A murder most most foul: How Master Abdul Qudoos was tortured and killed

By Usman Ahmad:

Prior to anything else being said, let it be clearly stated that the recent murder of Master Abdul Qudoos at the hands of the police is not an ‘Ahmadi’ issue, but a human rights one. So before the trolls infect the comments section and begin to abuse the beliefs of Ahmadis with their obtuse invectives or hatch conspiracy theories that Pak Tea House is secretly run by ‘Qadianis’ who in turn are sponsored by Mossad/RAW/the CIA/MI5, they would do well to remember that if acts such as these are allowed to gain currency then all our civil and civic rights will be at stake.

Institutions like the state, the judiciary, the police are created in society in order to protect and serve the people. But when these actors become discriminators, when those who are meant to protect become oppressors and when law-makers and law-enforcers seek to become God’s and forget what it is to be human then the collapse of any social order can be deemed as absolute and total.

Below are the facts of the case, they require no commentary, no analysis, no explanation; they are in themselves so harrowing and bleak that any further scrutiny would dilute the narrative of the despicable affair.

On, February 10 of this year, Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad was taken into police custody in connection with the Murder of Muhammad Yousuf, a stamp-paper seller. No charges were ever brought against him, no evidence was ever brought to light to implicate him in the affair. Yet despite this, he was relentlessly tortured by police officials during the period of his incarceration. This included being hung upside down from his ankles and having a wooden roller rolled over his body. This inhumane treatment caused him to suffer multiple internal injuries which ultimately resulted in his death last Friday. He is survived by his wife and four young children. Since then the police have refused to apprehend those suspected of the murder under the laughable pretext that post-mortem has yet to be completed. Worse still, they are attempting to suggest that the deceased only spent two days in police custody and could have died of a ‘fatal’ disease – as if brutality and torture were not fatal enough.

The entire episode is eerily reminiscent of the murder of journalist Saleem Shehzad less than a year ago. Who next? Me, you, Raza Rumi, Yasser Latif Hamdani, our wives, husbands, brothers, children, neighbours, friends? If such evil impunity is given free reign then no-one is safe. We will exist in what the political philosopher Thomas Hobbes described as ‘a state nture’. A darkness has descended over us all; we may deem some amongst us to be non-Muslims but in the process we have all become non-human; the nightmare is all too real, there has to come a time when we unite to speak with one voice, otherwise there will be now awakening and there will certainly be no turning back.

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