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The Punjabi Pakistan

Raza Habib Raja

The selective way of presenting history in Pakistan conveniently ignores the fact that at its creation, there were two large sometimes contrasting and sometimes overlapping movements. The first was primarily centred around Muslim identity and tried to actually bargain a better position for its bearers. This movement though ended up in carving a separate homeland for the Muslims, nevertheless did not have that strong separatist thrust at least in the beginning.

However, the Islamic identity itself was not the only identity assumed by Muslims as strong ethnic nationalist tendencies existed particularly in the region which later became Pakistan. Thus the ethnic nationalist movements in Khyber Pakhtoonkwha and Baluchistan existed even before the partition. Let’s not forget that Khyber Pakhtoonkwha and Baluchistan were not fully comfortable when they “opted” for Pakistan. At best their support for Pakistan was tepid. West Pakistan at its creation was a multi-ethnic region with strong individual demands for greater autonomy based on linguistic and ethnic lines. The residents were largely Muslims but at the same time they also gave importance to their ethnic linguistic identities.

East Pakistan had a more or less uniform language and culture and at that point supported Pakistan as they perceived the creation of that state as synonymous to sufficient degree of autonomy.

One thing grossly overlooked by the establishment is that ethnic-based nationalism flourishes and may even embrace separatists tendency if the state is seen as biased. Nationalism is not merely preservation of identity; it is very much intertwined with the concept of state. If state is perceived as unjust, secessionist movements will most likely find a hearing. Ernest Gellener actually defines nationalism in the context of injustice. The deprived and excluded, if belonging to some common ethnicity, will revolt and will form nationalist expression built around that ethnicity and may end up striving for a state of their own.

Another important fact is that, identities based on linguistic cum ethnic lines cannot be made to disappear through superimposition or playing up the religious factor particularly when discrimination and exclusion is based on such lines. Yes being a Muslim is an important part of the identity, but at the same time so is the ethnicity and language. The latter would assume supremacy in an environment of discrimination, whether real or perceived.

Keeping this situation in mind, where five major ethnic nationalities existed with a strong tendency to demand a sufficient degree of economic, social and cultural autonomy, the best bet to keep the state of Pakistan intact was to allow sufficient autonomy at the provincial level to ensure that ethnic expression was not stifled. However, here came the crucial error. The Pakistani establishment at that time and ever since has assumed that allowing provincial autonomy and greater ethnic expression coupled with decentralization would weaken the federation. Moreover, it erroneously assumed that the two nation theory negated fostering of regional identities.

These two assumptions have accounted for the various ideological, political and administrative missteps which the state has taken over the years to “tackle” the issue of ethnic diversity and nationalism. Instead of accommodating ethnic diversity the central idea has been to negate it through various means.

As pointed out quite eloquently by Mr. Stephen Cohen in his book The Idea of Pakistan that Pakistani leaders have not fully grasped that in an ethnically diverse state most politics is of identity and closely linked to issues of pride, status, jobs and social equality. They seem convinced that ethno-linguistic demands are an economic problem, not a political problem, and if other means fail, a military problem.

There are a wide range of administrative, political as well as ideological blunders which the largely Punjab dominated centre and establishment have committed over the past 60 years and with devastating results. These blunders have proven to be counterproductive to the original aim of keeping the state intact in a smooth manner and have created alienation in the other ethnicities. But the ill effects go beyond harming the harmonious relations between the ethnicities. These have actually had catastrophic effect on the other aspects also.

The ideological drive which places a strong emphasis on Islamisation actually also tries to counter the issue of ethnic identities. The aim has been to ensure a strong centre as it has been viewed critical for the integration of the state. The policy of Islamisation has not been carried out to radicalize the population but chiefly as a political tool to subdue nationalistic forces. Even state sponsored Talibanization was partly done to diffuse Pushtoon ethnic identity and amalgamate it into state preferred Sunni Muslim identity. Needless to say that it has produced catastrophic results and continues to produce such results.

In fact we have not learnt anything from the history and instead of trying to address ethnic nationalist demands, have continued to counter it by efforts to play up the Islamic factor to diffuse ethnic identity and demands. The Islamic drive became more vehement after the secession of East Pakistan. Instead of getting to the root of the problem which was OVER CENTRALIZATION AND PUNJAB’S DOMINANCE, our response has been to play up Islamic identity in order to overcome the ethnic forces. The fundamental assumption is that ethnic demands would weaken the state and therefore if ethnic identity can be “replaced” or at least superseded by Islamic identity, the state would survive.

Of course ideological thrust on fostering Islamic identity has been carried out to chiefly supplement the administrative, political and economic set up in which the centre dominates.

Pakistan has in fact continued with the colonial structure with minor amendments to “adjust” it to its ground realities. This structure with a centralized bureaucracy, powerful feudal structure, huge powers vested in the centre and a large army is chiefly designed to ensure a powerful centre. One has to go into pre-partition times to understand about the structure and rationale of this brand of state structure.

The British created a new breed of feudal lords with proper legal title while retaining monopoly on the sole use of violence as coercive measure. This clever tactic insulated the populace from the state as it created a layer while ensuring that monopoly of violence (state’s coercive power). The landlord while legal owner of the land had to exclusively rely on a centrist state to tackle with any trouble at the local level. Thus state eventually evolved as a mere enforcer rather than a body responsive to the local concerns. Its prime concern by design was ensuring authority of the centre.

On a broader level the state was structured with powers vested in the centre and provinces were to be ruled with limited autonomy. The act of 1935 which also became the source of inspiration for all the subsequent acts was again centrist in orientation. These two important characteristics which were designed by British, a foreign ruler, to ensure “insensitive” hegemony of the centre and Pakistan’s establishment as well as political class with centrists tendencies continued to persist with it. The post-colonial state is actually an extension of the colonial state but with the changed central government. This structure was deliberately allowed to continue to ensure preservation of a centre-oriented state. This structure is bound to create resentment at the local/provincial level and is designed for the IMPERSONAL kind of ruling.

In this structure the centre more or less controls the revenue and expenditure. And the centre is dominated by Punjab. The population wise allocation of revenue and Punjab’s dominance in the “establishment” institutions such as civil services, judiciary and above all armed forces has created resentment and given rise to grievances. The revenue and resource allocation is highly controversial and automatically gives rise to feelings of exclusion which invariably will be manifested in strong tides of nationalism and occasional political violence around the question of scecession. The revenue generated from other provinces is spent on Punjab disproportionately. Likewise, the royalties from resource usage of smaller provinces do not proportionally match up the benefits derived from such usage. The resource rich Baluchistan despite enabling Pakistan to save billions of dollars because of natural gas gets paltry amount of royalty in return. It remains a poor province despite benefitting Pakistan a lot. If today there is a strong resentment in Baluchistan’s middle-class, it arises from these grave injustices not due to so called grand conspiracies of foreign powers.

The current structure is skewed, whether deliberately or inadvertently, in favour of Punjab. Hence, not surprisingly, the identity of Punjab’s middle-class is strongly reminiscent of official version of what constitutes a Pakistani. The other provinces increasingly identify themselves on ethnic lines even though all may not be harbouring secessionist aspirations.

Moreover, several blunders have been committed in the past to ensure preservation of the dominance of the privileged centre. One was the tactless imposition of One Unit, which in the name of administrative “efficiency” tried to subdue the ethnic-linguistic expressions within the mould of governance. The One Unit scheme was a disaster and effectively sealed the fate of Pakistan unity. It ripped open the already smouldering wounds and needlessly aggravated the situation eventually leading to dismemberment of the country in 1971.

The administrative blunders have always been supplemented with violent and unconstitutional methods of dealing with the nationalist forces. The centrist tendencies manifested in violence as Bengalis were crushed using military, a pattern which has repeatedly been used. The culture has developed where autonomy if voiced is construed as a danger to the state and is handled with force. We did not learn the lessons with Bangladesh and repeated the same with Baluchistan repeatedly. Baluchistan has literally experienced several uprisings and brutal retaliations from the state. The ongoing insurgency is not the first such insurgency as it has been preceded by insurgencies in 1958, 1960s and 1973-77. And the provincial governments have also been dismissed and at times on the explicit charge of “conspiracy to dismember Pakistan”.

Right now as Pakistan is fighting for its existence and bearing the brunt of its ideological blunder of promoting political Islam to tackle ethnic diversity, the time has come for us to learn our lessons. The foremost lesson is that dissent can only be addressed by addressing the root causes which are often emanating from exclusion and discrimination. Use of ideological engineering and tactics of coercion and intimidation will not strengthen the federation but weaken it.

Another lesson which needs to be learnt and particularly by democracy-skeptic Punjabi middle-class, is that an ethnically diverse country needs democracy even if it means scarifying governance. Ethnic diversity needs consensus at every step and the way it has evolved in Pakistan the need to negotiate and renegotiate the relationship terms between the provinces will increase with time. Only democracy provides the framework as well as the forum to do so. Only democracy provides the mechanism which can tap the voices of the provinces and project them for discourse at the national level.

Therefore, this nonsensical yearning for army rule has to stop. Armed forces have always dealt with coercion and since they largely hail from Punjab, they have only succeeded in instilling hatred in the smaller provinces against it. While media and urban middle-class of Pakistan have been lynching the PPP government at the top of their voices, the party actually deserves praise at least on provincial autonomy front.


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  1. Mythbuster United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I may seem belaboring the point but in the same vein as yours I found the following passage from a book about Mughal India written from a Mughal\Muslim sympathetic POV.
    It demonstrates how much (or how little) sympathy the Muslims of the Lahore Kingdom had for the dreamy eyed Islamists from central India.

    “ Sayyid Ahmed Brelvi had begun life as a soldier in the army of Nawab Amir Khan, the founder of Tonk state, but when the nawab came to terms with the British in 1806 he gave up military service and went to Delhi to study under Shah Abdul Aziz. His spiritual powers and organizing ability greatly impressed his teachers, and his reputation increased when Shah Abdul’s nephew, Shah Ismail, and his son-in-law, Maulvi Abdul Hai, became Sayyid’s disciples. His activities were not confined to Delhi, and during a visit to Rampur some Afghan travelers complained to him about the Sikh persecution of Muslims in the Punjab. He expressed a desire to conduct a holy war against them, but he knew that war required elaborate preparations and, in any case, he wished to perform the Hajj before [[282]] undertaking jihad. His journey to Calcutta on the way to Mecca was marked by enthusiastic demonstrations. At Patna so many people became his disciples that he appointed four caliphs, or spiritual viceregents, to look after them. At Calcutta the crowds flocked to him in such numbers that he could not follow the usual custom in making disciples by the laying on of hands, but had to stretch out his turban for people to touch.
    At Mecca, Sayyid Ahmed must have gained fuller knowledge of the Wahhabis, the puritan sect that had been in control of the Holy Places some years earlier, and their teaching undoubtedly strengthened his resolve to carry on jihad against the Sikhs. He arrived in the Pathan area in December, 1826, just when the tribesmen had suffered grievously from raids by Sikh armies. Gathering the tribesmen, Sayyid Ahmed attacked the Sikh stronghold of Akora with such success that the Sikhs withdrew. He carried the war into the plains, occupying Peshawar for two months, and won support from many of the tribal chieftains. But difficulties arose between his companions and the tribal chiefs. After the conquest of Peshawar Sayyid Ahmed wanted to introduce an Islamic system of government, but the tribal chiefs realized that this would work against their authority. His hold was further weakened by opposition to social reforms that he had introduced, and the hostility of the Sikhs and their allies, the Barakzais. In November, 1830, he was forced to relinquish Peshawar in favor of Sultan Muhammad, the old governor, on the promised payment of a fixed tribute. The biggest blow came when his deputies in Yusufzai villages were killed by the tribesmen themselves. Accompanied by a few faithful companions he left for Hazara, where after a few months of desultory warfare he was killed at Balakot by a Sikh contingent in May, 1831….”
    (Muslim Civilization in India by S. M. Ikram edited by Ainslie T. Embree New York: Columbia University Press,1964 )

  2. Chote Miyan United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    The Islamists of Central Provinces were the result of Islamic reformation movement that started in the wake of the gradual weakening of the Mughal Empire. It is a phenomenon that has manifested everywhere where a strong center has gradually given away. The nodal center of the Mughal Empire was the Indo-Gangetic belt. When the empire started to crumble, it was inevitable that such loonies would gain ground. Shah Walilullah and others were the products of such reformation movements. There is a nice book by SAK RIzvi or someone of that name that details this aspect. Their appeal to the Pathan and Punjabi belt may have been restricted due to differences in language, culture etc. Interestingly, now, it’s not so. The havoc in Pakistan is primarily caused by Wahabbis, an even more of a foreign import and the classical Deobandis who, ironically, have significantly watered down their rhetoric in India.
    Such fundamentalist movements happened elsewhere too, for example, in the wake of fall of Abbasid Caliphs, the fall of Holy Roman Empire, the Fall of Greek Orthodox Church.

  3. Sachbol United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    “On May 29, 1658, Niccolao Manucci, an Italian traveller who worked in Mughal and Rajput courts, watched the Jang-e-Samugarh, the battle of Samugarh, a decisive clash for succession between Shah Jahan’s heir Dara Shikoh and his younger brothers Aurangzeb and Murad Baksh. He says: “Of those more to the rear, although holding their bared swords in their hands, the Moguls did nothing but shout, Ba-kush! Ba-kush!, and the Indians (primarily the Rajputs who made up large parts of the Mughals’ sword arm), Mar! mar!-Kill! Kill! If those in the front advanced, those behind followed the exampl”

    Shades of 71 surrender glory won by the martial Quam of Pakistan.Similar moral was noticed on the Western border.Little preassure and they buckeld. No Surprise, Afghan resitence leadeship to Soviet occupation made the similar assesement and remarked with disgust about Pakjabi Quam having never won any war.Naturally,having nothing substancial of their own , vaporware of Sirhindi and Waliullahvullah got sold like hot commodity among them. Even the wrethced Ahmadis suffering from opression still hanker after these loonies. Pakisatn should offcially demand the remains of these good fellows to be shifted across Attari where they can enjoy the Peace. Like Baabri Masjid , these 2 are insult to Kuffar land and people.

  4. Mythbuster United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    “He is also one of those that value rationality and reason above blind faith, again unlike some other loony commentators. He does dislike the Hindus culturally and politically…”
    Is rationality compatible with ‘dislike’ of an entire culture??

  5. no-communal United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    CM, MB,
    I can see where you are coming from but here is how I approach it. By rationality I mean being able to think and give a logical and straightforward answer without hiding behind such nonsense as “you won’t understand my point because you are not a believer”, or such inanities as “human brain can function only at 20% and thus (even though I really don’t have an answer to your uncomfortable question) I am just going to pretend that I am right and you are wrong”. I haven’t seen PMA resort to that sort of deceiving, and thus, it is possible to carry forward a honest conversation even though we may not like each others’ point of view. By his own admission he doesn’t like (or is not interested in) India and by extension anything Indian, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists. But neither does he insist on seeing everything through Islam or Quran as is the habit of some habitual islamist deceivers.
    A comment such as Indians may not know who Taj Mahal was built or named after is essentially a result of seeing the world as someone’s own reflection. We all are more or less limited by this handicap. Since for an average Pakistani it would be perfectly normal not to know what a temple in Lahore is about, I guess the same is assumed there about the overall consciousness of Indians about its islamic past. That it is not so and India tries to keep both its Hindu and islamic heritages alive and well may come as a shock to Pakistanis. At a deeper level, this may even go against the very foundation of TNT and this is why the unfortunate demolition of the Babri Masjid was one of the opening scenes in the movie on Jinnah by Akbar Ahmed. So I guess what I am trying to say is that for a Pakistani, not caring about Hindus (broadly defined) is perfectly in tune with its very foundational raison d’etre. For Indians however it’s the other way round, we care about both Hindu and Islamic cultures because that was at the heart of our own foundational logic. It is not unnatural for Pakistanis to be unaware of this and if alerted they may even find it bothersome and want to play down.
    Even leaving aside all that, someone who gives straight answers to straight questions and asks logical even though unfriendly questions in return is someone one can have a conversation with. PMA is that sort of a person and it’s pointless to be rude when we can educate and inform each other in a straightforward manner. By contrast, there are others here with whom it’s difficult to exchange views because almost always it’s a closed one way street into blind (and often deceitful) faith. It is that sort of a person there is no point trying to conduct a meaningful conversation with.

  6. Myth buster United States Safari iPad says:

    I guess PMA can speak up for himself but my assessment of him is not much different than yours.
    I don’t doubt his intelligence, his knowledge or even his personal decency.
    (Which is more than I can say for many of our own countrymen)
    However it is in the spirit of the debate that I want to challenge and understand his prejudice; and hence my remark.
    How does one remain rational and yet hold a sweeping grudge against a whole people?

  7. Chote Miyan United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    I see your point and I have only admiration for you and MB whose tolerance for double speak and idle condescension is far more than mine. Decency is such an abstract virtue that it is impossible to say what it is exactly but we know when someone is lacking it. I will be first to admit that I have crossed that more than a few times. What we can strive for, at the very least, is honesty and a dispassionate exchange of views. That requires effort on both sides. I don’t remember anyone of us(barring the well known trolls) has ever abused the Prophet or called him names. Yet I cannot fail to mention that this esteemed commentator has done so multiple times about various gods and goddesses. That is all fine but then in the same breath to advise others to recognize how great their culture is smacks of a bucketfull of irony. I am saying this in detail because Mythbuster wanted to understand his prejudice. This is a well known trait of a section of elite across the border and it needs to be countered every time its raised. And there is definitely a cultural difference too. We share our borders with BAngladesh and Sri Lanka as well. Bangladeshis are no less Muslims and I have at multiple times criticized the constant navel gazing of Bengalis. But one has to give credit to where its due. We had a tamasha over teesta treaty. In the tradition of finest decency, the premier of Bangladesh understood our handicap and moved on accordingly. Imagine such a thing happening on the Pakistani side. God forbid! The very hell would have raked to the limit. And it all boils down to this needless superiority complex that some people across the border harbor. How is that an example of decency, you tell me.
    But I don’t want to tar everyone. There is Tilsim, RHR and others who have been truly decent. Even YLH who hasn’t held back on choicest abuses for our personalities has shown a remarkable degree of understanding for our point of view and in spirit of true tolerance has given where credit is due. Sure it has been quarrelsome at times but it’s better than this deliberate shutting of doors. I mean what the hell about Taj Mahal. Dammit I worked as a guide there for a month when I was on my idle journey across my country. I don’t like to brag but hell I know about Taj Mahal than some two bit poser.
    I am not surprised that hardly any Pakistani scholar after Dr. Dani has come out with even a remote appreciation of the ancient roots of Pakistanis. On the other hand, there is no lack of scholars in India who have written about the Islamic history of our country with more credibility and depth that their supposed heirs.
    And frankly, I don’t quite agree with your high estimation of his knowledge and intellect. A person who can write a 500 word post without even knowing the meaning of the word he has used (reactionary) well, I don’t know what to make of it.
    I don’t hold back in criticizing him because unlike AKB and others, he has the benefit of living in a culture and a country where he can easily verify the credibility of his prejudices. Not only is he prejudiced but also lazy. All it requires is a walk to a nearest library. Sorry but I have nothing but contempt for such people. Their hubris is hollow.

  8. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Mr Mian forgot my advice! Keep the sense of humour and put in some substance in the post, without getting too personal: He is bad and others have been good, realy makes no sense for the reader. PMA was simply thinking loud when he questioned the awareness of Indians about the story of the Taj Mahal? The answer that it is taught in schools is a hollow one. What is the literacy rate in India. Most people living in the country of culture do not now the capital of Germany, nor nw the geographic location of the country. Some even thin it is in the Himalayas?

    Rex Minor

  9. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Muslims are the most literate on planet earth. All they have to do is memorize Quran. Allah will teach them Arabic on the judgement day.

  10. RajTOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Rex Minor,
    what is the literacy of the people in Germany if they do not know the fundamentals of Hinduism?
    Even a knowledgeable man such as you, who has studied philosophy don’t know anything about Hinduism.
    Do you know what the religion of Pushtuns was before they were Muslims?

  11. sherjat United Kingdom Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Sayyed Ahmad barelvi was a Nutcase. He wanted to carry out Jihad in Punjab when his own land UP/Bihar was under Christian British rule. His logic was so flawed that one has to question whether anyone can be so stupid. The answer can be found in the British Museum were declassified material shows that this so called Jihad was funded by the British as it was in their interest at that time to see the power of the Maharaja and also to foment trouble.

    Literature supporting this Jihad was printed in British India in Government press.

    Please also note that no one in Pakistan ever supported this mentally unstable indian fellow.

    In fact the vast majority of lunatic fringe are and have always been Indian muslims not Pakistanis. Barelvis was one and alongside him all the nuts of the shia, ahmedi, barelvis, deobandis were indians not pakistani.

  12. Chote Miyan United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    You forgot my advice. Why did you stop taking your medicines? The question is not about literacy, you jackass. An illiterate person wouldn’t come on this website to know who is thinking aloud and about what. Keep your advice to yourself. Even a milkman has better grasp of philosophy that you. So shut up.

  13. Mythbuster United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Hey, what’s wrong with milkmen? :-)

  14. Chote Miyan United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    My apologies. To all the milmen(or milkmaids) out there. Guilty of a literal translation. :D

  15. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    The Germans are not required to learn about foreign faiths? Many do not take religion lessons in the school.

    My knwledge of Hinduism is Zero+ and I have never imagined it to be any different from that which was practiced among the pagans of the middle east and the Europeans,as well as those living far away in Asia, Africa and the Americas, before the Prophets of God appeared in the middle east, one after another all carrying the messages of ONE God.

    The Pashtuns were barring few were all pagans and I have researched their origin more thoroughly and have stated at times on this blog. They did not convert to Islam gradualy over time , but like the mongols in a short period after they became aware of Prophet Mohammad, so says the legend.The muslim invaders who intruded into India were to spread the word of ONE GOD, no different than the Christians march into Americas and Africa who were to support the missionary works.

    We have become civiised now and call those who stil believe in several Gods as non-believers and are now getting acquinted with the people of new breed who call themseves atheists, agnostics etc. Today, there are no more wars in support of missionary work, the human rights based on the values of the Ibrahimic scriptures have been established and integrated within the United Nations.

    People of the world are free to practice the kind of faith they wish for themselves, as long as they do not discriminate against others who have different faiths or even look differently.

    Rex Minor

  16. ahem Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Mythbuster is a worshipper of Krishna who was a dark-skinned non-aryan hindu milkman (or milkboy) chasing young (milk)girls (or young (milk)girls were chasing him – everything to be interpreted and understood as most-beautiful mythology and highest spirituality only.

    No attacking small peaceful tribes/clans to kill the men and rape the defenceless women as was done by Momad and his bandits in Arabia in 7th century.

  17. sherjat United Kingdom Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Pushtuns were buddhists. Though some were also Hindus before that.

    I am not sure that they all converted en mass as you state.

    I do not know if they converted after they became aware of Mohammed or after their lands were conquered by invaders.

    Every religion calls the other a non believer, there is no love lost between any religion on this planet.

  18. samachar Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to rex

    Islam is the biggest hate-and-violence-spreader against non-believers and non-monotheists since 1400 years, now more than ever before.

    The abrahamic religions brought in the monotheistic totalitarianisn and imperialism and destroyed many human lives, cultures, identities and rights.

    So don’t pretend holiness. The more you fixate yourself on the kuran and arabic the more deceitful, primitive, insulting and arrogant you become.

    You don’t even know how and when to use the question mark (?). correctly.

  19. sherjat United Kingdom Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Afghan historians believe that Pashtuns are descendants of Qais Abdur Rashid, who is purported to have been an early convert to Islam and thus bequeathed the faith to the early Pashtun population. The legend says that after Qais heard of the new religion of Islam, he travelled to meet Muhammad in Medina and returned to Afghanistan as a Muslim.
    Apparently 1400 years on all 40,000,000 Pushtuns are his decendents. In light of this I refer to my earlier post
    I would like to know why the pushtuns sadly belive that their history only started 1400 years ago. Their leaders in the Afghan Millat and ANP claim 4000 year old history. In that case they should explain that history.
    Who were the parents of Qais, who were his siblings and cousins.
    Did Qais come and kill his parents and all siblings and relatives so that only his progency could be pushtun.
    Why did he name his children non Islamic names.
    Why did muslim invaders then attack Afghanistan when all the people there were Qais’s decendents and all muslims.
    Who are the real inhabitants of Afghanistan if Qais never managed to single handedly kill all of them.
    If you are unable to answer these questions please think why many of the Pusthun groups and many areas in Afghanistan like Kandahar, Wardak, Takhar etc.. are names of Jat tribes.
    Why are a lot of their villages with similar names to India/Pakistan.
    Why are so many Buddhas ( In Bamiyan, Aynak, Loghar being discovered).
    Why their own mythology refers to Hindu, mythology.
    I think that you will discover this nonsense of Pushtuns converting to Islam happily is a bluff.

  20. RajTOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Rex Minor,
    obviously your studies start only with the advent of Islam and everything before that is meaningless.
    So in your studies of philosophy did you ever come across Aristotle, etc?
    I don’t know how one should look at a man who is so proud of his ignorance!
    Also obviously you are not interested in the past of your kith and kin in Afghanistan, just interested in Islam!

  21. kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    Your post highlights a very important point that most Hindus find very difficult to understand or accept – in Prophetic traditions, in Islam in particular, none of the words or deeds of the Prophets become ‘forgotten’ or ‘history’ or irrelevant – each word or deed, whether seen as the Prophet’s own or revealed to him, can turn the directions of societies. An outsider can’t understand prophetized societies without understanding the words and deeds of Prophets thoroughly, no matter how ancient or ‘out-of-date’ these words and deeds may appear to outsiders. Prophetic words and deeds constitute both the spoken and the unspoken backdrop, the ultimate touchstones, of all social morality and rationality.

    Now, this argument appears ‘sinful’ to many Hindus who refuse to accept it for their own moral reasons: they think it makes believers ‘unfree’. But believers don’t think so. And this chasm becomes very difficult to discuss, let alone bridge, at the level of large groups.

  22. RajTOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    it is not a question of not being able to understand the importance of the prophetic message, but rather a question of their not being able to understand that it should be questioned if it goes against rationality.
    And rationality says that if you hurt others and stay technologically weak due to curbed intellectuality and education, at some point others would start fighting back with better technology and that would hurt you.
    Rex Minor, here at least understands that if they the Muslims continue like this, they will get a fist in the mouth, so he is calling for now live and let live.

  23. Sachbol United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Raj too,
    Its too late. OBL gave the kuffar world a gift. He made sleeping kaffirs to wake up and watch and smell the filth sperading under their nose.The greatest Prophet of all times has risen now, Its called Internet spreading message through Angel Google and Anglina Yahoo. It can be at multiple places simultaneously and impart knowledge instantly. Prophetic Godhood have also kept the convent with Jewish people in the rise of this new Prophet via Business links. Guess which community fear this Prophet and absent from its Ummah, forbiding its people from receiving the latest updated Messege. Sooner or latter they will all submit to the Prophet of Knowledge and get of the trap of ignorance based on Belief system.
    True Godhood have decided enough of this Belief crap which is keeping this mankind ignorant. When knowledge arise, it slays ignorance. Like Sun its removes darkeness , penetrating boxed, shut down minds. The battle is now between the Evil IT known as islamist terrorism and Good IT known as Information Technology. Glad tidding is that Good IT is not only true and benign force but also better armed comparing to its medieval minded enemy.
    A good Jewish friend told me never to associate Islam with their Pardada Abraham as it is considered 900% Haraam amomg Jewish people.
    Abraham was no Maharaja Patiala or Great Bhudhist Khan in spreading his genes.

  24. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    I wasof the opinion and thought that you have the ability to learn; not from reading propaganda videos and newspapers but with your intution and inherent intellect, but your skeptism and denial coupled with cynicism and emotions, and somewhat bad manners, the real enemy of a human, prevents you to come out of the darkness of the past.
    Address no more post to me, yours is becoming a hopeless case and your language is become intolerably violent, and if you cannot understand Kaalchakra, then try to find peace with yourself. I am not the right person for your fist.

    Rex Minor

  25. no-communal United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Just so this thread does not end with fist fights, let me make a comment on sherjat’s insightful post on Pashtuns.
    Before darkness arrived with the invaders, the homeland of the Pashtuns used to be a center of excellence and valor. The triangle of the Kabul (derived from Kubha river of Rig Veda), Kandhahar (Gandhar), and Peshwar (Purush Pur) region made up for two (Gandhara and Kamboja) of the sixteen Mahajanapadas (great states) in early Indian epics such as the Mahabharata. The region was famous for horses and warriors who were even available for fight on hire.
    Both Maurya and Kushan empires patronized Vedic Hindu and Buddhism in the modern day Pushtun land. This era catapulted the region to the greatest cultural breadth and it became a top center of literature and art. The intellectual and political success was lost with the barbaric invasions in the first millennium AD. The region has since then remained stuck in constant warfare and the lowest possible intellectual depth in its history.
    The Abdur Rashid story is a complete myth and fabrication. The Pushtuns converted from Buddhism to Islam (like large parts of north India) after the barbaric invasions under sword. Today the fall in Pushtun sense of worth and character is indeed remarkable. But what else you expect; the Pushtuns once produced the world’s first and greatest grammarian Panini who reformulated an entire language as sophisticated as Sanskrit. Now the same Pushtuns are producing people who do not even know where to properly place a question mark.

  26. Maharaj United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ Raj

    Things I understand from your writings

    Somebody had pained you a lot ( might be the partition), that is why you have so much hatred. You try to become a leader of Hindus and Indians yet you are confused and stay in Germany. You are a person who spends lot of time spitting venom in this site. Your mind is destructive rather than being constructive. Consult a Psychiatrist. and let me tell you this is my fake name as is yours. You do not have the courage to come forward. I have seen the defeat of your in another blog written by Raza ( I donn remember now). Not important, because what ever is the article, you have rants with same words. Grow up and forget what happened to your so called north Indian (you are a Punjabi you told)machoistic ancestors where male female ratio is lowest.BTW wtf a Punjabi is doing in Germany? He can be Indian or Punjabi if in India. N I learnt Punjabi of Paakistan are Pakjabi (hahhaha LOL)

    Donn expect a reply foe, I donn consider you a human being

    you are an i ..t

  27. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:



    Partition didn’t pain him,,he seems to be molested by someone in childhood and surely needs our help.

    he is not a Punjabi or anythig from the North,,,,,but a badass, a trickling of Mugul’s urine later calling himself rajmoot! Bad blood makes him a baddass,,,a moron, a tramp a troll!

  28. SZ Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:



    The SC bench headed by CJ has recently disqualified 11 lawmakers under Article 62 and Article 63 of the Constitution. The ECP has also annulled the assembly membership of the disqualified lawmakers in accordance with the SC’s judgment. The bench said that the lawmakers were being disqualified under Article 62 and Article 63 of the Constitution. The court moreover directed the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to initiate proceedings against the said lawmakers who it said had committed perjury with respect to their oaths. The court also ordered the government to withdraw the amount spent on the salaries and perks on the disqualified lawmakers from them and deposit the amount in the national treasury. In his ruling CJ said in his ruling that they could no longer be considered‘sadiq’ and ‘n

    Though I do not belong to a legal fertinity but it is very simple to understand that filing a false statement is a sign of dishonesty and may ultimately lead to disqualification of lawmakers. Now, it is a matter of fact that most of the lawmakers have also filed false tax returns incurring a heavy loss to government treasury. If the same principle applies on tax returns, the scrutiny of tax returns of our law makers will reveal eye-opening results. I as law abiding citizen would like to invite the freelance lawyers, who use to file cases on and off, on national issues and public interest, should come forward and save the nation from dishonest and sagacious persons.

    We all are duty bound to safe the interest of the nation. In our country many development projects and many basic needs are dependent on tax collection but unfortunately nobody pays the actual tax. They do pay meager amount as a token responsibility. Now time has come to bring honest leadership and parliament should play its due role and act as role model by first following the rules and then demand the nation to sacrifice. It’s also the responsibility of SC to take suo motto action and install a full power Commission to investigate this matter before the next elections so that nation could select honest persons to build a better and bright Pakistan.

    A Concerned Citizen

  29. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    The US Military Approves Bombing Children

  30. [...] hate against Pakistan’s Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Baloch and Pashtun minorities. [Read this and this as [...]

  31. gautama United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    zaid hamid official blog fabricated by zhoot manufacturing factory of indian brhmnst.

  32. Haroon Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    “…ideological blunders which the largely Punjab dominated centre and establishment have committed…..”

    WOW… List the PMs, Presidents and Generals who ruled Pakistan since hr Independence and then ask yourself how many of those were from Punjab!

    “…Armed forces have always dealt with coercion and since they largely hail from Punjab…”

    WOW x 2… First of all Army is almost equally “dominated” by Punjabis and Pushtoons… secondly its not Punjab’s fault if Sindhi and Baloachis would rather be eternal cry-babies than get up off their lame behinds and contribute towards the security of this Nation!

    Lame as!!!! Shame on you and your pathetic MQMesque mentality!

  33. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Mythbuster is a worshipper of Krishna who was a dark-skinned non-aryan hindu milkman (or milkboy) chasing young (milk)girls (or young (milk)girls were chasing him – everything to be interpreted and understood as most-beautiful mythology and highest spirituality only.

    AHEM…lord krishna is depicted in bad way because he was local indian.he is said to had 1603 wives used to fk neighbours wife radha.bhagwat geeta is mother of fascism and apartheism.

  34. [...] The Search for a Pakistani Nation – 2 “Innocence of Muslims” and Muslims…. The Punjabi Pakistan I am a Pakistani [...]

  35. charly United States Safari Mac OS says:

    Hey there,

    Are you still working on the blog of yours?

    I encountered 30 grammar mistakes.


  36. [...] The Search for a Pakistani Nation – 2 “Innocence of Muslims” and Muslims…. The Punjabi Pakistan I am a Pakistani [...]

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