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Fall out of Malala Tragedy

By Prof. Farah A Khan:
It was a sad day when 14 years old Malala was shot at point blank range in her school van in Mingora, Swat. Two other girls were also injured. This brought out massive grief and anger in the Pakistani society. But it left me and so many others confused. The TTP admitted responsibility for the shooting claiming that she was ‘defaming’ the Taliban and fraternizing with the enemy i.e. the Western powers. They also cited Islamic injunctions of Shariah for attempted killing of this young girl. The Pakistani media and the people condemned the Taliban and asked for revenge.
I have to give brief background of conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan to better understand what is going on in the area.
‘Taliban’ has become the trade name of Pakhtuns fighting the Americans in Afghanistan. The Taliban movement though started by madrassa students engulfed the Afghan society including former warlords. The primitive style of Shariah introduced by Mullah Omar was align to the Afghan society and caused many hardships to the people. Nevertheless ‘Taliban’ brought much need peace in years of war torn country and stopped drug trade to a large extent.
Then came another jihad this time against the American invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001. The invasion had no legal or moral grounds except to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. It is morally wrong to destroy a country for one individual especially when he was found hiding in Pakistan. Our spiritual leaders of north-west full of Islamic zeal of jihad persuaded thousands of young men to fight the Americans in Afghanistan where they faced Daisy Cutters rather than American ground troops. Most never returned.
Imran in some contest claimed that jihad is Koranic injunction and ‘farz’ for all Muslims. At the same time he strongly condemned attack on Malala without denouncing the all Taliban factions. In other words he was supporting the ‘Taliban’ fighting the Americans in Afghanistan and condemned drone war in Waziristan, which is supplying cannon fodder against the Americans in Afghanistan. Interpretation of jihad is controversial. In British India where the Muslims were heavily outnumbered by Hindus concept of jihad was modified. Jihad was divided into seven categories and on the top of the list was jihad on education and the last was of armed conflict where state approval was necessary. Today in contrast more than 40 ragtag organizations claim to be jihadi. They use public sentiments to earn money. We also have large outlawed jihadi organizations where their leaders openly appear in public gatherings condemning America, India and Israel. Their tactics is to use terror to subdue opposition, media and the state apparatus in Pakistan. There are reports that our armed forces are also supporting jihadi elements. Nevertheless armed forces personnel are often targeted through inside information.
Then there is also a demand to enforce Shariah all over Pakistan. In the heart of Fata the operational law is of Pakhtunwali and modified Shariah where the old code is superior to Shariah. In any case Pakistan has Shariah compliant constitution in place today.
The emergence of Pakistani Taliban in Fata started in 2004 following Lal Masjid, Islamabad killings where a lot of children from north west of Pakistan were enrolled. Revenge attacks started to follow. This drew Pakistan army into Swat and then into Fata. So far it is claimed 40,000 Pakistanis have been killed in the on-going conflict and there is no end in sight.
Major religious political parties Jamat-e-Islami and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam of Maulana Fazlur Rehman are part time jihadi organisations and haters of America, India and Israel. Their leadership regretted attack on Malala but also condemned innocent girls being killed in drone attacks and court verdict on alleged Al Qaeda collaborator Affia Siddiqi now in US jail. The attack on Malala was hence made conditional without condemnation of Taliban. Like the Taliban these parties also draw conclusion that the condemnation of attack on Malala in foreign media as a sign of her collaboration with anti Taliban forces.
The major political parties PPP and PML-N regretted attack on Malala but failed to come out with concrete measures to stop Taliban attacks. These parties also did not condemn Taliban for their silly and senseless action. The media and the politicians are afraid of backlash from the jihadi organizations and prefer keep mum.
As far as Taliban, who so-ever they may be, are concerned they are quiet about the incidence. They seem to have miscalculated the negative response from the people of Pakistan. But we are still waiting to find out who are the jihadi Taliban and Pashtun nationalists involved in this senseless attack. Meanwhile we shall look with suspension at full burqa clad females and long bearded males who now dominate the scene in Pakistan.
At the end of the day we need to engage Fata tribes in a dialogue to end this senseless bloodletting. We need to side-line the jihadi element among the tribes. This will take time. This has to be done by civilians and not the army. Attack on Malala and two other girls should push us into resolving the Fata issue rather intensify military solution, which even the Americans failed to achieve in Afghanistan.
For Malala my advice is to migrate to US or UK because Pakistan does not need her. I think many of us fall into this category.

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33 Responses to "Fall out of Malala Tragedy"

  1. ahem Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    to Farah Khan

    You have misspelt alien as align.

    Malala-tragedy is the result of islam. The beastly muslim want-to-be-killers of a brave child have rightly quoted the islamic sources for justifying their deed. So long the real source of trouble in the modern world (but it is not the only source or cause), namely islam, is not named explicitly things will becone worse for us ALL (=muslims and non-muslims).

    Presentday muslims have not created islam – they should not identify themselves with it and bring disaster upon us all. No muslim needs feel that he is dishonored if islam is jetisoned. why should he? Afterall he has not created it. He is just a victim and a misled and misused zombie. All praise/defence of islam shows itself to be evermore mendacious or cowardly or opportunistic.

  2. ahem Germany Internet Explorer Windows says:

    The Malala tragedy will become worse and more tragic, dastardly and stupid if muslims and their non-muslim pseudo-friends continue to defend or glorify islam.

    The flatterer/praiser is never the true friend. Even god knows that.

    The critic is the genuine friend.

    Muslims don’t have the wisdom to realize this. Islam (=submission) does not and cannot give them this wisdom. Submissivity is a twin of flattery.

  3. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    The article of Prof khan provides some clarity on the subject of the 14 year old child victim and the background to the rise and fall of the trade mark(rightly said) TALIBA1 Let me make an attempt to fill in the blanks if I may Professor!

    As previously mentioned that the Nation of Pashtuns has been blessed not by a regular priest but by the Prophet of God (pbuh) personaly. Pakhtunwali is the direct interpretaion of Ummah, to help those muslims in need of help and give asylum to those who seek asylum and provide them the protection that you provide to your own family.

    Your reference to the elimination of drugs by the talibans is importat since it was followed by the war against Afghanistan by he the country which happens to consume the estimated 80% or more of afghan opium production. It s also worthy to note that the current secretary of defence and former chief of CIA is a clintonian and comes from the family of Klabrian Mafiosi family who migrated to the USA and became the most famous in drug trade.

    While George W was familiar with the Talibans and had regular visits from them to his ranch, it was Pakhtunwali which became the boe of contention when he demanded the handover of the Person(without any evidece and without having any extradition treaty with Afghaistan) who had been granted the asylum and was living under the protection of he Afghanistan Govt. Pakistan Govt on their part though under the Indian born military chief Musharaf has handed over every foreign muslim who entered Pakistan at that time coming from international airports or from across the Afghan border.

    Mr Obama since becoming the President has expanded the war theatre, though blaming George W and Hillary Clinton as warmongers before the election, from Afghanista to Pakistan, to Yemen, Libya and more or less all muslim countries of the world. The war theatre for the Talibans, however, is still restricted to the Pashtun lands of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    The use of warlords for the tribal elders is shabby and a misquote. each tribal chief has access to and power in his own tribe only.

    The valley of Swat is the centre of war theatre between Talibans and the Pakistan mlitary and no should underestimate the risks there are for the civilian ppulation. Malala and her companions were not targeted in their homes, proves that this incidence in true sense was an accident, a collateral one if you will, but not a deliberate target for the snipers.
    Prof Khan knows that the Talibans shall never plead innocence for the action simply because the children go hurt.

    Rex Minor

  4. Kamath. Canada Safari iPad says:

    Note to Farah Khan:

    Don’t worry professor! A high school girl like Malala was prepared to risk her life and fight this evil Talibanis and their cursed religious interpretation. She if it all comes back to full active life, won’t be able to do it any more, for it would take years of rehabilitation and care. I don’ t she would need advice from you guys who would have left the scene to UK or elsewhere. I am sure you have your foreign passports ready to bolt. Talibanis spectre is around the corner. You can then armchair preaching from safe havens from UK or Australia.

  5. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    I do hope your children get hurt next, or your brother or father. Collateral damage. Inna lillahi waa ina ilahi rajiun

  6. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Read more:Vijay Kumar|raping mother|life imprisonment|Delhi courtSHARE
    NEW DELHI: A youth has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a Delhi court for raping his mother with the judge saying that he tried to destroy the distinction between a man and an animal with his “heinous” act.

    Convict Nand Kishore earlier faced the trial for murdering his father but after he was acquitted of the charges and came out of the jail, he raped his mother early this year, the court noted while sentencing him.

    It said the convict does not deserve any mercy and any leniency shown to him would be misplaced as the Supreme Court too has held that any leniency in matters of sexual offences is not only undesirable but also against the public interest.

    “Abominable offence committed by the accused (Kishore) is the gravest immoral act and accused deserves no leniency as he had tried to obliterate the line between a man and an animal,” additional sessions judge (ASJ) Vijay Kumar Dahiya said.

    The court also imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on the convict and said the amount, if recovered, should be given to the victim as compensation.

    According to the prosecution, Kishore had entered his mother’s house in an inebriated state on May 3 this year and when she asked her to go away, he said he would also live there and teach her a lesson.

    He then raped her and also threatened to kill her if she raised an alarm, the prosecution said adding that later the woman locked Kishore in her house and called the police.

    The woman told the court that Kishore, her younger son, had earlier been sent to jail for allegedly murdering her husband and when he was released from the jail, she had not allowed him to stay in her house.

    She also said Kishore was addicted to alcohol and drugs and his wife had also left him due to harassment done by him.

    Kishore had sought leniency on the ground that he was young and has two children to look after and was also the sole bread earner for his family.

    The prosecutor, however, had sought maximum punishment for him saying he had raped his own mother and if he is given a lesser sentence, it will lead to deterioration of moral values in the society.

    While sentencing Kishore, the court said the offence committed by him is “too heinous” and he does not deserve any leniency.

    “The offence committed by the convict is more serious in nature and he, in total disregard to moral and social values, went on ruining her life by committing immoral act of the highest order.

    “It is evident that the convict treated the victim (his mother) only as an object to fulfil his sexual desire,” the court said.

  7. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    The Malala tragedy will become worse and more tragic


  8. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    rex excellent awnser.u are also great source of knowledge.

  9. Maggu India Safari iPad says:

    Those 3000 were armed and were bullying and extorting from people around the Lal Masjid area before the cleaning operation. They were given a long warning to come out.
    If bedbugs don’t come out, you have to burn the bed.

  10. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    Just some numbers which are surprising: Afghanistan parliament now hsa 28 % women reps. which is higher than those in the USA or Pakistan parliament and compares to ony 11% in the Indian parliament. If hese numbers are rue then it is strange when one cosiders that the education facilities in these countries are perceived to be higher than Afghnista.

    Rex Minor

  11. Mohan United Arab Emirates Safari iPad says:


  12. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Mohan says:
    October 26, 2012 at 3:27 am

    thank u and same to for dussehra and diwali.

  13. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    The beastly muslim want-to-be-killers of a brave child have rightly quoted the islamic sources for justifying their deed

    ahem u know who shot at least 300 hindu fascists are languishing in various jails of india for planting bomb and putting blame on muslims.
    godhra was perpetuated by vhp to provide reason for ahmedabad communal riot which was preplanned.

  14. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    If bedbugs don’t come out, you have to burn the bed.

    maggu the above is for u as well.

  15. MilesToGo United States Opera Windows says:

    day is not far when pakistan will merge into afghanistan to create greater pakistan and emerge as the best islamic country in the world…

  16. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    It is too early for the Pacific to give up its pacific role and meet the roaring atlantic. The psumani practice is ot ba but the real action is going to take another decade. hurrican Sandy is simply crawling over to NewYork to pay a visit to Adam B Ellick offices at NYTimes, the bearded man who took videos of malala for publicity purpose!

    Rex Minor

  17. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Psunami practice is not bad!

  18. wonderer India Safari Mac OS says:

    “……..They also cited Islamic injunctions of Shariah for attempted killing of this young girl……”

    The “Islamic injunctions” referred to are the ones justifying killing of a child if it is feared that the child will be anti-Islamic when grown up. This must be implemented in word and spirit by all good muslims joining hands. All Taliban are anti-Islamic, and thus they should be killed when still in childhood. I can not see why there is so much confusion.

  19. wonderer India Safari Mac OS says:

    It is pathetic indeed the way Pakistan has shown its inability or unwillingness to make the best use of the Malala incident. It is perhaps due to the fact that Pakistan society is badly fractured despite the common religion.

    Here is the minimum Pakistan should do if it wants to prove to the world it is a Gharatmand Nation.

    1)Declare October 9th as Malala Day.
    2)Establish a Malala Charitable Trust for promotion of Education for the Girl Child (EGC).
    3)Announce a yearly award of Malala Prize for the best activist in EGC.
    4)Announce Malala Day as a national holiday devoted to promotional activities in EGC.
    5)Announce life long fail-proof safety for Malala and her family.

  20. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Yours is a misquote, it was the jewish Rabbis who declared from the reference of Torah, justifying the murder of Palestinian children before repeat before the Israeli army assault on chldren of gaza. Shame on you!

    Any indivdual by name of a muslim who targets the killing of a child shall meet the punishment in life that will be examplary. Hold your tongue, the story has not ended yet.

    Rex Minor

  21. MilesToGo United States Opera Windows says:

    sandy is actually Allah’s azab.

  22. wonderer India Safari Mac OS says:

    Rex Minor,

    You are, as usual, mistaken. Find out how Taliban justify attacking Malala.

    And, watch the video on the following link and then make corrections to your comment. Do not shy away, as is your habit, from using the word “sorry”. It pays to be civil.

    Do.not miss a single word by Munir Saami. You may ignore the rest.

  23. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    No yet. it is just a practicing run to disturb the 2nd election campaign of the imposter.

    Rex Minor

  24. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    If I were to see the video and the crap on the internet and the zioist comtrolle media, then I shall turn out to be your copy! Please try to use the bliions of cells which communicate with your brain ad crry messages from your brain to heart and beyond, so that over a period do not weaken or die and you become addicted one hundred percent to the video trash. Talk to real people, travel to foreig lands and lear abot heir culture, live with them and then determine the true story first hand and not second hand.

    Rex Minor

    PS This is not the time for such discussion on the poster written very kindly by the author, but I can assure you that there is a massive multi-billion set up supported by cyber experts appointed directly by the CIA.

  25. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Munir Sami and arshad mehmood – very logical and rational thoughts… Not all Muslims are infected…

  26. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Allah has punished Malala for a reason.

  27. wonderer India Safari Mac OS says:

    Rex Minor,

    I quote something from the above article by Prof. Farah A Khan on which I am posting a comment. (See the first para of the article). You call it a “misquote”, and then go on a tangent with some stupid blabber. I point out your mistake, and suggest you see an informative video, and you go on a tangent again without seeing that video. What is the matter with you?

    Isn’t there some shrink near where you live? Rest assured I shall not take notice of any thing you write in reply. Go to heaven……..

  28. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Prof Khan,

    Do us a favour once please and explain your first para, sice there are readers who are coming out with their own intrpreatations. Also please tell us which goup of Talibans is operating in the Swat territory if you happen to know or able to speculate?

    Rex Minor

  29. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    mohan,this is india,

    A week after Yash Chopra’s death, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has confirmed that the filmmaker died because of dengue fever and its complications. Chopra’s death brings the toll of dengue deaths to four this year. Chopra, 80, died last Sunday after developing complications of related stories
    Celebs visit Yash Chopra one last time
    Big B spends time at Yash Chopra’s house
    You don’t go to Switzerland without Yash Chopra: SRK
    bacterial pneumonia and dengue that led to multi-organ failure. Civic officials went through Chopra’s medical records before confirming the dengue death.

    “Chopra developed secondary infections after dengue, which soon developed into sepsis. He had fever, headache, and breathlessness for three days before being admitted to the hospital. He was taking treatment, but he didn’t respond well to it. He died during a very short span of illness, which can be only attributed to his old age,” said a state health official, on condition of anonymity as he is not authorised to speak to the media.

    Chopra had no history of diabetes or hypertension

  30. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:



    ”Liberal Education as Panacea

    Like KONY 2012, the exploitation of children lies at the center of Three Cups of Tea’s narrative. However, within Greg Mortenson’s story, Afghan and Pakistani children are represented primarily as receptacles of liberal education, and thus drivers of Western-style social transformation. Mortenson draws heavily on American ideals of liberal education, as well as a post-9/11 US political climate in which the Muslim is the dangerous “other,” to build an argument for the special role that CAI plays in liberating Muslim societies and keeping America safe. Children appear as instruments for carrying this project forward, as well as the recipients of generous and life-changing humanitarian aid. Unlike KONY 2012, which uses images of children to motivate youth to become part of a “movement,” Mortenson employs images of youth to move people with money to support Mortenson himself.”

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