightest inclination to the purpose and truth of the message, grab on the seats of piety and do all sorts of horrific deeds.
    People who can really think and reason are always scarce and scattered, but the burden of proof is on them, they cannot shrug their shoulders, on their spoilt people.
    If you were thinking that Islam claimed that the Ummah will be victorious, whatever conduct it displays, sorry God is not so naive to give up to such lowly circumstance; for those who think that for a religion to be true it has to open the mouths of treasures to its people, i must say that is exactly what the proponents of the religions were fighting against from the beginning.
    I for one will keep searching for truth; i am under no burden to take history at this extreme or that, to take the sins of people as the sins of God, to give up my subjective truths for flimsy objective factulization.
    I have no problem in accepting bin-Laden being found in Abbotabad, or Kasab in Mumbai, but why would anybody want to force me to ‘believe’ without solid evidence. You want me to be a ‘critical’ or one that gives way to ‘conspiracy’.

  34. Alchemy750 United States Unknow Browser Unknow Os says:

    Faisal Shahzad wasn’t an engineer.

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