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“Death to America?”-Our Obsession with Anti Americanism

By Talal Raza:

Death to America for all the mess that is all around us! Right?

How about death to all the Pakistanis who haven’t been able to decide who are they? Are we an Islamic country or a secular one? Or probably my childhood memory is right when it says:‘Sshhssshh, Text book says we got Pakistan in the name of Islam’.

After ruling 1000 years over India and living with all the Hindus and Non-Muslims for centuries, our ancestors decided to get a separate homeland for Muslims so that they could live life according to Islam while following Western democracy, Lord Macaulay’s education system, formulating the constitution under British India Act 1935 and spending lavishly on our Muslim kids’ MayonMehendi and Baraat. Right?  Aren’t we all a bunch of hypocrites?

The same hypocrisy is being followed when it comes to America. We all know how America wants to break Pakistan, people it had killed in drone strikes and so forth but we don’t stop refusing the Kerry lugar bill aid as a nation and as Pakistani youth. Yes! Every year 200 students from all across Pakistan go to study a semester in USA on SCHOLARSHIPS funded by US department of State (See this: ) and believe me, this year, 4000 application forms were received for these scholarships. Fine with ‘Death to America’ but don’t we all dream to wander in the streets of Washington and New York. Hypocritically we do!

When I came across this banner above on Facebook that said, “Death to American flag”, I realized how much we all are responsible in reinforcing the misconceptionsabroad that Yes!We all are terrorists! That Islam justifies killing non-Muslims, thatwe hate our women and that Islam is the oppressor’s religion (Na Auzubilllah). Probably many of our ‘patriotic parrots’ don’t realize that more than our hate speech for India and America, the world wants to understand how we think Islam is a religion of peace and Muslims and that Pakistanis are peaceful beings on Earth and ACTUALLY hate American government’s policies not people.

In fact, we all responsible for the negative image of Muslims and Pakistanis and thanks to our establishment for having tolerated extremist elements inside our country, we have left no stone unturned to defame ourselves. Even if the proposed theory is to be believed that Al Qaeda or Taliban are actually American proxies to destabilize Pakistan, I ask you what have we done to condemn them? Did we come out and protest against Taliban, we all use face book but did we actually care to write blogs, articles and clarify the misconceptions? No we didn’t.

To add fuel to fire, our obsession with whining and complicated romance with conspiracy theories never ends. Just a recent example of our Pop star Interior Minister Rehman Malik who branded the 60 Hindu families’ ‘alleged’ migration to India as a conspiracy hatched by Indian authorities, thereby RELIEVING government of problems of forced conversions of Hindus into Muslims, the kidnapping of their girls and so forth.

The same thing we had been doing for years and even now with Balochs who, whenever took up arms for their rights, we hushed away the objections being raised on our establishment by declaring militancy as a conspiracy to break Pakistan. No matter how many conspiracy theories we create, I am afraid that the fault lies somewhere within us. We failed to recognize our mistakes and that is why we lost Bangladesh, our leaders failed to recognize their corruption and our institutions like Railways and Energy are at the verge of collapse. We Blame Taliban in KPK but fail to recognize that, militancy has fair chance to breed if we don’t provide economic opportunities to our youth. (See Chitrali youths go to Afghanistan : But who cares! Death to foreign agents for conspiring against our land of pure!

In my opinion, it’s time for us to come out of the blame game as a nation and focus on constructive things. The world is moving at a rapid space. A lot of money is being spent on education and research around the world. Experiencing on a personal note, I felt that a small college (Southeast Community college) located in a small town of 12000 people in Nebraska, USA is far better in quality of its education than our huge Punjab University where 33000 students study. Certainly, It’s time to think where we all are heading as we celebrate its 65 years of independence.

We need to fight an intellectual war if we want to protect our country and progress as a nation. And for that, we all need to study our religion and culture with objectivity. Without knowing ourselves first, we won’t be able to defend neither ourselves, nor our identity.

Our country is not the only thing to which we owe our allegiance. It is also owed to justice and to humanity. Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong. — James Bryce

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65 Responses to "“Death to America?”-Our Obsession with Anti Americanism"

  1. ahem Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Islam expects its glorification by all means. That does not encourage honesty. A muslim is under compulsion to glorify islam, adore Mohammad, exalt kuran, justify muslim leaders. There is no place for honesty in all this. It is a straight march into deeper and deeper fascism.

    This is the case not only in Pakistan but in ALL islamic/muslim countries, areas, sects, societies, parties and clubs.

  2. Irum Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Harsh reality!
    @ Ahem, questions for u
    if there is no place of honesty in Islam, then why Quran remains to be the only Holy scripture that has never changed even after 1400 years
    and why UN Human Rights charter is based on Madina charter?

  3. ahem Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to Irum

    You are just belching out typical muslim propganda that muslim children learn in their muslim schools and muslim textbooks.

    1) Cobras produce poison in their own mouths and yet this snake-breed continues to exist since millions of years. Kuran has not been changed because any one who thinks of changing it or tries (or tried) to change it will be killed by the muslims. Fact is, kuran contains contradictions, mistakes and even indiocies and the muslims are suffering because of that but habitually put the blame on the non-muslims.

    2) The claim that UN charter is based on Madinah charter is muslim propaganda for self-glorification. Even king Hammurapi, 2000+ years before Mohammad, created some good socio-political ideas of co-existence and governance. May be the UN charter is more indebted to him.

  4. I condemn AntiAmericanism .. American has decent, lawabiding liberal generouspeople odf all religions, faiths and polkiotical tendencies.The
    rot, as in Pakistan, is with the Asstablishment which cannot see beyond its white nose and knowallism.

    I have criticised the American Asstablishment (Military Inbdustrial KKKplus aka, MIC) since 1965 when I was on Huntington Hartford Fellowship in Pacific Palisades, California and some bustard hit my VBespa with his BMW; whenI politely inquired , hereversed, hit it again. And asked what am I going to do it. I have done the needful.

    What I did is, I went straight to the Post Office and applied for acquaintking myself with
    American Law at Harvard Law School. That bastard committed suicide.
    As legend will have it, I did not study at Harvard, i just obtained degrees including LLM with first Honour Paper on Bill of Rights. There are now many Harvard Law graduates, ask around if they obtained their degree with HONOR PAPER or were onHarvard Law Review or graduate editor of Harvard Art Review. All this w/o studying.

    By the way I am also a music director and a swimming instructor. When Aitraz Ahson boasted in Justice Qayyum’s courtroom : Now I will put Mr Jafree under surgery. My onthespot lawnet: “Is he is vakeel or some
    Nawee (=jirrah=surgeon)
    from Gujrath” made him swim in his own sweat out of the High court room.
    Now in September I will create music by udherowing his bakhias in open court concerning The LPG Price Scam.
    Bushra and their daughter are already in Switzerland celebrating. Only hitch is Aitraz Ahsen may not show up. I do all this free for my Motherland. It is true an artist knows no frontiers.he changes minds not passbooks.

  5. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:


    Allah is protecting Quran. Allah forgot to protect bible and other scriptures he sent and people changed them. Allah learned from his mistake.

  6. tajender Canada Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    jahil mtg bible is not word of god.even christians dont claim this.this is conglemeration of speeches of jesus christ(pbuh)and commentaries of saints around him.holy quran is word of god.holy quran is word of god will be protected by god.evil may prevail for some time.lekin villian baad mein mara hi jata is like war between serpent and mangoose.

  7. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:


    I agree with you.

  8. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Talal Raza, we will never be able to address this or any other related issue unless we get to the root of the conflict/problem here.

    The root problem is that no Pakistani hates America or is anti-American. As a matter of fact, Pakistanis love and admire Americans. Sometimes, and some Americans follow Islam better than Pakistanis do.

    Pakistanis merely hate/don’t like the various bad things that Americans/American officials have been doing and continue to do at huge cost to Muslims around the world. In the face of such injustice and display of American arrogance, you can’t really expect a Pakistani to get all teary-eyed seeing Americans.


    This is the basic problem. I would love to hear from anyone about how we can address it.

  9. prasad Canada Internet Explorer Windows says:

    ahem,true situation of india is,

    : Brahminical rulers, like their Jewish cousins, are experts in propaganda which made the gullibles in the West to believe that India is the “land soaked in spiritualism”, that the people are so god-fearing that they do not kill even an ant. Their biggest gas balloon is Gandhi whose “saintly appearance” deceived the whole world.

    Such a “great land of spiritualism”, with 330 million gods, is buried under mountains of corruption and destroying every wing of the society. Its very pillars of “Hindu spiritualism” are shielding and defending the corrupt rascals.
    Brahminical “spiritual” leaders in hundreds have gone to US, UK and other Western countries to fool the godless Christians and doing brisk business selling their bogus yoga, a big humbug
    Suresh Kalmadi, a Madhwa Brahmin from Karnataka, is fully protected by the Udupi swamis and their butter thief god Krishna. Harshad Mehta, Ketan Desai, Ramalinga Raju, Ambanis, all of them are highly spiritual fellows — whatever that may mean.

    Bangalore’s Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the Udupi Pejawara Swami are the gurus for all these thieves

  10. Talal Raza Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ kaalchakra
    I totally agree with what you said and I myself am a strong critic of American government’s policies towards the world. But lets not ignore the fact that we tend to blame America for everything, even for our faults as well, and by doing this, I feel that we are hiding our mistakes. What happens in Baluchistan has to be dealt by us, the issue of militancy is complicated and I believe that Pakistan and USA have to work together to solve at the Afghan border, but talk about extremism, Lashker e jhangvi, Sipah e Sahaba, Talk about those in Sindh who are forcing Hindus to convert to Islam, talk about those who state plainly that “We hate AMerican flag and death to that country”. U see there is a difference in criticizing the Zardari government and hitting the state, the identity. There is a difference in expressing your grievances than follow the hate speech tone. I am focussing on the idea that instead of wasting time on hate speech, lets fight an intellectual war. Remember, we didn’t get Paksitan through protests, Ali Garh provided a solid foundation :) That is how i want Pakistanis to fight for themselves, Fight through knowledge, fight with pen!

  11. ahem Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    to prasad

    India will be destroyed by islam and its agents and quislings and their bootlickers. After that the agents and quislings of islam will organize orgies of deceits and bloodbaths. The kuran is the word of an evil or foolish arab god. That was proved long ago and will be proved ever more. But some will continue to believe the kuran is good. So more lies and bloodbaths will follow.

    7 billion human beings live on the earth. That is 5 billion too many. Islam will succeed in killing 5 billion humans very quickly. No other ideology can do that. Islam will do that in the name of the arab god allah. That is why islam is conquering the earth.

  12. RajTOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    India will be destroyed by islam and its agents and quislings and their bootlickers.

    You must be the most loved Indian here on PTH! After all you are confirming the wet dream of every Paki and giving them courage!
    Your intelligence cannot really be commended enough! Perhaps you should get yourself a job with Zaid Hamid as the great motivator of Pakistan! – “Ab Dilli ka Lal Qila duur nahin!”

  13. ahem Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    to rajTOO

    May be I should have written “India has been destroyed by islam”. That “will be” was an attempt to be hopeful for a few more years of life without having to pay jiziya. With so many hindus being bought or terrorized by muslims with petrodollars and bombs – what do you think is in the offing?

  14. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    Bro, you are tajender, are you not? Now, be honest. :)

    If not, drop me a line at I would much appreciate it.

  15. RajTOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    ahem wrote:

    With so many hindus being bought or terrorized by muslims with petrodollars and bombs – what do you think is in the offing?

    Now comes the sweet music to the ears of the terrorizers sung by you in honor of their “victory”!

  16. tajender Canada Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Cobras produce poison in their own mouths and yet this snake-breed

    are u talking of hindutva goon…………………………………………………..

    irum i published rss circular no.411 and hindu punishment to shudras.
    read them and see how much poison he has in his fung.

    jab hue ahem paida,
    shitan ne kaha ,
    lo aaj hum bhi sahebe aulad ho gaye.

    if u have not read them i will republish them.

  17. romain United States Internet Explorer Windows says:


    i was wondering the exactly the same. Tejinder and Ahem are the same person :)

  18. romain United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    If true, this person needs some help.

  19. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Talat Bhai

    I am merely expressing a particular point of view. I hope I do it justice as people believing in it would themselves see – adding or subtracting nothing.

    The macro logic against your article is as follows.

    American bigotry against Islam and injustice against Muslims everywhere exist. It can be fought in any number of ways – intellectually, with strong words, with swords and bombbs and so forth. One could adopt any one or any combination of those methods.

    Consider Gulbuddin Hekmatyar – one of Pakistan’s closest allies in Afghanistan. Whatever his ‘reputation’ with outsiders may be, the man is one of the smartest intellectuals in Islamic resistance movement. (You may already know that, if not, you may read some of his early interviews on the theory Islamic change in societies.) More peaceful people may combine what they call legal arguments with active and present threats of violence on the streets, if their legal arguments are rejected. Yet others may believe that given the current inability of Muslims to destroy America militarily in open confrontation – as of the days of old, the former must change the minds of Americans individually, by convincing them of the rights of Muslims and how these rights are being violated by an unjust America.

    ALL these different methods together, rather than intellectualism alone, will convince America to stop being unjust to Muslims around the world.


    My feeling is that the argument above is a strong one – probably not fully countered by your article. What do you think?


  20. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    roamin, lol, not really. But I know no other way of appealing to his good sense. We can only pray to whatever gods we may believe in or not, that he will at least consider what some of us are trying to say. I sincerely hope he will drop me a line, although sometimes people will do what they will and listen to none else. We will see. :)

  21. ahem Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Things are developing in that direction. With hindu political leaders bootlicking the muslims and terrorized by muslim street-gangs, money etc. the hindus are in for big trouble. That is what I wish to warn about.

    Muslims are using even their pregnant women and new-born children as instruments of aggression against non-muslims.

    So don’t waste your time ridiculing me or speculating about me. Islamic fascism is strengthening itself by leaps and bounds everywhere.

  22. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Todays America is an evil outfit. Like the new conservative nominated vice president candidate said,” America is an idea.”

    He is very right, the idea was to annhilate the American natives, ocupy the God land with the help of slaves from Africa and the Euopean immigrant masters know how to use and supervise the resources. Todays America is more diversified with hispanic and asian folks, twenty odd million illegal immigrants though born in the country but their parents had illegal entry. This is all too much fo a homogenius population and cohesiveness. The policeman looks as much as like a criminal and very different to differentiate between the citizens and the policemen.

    This is just like a grand bazaar. No one hates American people, it is their rogue leaders with gutter policies, as Mit Romny recently said, I abhor and I am not from Pakistan.

    Rex Minor

  23. Bahadur United Kingdom Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Talat Raza,
    You blame muslims for all the ills of Pakistan at all the time.Why you hate Islam so much?Is it an agenda of you so called liberals/secularist to blame Islam all the time to destroy Pakistan?Why if you are so fed up with Pakistan,you don’t immegrate to your beloved terrorist america and leave us in peace?

  24. romain United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    He has already :)
    He is smarter than you think!!!

  25. Emigration or leaving the Scene of the Accident is sycophancy for defeatism (and galvanizes double standards) business as usual and solves no problems really. One must entrench ones own self for noble causes; and fight ought the Evil within and permeating without.The above triology of Bahadur/Talat/Romain exposes how Gangadin and Premdin are one and the same thing. You have to find affective solutions within your own Motherland. Running taxis in USA or Yee-yee=Yeeing there is not smart but futile and humiliating.

  26. TAJENDER Canada Internet Explorer Windows says:

    ahem says:
    August 20, 2012 at 9:48 pm
    Things are developing in that direction. With hindu political leaders bootlicking the muslims and terrorized by muslim street-gangs, money etc. the hindus are in for big trouble. That is what I wish to warn about.

    Muslims are using even their pregnant women and new-born children as instruments of aggression against non-muslims……………………………………………………………….AHEM….SITUATION IS REALYY BAD.BEST OPTION FOR YOU WILL BE TO COMMIT SUICIDE.DONT DELAY.TIME IS SHORT.FUTURE IS BAD.

  27. Talal Raza Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    DeAR bAHADUR SB :) LET ME quote you first. You said;” Talat Raza,
    You blame muslims for all the ills of Pakistan at all the time.Why you hate Islam so much?Is it an agenda of you so called liberals/secularist to blame Islam all the time to destroy Pakistan?Why if you are so fed up with Pakistan,you don’t immegrate to your beloved terrorist america and leave us in peace?”

    Firstly, I haven’t left Pakistan, I am a student at Punjab university in Lahore.
    Secondly, In no way, my article depicts hatred for Islam (na auzubillah) nor did I say anything about it. I just said, we need to read more about our religion and our Pakistan’s history (not the ones written in text books) for better understanding where the problem lies. Whether I am a secular or a liberal, you will have an idea from this article that I wrote:
    and this one:
    I am neither leaving nor do I have any plans for the time being to leave Pakistan. I love my country (excluding the division of left wing and right wing)
    Just reinforcing, equip yourself with knowledge and research,so much so that quality experts of the world come from Pakistan rather than any part of the world.
    Our youth has already been defeated as we don’t know our religion and our country’s history and I include myself as well. But I have started reading now after I attended a couple of events organized by NGOs about whom I felt that they are here in Pakistan to distort the concept of religion, politics and democracy and that is how spoiling the brains of our youth who havent read religion but think that those NGOs are true

  28. Talal Raza Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Agree 100% agree with what you said. Even in Islam, there are different forms of Jihad, Jihad bil Qalam, jihad bilsaif.
    But, i merely focussed on Jihad Bil Qalam part, deliberately, as I think that our kids don’t know about who they are and why they are there? Many of us (specially those who go to Engineering or medicine) they had only studied the text book narrative of their culture and only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to Islamic history. I rely more on intellectualism more because there are NGOs working inside Pakistan, who hold seminars all across Pakistan in different cities, invite university students to attend them, and give a lecture on Islam, democracy, politics, extremism. In doing so, they have their own hidden agendas and views that they advocate to youth, and our YOUTH….they are like Dumb cows who believe in everything in what they say. So our enemy is not just America-a government with wicked policies, many forces are playing against us and they are playing deep within our roots..I doubt the intellectualism of Gulbadein Hikmatyar and his fellows who have banned polio vaccination and put the life of 260,000 innocent kids at stake in Waziristan just because of drone attacks (that has only killed 10,000). Doing the cost benefit analysis, is banning polio vaccination the right choice? for me, its not :) and thank you for such a fruitful insight. Read more of my articles here at:

  29. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Talal Raza,

    Your cost analysis is faulty. How did you calculate the risk level for the 260,000 waziri children? What are the medical reasons for injecting poison in children? There are millions in the USA, who do not support injecting poison as a preventve procedure for adults as well as chidren.

    Those who have made decisions for the waziris have better judgement than that of foreigners. It is sickening to know that a man from the gutter is targeting waziris for submission; the Brits failed during their two centuries of occupation in India and so will others in the next two centuries, since waziris are the blessed one by no one other than the Prophet of God himself when they accepted Islam as their faith. This has been their destiny in history. The history of the intruder on the other hand has been that they have never overpowered the opponent on their own alone.

    Have a nice day.

    Rex Minor

    PS None of the waziri children are going to suffer from Polio!!

  30. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    One does not fight evil, which is what the evil wishes. One resists evil and that is what the waziris and the entire family of Pashtuns are following, RESIST! Let us recall that in Islamic belief Evil has the permission to operate freely until the day of judgement. It follows therefore that Evil cannot be eliminated but definitely resisted and be shown the back to ignore its existance. It definitely dis appears since it cannot withstand the power of being ignored. This is the secret of success over the EVIL. USA is being ignored in the financial, in UNO and as well as in the military field. Its manufacturing capacity being restricted to Drones and I Pads.

    Rex Minor

  31. magus India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    REXMINOR, you uneducated oaf!! USA does not manufacture drones or Ipads. They are made in china and mexico. USA cannot be ignored by you since you will be begging on the streets of shanghai if USA did not thorw some dollars in your face every few months. USA cannot be ignored by your talibani friends and mullahs since its shooting missiles up their arse every week. Are your parents cousins? Or better, siblings? or you dont know?

  32. magus India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    And actually Polio and all other vaccine SHOULD remain banned in taliban areas. They have a one eyed amir ul momeen, they need some langda lulla little mujahids too. The damn jaahils.

  33. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Magnus, i warned you, you have seen the Rottweiler, please consult the Psychologist, your condition can still be treated. Neither science of biology nor economics are not your lines, stop worsening your condition.

    Rex Minor

  34. Balwinder Sandhu United Kingdom Safari  Android 2.2 Dell Streak Build/FRF91 says:

    Rex Minor, you have always romanticised the glory of Islam and must be the only non Pakistani to fantasise that there is something noble about Pakistan. You seem to revel in making ridiculous attacks on hindus. We ignore it.
    BUT YOUR ATTACK ON IMMUNISATION MARKS YOU OUT AS A MORON. Never thought I would come across a “European” born and bred muslim who romanticises a dangerous anti immunisation step of taleban. You disgust me

  35. hutrey Canada Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    God will not ask its one set of kids to kill other set of kids.
    Quran asks to kill non-believers.
    Yhis is the proof that Quran did not come from God.

  36. tajender Canada Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Quran asks to kill non-believers.
    Yhis is the proof that Quran did not come from God,


  37. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Mr Sandhu

    In my view there is nothing noble about Pakistan other than that they have promised to be muslims. However their ancestoral association with ancient paganism is most probably restricting their ambitions. And as you know we all in some way suffer from this inherent weakness and still behave like inhumans and conduct wars against fellow humans. I fully respect Waziri decisions not to allow CIA operatives to breakup their security system which is a pretext for the immunisation program. Have you forgotten the entry of East India company operatives into India on the pretext of doing buisness who later occupied the country for two centuries. I can assure you that no harm shall come to the waziri children. CIA needs accurate coordintes in the waziri territory to raid innocent dwellers of the waziri land. I am sure you would make a similar decision if your family would face the risk of being knocked out.

    Rex Minor

  38. heavy_petting United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Rex Minor
    Just a few days ago in Manshera Pakistan the Talibani Sunni Muslims killed 20 Shias at point blank range. The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan has claimed responsibility and have vouched for more murders of Shias in the coming days. Does this come from the ancient Omar-Ali tradition of Sunni-Shia killing or is it some old Hindu ritual that nobody knows about?

  39. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    It is barbaric and insane, a defacto destabilisation engineered by the anglo saxons in India before occupation and then in Afghanistan and over to Pakistan and if remained unchecked across to India to free kashmiris or to Iran with Indian support depending upon the priority. Divide, divide and divide again till nothing remains to resist occupation or hegemony. This is happening in Syria now when weapon supplies are being sponsored by the Obama Govt who very openly claimed a Billion dollar investment without any boots on Ground in Libyan campaign.

    Mind you, this is my guess only. I do not know much about Pakistan details. Besides, sunni shia conflict is very old.

    Rex Minor

  40. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Sorry, in sunni shia conflicts or in any other religion divide muslim conflicts Hindus have never taken sides and have never ben known to be involved.

  41. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Rexie is like muhammed. But muhammed’s model does not work in modern world.

  42. Sachbol United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Allah of Muhamamad asks people about their religion and beliefs. If they dont believe in Muhamad , then all hell break loose . Here i will quote from Prophet Sybok in the holy Book of ST:-

    Prophet Sybok: Shakari… the source… Heaven… Eden… call it what you will. The Klingons call it “Kuitu”. For Romulans it’s “Vortavor”. The Andorian word is… is unpronouncable.
    Kirk: What does God need with a starship?
    McCoy: Jim, what are you doing?
    Kirk: I’m asking a question.
    “God”: Who is this creature?
    Kirk: Who am I? Don’t you know? Aren’t you God?
    Sybok: He has his doubts.
    “God”: You doubt me?
    Kirk: I seek proof.
    McCoy: Jim! You don’t ask the Almighty for his ID!
    “God”: Then here is the proof you seek.
    [Hits Kirk with lightning]
    Kirk: Why is God angry?
    Sybok: Why? Why have you done this to my friend?
    “God”: He doubts me.
    Spock: You have not answered his question. What does God need with a starship?
    “God”: [hits Spock with lightning; then addresses McCoy] Do you doubt me?
    McCoy: I doubt any God who inflicts pain for his own pleasure.

  43. ahem Canada Internet Explorer Windows says:

    “Probably Brahmins invented the practice of cremating the dead in ancient times. Because the Hindus massacred thousands of Dalit bahujans who revolted against Brahmin hegemony. To destroy evidence of that atrocity the practice of cremation came handy.”

    hitler opened gas chambers for same purpose.

    “as per vedas,The daily menu of Brahmins consists of at least 12 curries
    Because they are mostly idle, the Brahmins could conjure-up sixty four poses of copulation.”

  44. magus India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    LITTLE REX: Thanks very much, of course i have seen the rottweilers, many around me. And why are you such a fraud? Why pretend to be a german? you are a native of this subcontinent. Learn to pretend well at least. A german would have put the verb last. But you have a 500 gm brain due to the genetic mutation so cant expect it of you. Build up your self esteem yes you belong to a lower species but we do have the SPCA, or you dont even have that in the land of the pure?

  45. magus India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    “However their ancestoral association with ancient paganism is most probably restricting their ambitions.”

    Thus spake the committed Salafi. His vocab giveth him away

  46. ahem Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    tajender (most probably it’s him, it’s sent from Canada) has written under the name ahem. He is trying to publish his lies and perversions under my sign.

    This shows that muslims have this compulsion to lie and slander and deceive and backstab.

    The core spirit and intention of the arab tribal god allah, of the kuran and of islam is fascism, totalitarianism and arab imperialism.

    This is clearly proved over 1400 years.

    anyone who praises or defends islam, kuran or Mohammad is protecting the islamofascists and strengthening them. Islamofascists also protect and strengthen themselves by hiding behind or among muslim women, muslim children, muslim liberals and non-muslim sympathisers/collaborators of islam.

    Non-islamic religions and ideologies also have their defects and deficiencies, contradictions and ambiguities, idiocies and fascisms – but they are not the big urgent problem right now.

  47. tajender Canada Internet Explorer Windows says:

    any thing wrong there.there is hardly difference between u and parrot.

  48. ahem Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    to tajender

    A parrot is a nice well-liked bird.
    But you are a muslim vulture eating the dead pig of old anti-jewish doctrines and anti-brahmin hate-propaganda.

  49. Balwinder Sandhu. UK United Kingdom Safari  Android 2.2 Dell Streak Build/FRF91 says:

    Well said ahem. Tajender is old friend of mine from HT Blog. Nice man but very nonsensical posts allatime about hinduism. He is Pakistani real name Mootandar Hussain. His other alias is ramavtar

  50. RajTOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Is Mootandar Hussein Sahib doing some tapasya? Why not Moot-baahar? Why andar onlee?
    Mootandar Hussein should get himself checked up pronto!

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