Israeli conflict

By Daniyal Hasan

Gaza combat has given all the emotional fools who think of themselves as responsible of entire Ummah, a feeling of satisfaction because they are living the situation they love to have. Youth is provoking emotions by sharing the sentimental and fake pictures of burnt children on social networking websites. Some are also demanding to send the Pakistani troops to help the Palestinians as if Pakistan army consists of ubiquitous super heroes.

Those who exploit the religious emotions fortune have also got an issue on which they would deliver provocative speeches and set the public emotions on fire, this would also give them a chance to start a zealous election campaign. Any statement not asking to ruin Israel would be considered contempt against Islamic teachings. Friday is awaited when people would gather and they would call for protest against Western powers. This land has witnessed many protests that turned out to be catastrophic for our own nation the most recent of them was on blasphemous video.

Our attitude is like if we are responsible to fight against anyone who fights against a person anywhere in the world who claims to be a Muslim, no matter what is the reason of them fighting and either we have any stake involved or not. On the other hand no other Islamic state has this attitude of damaging its own interests like this. We jumped in Afghan war and giving shelter to migrants resulted in disaster of economy and trickling of drugs and weapons in the society. On the other hand Iran closed its border. In the recent Burma riots Pakistanis were overly sentimental while Bangladesh refused to accept people who managed to flee from Burma.

It is portrayed as if there is a war against Islam but rather our own Muslim Traitors stab their own people. Gaza combat started with the killing of Hamas military wing chief Ahmad Al-Badri in an Israeli missile attack. King of Qatar is blamed of distributing pens and watches with low frequency tracking devices among the Hamas leaders and that’s how Al-Badri was located. In return of killing of their chief Hamas fired rockets on Israel’s economic hub Tel Aviv, Hamas claims a figure of 750 rockets. Despite the disproportionate use of power causing civilian killings, it was a Muslim who bridged the conspiracy.

History which is being narrated is post Arab-Israel war 1967 but we should also know how Jews settled in Palestinian territory. These were the Palestinians who sold their land to Jews for heavy profits despite being cautioned about the massive Jews’ settling. Jews bought a lot of area and when they were strong enough they also started grabbing land thus challenging the law and developed their own state then the Arab-Israel war started. So Palestinians are suffering for what their ancestors had sown. We should condemn violence and innocent killings irrespective of region or religion. Diplomatic resources should be used to stop violence against humanity but it should not be at the stake of our own interests.

In this Gaza-Israel combat a total of 92 people have been reported to be dead while death toll in Karachi this year is over 1800. Instead of involving ourselves in international conflicts we should first focus on violence and injustice in our native country. Those having zest of Jihad against evil should also stand against domestic violence, child abuse, honor killings, sectarian killings, bomb blasts and target killings in our own country. No one speaks for these issues because killing of Muslims by Muslims is an internal issue and which does not create any hype. So called scholars mutating the history are also to be given a shut-up call by getting the people out of the fantasized world. Such people are promoting the feeling as if Pakistan is dominated by anti-Islamic forces that are not letting Pakistani troops to help poor Palestinians thus evoking anti-state emotions and discontent in the society.

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