An Open Letter To The Parents of Malala Yousufzai

By D. Asghar

Dear Mr and Mrs. Yousufzai,

To say that both of you are blessed is an understatement. To say that God Almighty has gifted you with a daughter, who is perhaps 100 times better than many men (myself included), is grossly inadequate. To say that you are loved by your Creator, as He is testing you in these times is perhaps appropriate.

Undoubtedly, what your beloved daughter went through as a mere teenager should stir the conscience of many around the globe. But I am ashamed and equally embarrassed to say that, we as a nation are not worthy of your gifted daughter.

We are a lost nation, enraged about our own failures, that we are unable to see any thing beyond that. Granted there was an outcry by our so called “independent” and “electronic” media, immediately after the horrific incident. But within a couple of days, there were shameful attempts to discredit the jewel of a daughter you have. The social media circulated an old picture of your daughter with former US Ambassador, insinuating that she was working for “their interests.” The talk show circus brought in the “Morality Brigade” to criticize Madonna for putting your daughter’s name on her bare back. Again giving the implication, that God forbid this is an attempt to malign an Islamic nation. Our girls will seek inspiration from Madonna and will become just like her.

To say that we are a confused lot is a sorry statement. To say that we are extremely biased and hypocritical would be the most accurate depiction of our selves. The jugglers tried very hard to make connections with “drone strikes” and your daughter’s desire to get an education. They will continue to make that connection. If it is completely out of merit (which it is in fact), they will come up with a new menu of accusations.

Its all about ideological positions. To them a girl is only to be married off to the man and that’s pretty much it. She does not need any education, because with education, she will be aware of her rights granted to her, by her faith, the state and above all by the world. In the guise of “morality” they are actually afraid of the rights. No wonder why hundreds of schools are blown to smithereens, because why educate these girls, when all they have to do is comfort men, bear their children and cook and clean the house.

So what I am about to say, may hurt or offend you, but please pay attention to this as I am saying this with utmost sincerity. Your daughter is presently undergoing treatment in the United Kingdom. Please seek political asylum for her and yourselves in the United Kingdom. Oh yes, a lot of politicians and nightly ringmasters will keep on drumming ” Pakistan ki beti” “Hamari beti Malala” nonsense. Trust me they are lying through their teeth. The ringmasters want ratings and politicos are after the votes. Its all about that, nothing more nothing less.

May God giver her a speedy recovery and she is able to go back to school in the UK. There is an old saying that “you pick your battles at another day.” Your daughter’s life is precious. Her fight is noble. But there are certain fights that you have to carry from a distance. This is an ideological fight, which fits the bill. Where social media can assist her to carry her mission from overseas.

Do not give it a second thought. Trust me, if we were not able to protect our twice elected PM, a daring Governor and a minorities Minister, then do not expect much. People will call me whatever for suggesting this, but honestly I don’t care. They are bunch of hypocrites, who will say one thing upfront and do something opposite. God forbid, if she returns and those who have threatened her will succeed, these people will shout on the idiot box for 48 hours and then it will be old news.

Hope you will give it a serious thought. May the blessings of Almighty be with you and your courageous daughter at all times.

Humble Regards,

D. Asghar


D. Asghar is a Pakistani American. A Mortgage Banker by profession who loves to write as well. He blogs frequently at popular South Asian websites. A repository of some of his scribbles is He can be reached at

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