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I am a Pakistani Indian……

Raza Habib Raja

There is something about India as an idea which transcends the modern day political configurations. It is the idea of India as a huge mass of land which stretches from Baluchistan to present day Bangladesh. This idea of India is independent of any political configuration. In fact during the past thousands of years, this mass of land has very seldom been a unified political entity. And yet there is something which loosely unites the inhabitants despite their substantial religious and at times even ethno linguistic differences (after all let us not forget that more than 200 languages are spoken in India). There is something, perhaps difficult to articulate, which enables this huge stretch of land to be called India irrespective of various political shapes it has assumed over thousands of years.
My country Pakistan was created only 60 years ago. In my eyes, the current political landscape consisting of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan is just one of the many political permutations, Indian subcontinent has witnessed over thousands of years. This current political formation does not mean that I have ceased to be an Indian. Yes at this point I will say that I am a proud Pakistani. I opened my eyes here and I love it intensely despite the fact that I have often been severely critical of the way things are being run here. But at the same time I would also like to say that I have an Indian identity as well.
I am the heir to the same great Indus valley civilization and I have the same claim to India as those who belong to modern political India. It is this common great heritage, underpinned by the idea of India independent of political configurations, which unites me with those who live in the present political entity of India. It is our common heritage irrespective of our different political and for that matter even cultural differences( because India has many sub cultures which differ substantially from each other ).
Yes those who worship the idea of two nation theory will negate it and ironically their sentiments will find endorsement by Hinduvta brigade. The former thinks that identity is perhaps a monolithic phenomenon and Pakistan equates to an antithesis of India. They think that identity is solely a political cum religious construct and since Pakistan is a separate political entity therefore we are now just Pakistanis in every respect of the way. The political Pakistan means fostering of a completely new identity and a complete divorce from the past. For them their past starts from the point their ancestors converted to Islam and their identity morphs into anything concrete only after the creation of Pakistan. And this group, comprising of so called nationalists, is also wary of ethnic identities and aligns itself with the state cultivated narrative of “One Pakistan: One Nation”.
The later (Indian right wingers) think that since Pakistan became a separate state, their country was “partitioned” and  an unforgiveable sin has been committed. By creating Pakistan, its inhabitants have divided mother India. They keep on talking about the glory of Indus valley civilization and mention India as a historically single political entity which in 1947 was divided along religious lines.
Well needless to say that I disagree with both the parties. My premise is that people have multiple identities. I am, a Pakistani, a Punjabi, a Muslim and of course an Indian in the sense I have mentioned above. In fact we all have multiple identities.  At times one identity may become dominant due to certain circumstances and may even take a strong political expression such as demand for a separate state. However, even if does so, the other identities though relegated do not simply disappear. So in my case my Indian identity is there despite my Pakistani identity. Though I may not consciously ‘choose” it but it is for me not only a matter of choice as it is an identity shaped by history and culture transmitted through generations. It is that common historical heritage which binds me together with those who live in the neighbouring political India.
At present I am in USA and studying at Cornell. Some of my best friends are Indians and I am amazed that how much common we have despite apparently “hostile” political situation between the two countries. And they do not belong to North India only ( as it is often said that North India is culturally closer to Pakistan) but from South also. It is that commonality which transcends political and for that matter even ethnic and religious differences which binds me to them. I do not think of them as foes but as my brothers and sisters with whom I share a great common heritage.
And yet I will not apologize for Pakistan as it is my country and I opened my eyes here. I will nevertheless reiterate that creation of Pakistan at least in my eyes does not negate my Indian identity and origins. I would like to remind all those who are bent upon imposing Arab wahabi culture on us that it is alien to us.
I believe that realizing our common Indian identity is important as it will lead to erosion of bitterness. Yes modern Pakistan and India are a reality but then so is our great common heritage. Yes it is important for us to be loyal to our political states but at the same time not overlook the joint heritage.
I am a Pakistani Indian….

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  1. MDB India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Nice and thought provoking article.
    The latest generation of people who were born in the present day India and Pakistan do not pay much attention to the fact that their countries were one country just 65 years back. They have the images of each other’s country as they have been tought and what they have seen. Recent developments in the communication field has however provided them with opportunities to see the things in clearer prospective and now they understand the game plans of vested interests. Their astonishing resemblance with the people of each other’s country (often projected as enemy country) all the more forces them to ponder over and find out the real story of partition. But common people are again at the mercy of political leaders and they tread the paths created by such leaders, some times willingly and sometimes unwillingly. It is their sheer luck that once in a while they are led by really honest and sincere leaders and their path takes a good turning for the benefit of mankind.
    The partition was the most prominent turning of the path and the common man still continues to try to sift the benefits out of it, if any.

    Some people on your side of the border are still strugling to define their identity. You call yourself a Pakistani Indian because Pakistan is a part of Indian Sub-continent as the present day India itself is. But for obvious reasons any association with the word ‘India’ has become allergic to the people who want to associate Pakistan and the idea of Pakistan only to the Arab world where Islam comes from. They want every Pakistani to hate and shun every thing that associates their identity with India (including pre-Islamic India). So far, their success has been remarkable. Probably they are the people who have popularised South Asia to refer to Indian Sub-continent, again in order get rid of ‘Indian’.

    For the people like me the partition of British India was only one of the political upheavals that go on taking place in the history of the nations. Bangla Desh was another upheaval. And other upheavals are waiting to take place to make new permutations and combinations that join some regions and separate the others. This has been going on since time immemorial. Let us pray to God to send good leaders who are capabale of turning the upheavals for the benefit if mankind.

    Now, since the word ‘India’ refers practically only to the Republic of India and since Pakistan, India and Bangla Desh are realities, it is better to replace the name of old India as South Asia. There is no harm if the nationals of the countries of this region call themselves South Asians. After all, at least geography still keeps them one.

    I would

  2. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    Pakistan Is not a part of India, it WAS.

    Since there were differences between Hindus and Muslims that Pakistan was evolved. They cannot now be the same under any circumstances whatsoever. This is a useless debate which serves no end.

  3. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ ahem and rajmoot

    stop bugging a gentleman like RHR…he doesn’t like to respond to your foolish question.
    there is no caste in Pakistan or among Muslims….they don’t go by saying they are rajmoots or ghanshaam ,,,,they are simply Pakistanis, some super rich, some rich and most of them poor. What divides them is not caste system but discrimination in matters of right.

    Hope you will understand the difference between the Hindu caste system and the Pakitani societal system now!

  4. prakash Australia Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Hi Raza brother,
    I am an Indian living in Australia and i am very glad to know the way you feel about India and no disrespect to Pakistan. I have always felt that India refers to the Indian sub-continent more than anything and that naturally includes Pakistan and to a lesser extent Afghanistan/Iran. Islam is 1000 years old and peoples in this region have lived alongside each other for thousands of years under various circumstances and they say the earth itself is 4 billion years old and humankind is 20 million or so years old. I am Hindu but religion is not bigger than humanity as religion is our invention to satisfy our mental and emotional needs. IMO Indian sub-continent peoples are by and large homogenous and have a very rich history. In terms of race they are classified as Caucasians although i am not a racist but like to be a human species. Pakistanis seem to have deep seated id crises and so i brought these things up. Asif Ali Zardari during a visit put it “ther’s a Pakistani an every Indian and an Indian in every Pakistani”. I know that’s true and surely you are Indian with an alias Pakistani but an Indian by identity and roots which is what matters. You may disagree but here’s my 2 cents. peace for the peoples of the Indian sub-continent and hopefully they can live as one happy family instead of tearing each other apart.

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  6. Balwinder Sandhu. UK United Kingdom Safari  Android 2.2 Dell Streak Build/FRF91 says:

    Above commentator, open your heart

  7. You are a Pakistani so I suppose a Muslim too………Islam was born in Arab and was alien to rest of the world. Same is the case with India……….Hinduism is older religion than Islam….

    Your argument about Indian Identity carries some weight which you have lost by making an irrelevant point to your hate for “Arab Culture”….
    Piece of Advice: Why dont you say that you are a Pakistani Hindu….on same grounds you have opted to be called a Pakistani Indian

  8. Desicanuk Canada Google Chrome Windows says:

    I enjoyed reading your piece Raza.I think Indic is more appropriate term than Indian.This is simply because there are still strong feelings among lot of us.The wounds of partition havent been allowed to heal by immature and over zealous leaders on all sides.Only courageous leaders willing to make bold decisions can heal the wounds and bring us to-gether in peace and harmony.Political expediency,religious fanaticism and territorial disputes will only harm us all.Indians,Pakistanis,Bangladeshis,Nepalis,Afghans,Iranians and Kurds are all members of this great Indo-Iranian family.I look forward to the day when we all put away all our differences and come to-gether in a EU like confederation.Borders will become irrelevant and differences melt away.

  9. Zahra Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    Just because you happened to have left for abroad and made nice friends with some Indians doesnt mean you ditch your own roots. There are nice people everywhere. However, you need to catch the same people in times of conflict as was witnessed in 1947 communal riots in sub-continent. Previous, friendly neighbors refused to help, and in many cases actually aided the plunder and loot of muslims in their districts. These were the same people who had earlier celebrated Eids and Diwalis together. Nobody could have imagined that the same people would turn up against the other in that fateful year. We make a zillion relationships during our lifetime. But some stick to us during times of crisis, and those that dont, we’d rather do away with. If you search statistics from 1947, the estimated ratio of tragedies on each side amounts to approximately 2:1 with disadvantage to muslims- mostly in Indian Punjab. And you need to view this in light of the fact that muslims, not hindus/sikhs were in a minority.

    One more thing. Disenchanted Pakistanis like you usually debate on our closer resemblance to Indian identity, completely multiplying the Arab one with zero. Need proof against it?
    For one, you need to get your social concepts correct. Arab culture is not equal to Wahhabi sect. It is an illusion that Saudi petro-dollar funded propaganda makes you believe in. Most of the Arab world is either Sunni moderate in nature or Shiite. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain are just small examples of states that promote Wahhabi ideology. But remember that this is distinct from the beliefs of their populace which is still largely moderate. Arabs are a lot more detached from Islam than an average Pakistani. If Wahhaabism was their watchword, this would not have been the case.

    Now for the part where you think we dont have Arab identity. Again refer to the majority of castes in Pakistan today. In fact let me make an addition. Most Pakistanis belong to either of Arab, Persian or central Asian stock. How? the known major castes that have Indian/hindu origins are Jats, Rajputs, Shaikhs, Memons of Karachi, and some Sindhi ones like the Solangis and Channas. But the cast majority of Pakistanis can be categorized as the following:
    Syeds, Siddiqis, Farooquis, Usmanis, Ansari, Qureishi, Zubairi, zaidi, rizvi, abbasi. These are Arab ones. Then there are Persio-CAS castes like Kazmi, Isphahani, Gilani, Tirmizi, Baig, Mirza, Khans, almost all Pukhtoon and baloch tribes etc. Anybody who has lived in Pakistan long enough knows the frequency of encountering the latter against the former one.

    In a Deputy COmmissioner’s report for Sindh titled, ‘A-SHORT-SKETCH-HISTORICAL-AND-TRADITIONAL-OF-THE-MUSALMAN-RACES-FOUND-IN-SINDH-BALUCHISTAN-AND-AFGHANISTAN’ written in 1901, he wrote :

    ‘The largest population of the Mussulmans in Sindh claim to be thedescendants of the Arabs, who came to Sindh from Arabia.’

    Hence, it wasnt a propoganda conducted by Zias regime ( although I wont rule out his similar tactics in general). This was always a known fact- something that neo-liberals today aspire to discredit from historical accounts.

  10. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    There is enough research that 90% if Pakistanis are Arabs. It all started with bin Quasim and his army.

    That is why Pakistanis speak Arabic so fluently. Even punjabi is born out of a mix of Arabic and Persian.

    Before Arabian Pakistani came to sindh and Punjab – it was all in a state of zahalat.

  11. RHR United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ Zahra

    thanks for teaching me about my “roots” which ironically are more Indian than Pakistani. I dont belong to any of the castes you just noted above. I am a Rajput ( by caste) and which does not have “roots” in Arab culture.

    Anyways, I never said that Arab culture is monolithic and is just wahabism. When I used the term, it was a reference to Saudi Arabian government’s efforts to promote wahabism through funding. It was mere common sense, so therefore I did not try to explain it.

    Anyways, regarding bloodshed at partition…well both sides were guilty of it. Muslims were killed and so were Hindus and Sikhs.



  12. Chote Miyan United States Safari Mac OS says:

    Zahra dear, Could you kindly educate us about your Arab ancestors. This is getting very interesting. I wonder what the Arabs think about it. :D

  13. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Zahra, RHR, and CM

    IMHO, Zahra has pointed to a very important dimension of Pakistani political life which does not receive attention at all.

    The divide between those who are not from the land (and not just mohajirs) or retain memories of being not from the land or have acquired such memories over time, and those who do not possess or failed to acquire such associations with Iran, Turkey, Arabia, etc.

    As happens for Baysian statisticians, post Muslim-non-Muslim demarcation, these become non-trivial issues with real meaning and consequence.


    To understand such associations, we Indians might want to look closely at the personal lives of the Muslim prince and playboy in pre-independence India – starting, for convenience, say, with the Nizam of Hyderabad.

  14. Anonymous United Kingdom Netscape Navigator Unknow Os says:

    [...] and india is pakistan and @Ticker is 7000 BCE muslim brahmin of mehgrah for a reason…… I am a Pakistani Indian…… Raza Habib Raja There is something about India as an idea which transcends the modern day [...]

  15. [...] @Ticker is 7000 BCE muslim brahmin of mehgrah for a reason.afterall whats there in a name….. I am a Pakistani Indian…… Raza Habib Raja There is something about India as an idea which transcends the modern day [...]

  16. Pratyaya Jagannath Panda United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Just remembering interesting exchanges with Mr Raj Too, was nice at a point of time. But I have accepted RHR as a better human being in this world (not confined to the sub continent) who wants to improve things. Great article by Abhinav Pandya. Congratulations

  17. RajTOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Pratyaya Jagannath Panda wrote:

    Just remembering interesting exchanges with Mr Raj Too, was nice at a point of time. But I have accepted RHR as a better human being in this world (not confined to the sub continent) who wants to improve things.

    Well that was the whole thing: It was not about who is a better human being but who is an Indian!
    I have no objection to RHR being considered a “better human being”, that despite the fact that Islamic programming itself chews off some of the humanity in a person anyway!

  18. pratyay panda United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Raj saab

    I see positive points in your arguments and I respect that, thanks for enlightening me through your thoughts.


  19. mock Opera Windows says:

    well let me see …, yes true that it’s one of the many political landscape of Indian subcontinent .

    But your culture is not Indian ,In thousand of years many people migrated to Indian from different world The difference but non-Muslims become a part of Culture. Muslims never did that their culture is to hate non-Muslims.

    In thousands of years only “Muslim” community which is maintained hostility with Indian culture . It’s only culture which hurt this land culture , Destroyed Temples , Ancient Libraries , Raped women for some non-existent “One God” and still continue …….

    “Pakistan is country where Non-Muslims are get discriminate Within constitution ”

    “their daughters get raped and converted regularly ”

    “non-Muslims minority in in vanishing path ”

    “Ethnic cleansing is state policy”

    So if this is Pakistan then

    “No Proud Pakistani can Be Indian”

    ya but it’s nice to use word “Indian” in western for Pakistani because in this way you can hide your barbaric face . and western people will not look at you like barbaric animal you can continue your jihad there.

  20. vinod kumar India Google Chrome Windows says:

    Now that people more Islamic then u are whipping ur ass in Pakistan u are referring India as ur country …but sorry my brother u are not invited certainly not with Islamic identity …to save the world the misdoings of mohamad needs to be undone….any religion is good except islam leave and be India otherwise sorry u are not welcome here….

  21. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    to save the world the misdoings of mohamad needs to be undone….any religion is good except islam leave and be India otherwise sorry u are not welcome here….

    anil u say this because u are hindu.hinduism is the only religion where man is born uneven.

  22. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Pakistan Tribune says:
    November 4, 2012 at 11:14 am
    You are a Pakistani so I suppose a Muslim too………Islam was born in Arab and was alien to rest of the world. Same is the case with India……….Hinduism is older religion than Islam


  23. bennedose India Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    LOL! This is all nonsense. I am an Indian Pakistani. Pakistan was born when Ghori killed kafir Hindus and impregnated kafir women in what is now Pakistan. Since then Pakistan has been under the benign flag of the religion of peace, a full 1000 years. Hindus are retards. Christians are sweepers. I see nothing in common with dhoti clad shivering thin cowardly Hindus who run at the sound of gunfire. My martial mind finds a diet of rice and vegetables revolting. I eat good red meat and that is why I am tall, fair and handsome like all Pakistanis unlike short dark skinned Indians – especially those shrivelled black grapes from the south fit only to be my low caste servants. I pray with my brothers in a wide open mosque while Hindus pray in narrow dark places one at a time to worhiop their animal phallus gods. If only I hade been born in Pakistan…

  24. wincsten maseeh United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    rhr jee since since 1984 hindu communalism is converted into hindu fascism.they are planning anf fabricating voilence like babri nasjid case,and then abhinab bharat bomb planting bussines.that ws game of mass killings of muslims.if u want to kill dog .give him bad name first.they are trojan horse horse of zoinism.burma lanka and kerala are next it is war between unity and division.also planning of destroying indian properity.hate is duty and lie is staple food.

  25. wincsten maseeh United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Pakistan was born when Ghori killed kafir Hindus and impregnated kafir women in what is now Pakistan

    hindustan was born after vedic attack of india.when most of indian women became property of temples and moolnivasis started having sex with animals.

    chrisyianity was born with robbery of india at mass scale and starving millions to death.

  26. very interesting. is raja sahib returning to pakistan or bent upon wasting the rest of his prime life in the united status of america?

  27. rich India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    well it seems since most pakistanis are of arab ancestry it is abvious, since the aran armies did not come with their women folk, they raped the local women or forcfully married them and these local pakistani are the result so they are children of raped and fucked women who could not defend themself or compromised themself instead of killing themsef

    no wonder the arabs hate pakistnis, they loof at them like prostitutes and pimps, arabs buy and marry pakistni women but pakistnis cannot marry arab women even if they are rich

    sad my so called arab desendent

  28. Mughal Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Tarkhan is a Turko-Mongol title like others titles; Khan; Khatun; IlKhan; Amir; Mirza; Beg; Khagan; yabghu; Tegin; Shad; Baghatur. Tarkhan is a title of Turko- Mongol ( Hunnic, Gokturk, Khazar, Uyghur) Rulers. The prominent Turkic Rulers were,Tama-Tarkhan, Ras Tarkhan, Alp Tarkhan, Hazer Tarkhan, Qutlugh Tarkhan Sengun, Tun Bagha Tarkhan etc.. The term Tarkhan was a Mongolic Title conferred by the Tarkhan Chief enjoyed power and privilege next to the great Mongol Khan.[6] Originally, Tarkhan was a term Applied to Mongol nobles.[7] Tarkhan is a Turko-Mongol Tribe. Amir Timur in his Institutes, enumerates twelve of forty Tribes which had submitted to his Government; Barlas, Tarkhan, Arghun, Jalair etc.[8] The title was originally a hereditary one; Chengiz Khan conferred it on the Qishliq and Bata, under Timur, a Tarkhan had free access to the Palace and criminal immunity for himself and his children up to nine offenses.[9]

  29. UMARA United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    so a few Muslims from bin Qasim’s army raped hindu women and where were the rest of the Hindus.A few hundered Muslims overpowered Millions of Hindus.Raped their woman,forcefully converted them .And nobody from whole of India spoke a word against them.Questions should be asked from hindus then not from Muslims.If you wont take action against the invader then then obviously they overpower you.

    I am from a Rajput family and I can assure nobody can force Mahraja Dharam Chand to covert.

  30. Yuvrajsinh Jadeja Norway Opera Mini Unknow Os says:

    hello raja ji
    im a rajput and i know u r also a rajput. to ap abhi apne purvajo ko yad kar rahe hai esa lagta hai jo Mogalo aur Arabo se zindgibhar lade.. aur ap rajput ho esi liye apko realize hua ki india b mera vatan hai. GREAT pakistan ke har rajput ko ye yad rehna chahiye ki vo Arab nahi par great warrior rajput ke vanshaj hai…

  31. akb Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    .66 years on, Jinnah can still trigger a row in India, Pakistan
    Sonya Fatah | Sep 16, 2013 – The Times Of India

    Ah , Jinnah, Jinnah, Jinnah. If one has ambitions for their child to grow up and cause a stir, they ought to name the newborn, Jinnah. The precedence can only set the bar high. What is it about one man that can torment the souls of two nations more than six decades after partition , a schismatic event attributed only to him?

    Outlook’s recent cover story was informative, though telling of what’s wrong with how we perceive the twin madness of our nations. Few Indians like to compare India and Pakistan , especially as their trajectories diverge in opposite directions. But the similarities defy the larger picture. Take for instance, All India Radio’s decision to keep any recorded version of a secular Jinnah hidden in steel cabinets outside the public domain.

    New-nation building of the post-world-war two variety in which borders were being drawn up in a casual way was hardly the work of one individual but Jinnah makes a good scapegoat. Dead barely a year after partition, Jinnah is less of a person than an idea. In Pakistan, he had to be glorified; in India, he was massacred.

    The historian Ayesha Jalal tried years ago in ‘The Sole Spokesman’ to complicate this lens a little so that in Pakistan we could see that Jinnah erred (not entirely because of his judgment ), and in India people could appreciate the complexity of his role and the others involved. Sixty years have passed and we still can’t have a rational conversation about it. Instead, Jinnah’s name can summon a storm, jeopardize political careers and cast aside the speaker as being possibly insane. Incredible.

    Best, I think, to leave the entire Jinnah conversation aside and look ahead. India exists. Pakistan exists. And Bangladesh exists. So what do we do? One Madanjeet Singh, a former MEA man and once ambassador in a few special places, had an idea of a union, a kind of economic, social, cultural zone with a single currency to regulate its trade and other exchanges. Ambassador Singh bandied about the idea in a great many forums and set up the South Asia Foundation to perpetuate its longevity after his own demise earlier this year. His vision was long-term and he considered the region SASIA with a currency bearing the same name. I don’t know what Madanjeet Singh thought or said of Jinnah but I doubt he was too concerned about him.

    He considered that South Asia had a much longer history of engagement across cultures, religions and borders and that the divisions among us could be nurtured for collaborative rather than destructive engagement.

    To develop this vision, he built up a partnership across the countries bordering India, involving leaders like Dasho Karma Ura of Bhutan, Salima Hashmi of Pakistan, Mani Shankar Aiyar and N Ram from India , and Kamal Hossein of Bangladesh (google for more information) to buttress the fact that this idea had longevity in a generation beyond his.

    Turn to today. One ought to pick up Vishwajyoti Ghosh’s ‘This Side, That Side’ , a collection of graphic story collaborations across Bangladesh, India and Pakistan that tries to forget the absolute portrayal of partition , and find how future generations deal with history’s temporary curse.

    For now we will have to hear and read more about the three lawyers who were at the forefront of the independence struggle. But perhaps someone will start talking about a more empowered and integrated future. Fat chance, you say? Catch up with you in 2050.

  32. akb Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    @Yuvrajsinh Jadeja


  33. akb Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:


    yOU raised a very good argument which is appreciated.
    speak up, rajputs?? where were you when a handful of Qasim;s strong attacked and conquered Rajputi hindu India??

  34. adi United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to akb

    Invaders always have an advantage over those who are invaded, especially in times when communication was slow or non-existent between distant territories.

    For example when Irak was invaded (twice) by USA did you muslims not mostly hide in your houses behind your women? Inspite of knowing that Irak was invaded within minutes of this happening, you muslims proved once again that islam causes you to become liars and cowards. Why did Pakistan not send their “brave” army and lashkars into Irak to defend the irakis against the USA?

    Muslims can only boast and deceive and run away and hide or go on rape and rampage.

  35. adi United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to akb

    If a person’s mother is raped by an arab or turk then how can he feel proud of being an arab or turk or part-arab or part-turk?
    This shows how you pakistanis have lost self-respect, dignity and honor due to islam and its sex rabidity.

  36. Proletarian Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Its not rape if the woman is a kaneez, a slave. Thats what the religion of peace says.

  37. adi United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to proletariat

    The more we study islam and muslims and their real history, the more we learn how fascistic, evil and perverse islam was and will be and how ordinary muslims are completely faked and cowardly and forced to justify or even glorify this fascism and these perversions.

  38. K. India Google Chrome Windows says:

    Thank you for that lovely article.

    I completely agree with the statement you quoted that is a Pakistani in every Indian and an Indian in every Pakistani.

    As someone who is generally confused by the very limited notion of countries, I think India, Pakistan, Bangaladesh are all part of a larger consciousness and collective. We all have our problems, in the form of both religious extremism, corporate/military plunder and corruption, but we have share a deep sense of the beautiful, be in music, architecture or poetry.

    I am terribly sorry to see some of the comments of this thread, but this too is a joint challenge.

    Best wishes and love from the deep south,

  39. Lt Gen H S Panag(R) United Kingdom Safari iPad says:

    My surname is Panag.There r more Panags in Greece than in India.So,I presume my origins lie in Greece!So much for my reply to Pakistani’s Arab origin!Be that as it may,culturally we all belong to this region and that is the way forward for a EU type of confederation to get rid of the ghosts of the past!

  40. Mukesh Gupta India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    ALL fuckin bullshit

    You want to associate with India, only to become more
    acceptable to the blue eyes anglo saxons

    You fuckin Islamic bastards need to be locked up in
    a remote country & be left alone forever

    Your hatred for kafirs need to be isolated & shunned

  41. Jack India Google Chrome Windows says:

    My ustad gave me a simple formula to determine cultural commonalities:

    Take two older women and ask them to have a discussion about culinary tastes. If they can sustain a dialogue(never mind the linguistic incomprehension) then they share the same culture. Many of the diverse peoples of the Indian subcontinent can have a dialogue on cooking, but not the Chinese and the south Asians. Religious ideas are such an abstraction. Cooking tastes and habits are not.

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