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Murder of History Part III

by Abdul Majeed

In the last few weeks, we discussed some of the prevalent myths regarding Pakistan History. This week, we continue debunking more myths and providing some alternate versions by using multiple sources.


1. Mujahidin had gone to conquer Kashmir in 1948.

The first war between newly-independent Pakistan and India happened in 1948 A.D in Kashmir Valley. It is postulated that the prime objective of Mujahideen(mostly from NWFP) was the liberation of Kashmir. Actually,when they reached near Sri Nagar, they forgot their “objective” and started criminal activities. Regarding this, Owen Bennet Jones in his book writes, “At this crucial juncture, when Kashmir was ready for the taking, Pakistan paid the price of the haphazard nature of its operations in Kashmir. Rather than striking forward, the tribesmen became distracted by the opportunities for plunder. Their increasingly lawless conduct had a disastrous consequence. The local Muslim population, rather than seeing them as liberators, began to fear them and, far from providing help to the tribesmen, turned against them. These developments and the bad international press Pakistan was receiving as a result of the invasion dismayed the government in Karachi. Officials not only disowned the tribesmen but also obstructed them. (Owen Bennet Jones, Pakistan:Eye of the storm, Yale University Press; 2002; Chapter 3; page 65)  Sherbaz Khan Mazari, a seventeen year-old tribal leader from Balochistan who tried to take some men to join in the fighting, later recounted that when he tried to enter Kashmir, ‘I was stopped by Pakistani officials who told me in clear cut terms that I would not be allowed to cross into Kashmir. It became clear that they thought we were intent on partaking in the plunder that was taking place.’ (Sherbaz Khan Mazari, A Journey to Disillusionment, Oxford University Press,Karachi, 2000, pp. 11 and 12.)

2. Our Ancestors arrived from Arabian Peninsula.

This claim has been made by the Ghairat Brigade since long. They have tried to downplay the linkages that we have with our subcontinental ancestors and tried via popular media and textbooks to somehow prove that our ancestors were not people living in the Subcontinent for thousands of years rather they came from the Arabian Peninsula.
A look at the genealogies of two of our founding fathers i.e Jinnah and Iqbal tells us that Mr. Jinnah belonged to a Sindhi family that had migrated to Gujarat.(Akbar S Ahmad, Jinnah, Pakistan and Islamic Identity; Routledge, 1997; Chapter 1,page 1 ) while Iqbal belonged to a Kashmiri Sheikh family. Also, there was a considerable population consisting of Jatts and Gujjars before Islam came to our part of the world. Most of us are descendents of those early converts. The people most likely to have come down from Arabia are the Syeds who claim to be direct descendents from the Prophet (PBUH). Interestingly, in a research conduted by University College London, Y chromosomes of self-identified Syeds from the Indian subcontinent show evidence of elevated Arab ancestry but not of a recent common patrilineal origin For more on the castes of our country, visit this page.

3. Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman and his Awami league wanted to break the country.

In its report on the events of 1971, the Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission argued that: ‘We must give full weight to the fact that before the elections he[Mujib] offered the Council Muslim League and the Jamaat-e-Islami a number of seats in East Pakistan which would have still permitted him to obtain the majority of the East Pakistan seats but not to have a clear majority in the whole house. Quite clearly his purpose was to be able to play the role of the leader of the largest single party without being under pressure for (sic) members of his own party to go through with the Six Point programme on the basis of an overall majority in the house. This fact clearly established that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, at that time at least, had not decided on secession’. (Hamoodur Rehman Commission Report, part I, chapter VI, para. 96; Dawn; 13 January 2001; page 21)




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74 Responses to "Murder of History Part III"

  1. Sachbol United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Fools are always sure by natural limitation but faith fools are double sure by the double whammy of natural limitations as well being unawre of such inherent shortcoming so they can never be cured , only separated , banished or quaranteened in the natural habitat berefit of intellectual discourse, eqnuiry or understanding. Person Muhamad had already done all the thinking and whole universe is standstill ever since his departure from Earth. End of the story for convert. The fundamental mistake of assuming a convert is at the same elevated moral, intellectual, philosophical , cultural and civilizational level of existence as that of inheritors of ancient civilisational wisdom and values only complicate the issue. If one wants to communicate to the childish level of unripe intellectual development , then only way is to start with fundamentals of KG level and not expect them to gain the Sixth grade knowledge in one life time. Childish nature of having faith and the mature intellectually developed quality of knowledge and undestanding have their own distinct place in scheme of things like the drawing room or kitchen in the house is used for different purpose than the bathroom or washroom. Remember, Arabian Chappar ka Daddu cant imagine Indian ocean.

  2. Fingolfin India Google Chrome Windows says:

    @rex minor
    thank you for giving me a sweep of world history as you know it. being a student of history i am well aware of everything you said but it has nothing to do with what i was talking to you about.all that rant about history was not something “original” on your part so telling me that i have nothing original to offer is rather hypocritical. by the way, as of now i live i India and as such have never had the opportunity of reading the publications you name to plagiarize them in the first comments are my analyses of the world as i see it and if they happen to occasionally resemble what you read in those publications then i am truly ennobled and flattered(( since i believe that they are capable of some of the best journalism) .

    you said“fact that there are still a large number of people in the world, including Indians non muslims who have not yet been enlightened is no one’s fault.”

    i have been trying to tell you that this attitude goes against integration between different people. you claim moral superiority on grounds that strain credulity. any people who claim moral superiority can never integrate. Islam and Christianity have always claimed superiority because they were born in times when they had to aggressively assert themselves in the face of already existing religions like paganism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. while the inherent aggression in Christianity has died out, the aggression in Islam as practiced in many countries has not. this is the problem. while the west may have a terrible track record of Human Rights violations, these violations have nothing to do with religions and these violations are aimed at people outside their country. that is to say that Western countries have internal peace while causing external perturbations. certain Islamic countries suffer from internal and external disturbance and that is caused by religion.

    you do not see it? maybe it is because you are prejudiced against the west and fail to see the problems your own religion spawns. why dont you take another good look at Islamic countries? let me help you with that.

    you came here to understand Pakistan. well let me tell you one thing about pakistan:” internal peace is highly compromised in Pakistan because of Islamic fascism”. you fail to see the role Islam plays? well just take a harder look at Pakistan. they have a feeling that being Sunni Muslim is the only human being worth being and this has brought about violence that unprecedented in the world today. Shia’s are routinely targetted, Ahmedia’s are routinely butchered and hindu’s and sikh’s of course have almost been completely exterminated. now do you see how religious arrogance impacts peace and destabilizes a country? and this is just Pakistan. take a good look at any other Muslim nation other than Turkey( which is the only truly secular Muslim county other than Bangladesh). look at Iran and Iraq. have Kurd’s and Shia’s been allowed to live and practice their faith in Iraq and Saudi?! have Sunni’s been allowed to do that is Iran? no way! and this comes because of the inherent thinking of moral and religious superiority that you seem to share. when you have that thinking( superiority of religion) you can never truly be inclusive and will always try and create a more homogeneous society. the inherent flaw is that as you continue to make your society more and more homogeneous, your divisive mindset grows stronger and even if you succeed in making your society homogeneous, you continue to find and attack differences within your society. this is exactly what is happening in Pakistan. they have exterminated Hindu’s and Sikh’s in the name of religion and because that divisive mindset has only grown stronger, they now target other sects of Islam like Shia’s and Ahmedia’s. this is the inherent flaw in a homogeneous mindset that is precipitated by religious arrogance. this road only leads to anarchy. the lack of peace in all islamic countries except the secular ones is testimony to that fact.

    and you seem to have no idea of what Hinduism is all about. Hindu’s appear to be praying to millions of gods but they completely aware of the fact that these gods are nothing but different manifestations of the ONE supreme being. the Hindu thinking is that god is not just the ‘creator’ of all things but also a part of those creations. therefore anything can be treated as god since god exists everywhere and in everything since He is omnipresent and omniscient. Dara Shikoh, the great Mughal prince, had translated several Upanishads into Arabic and declared that there was an amazing amount of similarity between these texts and the Koran since their basic philosophies had much in common.

    my agnostic beliefs tell me never to treat myself as morally superior since i claim to ‘not know’. if Islam teaches you moral superiority and religious arrogance, if Islam teaches you that other humans are fools who await the true knowledge, and that is what you have gleaned from Islam, then so be it.this is exactly what is the problem with organized religion.

    it seems pointless to tell you that Islam and all the other religions of the world were created by men and not gods. you seem to think that barring Ibrahmic religions, the rest were petty creations of humans and these people are awaiting ‘enlightenment’.you seem to be beyond any reasonable argument there. you have finally accepted that your post to Raison was your personal view and not the view of ‘historians’ on ‘Pashtuns’. all i can say is that since you have owned up to these views( read verbiage), no Indian will now read your views with any seriousness. which is why you see the outrage that you see here from many Indians who had earlier had a different impression of you( the people you refer to as a ‘mob’ in all your ridiculous arrogance). since according to your esteemed highness and your immeasurably high vantage point we Indians await ‘enlightenment’ and you consider yourself to be the, how shall i put it, the ‘enlightened one’, you can rest assured in knowing that nothing you say from this point onward will be considered as ‘enlightenment’ by any of us. we the ‘mob’ will happily stew in our deluded beliefs as you will, in all the glory and splendor of your ‘enlightenment’. good day.

  3. Fingolfin India Google Chrome Windows says:

    @rex minor
    lastly, who in the world told you that ‘god not create many religions to chose from’? are you his designated spokesperson?! the way you claim to know the mind of god, based of course on your religious arrogance is pathetic. it is the root cause of all these problems. this mindset is in fact nauseating.

    and you are not the spokesperson for all muslims either. you are only the spokesperson for muslims like yourself. so when you say that “What I have stated is what I believe in and fully know that those who are muslims shall try to understand it.”, then again you are displaying signs of schizophrenia since none of my muslim friends will accept your crap.

    your presumptuousness knows no bounds in that you claim to be a spokesperson for not only Ibrahmic religions but for god as well. incredible. please tell Him that an agnostic with a nom- de- plume of Fingolfin on PTH said ” hello sir! how do you do?!” also ask him why he made such an incredibly arrogant man his spokesperson. tell him that Fingolfin is dying to know. because if he did make you His spokesperson, then that would mean that He is arrogant as well, He did not make us, did not consequently choose us to be enlightened( since only fascist muslims are enlightened), in which case i will have no tuck with him.

  4. Raj TOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    rex minor wrote:

    Your statement might be logical, but the truth is that the Romans, the Germans and the Afghans relate Arya, the white and the supreme race for themselves? It is frightening!

    That alone bears testimony to the splendor of Indic Civilization, that thousands of years after that title and status was introduced by the Indics, people are still fighting to have a claim on it.
    Today most historians are of the view that Aryan people are to categorized by the similarity and common origin of their languages and not by race. There is no such thing as Aryan race.
    As the influence and languages of the Indic Civilization reached far out places in Central, Western Asia and Europe, the notion of Arya also reached there. The word ‘aristocrat’ has its origins in ‘Arya’. So one needs to ask how that was possible. How did the language of the Indics, Sanskrit, reach all those places?
    Migrations out of the Subcontinent have been innumerable and they have been going on for many millenia. Indic groups have left the Subcontinent and traveled West and North and seeded other people with language, philosophy and skills.
    Look up the Mitannis!

  5. Dr Mishra, Yorkshire United Kingdom Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Rex, multicultural society in UK has failed according to Cameron, and all of us, mainly because of crime and gross underachievement of only 2 communities, one of whom has indulged also in terror-

    MUSLIMS, particularly Pakistanis.

    Dont know if you were genuinely ignorant of this or were trying to twist the truth. No one gives a toss to what the Jews, Hindus, Chinese etc get upto- these 3 communities are in fact hugely respected.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

  6. raison Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Persons like rex pull down the level of any discussion into some pseudo-intellectual gutter. One does not know what his real opinion is except that he wants to humiliate hindus and bootlick arabs and advertise his islam to us.

    Murdering history is a necssity for every totalitarian fascist ideology. No wonder the arab religion and its agents and quislings have to do it too. They want to conquer the world and subject it to the same ignominy and decay. If the muslim becomes intelligent and honest then he will take the initiative to destroy this 7th century arab religion.

  7. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    No illusions, no theories but facts and and history always repeats itself. Daily events speaks for themselves, the readers have the possibility to watch live how the Talibans overrun the areas their enemies organise for themselves. One should start rebuilding fortified cantonments which th Brits did during their experience with the natives of lands who know how to protect their sovereign land. Too bad the Tornados in the land of opportunity is preventing the Drone operators!

    Rex Minor

  8. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Those who write history of their time go to sleep, but history always repeats itself again and again, since humans do not fully take lessons from history.

  9. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Quite a number of “Jews of India” infiltrated the Dalit ranks in the guise of NGOs and misled our innocent people.
    The Aryan Brahmins, therefore, become the world’s most dangerous enemy because it always speaks of gandhian non-violence and is never ready to engage us in open confrontation unlike as it is in Palestine.
    These are the very people who killed Gandhi and yet proclaiming to the world that they are the greatest gandhians.
    Yet another important difference between these two world famous enemies of humanity is that the zionists always maintained their own “identity”. They loved their religion and tradition despite all the violent attack on them throughout history.
    But the Brahmins never publicly admitted their identity. They chose a misleading new identity called “Hindu”, a name given to the people of India by the Arab invaders. Look at this mischief.
    Brahminists hate the Muslims from the bottom of their heart and yet embraced the name of “Hindu” given by the enemy.
    The Aryan Brahmins say they are one of the most ancient peoples in the world. Fine. But why unlike the Jews they lack the national pride? And that most human quality of longing to belong? This needs a deep research.
    Why they want to steal somebody else’s country?
    The Jews of Israel have adopted their ancient Hebrew as their national language.
    But the Brahminists have no language of their own. Some Brahmins say their national language is Sanskrit and claim it is the world’s oldest and the richest.
    Fine. But not even 0.1% of Brahmins know this language. Today, India’s single largest migratory birds to the West and their heaven on earth, USA, are the Brahmins. They say one thing and do the exact opposite.

  10. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Yours are very strong statements about the people of India which have suffered the invasions of many and lived the occupation of the colonialists, they were enslaved, had their human aspirations degraded and were kept deprived for two centuries from the finess of Renaissance and the industrial revolution. Divide and rule strategy of the Imperial Rome was succssfuly implemented by the anglo-saxons in a way that all local Harkis equivalent supported the rule of Inglez by all communities. To rebuild and reform the institutions of this gigantic nations of the subcontinent, split after independence in two units, was a nightmare for people in both parts of the subcontinent.

    It could not be due to their faith or inherent characteristic that the two units are at daggers drawn with each other. There is something more deeper than the mere complex. I have not got the faintest idea but I shall never compare them with the jewish peoples or with the history of Zionism. The world has accepted in history whatever the jewish people presented their past, the scriptures, the exodus and the sufferings at the hands of the Pharaohs and others. No one has lived closer to them than the arabs, persians, and the europeans. And who is not aware of the anti-semite labels for those who complained about them. Voltaire was very outspoken and in his letter of Memmius to Cicero(1771)Voltaire in the pose of an ancient Roman wrote that they are, al of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Britons and Germans are born with blond hair, I would not be least surprised of these people would not some day became deadly to the human race. Last week a man of literature, a noble prize laureate in Germany, was compelled to speak out publicly in his poem against the Israel declarations and I am afraid once again we are on the brink of starting the darker side of these people which since the ww2 was a taboo.

    No sir, I would not place Indians who were the real victims of occupation and sufferings at the same platform as the zionists. There are renewed concerns that they(jews) are indeed becoming the danger for humanity when they send the German submarines armed with loly pops to conduct a preventive war against the Persians merely on suspicion of Iranians having a nuclear ambitions. To annhilate the Persian people in the 21st centuy is a madness, even Voltaire could not have imagined this act. Please Tagendar, do not compare Indian people with such characters, regardless of whatever your views and knowledge of the hindus!

    Rex Minor

  11. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    crime and gross underachievement of only 2 communities, one of whom has indulged also in terror-

    MUSLIMS, particularly Pakistanis

    reason isbest of indian society migrated while the worst of their society came to england.

  12. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    No sir, I would not place Indians who were the real victims of occupation and sufferings at the same platform as the zionists.

    rex minor

    but brhmns never suffered they always joined hands with would be winners.

    The Aryan Brahmins, the real rulers of India, like the Jews, are also from the Middle East, according to their own admission. That means both the Jews and Aryan Brahmins are “homeless people”.
    The Jews being more honest at least tried to forcibly occupy Palestine and called it their own homeland.
    But the Aryan Brahmins never, ever had a longing to belong.
    Though the Jews and Brahmins, the “Jews of India” are blood brothers with common DNA and proven common biological, intellectual and psychological characteristics, the Aryan Brahmins did not ever try to go in search of their homeland.
    This is not because they did not know their origin, their homeland, but because they found a huge subcontinent (India) belonging to a peace-loving people and took pleasure in persecuting its original inhabitants.
    The Aryan imperialism can be called the world’s most famous case of cultural aggression on the original inhabitants of India.Rather they derived a tremendous vicarious pleasure in (silently and non-violently) sucking the blood of the innocents.
    Is there any parallel to this in the entire world history? What are the Western historians doing

  13. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    I would not take seriously the writings of so called dr from Yorkshire seriously. He is a fool to follow the policy of ” I am alright Jack! The guy’s statement could be regarde as racist. Multi cultured societies suffer from the ghetto mentality of immigrants, who culturaly do not integrate with the majoriy.

    If the brahmans regard themselves as nobles, this is not a unique anomoly in India, we have lived the times of royalty , nobility and the proloteriat, which disappeared more or less due to democratic order in the society. This is not to say that the exploitation of the weak by the strong does not exist any longer.
    The democracies must manage this curse within the laws of the land. Historians and media are the biproduct and the reflection of the societies, ther than those who are influeced or corrupted by foreign powers!

    Rex Minor

    Rex Minor

    and they no longer matter any more in the debility, royalty into the society of te majority with the host culturaly trated elf styled Docto

  14. Raj TOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    So where is this homeland of the Brahmins? :lol:
    You think that if you keep on making theories without even the least evidence, you will get away with it?
    I too have a theory. Whereas all humans are evolved from primates, Arabs are the only ones evolved from pigs! It is in order to deter cannibalism among them that Muhammad forbade the consumption of pork. That is the only reason.
    I think my theory is just as good as your Aryan Brahmin Theory! What do you say?

  15. raison Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    What a twist in the discussion!

    Even rex finds the theses of tajender wrong and is trying to defend the “aryan brahmins”.

    tajender presents us not only a commedy of errors but also a commedy of hate and craziness.

  16. Fingolfin India Google Chrome Windows says:


    i sympathize with what the Dalit’s of india went through. it was ghastly and quite frankly, given the period of suffering, just as bad as the holocaust. but what you fail to remember is that such dominance and hegemony was characteristic of all countries a few centuries ago. all countries had a minority elite that dominated the society of every country. who has not heard of the suffering of the serfs in europe? of the blacks all over the world( frankly their lot is the most unenviable)?, of brown people in the west, of the indigenous tribes all over the world when they came in contact with western civilization.

    it has been human nature to dominate and control and it always will be. the fact that Bhramins were able to dominate the Indian society was because they were cleverer. plain and simple. this is not a justification but a reason as to what happened and why. even today, the Bhramins are the smartest in india.

    but what is most important is that is the course of time, through social evolution, India has grown out of it. India is a secular country. the constitution is based fundamentally on equality and the Bhramin hegemony is extinct to the extent that there is huge reservation on all speres of India for Dalits!! in fact that is the answer to your question about why they go abroad in droves. it is because of reservation that they are not able to do much here. and even then these guys are so smart that they have made their niche in India in every sphere since India cannot neglect their intelligence. they make themselves needed.

    the theory that Bhramins come from anywhere else but India is absurd. they group called the “Bhrahmin” comprises of Indians who, by virtue of being smarter managed to dominate culturally and made themselves the overlords. it is like the survival of the fittest. people among a large grroup will always rise to stamp their authority over the rest of the proletariat. so Bhrahmins were tose Indians who rose among the rest of the Inidans to stamp their authority. it is almost like a meritocracy! your ancestors were dominated becausue they could not see through the Bhrahmin deceit and because they were not brave enough to stand up against it. the people who did are now known as Mahavira and Buddha.

    BUT things have completely changed as i said. Bhrahmins do not see themselves as masters anymore. they themselves reject the old notion of their superiority. nobody in India see’s them as “enlightened” or or closer to the gods anymore. all that has changed. Bhrahmins no longer retain their hegemony and with sustained democracy, Dalit’s have come into their own. i am sorry to say this but i see your anger as an anachronism and thus futile. you are angry against a practice that died out in 1947. i am not saying that casteism is not a problem in India but it is moving inexorably in the right path. as time goes on it will disappear. so your anger is pointless. if you really feel strongly about freedom and if you really want to fight hegemony then concentrate on other types of hegemony that the world is witnessing today like rising Wahabism, Westernn arrogance and domination, etc. because otherwise you will become a prisoner of your hate and will be seen as a quintessential “stuck-up”.

    use your passion more wisely. the Dalit’s are going to be just fine. all the right things are happening for them you dont have to give them a voice, you just have to give them time.

  17. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    So Mr tajender, tough luck for Dalits, whatever this means, it has been human nature to dominate and control. Brahmins are just clever, Same old story, the wise man advice, if you realy want to fight hegemony then concentrate on other types of hegemony that the world is witnessing today like rising Wahabism( whatever this means), western arrogance and domination, etc. And do not forget all humans are evolved from primates, and arabs are evolved from pigs, says Raj too. Not only the comedy of errors but a commedy of hate, says Saison the most friendly blogger.

    It would seem that the mob is just about ready to lynch any one who has grievences about certain section of the society?

    Rex Minor

    PS we have spring now and it is time for a long break. Take care and be kind to humans for they do not know about human sufferings.

  18. raison Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Whoever is clever is a brahmin. He becomes a brahmin. He has to keep the ragged pack away from his luggage.

    That is so in EVERY society in the world under EVERY religion or ideology at ALL times.

    Those who shriek against brahmins and brahminism are merly wanting to partake of the cake. And once they occupy the table they will behave just like brahmins. The dalit, obc and sc leaders of today prove this. Under islam is is even worse since islam insists that kuran is uncriticisable. This causes islam’s caste-class-fascism-and-race system to become unassailable. Islam had and has its own brahmins and superiorists. Pakistan has a far worse caste-class-race system than what brahmins had or have today.

  19. Fingolfin India Google Chrome Windows says:

    @rex minor

    do not play the aggrieved victim here. you were targeted for your arrogance and alleged ‘enlightenment’. you had no grievance towards any practice or people. it is i,a mere mortal, who has grievous grievances against you and your kind for your humility, wisdom and of course ‘enlightenment’.

    as far ass Tajender is concerned, i was trying to discuss with him the difference between grievances against a practice or people and hate. he has both. that is the problem. grievances in ssociety are extremely important and i share his grievance when it comes to Dalit’s. but it is his hate that i see a problem with.only hate breeds hate. it has to stop at some point. if we continue hating, there will never be reconciliations between people and therefore no peace either. so today if the Dalit’s start hating the Bhrahmins, the Bhrahmins will again be forced to hate the Dalit’s and then where does this stop?! NOWHERE. it is a never ending vicious cycle. to come out of this cycle we need to come out of this hate.
    thanks to Gandhi, the Indians did not hate the British when they left. infact today, Britain is a great friend. had we hated them and consequently the West, where would our hate have taken us?
    while it is absolutely essential to fight against injustice, it is equally, if not more important to not hate the people who are perpetrating that injustice. if you do, your fight is futile because even if you win, you will do to the erstwhile perpetrators what they did to you. so you have not really fought the injustice, you have just become a part of it instead. therefore the only way to really fight injustice is to fight it without hate. otherwise you just end up replacing the villains. some people like TAJENDER depend on their hate to motivate them in the fight. this is wrong. the injustice meted upon you should always be the motivation nothing else. in TAJINDER’s case since the injustice is not so palpable, h is drawing motivation and inspiration from that hate and this is the problem. so if Tajender were to win his fight and become the most powerful Dalit leader in India who ruled India what would happen?? he would do to the Bhrahmins what they did to the Dalit’s only it would be worse. then the Bhrahmins would start fighting against the injustice and the cycle will never end. someone has to stop it. which is why i was asking Tajender if he could show the magnanimity and wisdom to do so. although even if he does’nt the cast system in India will end in time to come. but if the Dalit’s do not end up hating the Brahmin’s, it will come sooner rather than later.

    like the Buddha said ,” hate is like holding a hot coal. it burns the hand that holds it”.

  20. Raj TOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    TAJENDER is a pure dyed in the wool Pakistani Islamist. There is nothing Indian about him, much less Dalit. He tends to use all sorts of arguments generated in the Indian Caste politics to his own end, often acting as if he was one of the “downtrodden” to make more impact.

  21. Fingolfin India Google Chrome Windows says:

    @Raj TOO

    wow. oh ok. lol i had no idea. i just thought that given his name and knowledge( although a lot of it is incorrect) on Dalit-Bhrahmin issues, he is an Indian Dalit. if he is indeed a Pakistani then he is an eyeopener. i have never spoken to a Pakistani who is so passionate about the Dalit issue before.

  22. Raj TOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    “passionate about the Dalit issue” is indeed a rather humorous way of putting it.
    As an Islamist TAJENDER is passionate about exploiting any faultline that exists among the non-Muslims, as well as passionate about undermining and humiliating any other worldview other than his own Islamist thinking.
    How Islamism, Marxism, Christianism are all active and super-passionate in exacerbating and exploiting the Aryan-Dravidian, Brahmin-Dalit, Hindu-Muslim, Caste-Tribal, and many other faultlines in India, can be better understood by reading Rajiv Malhotra’s “Breaking India” book.

  23. raison Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    tajender knows that he lies, that he spreads mendacious ideas to glorify islam, arabs and their quislings. It is his dear entrenched habit and now also a necessity for his very existence. He belongs to a group who compete with one another in showing off hatred towards, brahmins, aryans, USA, british, MacCauley, M K Gandhi etc. Any crazy theory is right for them to push this agenda.

  24. Janisa Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic) Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inelidebrc!

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