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All hail the CV


By Zehra Dada


“So your father knows someone, who knows someone whose son has a friend who owns that company? Do you think you could get me an internship there?” There is not a single ounce of exaggeration in that sentence nor was it said by some you could call, a not so intelligent donkey like creature. These words in fact came from a close friend, while talking to an acquaintance we bumped into at lunch one day right after summer vacation started

And after that, it became a common occurrence to hear such conversations in the company of all my friends who have come home from college for the summer.

It’s almost as if there is a plague infesting all the twenty something year olds because everyone seems to be on the hunt for an internship. There is barely any mention of summer jobs or coming up with business ideas to earn some extra cash. Everyone seems to be in some sort of mad race to get an internship at the finest corporate giant that is just so they can do the oh so challenging work of data entry, making photocopies or filing papers in fancier workplaces than the rest of their peers.

And the response you get when you dare to inquire the reason for this quest is the same all around, “so that my CV looks good.” At the risk of sounding horribly clichéd, I would like to take this moment to thank all you corporate giants for successfully recruiting members to your blindly loyal workforce even before they quit college. Nobody seems to care that most internships that hire students who haven’t graduated merely do so because they are getting someone to do lots of clerical work for free. Granted, you get to see what a corporate environment feels like and saying things like you have to go to work is incredibly fun, we all need to realize that there are many more ways in which our time can be spent more usefully.

More and more people nowadays say that your extracurricular activities look very impressive on a CV and also give you a lot more to talk about during interviews, both things that contribute greatly towards getting a job. Therefore, maybe internships are not the end of the world.

This is probably a very bad idea, but is it really the worst thing for you to spend a portion of summer relaxing. Obviously, three months of doing nothing is neither possible nor healthy, but we just got done with an entire year full of papers, deadlines, caffeine riddled diets and perpetual sleep deprivation. It’s time to take a little breather. Because these vacations will be over before we know it and there will be another year to deal with ahead of us.

And while, we’re on the subject, I’d like to lodge a complaint against the corporate giants who require that we start thinking about summer internships practically six months in advance because the application process starts in January and you need to start working practically a week after you get back. As mentioned earlier, breathing space anyone?

This piece was not written with any intention of offending the corporate sector and anybody who works for it. It was merely to shed some light on the practically insane race for internships and a plea to all those involved in the race to calm down and do something that is truly worth their while. In the meantime, if you happen to know off somewhere fancy looking for interns who were too lazy to apply earlier, do let me know.

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