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Israeli conflict

By Daniyal Hasan

Gaza combat has given all the emotional fools who think of themselves as responsible of entire Ummah, a feeling of satisfaction because they are living the situation they love to have. Youth is provoking emotions by sharing the sentimental and fake pictures of burnt children on social networking websites. Some are also demanding to send the Pakistani troops to help the Palestinians as if Pakistan army consists of ubiquitous super heroes.

Those who exploit the religious emotions fortune have also got an issue on which they would deliver provocative speeches and set the public emotions on fire, this would also give them a chance to start a zealous election campaign. Any statement not asking to ruin Israel would be considered contempt against Islamic teachings. Friday is awaited when people would gather and they would call for protest against Western powers. This land has witnessed many protests that turned out to be catastrophic for our own nation the most recent of them was on blasphemous video.

Our attitude is like if we are responsible to fight against anyone who fights against a person anywhere in the world who claims to be a Muslim, no matter what is the reason of them fighting and either we have any stake involved or not. On the other hand no other Islamic state has this attitude of damaging its own interests like this. We jumped in Afghan war and giving shelter to migrants resulted in disaster of economy and trickling of drugs and weapons in the society. On the other hand Iran closed its border. In the recent Burma riots Pakistanis were overly sentimental while Bangladesh refused to accept people who managed to flee from Burma.

It is portrayed as if there is a war against Islam but rather our own Muslim Traitors stab their own people. Gaza combat started with the killing of Hamas military wing chief Ahmad Al-Badri in an Israeli missile attack. King of Qatar is blamed of distributing pens and watches with low frequency tracking devices among the Hamas leaders and that’s how Al-Badri was located. In return of killing of their chief Hamas fired rockets on Israel’s economic hub Tel Aviv, Hamas claims a figure of 750 rockets. Despite the disproportionate use of power causing civilian killings, it was a Muslim who bridged the conspiracy.

History which is being narrated is post Arab-Israel war 1967 but we should also know how Jews settled in Palestinian territory. These were the Palestinians who sold their land to Jews for heavy profits despite being cautioned about the massive Jews’ settling. Jews bought a lot of area and when they were strong enough they also started grabbing land thus challenging the law and developed their own state then the Arab-Israel war started. So Palestinians are suffering for what their ancestors had sown. We should condemn violence and innocent killings irrespective of region or religion. Diplomatic resources should be used to stop violence against humanity but it should not be at the stake of our own interests.

In this Gaza-Israel combat a total of 92 people have been reported to be dead while death toll in Karachi this year is over 1800. Instead of involving ourselves in international conflicts we should first focus on violence and injustice in our native country. Those having zest of Jihad against evil should also stand against domestic violence, child abuse, honor killings, sectarian killings, bomb blasts and target killings in our own country. No one speaks for these issues because killing of Muslims by Muslims is an internal issue and which does not create any hype. So called scholars mutating the history are also to be given a shut-up call by getting the people out of the fantasized world. Such people are promoting the feeling as if Pakistan is dominated by anti-Islamic forces that are not letting Pakistani troops to help poor Palestinians thus evoking anti-state emotions and discontent in the society.

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27 Responses to "Israeli conflict"

  1. Adeel Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Good starting….. yet I don’t agree with the idea!

  2. Sana Jabar Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    I am totally in favor of your ideology. Its Palestinian who sold there lands for the sake of money and now they are acting like innocents. I am against killing of innocent people but death rate in Pakistan is more than the death rate on Palestinians. We are in more crucial stage. We all Pakistanis should think about it and people who are educated should lead the innocent illiterate people by letting them, knowing the facts, not just emotions…..

  3. ex paki United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @Hasan , unconditionally agree with you. even Arabs accept – confess that they did sell their land at asking price to anyone willing to pay and Jews paid.

  4. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    ex paki says:
    November 24, 2012 at 6:10 pm
    @Hasan , unconditionally agree with you. even Arabs accept – confess that they did sell their land at asking price to anyone willing to pay and Jews paid.

    most of the land was confiscated by force.some was sold.what is happening in west bank,you are seeing with your eyes.whole world including america is condemning their action.
    state of isreal has no official boundry.nobody sold their land in jerusalam,yet they occupied most of the city.
    the views expressed by daniyal hassan are wrong and away from fact.muslims will fight to save aqsa,our third holy mosque.jews are liars and so the editor.

  5. abbas United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    “Zionists have reached the end of the road and have no choice but to recognize and yield to the absolute right of the Palestinian nation,” Ahmadinejad said in a telephone conversation with democratically-elected Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Saturday.

    He added that the path chosen by the people in the Gaza Strip and the resistance movements would lead to dignity and freedom of all of Palestine.

    The Iranian chief executive expressed hope for the liberation of the holy al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the establishment of justice across the globe through joint efforts of all Muslim nations

  6. akb Pakistan Safari Unknow Os says:

    @ Daniel hasun
    Does selling of land make a group of ppl to declare themselves as a separate country?? If you went by yr logic u would soon see Indo.pak , nay world at large, splitting into several tiny independent states at war with one another.
    Israel is a fabricated ‘state’ by anti Islamic forces and is worse than a criminal bully. Why shouldn’t Muslims of the world codemn Israel for its diabolical acts against the native Arabs??
    Nobody is fooling himself on Palestinian.Israel issue but ppl like you who are not only disloyal to their brethren in faith but won’t stop applauding the terrorist Zionists .
    You have no scruples to accept n condemn Israel’s savagery and it’s callous n faithless people like you who are the rootcause of all the trouble in their own country as well as abroad. The world doesn’t need cowards like you who, rather than voice against the terrorism of Israel, wud instead loathe hisself n his country men. Nothing happens without s reason and it’s amazing you don’t know what n why Pak is in its present state?? Go swim….

  7. Sardar KHAN United Kingdom Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I totally disagree with you.Israel is a zionist state created by UK and assisted by USA.Since their creation,the leaders are bent over to send the Arabs population out of Palastine.It is genocide of the arabs,wether they are Muslims or Christians.Why you accepting and suporting zionist propoganda?

  8. abbas United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    “The attack on Gaza was solely to test the US funded Iron Dome, before any attacks on Iran.

    “The Israelis openly claim the Palestinians must all be killed so they can take all the land and its resources.

    “The London Israeli Embassy were cheering as the bombs landed on Gaza.”

  9. Anwar United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    I recommend author and other heavyweight ME experts on this site to indulge in few volumes of the Palestine Chronicle. Here is a link:

  10. akb Pakistan Safari Unknow Os says:

    the author evidently lacks knowledge of the subject n has only ventured to spew his ignorance n bias towards the Palestiains defending Israel coupled with his twisted ploy to relate events over there with Pakistan. He is doing no service to anyone but hisself like a lost kitten.

  11. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    CNN claims to be the world news leader; the son of the kenyan nomad claims to speak for the Americans as well the western countries. And bitte schön, and pray who is the author with a jewish name speaking for, when he writes’We’? One hundred eighty million citizes of Pakistan which includes refugees from India and Afghanistan?

    Rex Minor

  12. Daniyal Hasan Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Dear friends this piece is not intended to get likes and praises I very well know what is the popular sentiment.This is just to show the other side of picture to all the morons who are living in a fantasized world. I condemn violence and the issue should be resolved peacefully I also believe that Masjid-e-Aqsa should be open to both Jews and Muslims as it is equally sacred to both nations.

  13. Daniyal Hasan Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Friends owning a land does give u right to establish state just as we did in sub-continent. I also agree that settling of Jews was a machination but these were Arabs who sold their land and provided them with a base camp to capture more land.

  14. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    This is just to show the other side of picture to all the morons who are living in a fantasized world

    but u are not suppose to speak something which is not truth.jews are liars and expert in twisting the fact.some land was sold by arabs but most of the land was confiscated through terrorism and force.

    Friends owning a land does give u right to establish state just as we did in sub-continent……………………………..

    not by the case of subcontinent land was distibuted between 2 parties it was not comparison is wrong.zoinists are foreigners they should go back to their country of orgin while local semitic jews can stay as before.holy places should belong to all.but they had plan to demolish masjid aqsa.they are not peacefull people.every year they attack one country,you can see their last 20 year many times they attacked lebnon&gaza.iraq was attacke because of them.afghanistan,libya& syria also because of them
    they should accept that their decision was wrong.their original plan was to capture uganda or brasil.hitler advised them to occupy madgasgar.easy target.why they want to eat something which is not easy.europeans have transferred their problem to middle east.u say I condemn violence and the issue should be resolved i fully agree with u. .but zoinists are not ready to learn anything from past.arabs are good friend,neighbours cannot be changed.u told us what they say.but this is known to most.

  15. feroze Naqvi Canada Google Chrome Windows says:

    Wise man said; be quite and no one will know your ignorance; open your mouth; only when you are sure of the facts. Otherwise; one will sound like the author of this article.

    Author is wrong when he is implying that all the land is sold by Arabs; Not mentioned the land grabbing by force at Gun Point by Jews.

    He is also wrong; when comparing the conditions in Pakistan with the conditions in Gaza.

    Pakistan is in a different situation; it is fighting a 4 G War?

    One innocent killed is one too many; But principles must not be violated; killing or not.

    Well; welcome to the new world with internet; I am NOT GENERALIZING; There are many positive aspects of internet. But; it also allows people with limited knowledge and intellect to become author and write the article like this one!

  16. Daniyal Hasan Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    @feroze Naqvi i think u better read article once more. i said if u let thieves get into ur house then beside their crime its also ur fault. No1 can justify killings of Palestinians and comparing situation with Pakistan is just to say that we should first fight our own war and then intrude somewhere else. Here is Pakistan people r given an impact as if Pakistan is controlled by agents of Zionists who r weakening Muslim brotherhood and people should fight against the state. So people need to be told its not that simple and we can’t fight with entire world just because we got Nuclear bomb

  17. feroze Naqvi Canada Google Chrome Windows says:

    Everyone; who think of themselves as responsible of entire Ummah is a part of this Ummah. Here; we do not have a system of having Pope’s like; and there won’t be another Nabi? It is precisely the ummati who are responsible for their affairs?.

    Agreed; we must have our own affairs in order; before worrying for others. However; we can’t be blind to those affairs as well?; I am not an “Alim” so don’t expect me to quote “Ahadies”

    Nuclear bomb? Wow; please sing me another song. Pakistani’s have been slapped; long and Hard for this gift. The 4 G War; I had mentioned in earlier comment; is another gift for the same. We; let alone; no one can fight the whole world.

    We are not fighting the Pakistani election here at this forum; But; we need to be principled in our stand; you said and I quote;

    “Our attitude is like if we are responsible to fight against anyone who fights against a person anywhere in the world who claims to be a Muslim, no matter what is the reason of them fighting and either we have any stake involved or not”

    We have the teaching and the examples of keeping the balance; not siding with Muslim in any dispute even with non-Muslims? so lets keep the argument factual.

    Youth of the Ummah; if they get emotional; (don’t forget this article and the followup comments are “for Israeli War in Gaza”) the comments are youth’s emotions in this regard; don’t mix them with situation in Pakistan and Nuclear bomb. They are two completely seperate issues.

  18. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    No one wants to be lectured on history or what is occurig at present in the world. Each of the bloggers is capable of review the events, analyse it and form an opinion of his own.Needless to say that these opinions will vary and should vary.

    People of Israel were the victims during the time of Pharaohs, they were the victims together with Arabs in Spain because they the arabs and jews are semites. They later became the victims of the European folks and this movement was later called antisemitism, and ended in a holocaust when most of Europe laid at the mercy of the Third Reich.

    This is when Zionism was born which had already taken roots in the domain of anglo saxons. They want to live sorrouded by their semites cousins, who have in history always protected them, with nuclear arsenal and an army which is trained to shoot at civilians against their cousins who have a thousands of years of martyrdam culture.

    They are heading for becoming once again the victims. The Gazans do not need assistance of soldiers who are also trained to shoot the civilians.Their DIY rockets can now reach Tel Aviv, the most popular tourist spot for Germans who have stopped travelling despite reduction in air fares,

    Rex Minor

  19. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    The man with a jewish name and jewish ideas. Moron was the son of king Ethem, and a wicked in front of the Lord. The Israeiis have now left a wailing wall for them to post their grievences and if they follow what you said an Areal Sharon attempted then they shall loose the wall as well. Heavens are still refusing to allow a place for Areal Sharon for the acts he committed.

    Rex Minor

  20. wonderer India Safari Mac OS says:

    This article is just what is needed at present to clear the mental cobwebs of most. There is also a very informative conversation in Urdu, on the same topic, available at this link:–TDayD0HbY#!

  21. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ Daniyal Hasan

    Yours is just a wishful thinking. The land of the Palestine is sacred to the three great religions of the world viz jews ,muslims and Christians. All of them should be allowed to visit the land freely and Israel has no right to push out, tactically , strategically or militarily, the real inhabitants of that land …

    since the Israel-Palestinian dispute is not on the priority list of the advanced nations which have created this mess of Israel to create a perpetual trouble in the Middle East so that it can sell its armaments more and more and subjugate weaker or less advanced nations to play to their tune.

    Rex has posted some very good assessments on the Palestinian and Israel problem and you ought to heed to it for enlightenment as that is what you lacked while writing your this unfair , dull and anti Palestinian piece

  22. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    daniel hasan,…………………………Zionism was born in this milieu of nationalism and imperialism, both of which left an indelible mark on the character and ambitions of the Israeli state. The conviction of Theodor Herzl, modern Zionism’s founding father, was that the centuries of anti-Semitism were proof positive that Europe’s Jews could not be assimilated into mainstream Western society. They could only be safe if they possessed a nation state of their own. This conviction also reflected the European imperial sentiments of the day. The founders of modern Zionism were both Jews and Europeans, and (as such) had acquired the West’s cultural sense of superiority in relation to non-Europeans.

    This sense of superiority would play an important role when a deal (the Balfour Declaration) was struck in 1917 between the World Zionist Organization and the British Government. The deal stipulated that, in exchange for Zionist support for the British war effort (World War I was in progress), the British would (assuming victory) help create a “Jewish national home” in Palestine. It was no oversight that neither side in this bargain gave much thought to the Palestinian native population.

  23. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    From Moses to Romans, and from christian monarchs to poloitical leaders of main Europe to Britain Belfour, everyone according to their intention, ability and the reality on ground tried to find a Final solution for the jewish problem. The word FINAL does not exist in the psyche of semites- the destiny of jews and arabs is not accidentaly iterwoven with each other but so determined by the creator.

    Rex Minor

    PS THE USA and ISRAEL declare their acceptance of two states as was approved by the UNO, but are now going to vote NO in the comig hours.
    The ICC is the issue.

  24. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    Overwhelming majorities in the UK and other western European countries believe Palestinians should have their own state and want their governments to vote for recognition of Palestine at the United Nations at the end of the month, according to latest polls.

    Among Britons questioned, 72% said the Palestinians had a right to statehood, against only 6% who disagreed. When it came to the British vote on recognition at the UN general assembly on 29 November, 58% were in favour of a yes vote, against 8% who said the UK should vote no. Similar widelarge majorities were found in polls in Germany, France and Spain. The online polls were commissioned by Avaaz, the pro-democracy advocacy group, and carried out by YouGov in Britain and Germany, Ifop in France and Metroscopia in Spain. They took place earlier this month, on a sample size of 1,635 adults in the UK, and more than 1,000 in the other countries.

    Of the four countries polled, Spain is expected to support Palestinian recognition, France has said it will not rule it out, and UK and Germany have given no clear indication. Israel has been intensively lobbying EU states against recognition and has issued threats against the Palestinian leadership, including saying it will seek to overthrow the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, if the general assembly vote goes ahead.

    The Palestinians are expected to win the vote, but Israel is anxious that major European powers do not support the resolution, in an effort to reduce the “moral authority” implied by a United Nations vote.

  25. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    Ahmadiyya Movement – British Jewish Connection
    by Bashir Ahmad


    /’Arab-Israel War: During the last quarter of 1965 many Qadianis moved from Iran to Israel. They safeguarded the Zionist interests in the Persian Gulf States and were supported by the Jewish Agency Tehran and the Tehran Office of the World Jewish Congress. Jacob M. Landau, a Jewish writer states that on 31 December, 1965 there were 327,000 non-Jew Arabs in Israel and a few hundred Ahmadis who came from Iran. 8

    ‘The Arab-Israel War of 1967 resulted in the defeat of Arabs. Pakistan strongly condemned the Israeli aggression and raised its voice in favour of Palestinian cause. Qadianis living in Pakistan and abroad maintained a dubious silence on the pretext that they had nothing to do with the politics. They neither condemned Israeli aggression nor rendered even lip service to the Palestinian cause. Qadiani Mission in Israel extended full support to Zionism as it was an article of their faith to support the policy of the Government under whose rule they lived whether it be Jewish, Sikh or a racist one. In accordance with that policy and in view of their Zionist orientations, Qadianis living in Kababir (Israel) were said to have expressed satisfaction and jubilation over Zionist victory over Arabs. 9

  26. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    the mirjai outlook on Israel ….!!!!
    ”Israel must be ‘ regarded as `a limb in the body of the Middle East’.”


    In October 1947, soon after emergence of Pakistan, the Quaid-i-Azam warned that the partition of Palestine would entail “the gravest danger and unprecedented conflict and that the entire Muslim world will revolt against such a decision which can not be supported historically, politically and morally”. Soon afterwards, Pakistan said at the United Nations that all the Holy Land was being nailed and stretched on the cross. All these words are still timely.


    In 1950 (May-June) Pakistan’s first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan visited the United States and American leaders of trade and industry met him. At the meeting they promised all possible military and economic assistance in case Pakistan recognized Israel. The American industrialists also underlined the importance of such a package for the new state of Pakistan. Liaquat Ali Khan in his known gentle tone replied: ‘Gentlemen! Our soul is not for sale.’ (Pakistan’s first prime minister was assassinated on 16 October 1951.)


    Zafrulla Khan publicly said in Cairo ‘ in February 1952 that Israel must be ‘ regarded as `a limb in the body of the Middle East’. He further urged Egypt to seek a peaceful solution of the conflict! In other words, to give up any thought, of liberating Arab and Palestinian lands and recognize the illegitimate occupation of Palestine.

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