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The hate campaign by fake bloggers: whose agenda they are promoting?

Raza Rumi

A dubious blog – LUBP – has taken some of my tweets and weaved a story around it. The problem with that blog is that it is not managed by real people but by individuals who have no moral courage to reveal their names. I was wrong about the blog and the people who manage it. I must admit my mistake and change my view. I was supportive of them in the past thinking that all progressive bloggers and voices should come together. I was criticised by several people for engaging with these fake identities. My sole purpose was that progressive discourse on the internet should not be undermined.

However, over the past few months it is clear that these cowards are not furthering the progressive agenda but sabotaging it. People like Rabia Shakoor, Ali Arqam who were part of this blog left it due to differences with chief blogger Nishapuri (there is no picture of his to post here since he mysteriously sits in the UK and runs this hate campaign of which I am the latest target. Hence the image on the right is a representation for the readers). Then came threats, vilification and attacks on Dr Saleem Javed, an earnest activist from Quetta who is forever reporting from the ground on social media about the massacre of Hazaras. I was even more intrigued. Here is a man based in a dangerous zone and this anonymous guy sitting in the UK has the audacity to abuse Javed! Perhaps the turning point was the Not-the-so-real-Nishapuri started to attack liberals for condemning the suicide of an acid attack victim Fakhra. He thought that liberals were not condemning Shia killings enough but Fakhra got more attention. This ‘competitive’ politics of condemnation business finally tested my patience. I was appalled at the fact that Nishapuri-Laibaah was trivializing such a gruesome death (the woman underwent dozens of surgeries and died many deaths before her last breath). Lo and behold the bullies started to malign me.

This dubious blog should be renamed as Let Us Bully Pakistan ( especially its liberals through false accusations, misrepresentation and promoting the view of ISI sympathisers and Zaid Hamids of the world that Pakistani liberals are the actual problem in this country). LUBP in view of its vicious campaign appears to be a plant of forces which are always looking for opportunities to undermine Pakistan’s liberal and secular minority. This common agenda speaks for itself. The intellectual bankruptcy of this platform is evident from the fact that while they are using my tweets but hurling abuse at The Friday Times and its staff. Quite ridiculous. I will leave that to TFT team to handle that. But the libelous nature of posts will not be ignored. Suffice it to mention that TFT and its chief editor has been under the watch of ISI and had to leave the country last year due to numerous threats. Once again, the LUBP is helping the agencies who have targetted Najam Sethi etc.

Why the bullies started their recent hate-campaign against me?

I was startled to find out one day that the Shia Mullahs were initially part of the deliberations of an all party conference organised by Difa Pakistan Council in Oct, 2011. I was intrigued as to how a community’s clerical leadership was doing that while their apologists in blogosphere were attacking liberals instead of the the Mullahs who happily truck with the establishment; and this is a historical fact. I am posting a few images of the minutes of the meeting of the joint resolution that was passed by Pak Defence Council’s initial meeting on 24 October 2011 at the Ambassador Hotel. It is a charter of sorts as well. According to this letter, obtained from the head of DPC, Maulan Sami ul Haq’s office by a journalist friend, there were two Shia representatives along with some Hindu and Christian representatives.

Here are the images:

I am skipping the full list but here is the basis for my tweets. Check out the numbers 48 and 49 on the list below which indicate two Shia clerics as participants to this conference.

This was the evidence that was given to me; and unlike LUBP I do not make my opinions on conjecture, hatred or wild speculation. I was quite furious and tweeted that why were these Mullahs sharing a stage with DPC. The agenda in the document has their names at the end; and of course this ‘stage show’ by LUBP’s liberal-hating and bashing friends did not exclude the clerics who should not have attended this meeting and made a strong statement about the DPC for the very start. DPC is full of Shia-hating Salafis and other Muslim sects. Guess what Nishapuri-Laibaah found more offensive? That I had tweeted this little uncomfortable truth.

When one criticizes the Shia clerics it does not mean that a community is attacked. Clerics – be they Sunni, Shia or of any other variety – have done more harm than good. If Saudia Arabia has misinterpreted Islam and exported Wahabism, the Iranian clergy has also done no less by turning a great country, with a thousands of years old civilisation into a repressive theological state. Neither can be condoned or justified. If agents of Wahabis are dangerous so are the sympathisers of Iranian regime and its dangerous Mullahs.

Later developments:

After my initial tweets based on the letter above, there was a storm caused by the bullies at LUBP. Luckily a very reasonable and informed tweeter, Mahdi Baloch told me (via Twitter) that the Shia representatives later distanced themselves from the DPC. I have not found any public statements yet. However, Sana Bucha in her TV programme of Feb 4 discussed this issue and the website of DPC does not include the names of these leaders now ( . (Yes they grew apart but on Mahdi Baloch’s insistent tweets I checked on 9 April, 2012 again and I was informed by a source that the leaders were present in the initial meetings, not later though) I even told clarified that many times on Twitter as advised by Mahdi.

Good that clerics are not there anymore and have retracted. But the record of ALL mullahs – Shia and Sunni – has been far from enviable.

In 1974, almost all clerics (including Shia clerics) united to back the state in declaring Ahmedis as non-Muslims and since then a pandora’s box has opened. Sunni extremists such as Dr Israr Ahmed have also called for similar exclusion of Shias.Earlier, a piece I wrote was also condemned for covering the Shia exclusion under the constitutional amendment declaring Ahmedis non-Muslim. Due to a language error the message was unclear or conveyed the different meaning but it was a simple point: the support to Anti-Ahmedi constitution amendment was a death-knell for a tolerant Pakistan and Shia clerics who backed it then, are now becoming a victim of it. On youtube there are many videos which show how some extreme Sunni sects use the Ahmedi-exclusion principle for Shias as well.

In these times, the clerics should remain away from the establishment and its various ploys. As recent as 2009, the Shia clerics apparently backed Nizam e Adal regulation passed to appease the extremists in Swat and which was later reneged by the same militant group[s]. Ali Salman has written an excellent post where he gives more detail:

Facing the escalating political pressure to reach a settlement, President Zardari signed the controversial regulation into law on April 13, 2009 after a National Assembly resolution approved of the measure…In a show of rare defiance, only one MNA Ayaz Amir stood up and opposed the regulation valorously despite the grave coercions by Taliban’s spokesman, Muslim Khan, carried by all the daily newspapers in the morning.

As feared the militants took advantage of the peace deal and expanded their territory into other districts and within few days they took control of Buner, Lower Dir and Shangla. Given a free hand to the deo-bandi hard liners, it was evidently understood that the Shia community would suffer the most since Taliban and their supporters firmly believe that Shias are apostates/infidels. Much to the bewilderment of many readers the so called Shia leadership (understandably constituted of religious clerics) gathered in a well known seminary “Jamia tul Muntazir”, located in Model Town Lahore, and fervently endorsed highly controversial Nizam e Adal regulation proposed by Sufi Muhammad vide an announcement letter despite facing such a palpable threat to the community. The letter claimed to have been released with the consent of Sajid Ali Naqvi and it held the support for the regulation as a religious obligation on all the seminaries affiliated with Wafaq ul Madaris Al-Shia Pakistan as well as all the Shias living in Pakistan. It goes without saying that the much extolled Niazm e Adal regulation later yielded in horrific repercussions.

Announcement letter signed by various Shia clerics, at Jamia tul Muntazir Lahore, showing solidarity with Sufi Muhammad is pasted below:


Shia community in Pakistan, bearing in mind that there is no time to lose, will have to find a way out of this absurd state of affairs. Instead of following those who never miss an opportunity to stab in the back, Shias should endeavor to bring forth a leadership that can safeguard their interests and not of those who aren’t anywhere in the picture. Otherwise living peacefully in Pakistan would become a distant dream not only for Shias but for other minorities including Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Ahmadis considering the sense of insecurity ripping through a commoner’s mind.

In the current scenario, while Shias are being killed some of their religious leaders are chanting the establishment mantra. Nadem Farooq Paracha wrote about it:

The most interesting is the emergence of the Shia platform, the Majlis-i-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWeM). Constantly harassed and targeted by their Salafi counterparts, Shias finally managed to hold a large religious gathering in Karachi to protest against what many of the MWeM’s leaders assert are the unrelenting murders of Pakistan’s Shias at the hands of the ‘establishment-backed Salafi/Deobandi jihadist outfits.’ The odd thing about this rally was that even during this gathering aimed at Salafi groups and the establishment, many Shia leaders did not miss the opportunity to attack the United States and Nato! This further confirms the fact that anti-Americanism, at least as a political ploy, is now squarely a narrow ruse of Islamic parties and groups of varying sects and sub-sects in Pakistan.

So attacking Mullahs is more difficult and condemning liberals is quicker, easier and wins brownie points by all and sundry. This raises serious doubts and questions about the fake activists and their nefarious agenda.

If LUBP and its cowardly, anonymous haters think they can bully people like me they are wrong. Not only that we will counter their campaign, we shall continue to remain true to our firm stand that Pakistani state has to become secular and the influence and role of ALL Mullahs needs to be removed from politics. Activism and advocacy for the cause of Shias, Ahmedis and other endangered communities can only be secular. We have had enough of Mullahs and their ignorance for decades.

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71 Responses to "The hate campaign by fake bloggers: whose agenda they are promoting?"

  1. Went to LUBE to check out some comments from the “crosspost”. Found Shaheryar Ali X still whining about his departure from this website.

    Sadly he still claims that there was a witchhunt. All the posts are still here… Poor Shaheryar Ali could not argue and left on his own. No one was stopping him from posting here. He just couldn’t accept someone else posting their point of view.

    Frankly one has better things to do than engage with shameless crooks like Shaheryar Ali but I think this needed to be clarified. No one drove Shaheryar Ali out. He left because he was unable to stop me from expressing my point of view.

  2. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    which scholar today vouches for the Aryan Invasion Theory? Nobody! And I mean NOBODY

    rajtoo hate is ur duty and lie a staple food.all ur literature&vedas are full of cows and horses. both are european animals.cow is not found in indus valley civilization.aryans came from central asia and brought these animals and vedas with argumentative indians by amrita sen.

  3. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:


    Who are the Aryans and who are the Brahmins?

    To make it easier to understand, please try to define who are the Americans?
    If we want to answer the question thoroughly on who are the Americans we have to discuss about the Native Americans (also called earlier as Red Indians by European settlers), European Americans (Also called as White Americans), African Americans (Also called as Black Americans), Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans. A deep look into their origin would show they were from diverse ethnic, racial, religious groups.
    The terms were coined during the 19th and 20th Century. But if you go back in history before the European settlers came to America there was no name as Native American or Red Indian. The original tribes of the current continental America were by names Apache, Seminole, Mohican, etc. The spirit of Americanism so far is so great that these diverse distinctions gradually erode away and in another say 500 years from now American may mean the inhabitants of America. Only a close and thorough investigation at that time will reveal Native Americans had nothing to do with European Americans racially and African Americans had nothing to do with European Americans or Native Americans and so forth.
    Likewise the term Aryan has meant a very wrong meaning now. A thorough and detail investigation reveals Aryans were not a single race or from a single religious background. It will be hard for the current Brahmins to accept this truth as most of the theories about Brahmans revolve around the thinking as if Aryans were a single race.
    To unravel the mystery and bring forth the truth one has to check the contradictions in ancient stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata.
    To indicate the Caste system did not exist during the actual historical period of Ramayana and Mahabharata there are many evidences within those poems.
    Drona was the teacher for the Kavravas and the Pandavas.
    According to the Caste system practised in India during the 15th to 19th Century AD a person of a Caste cannot work in a different category of work than that of his Caste. So a Brahmin has to learn the Vedas and perform Prayers. A King has to fight wars and cannot perform Prayers and a Sudra cannot fight or perform prayers.
    So according to this rule if Drona was a Brahmin then he and his sons could not have has fought in the Mahabharata war and Drona could not have been the commander / General for the entire Kavrava army at one point of time. But the Mahabharata in contradiction to this shows Drona and his sons waged war. At the same time at another chapter in the Mahabharata there is a story in which Drona’s cows were taken away by thieves and Arjuna has to go with his army to recover the cows and return them back to Drona and the logic here was Drona was a Brahmin and could not bear arms and hence Arjuna has to go to fight for Drona. Are these two incidents contradictory to the theory of Caste?
    If so, why?
    Let us take the case of Karuna. Karuna was raised up by a chariot driver. Until Karuna’s death the general public did not know he was actually the son of Kundi the Mother of the Pandavas. So to the public Karuna was a charioter’s son. Under what category were charioters according to Brahmanism? They were Sudras. So if the caste system was prevalent during the times of Mahabharata then Duriodana could have never made Karuna a King because it violates the laws of castes. If Duriodana dared to challenge castes then Drona and other Brahmins should have left the Kauravas or punished Duriodana but that did not happen. Not only was Karuna made a King (conversion from a Sudra to a Kshatriya) but also he was eligible to contest to marry Dravpathi! (A Sudra turned Kshatriya to marry a Kshatriya Princess!). If castes existed at that time do you think that would have been possible?
    Let us take the case of Krishna. Krishna was born in a King’s family (Kshatriya) but was grown up in a Merchant family (Vaysya) but did the job of a Sudra (Charitorer for Arjuna). How was that possible if Castes existed at that time!
    Salian against his wishes was commanded by Duriodana to be the Charioter for Karuna.
    (A Kshatriya to become a Sudra!) If castes existed at that time, Salian would have called forth the Castes code of conduct (The so called Hindu law or Manu’s laws) and castigated Duriodana for such a violation of Cast laws. That did not happen indicating there was no Caste system at that time!
    One of the conditions for the Pandavas by the Kavravas after they lost in game of dice to the Kavravas was that the Pandavas should live in cities in disguise for a year and should not be identifiable by the Kavravas (Like a hide and seek game). So how did the Pandavas hide? They went in hiding and lived and worked as Sudras! Had the caste system existed at that time could the Pandavas live as Sudras?
    All these above evidences clearly indicate Caste system did not exist in India at the time of Mahabharata.
    The origin of Brahmanism is after the collapse of Buddhism in the 1st Century B.C. This is when the Caste system was devised and propagated. To propagate Brahmanism the Brahmins wrote the Smritis, Sruthis, Brahamanas, Upanishads, etc after that over the next 300 to 700 years. To give legitimacy and antiquity to their newly devised system they introduces new stories into the existing Ramayana and Mahabharata. They inserted stories that justify caste. They inserted Bhagavad-Gita inside the Mahabharata to justify Brahmanism were originally Krishna advised / pleaded Arjuna to fight his own relatives.
    As these insertions were done over a period of time and by several different authors according to their belief, there are many different philosophies and contradictions in the most versions of the current Mahabharata.
    Though any amount of hiding facts and rewriting did not completely erase the underlying truths. There lead to contradictory stories within Mahabharata and Ramayana. In order to prevent others from questioning these contradictions the Brahmins Manu’s law specified as one of its law not to question the validity of the Smritis, Sruthis and to be followed as given without questioning them. As this also did not help much they added one more law to ex-communicate anyone that questioned these laws, then they prevented anyone other than Brahmins to read these laws. Hence formed a new law that no one other than a Brahmin should study or recite the Vedas, Smritis, Sruthis, Brahamanas, and Upanishads. As reading them will bring forth the truth that they were trying to hide. But they gave a religious twist stating that they were so sacred that only a Brahmin can read them.
    Though any amount of lying and modifying historic facts could not explain and justify the caste system as ancient history reveals people switched over jobs and Gurus participated in wars, the Brahmins adopted a new theory proposed by British that Aryans were a race and Kings Priests, Merchants (Kshatriyas, Brahmins, Vaysias) all came from the Aryan race. This helped the British to propose a superior European race over the Asian races. This helped the Brahmins to cover up the inconsistencies that they were trying to cover up that arose with their Brahmanism and Caste system. So the British and Brahmins together happily adopted and propagated the Aryan invasion theory that suggests Aryans were a race and they had (Kshatriya, Brahmins, Vaysias) and they defeated the ancient Indian races and made them their servants and made them the Sudras. To aid this they also propagated the stories that Pandavas, Rama and all famous ancient ruling dynasties as Aryans! As British educated only Brahmins during the first half of British rule in India, the Brahmins had an upper hand in completely rewriting history to their advantage. To unravel the deceit and bring forth the truth Dr.B.R.Ambedkar made every sincere effort. As his efforts started exposing the Brahmins, the Brahmins adopted all strategy to defame him and anyone that brought forth the truth.

  4. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Quite a number of “Jews of India” infiltrated the Dalit ranks in the guise of NGOs and misled our innocent people.
    The Aryan Brahmins, therefore, become the world’s most dangerous enemy because it always speaks of gandhian non-violence and is never ready to engage us in open confrontation unlike as it is in Palestine.
    These are the very people who killed Gandhi and yet proclaiming to the world that they are the greatest gandhians.
    Yet another important difference between these two world famous enemies of humanity is that the zionists always maintained their own “identity”. They loved their religion and tradition despite all the violent attack on them throughout history.
    But the Brahmins never publicly admitted their identity. They chose a misleading new identity called “Hindu”, a name given to the people of India by the Arab invaders. Look at this mischief.
    Brahminists hate the Muslims from the bottom of their heart and yet embraced the name of “Hindu” given by the enemy.
    The Aryan Brahmins say they are one of the most ancient peoples in the world. Fine. But why unlike the Jews they lack the national pride? And that most human quality of longing to belong? This needs a deep research.
    Why they want to steal somebody else’s country?
    The Jews of Israel have adopted their ancient Hebrew as their national language.
    But the Brahminists have no language of their own. Some Brahmins say their national language is Sanskrit and claim it is the world’s oldest and the richest.
    Fine. But not even 0.1% of Brahmins know this language. Today, India’s single largest migratory birds to the West and their heaven on earth, USA, are the Brahmins. They say one thing and do the exact opposite.

  5. Raj TOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    This is the second time you are showing just how inconsistent and dimwit you really are.
    First you talk about “Aryan Brahmins” entering into India and subjugating Mulnivasis. Then you say, that the whole Aryan Invasion Theory is just bunkum produced by the British and other Europeans with the Brahmins making use of this theory for their own ends.
    Do you even notice the inconsistency?
    As you say, giving examples of Mahabharata, which you have simply lifted from somewhere (I have read it before), that varnas were earlier not hard-coded and dependent on one’s birth. I agree with that. Some jaatis did appropriate the Brahmin title later on for their exclusive use, which was against Dharmic PoV (immoral).
    What does that have to do with ‘Aryan’ Invasions and Mulnivasis? Nothing. Whichever Jaatis appropriated the Brahmin title were part of the Indian demographic landscape. They were not outsiders. What they did was wrong, but how does that make them invaders, subjugating ‘Mulnivasis’?`They were, if their theory of oppression is accepted, still native oppressors!
    If some Hindu jaatis or individuals did collaborate with the British, they were collaborators and should have been kicked, regardless of whether they called themselves Brahmins or not.
    BTW the whole Muslim League, and thus the whole Muslim Elite, were willing collaborators. None ever went to jail and were gifted Pakistan without ever having fought against the British. So before Islamics like you start talking about collaboration with the British of so-called Brahmins, perhaps you should look into the comprehensive collaboration with the British of the Subcontinental Muslims.
    You say “Aryan Brahmins” (something that doesn’t exist, because Aryans do not exist as some ethnicity) want to steal somebody else’s country? Which country are you talking about? If you are talking about India or even Greater India, than they need not steal. It is already their country. Their genetic lines originate in India. Their religious beliefs were developed in India. Of course they will have to share the land with all other people of India.
    So TAJENDER, there is no better way to explain your position or you, other than by saying “you’re a dimwit”! You make arguments which weaken your own arguments from earlier, but being a dimwit, you don’t get it.
    As far as Shrutis (Vedas, Upanishads) are concerned, their authorship is not attributed to the Brahmins. Rigveda is from a time when Sarasvati was a mighty river, and that was before 1900 BC.
    Your discourse about America is completely irrelevant.

  6. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    aryan came from central asia no doubt. caste was created after extermination of budhhdist.before, there was no caste.their contribution in development of india is nill.that is why islam was welcomed by common people of india except is only under islam that everbody was treated equally before law.

    when peshwas of puna were defeated by brits,common man welcomed them as liberator.

  7. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    What does that have to do with ‘Aryan’ Invasions and Mulnivasis

    aryan invaders enslaved moolnivasis.they confiscated their land and to common man was distributed by muslim invaders/rulers.sharia protected their family.

  8. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    India’s single largest migratory birds to the West and their heaven on earth, USA, are the Brahmins. They say one thing and do the exact opposite.

    rajtoo,do u agree with me.

  9. Raj TOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    TAJENDER wrote:

    aryan came from central asia no doubt.

    1) I thought you said,

    So the British and Brahmins together happily adopted and propagated the Aryan invasion theory that suggests Aryans were a race and they had (Kshatriya, Brahmins, Vaysias) and they defeated the ancient Indian races and made them their servants and made them the Sudras.

    So dimwit, what is true? Why are you saying conflicting things?
    2) Today all the literary, archeological and genetic evidence points to the view that there was no Aryan Invasion, that Vedic Civilization and the “Brahmin” jaatis developed indigenously in the Subcontinent from among the original inhabitants.
    Even the linguistic theories offered earlier in favor of the Aryan invasion theory have been shown to be weak and can be argued in many different ways including in support of Out of India view, the opposite of the Aryan Invasion theory.
    All scholars, Indian, Western and Marxist, are today of the view that Aryan Invasion theory holds no water.
    3) In a few years, the whole historical view of the world would have to be revised, and the educational institutes the world over would have to embrace what has already been more than amply proved that Civilization took birth in India.

  10. Raj TOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    Since you seem to have such interest in Indian history, here some quotes of some of the leading scientists of the world about the Indic Civilization.


  11. TAJENDER United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    All scholars, Indian, Western and Marxist, are today of the view that Aryan Invasion theory holds no water.

    it is not right mrxists in india says that brhns came from outside.mny of them were assaulted by vhp goons for that.amaryta sen dealt with this subject in his book argumentative indians very thoroughly.

    onyour comment that British and Brahmins together happily adopted and propagated………..

    gokhle wrote to britishers,requesting them ,not to disturb us as we are foreigner.this letter is available in archive.brits and brhmns jointly and happilly looted india.when moghuls lost power india was economic superpower with gdp 25-30%of world and level of literacy 93%.when they left our gdp was 2%of world and literacy was dropped to 8%.later when brits started calling for social reform then brhmns became their enemy and ghandhi was brought to restrict and finish the reformist movement.he fooled the indians with ramdhun and cheated muslims by supporting khilafat movement.freedom of india was decided in 1905.they were in search of trusted ally who can look after their ecnomic inteest after their departure.nehru ghandhi and muslim league submitted the best offer.our national anthem was originally written in honour of king george 5th.vadematram is divisive song and war cry against muslims.brhmns have no muh history in sindh,so it was given to muslims and hind was taken by brhmns.this is how rulers were divided not the population.rss the hindu fascists got nothing so they started blood bath and 4 million innocents were killed.general dyer felt guilty of killing 500 at jalianwallah bagh our politicians had no guilt for 4 millions.
    india was divided due to clash of interest between muslim landlords(especially shias) and hindu banias.nothing to do with religion at all.jinnahfar more secular than ghandhi and nehru join every election people of india rejected the concept of division,as it was inhuman and brute.

  12. raison Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Sometime around someone pumped hate and craziness into tajender’s brain. He is totally afflicted by it. His theories are just a bashing round by someone suffering some brain disease (like mad cow disease – may be there is a mad brahmin-hate disease).

    Ignoring him would do him good.

  13. Raj TOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    The biggest Marxist historian proponent of Aryan Invasion Theory is Romila Thapar. And for one who has built her career on this bullshit, this is what she had to say a year back.


    Today all the Marxists have in support of their Aryan migrations into the Subcontinent Theory is the “Accusation that Hindutvadis, who are irrational :roll: are attacking them”, but no scientific evidence – No archeological evidence. In the video, Romila Thapar herself admits “there can be no archeological evidence” :roll: . All the genetic evidence points to the fact, that there were no Aryan migrations into India. No literature from the ancient world speaks of any Aryans or their migrations into India, but there is plenty of literature that speaks of Sapta-Sindhu being the home of the Vedic Civilization.
    So where is the evidence for Aryan Invasion Theories and Aryan Migration Theories?
    Now you will say, “Hindutvadi ne maara”! And that is your evidence!
    Amartya Sen, who is neither archeologist nor historian, talks about argumentativeness of Indians, and that should serve as evidence in favor of AIT/AMT. :lol:

  14. raison Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to tajender

    What is the point in spreading hatred against brahmins or aryans on a pakistani website? You are only helping the quislings and bootlickers of arab imperialism and racism trample upon the pakistanis who are the real hindus (=inhabitants of the Sindhu river basin). Pakistanis need to be liberated from islam – an alien totalitarian-fascist arab-(turkish)-imperialist ideology from Makkah.

    I am not a hindu since I don’t live in the Sindhu river basin. I have seen the Sindhu river only from aircraft. A brahmin is not supposed to leave the holy Bharatkhand (Bharat land) – hence I am not a brahmin anymore.

    India and Pakistan are presently being ruined – but certainly not by brahmins.

    But a hate-crazy person like you will not see this, will not be able to see this.

  15. [...] be corrected. It is NOT about the blogs’ war. But it has to do with the specific targetting and hate-campaign initiated by Abdul Nishapuri-Laibaah (both incidentally fake names and reportedly the same blogger based in the UK) against Raza [...]

  16. Tiger Brazil Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Posts like this make the internet such a tersaure trove

  17. これら女の子べきではないするは良い取引の製品ものですか?ルイ ・ ヴィトン作成クリーン革はクラッチブレンド多く色一緒に。ストレッチ支援を緩める、筋肉組織とブーストの器用さ。カスタムの入れては手の込んだ、白地上期間ローブビクトリア風の起源時代。

  18. Ali Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:
    Raza Rumi sahib why is LUBP so much against you?

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