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Jinnah and secularism; Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed distorts history yet again

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

“Professor emeritus” Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed is the sort who loves to take liberties with the facts.  In his article today “Jinnah and secularism” he has resorted to two outright lies which need to be exposed so that people are not misguided.

The article began well enough: “The vision of Pakistan Jinnah spelled out on August 11, 1947 is the closest any leader in the Indian subcontinent approximated to an ideal secular state: a state that treats its citizens as equals irrespective of their caste, creed or colour.”  Agreed.  

Then Ishtiaq sb goes on to say: “However, when someone asked him if he was prescribing a secular state, Jinnah retorted dismissively that India was a secular state and he surely did not have in mind any such ideal.”

This is not true. There is no evidence for it but instead we have evidence to the contrary. Kiran Shankar Roy had asked Jinnah in his point of order to clarify whether Pakistan would be a secular state or not to which Jinnah had made the 11th August speech.

Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed again lies out of his teeth when he claims the following (a claim that he has made on several occasions):

“He gave assurances to Manki Sharif that the Sharia would apply to the Muslims of Pakistan.  He wanted Pir Sahib to believe that Sharia would be the law of the land and that is exactly how Manki Sharif understood him.

The portion in italics is hogwash.  The line that Mullahs and Ishtiaq Ahmed do not openly quote is that Jinnah said that the affairs of the Muslim community shall be run according to shariat.  Nowhere was it said that the law of the land will be Sharia. In fact it is clear from the context of the letter that Jinnah interpreted and understood the word shariat in the same sense as the Shariat Application Act of 1937.

Section 2 of the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act of 1937 of India reads:

“2. Application of Personal Law of Muslims.- Notwithstanding any customs or usage to the contrary, in all questions (save questions relating to agricultural land) regarding intestate succession, special property of females, including personal property inherited or obtained under contract or gift or any other provision of Personal law, marriage, dissolution of marriage, including talaq, ila, zihar, lian, khula and mubaraat, maintenance, dower, guardiaship, gifts, trusts and trust properties, and wakfs (other than chartities and charitable institutions and charitable and religious endowments) the rule of decision in case where the parties are Muslims shall be the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat).”

If one reads the Manki letter, it becomes clear that Jinnah did not promise sharia as the law of the land.  This is what people like Usmani and others wanted to claim and people like Ishtiaq Ahmed have bought this nonsense as the truth.

Finally – a secular state can mean different things. A state which treats all its citizens equally and creates no bars on the basis of faith is a secular state. This is what Jinnah wanted.

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32 Responses to "Jinnah and secularism; Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed distorts history yet again"

  1. Mohan India Safari iPad says:

    One more article , thankfully concise this time, by YLH on Jinnah. Does this gentleman ever get bored of writing articles after articles about his Demi God.

  2. YLH Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows says:

    No one is asking you to click on what I write – though a simple google search will clarify what else I write on.

  3. Rizwan Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    again Main na Maano by YLH. dont try to make angle out of Jinnah, he was suffering from extreme sort of self contradictions, a confused person, working just to be on the highest slot. He was no more different from any greedy politician of today. accept the reality! And your reply to Ishtiaq Ahmad article is indeed no answer at all.

  4. Pir Manki United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    In November 1945, Jinnah wrote a letter to Pir Sahib Manki Sharif of NWFP (now Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa), which has been quoted in the Pakistan Constituent Assembly debate on the Objectives Resolution. He gave assurances to Manki Sharif that the Sharia would apply to the Muslims of Pakistan. He wanted Pir Sahib to believe that Sharia would be the law of the land and that is exactly how Manki Sharif understood him. Erland Jansson writes in his doctoral dissertation, India, Pakistan or Pakhtunistan? (Uppsala University, 1981): “The Pir of Manki Sharif…founded an organisation of his own, the Anjuman-us-asfia. The organisation promised to support the Muslim League on condition that Shariat would be enforced in Pakistan. To this Jinnah agreed. As a result the Pir of Manki Sharif declared jehad to achieve Pakistan and ordered the members of his anjuman to support the League in the 1946 elections” (p. 166).

    It is worth noting that since 1937 the Sharia was applicable to the personal matters of Muslims. Jinnah played a leading role in getting it passed by the Indian Legislative Council. The Congress had promised to respect Sharia as Muslim personal law and thus won over the support of the Jamiat-i-Ulema-e-Hind for a united India. Creating Pakistan to protect a right that was already protected and safeguarded by the colonial state or was guaranteed in a united India was not therefore an assurance that would have impressed Manki Sharif. Moreover, soon after August 11, 1947, Jinnah reiterated that the Sharia would be a major source of law for Pakistan. There is of course the record contrary to that as well. He denied that Pakistan would be a theocracy. To western journalists and media especially, he presented Pakistan as a progressive Muslim nation, democratic and inclusive.

    On the other hand, when in 1944 Gandhi was temporarily brought out from jail to talk with him, Jinnah refused his plea point blank to be allowed to address the Muslim League Council, saying that under the rules and regulations of the Muslim League only a Muslim could address the council. He opposed tooth and nail the Congress Party nominating any Muslim to the 1945 Simla Conference or in any other subsequent negotiations.

    During the 1945-46 election campaign, he needed every vote from people entered in the census records as Muslims. He, therefore, gave different pledges to the various interests in that variegated population. Sunnis, Shias, Ahmadis, Communists, fundamentalists — all found an echo of their ideals in what he said. He also told Hindus and Sikhs that they would be treated fairly in Pakistan. However, when he was leaving Delhi someone asked him what message he had for those Muslims who would be left behind in India. He said they should become loyal Indian citizens and he expected India to treat them well. Earlier he had vehemently argued that it was impossible for a state ruled by Hindus to be fair to its minorities.

  5. Pious Pakistan Safari Mac OS says:

    Indians gandooo……..

  6. Abdul Alim Philippines Google Chrome Windows says:

    Why target YLH as a person. He always writes convincingly and with evidence. Those who think he is defending Jinnah wrongly should face him squarely with evidence.

    My view is that the closest Jinnah came to Islam was the Ahmadiyya version which believes in Islam as a secular religion. The constitution of Madinah has ample evidence to that fact any my view is that secularism is defended in the Quranic injunction that there is no compulsion in religion.
    Ahmadies were the only organized, moderate Muslim group that supported the idea of Pakistan as envisaged by Jinnah unconditionally. Zafarullah Khan was very close to him and on one occasion he called him his son.
    We all know history very well. It was hindus who pushed Muslims out of India rather than Muslims wanting a separate homeland based on religion.
    Obviously things have not gone according to the plan but plans are plans and hopefully we can get it right someday if we can get enough people like YLH around.

  7. Secular Pir Manki United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Abdul Alim

    Didn’t Secular Jinnah confess to being a Mirajaee? He said that way he would get to call himself a Muslim without being one.

  8. mahee Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    @secular pir manki,
    disrespecting quaide azam , muhammed ali jinnah, shows how much you are commited to your land,traitors like you have lead pakistan in such deep pits!at least have the morality to , accept his unconditional strive, persistent struggle to get pakistanis this land! secular or non secular is not the question neither is shariat and non shariat!
    Muhammed Ali Jinnah, was a fighter and a champion, he knew what muslims would go through if they were left alone in india!they would have been persecuted, economically constrained, and politically isolated!thats what Muhammed Ali jinnah , was concerned for his muslims brothers and his untiring effforts to empower muslims of subcontinent lead to the emergence of pakistan!
    little did he knew that this imbecilic muslim community doesnot even know how to remain united, how to make a nation!instead pakistan from the emergence has been divided , sometimes anti-ahmadi,anti bengali, anti secular, and now its baloch community is anti pakistani and now more more anti shia (which is second largest muslim majority)! Needless the state of pakistan is not even a real islamic state what it proudly calls itself to be!
    if there”s any man in the entire history of pakistan who a real vision for it is undoubtedly,unquestionably the Father of this nation Mr.muhammed ali jinna! he might not be the best of the muslims but he devoted a gem of his life for the muslims of subcontinent!so he is a better a muslim than any of us, he has not only upheld the greatest of all nobilty in islam ,which is huqooq ul ibaad, and we are etrernally in debt to his greatest of all favour on us!
    calling him a bad muslimm will not solve our problems!

  9. Ppaktea United States Safari iPad says:

    What Ishtiaq Ahmed is saying in the article is that while Jinnah might not have explicitly promised to the Pir of Manki Sharif that Shariah would be the law of the land, that is what the latter understood and Jinnah himself, in his opportunism, might not have wanted to discourage Manki Sharif from believing that he meant that. Why? Because he wanted the support. The two paragraphs after the sentence quoted by YLH makes a pretty convincing case for the rationale for such a conclusion. Ishtiaq is not making a statement of fact, rather an interpretation, and is backing it up with believable support for such an interpretation. The rationale is that Shariah was already the basis for personal law for Muslims in united India and also promised by Congress. Thus, there was no additional promise that Jinnah was making in saying that and it would not have been the clincher for Manki Sharif. What would have been a clincher is his belief that Jinnah agreed with the principle of Pakistan as an Islamic state governed by religious law.

    A study of Jinnah would not support the conclusion that he wanted an Islamic state. That was not in his DNA and he would not want to live in such a state. The point, however, is that after 1937, his politics was that of opportunism. He said what his audience wanted to hear. The one speech which was an impromptu one and one that came from his heart was the one on August 11. That was the real Jinnah at heart. But he made sufficiently contradictory statements at different points, in his quest for broad based support from all Muslims, that different interpretations can be drawn about what he wanted. The unfortunate thing is that he could have ended these contradictions after Pakistan was conceded, but did not. And a fair share of responsibility for retrograde measures such as the Objectives Resolution can be laid at the doorsteps of these unresolved contradictions.

  10. Amjad Cheema United Kingdom Safari iPad says:

    It dosn’t matter whether Jinnah was secular or not,
    What matters is that it was a crime against humanity to divide subcontinent on the basis of religion.
    Whatever is happening in Pakistan is an eye opener for the people who have been propagating two nation theory!
    We are all one mankind irrespective of our colour, race, creed, religion.

  11. aniq United States Opera Windows says:

    you says we are all one mankind irrespective of our colour, race, creed, religion.
    then why jews are violating the laws in palestine and killing them brutally why indians are killing inocent kshmiri’s. beacause they are muslims?
    why muslims were killed brutally in barma? beacause they are muslims.
    why indian’s teasing muslims in india by diffrent ways by martyring babri masjid etc.
    why hindus sikhs martyred thousand of muslims during partition ? why? beacause they were muslims.
    if We are all one mankind irrespective of our colour, race, creed, religion then why that all happened and happening.
    why hindus and jews d0 not like muslims? beacause of their religion.
    if it is wrong to divide sub continent on the basis of religion then why UN divide jordan into north Jordan and west Jordan.?
    in an islamic country people of any religion have right to perform their religious activities . why in non muslim country a muslim cannot do hijab cannot offer prayer openly.why? beacause we are muslims .
    we are proud to be muslim.
    ALLAH ka shukar hai k us ne humein muslim paida kiya.

  12. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt want to create an Islamic state which treats all its citizen equaly wihout any bars on account of their faith or gender. The constitution must however reflect the values of Islam, including compassion, freedom and justice.

    The term ‘secularism’ is just a hogwash which liberals usualy use as an undercover for immoral legislations such as homo unions.

    Rex Minor

    PS Mr Jinnah did not mislead any of his followers.

  13. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ YLH

    Pakistan faces 26/11 everyday: Mani Shankar Aiyar
    The Times of India – Dec 2, 2012

    LUCKNOW: Member of Parliament Mani Shankar Aiyar, who drew flak from the Opposition recently for comparing colleagues from various parties with animals, gave no explanation for his remarks on Saturday.

    When questioned by TOI, Aiyar said, “I was undergoing a stress level test in a hospital on Friday when the Opposition raised objections to my remarks. Whatever explanation is in order, I will prefer give it in Parliament and not to the media here.”

    Aiyar was in the city to deliver a lecture on ‘India-Pakistan: Retrospect and Prospect’ to the youth at the Amity University on Saturday. In the course of his lecture, Aiyar suggested his fellow Indians forget about the 2001 Parliament attack and the 26/11 terror attack that rocked Mumbai in 2008. Aiyar said, “We have just one 26/11 but people living in Pakistan face 26/11 situation everyday. They have a risk of life be it on 24, 25, 26 or any day of the calendar. People there fear going to the market or masjid as they don’t know whether they will come back home alive or not.”

    He said though Pakistan was the biggest source of terrorism, the reality was that it was also the biggest victim.

    The Congress MP said it is our biggest misconception if we believe that after a terrorist attack, Pakistan will come forward and apologise for the misdeed, or send the guilty behind bars. Even 65 years after independence, both India and Pakistan are not united. Aiyar said the need of the hour was for Indians to forget animosity and hostility and move forward.

    Aiyar said while India was dreaming to become a superpower, the entire world was giggling at us for the poor relations we keep with our neighbors. Aiyar blamed outright the Americans for spoiling India-Pakistan relations and encouraging terrorism. He said BJP says India is the first Hindu country in the world but the fact is that India is the second largest Islamic nation in the world. “More than 150 million Muslims live in our nation,” said Aiyar, adding that it only India has the power to unite all religions.

    Straying into controversy, Aiyar at one moment said Indians should follow Gandhi and Nehru principles and the very next moment said had our elders shown a positive attitude and spoken to Muslim league members and Muslims, India-Pakistan partition would have been avoided.

    When asked whether the onus of partition lies on the shoulders of Gandhi and Nehru, he said immediately, “India went through a tumultuous situation after Jinnah’s direct action day. Within two weeks, things changed which neither Gandhi nor Nehru could help out with. As a result, Pakistan was formed.”

  14. Secular Pir Manki United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    I would rather be a traitor to any land than become a traitor to Islam by following a false man who misguided Muslims. La’anat on such traitors.

  15. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ mahee

    Also calling you a ‘papeeta’ will not make you a papaya….unless you are one. Since you have corrupted the Quranic interpretation and assailed the finality of Prophet Muhammad you are heretics and evidently non Muslims. Just reciting the kalima isn;t enough to make you a Muslims; you should prove it by your actions. In practice you have failed to prove your false doctrine not only to the Muslims but the Hindus and Christians as well. Hence it is not incorrect to say that you are nothing but a bunch of liars and cheats who are not only enemies of Pakistan but also of all adherents of the great religions of the world!

  16. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Major discoveries have been experienced with regard to the human brain, its communication with geist(mind and soul) which takes place in both directions namely from brain to mind as well as from mind to brain but the extent of Geist influence as compared to the brain which uses intellect, reason, logic , commonsense and experience it is not yet clear. However, reading sick comments of some, one would conclude that Jinnahs act of separating majority muslims from the land of avatar and majority of infidels was a Godly act and the people of Pakistan regarless of their personal preference should be greatful to the great man.

    By no indication Mr Jinnah wanted to have a Gods kingdom controlled by Khalifas which is the case in Iran, but simply a democratic Islamic country which ensures equal rights for all its citizens regardless of their faith.

    Rex Minor

  17. Pankaj India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    REX MINOR wrote
    ” Jinnahs act of separating majority muslims from the land of avatar and majority of infidels was a Godly act and the people of Pakistan regarless of their personal preference should be greatful to the great man.”
    REX dear INSTEAD of Muslims being GRATEFUL to Jinnah
    Hindus are GRATEFUL to Jinnah for TAKING AWAY all the MAD AND BAD
    India AND HINDUS would be eternally grateful to Jinnah
    Partition was the BEST thing that ever HAPPENED to Hindus

  18. Pankaj India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    REX MINOR wrote
    ” Mr Jinnah wanted to have a Gods kingdom controlled by Khalifas which is the case in Iran, but simply a democratic Islamic country which ensures equal rights for all its citizens regardless of their faith.”
    Jinnah might have wanted a SECULAR and LIBERAL Pakistan
    NOBODY disputes that
    BUT even NOW after 65 YEARS there are a MAXIMUM ONLY 10 percent educated and LIBERAL people
    The REST 90 percent are RELIGIOUS fundamentalists
    WHO WILL soon Proclaim ZIA UL HAQ as the Quaid e Azam
    SO you can imagine HOW many people were liberal and secular
    in 1947
    Therefore AS SOON AS Jinaah was dead and gone
    and Pakistan started its journey towards being a Islamist
    Whatever Pakistan is TODAY it is INEVITABLE
    It was DESTINY GOD’S WILL or GODLY ACT as you have written

  19. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    The Laism and secularism were born in Europe and for the people of Europe which suffered from the cruelties of the christian church and brutality of the monarchs. This was not meant for south east Asians and definitely not for the muslims who were enlightened ad blessed with the teachings of Quraan, the reformed religion of Ibrahim. Unlike christian monarchs who under the authority of the church not only massacred pagans and witches in their lands but went across the world to the American and African continents and committed an all out genocide, the muslim invaders brought with them the wealth of human knowledge for Europeans and Asian folks.

    It was Holyoake the man who was convicted for Blasphemy, who coined the idea of secularism, and it was Hitler and Mussolini, the fascist leader who entered into an agreement with the powerful Church, separating the aministating powers of the Govt. and Church, each resposible for their functions.

    Secularism has no place in muslim countries since there is no central authority in Islam equivalent to that of the Christian church which is headed by a Papa.

    Rex Minor

  20. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    I believe you but reaing comments of most India bloggers i the internet and political statements as well the actions taken by the India Govt. do not indicate that the separation has bee fully stomached by the political elites of India.
    There is no such thing as fundamentalists in Islamnor ay such thing as uneducated, these are the labels evise by the colonialists anglo saxons. Mr Obama is as much uneducated as Mr X in Pakistan who has ot been to a school. Or do you reckon that a man who spends some years o the chicago streets in community service and studies American constitutional law is an educated individual. I have read about late Zia and living Parwez, the former military bosses, both of them meet the criterion of a lunatic. And I can assure you that comparing them with Indira Gandhi and George W, they were just a bunch of ammateurs.

    It is the leadership, political in democracies and Dictators in military ruled countries who eed to be held responsible and not he poor sod who is struggling to make his livelihood on a day to day basis. The It is the Institutions which must be reformed and decolonised and this is the task which is outstanding in the Asian subcontinent. People are the stregnth of a Nation and had this not bee realised, then Germany after the WW2 would not be in the centre stage today in Europe.

    Rex Minor

  21. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    The ‘N’ key of my laptop is playing lazy. Sorry.

  22. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    I guess you mean ‘radicals’ when you utilise the word muslim fundamentalists, since the latter is an harmless iividual devoted to his belief.

    We have radicals all over the world; the liberals in Pakistan are as radicals as those in religious political parties. They support the extra judicial target killings by the Americans of civilians on the American premise of terrorism. The encourage their military to confront the so called talibans with the assumption that theirs is not resistance but terrorism. The radicals in the political parties including those with religious names are equaly determined to push though their agendas with confrontation rather than consense and this is very much against the spirit of democracy which seeks a dialogue. This could set ‘Separation’ legacy of Pakistan in motion and its provinces could separate further from each other. Bangla Desh may no longer be an anomoly.

    Rex Minor

  23. AKB Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @ Pankaj

    Thank Jinnah for gifting you with a Muslim population that is even more than that of Pakistan. Because Muslims are good you opted to take Muslims as your Presidents.

  24. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    Here are some excerpts from Jinnah’s speeches which clearly
    admit that Jinnah was for a homeland for the Muslims governed by Islamic
    principals because they were not happy with the way the Hindus were treating them

    All India Muslim League Lahore March 1940
    ””’ ””’ ””’ ”’Nagpur 1941
    1942 Muslim University AliGarh
    1942 Eid speech
    15 feb 42
    14 july new dehli press conference
    22 march 1939 legislative assembly
    30 sept 43 message on eid day to muslims
    25 jan 48 karachi bar association
    30 oct 47 lahore
    24 dec 47 on Jordon day
    15 aug 47 radio pak lahore
    19 jan 40 time and tide london
    1st july 48

    and best of all
    8 march 1944 muslim university aligarh
    26, 27 may 40 Provincial muslim league conference
    19 n0v 42 Punjab provincial muslim league conf lyallpur
    ( we need independent India and Independent Islam ….
    a state where Muslims can live free from oppression ….[not exact words]
    google for details )

  25. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ YLH
    VISION OF JINNAH–which is Islamic, Muslim rule, as a sovereign independent State.
    ”What more can one really expects than to see that this mighty land has now been brought under a rule, which is Islamic, Muslim rule, as a sovereign independent State. Now, we have much more difficult task ahead–how to reconstruct, how to build it up and how to revolutionize and re-model the past legacies from which we are suffering, namely, the mentality, the character and the evil customs of which we have been the victims for a century or more as slave people.”
    Reply to the Address of Welcome Presented by the Principal, Staff and Students of the Edwards College, Peshawar on l8th April, 1948

    ”We must work our destiny in our own way and present to the world an economic system based on true Islamic concept of equality of manhood and social justice. We will thereby be fulfilling our mission as Muslims and giving to humanity the message of peace which alone can save it and secure the welfare, happiness and prosperity of mankind.”

    ”As you have observed, Mr. Governor, in undivided India banking was kept a close preserve of non-Muslims; and their migration from Western Pakistan has caused a good deal of dislocation in the economic life of our young State. In order that the wheels of commerce and industry should run smoothly, it is imperative that the vacuum caused by the exodus of non-Muslims should be filled without delay. ”

    Speech on the occasion of the opening of the State Bank of Pakistan on 1st July, 1948
    ”I reiterate that you, like any other minorities, will be treated as equal citizens with all your rights and obligations so long as you are loyal to Pakistan. I am glad and it is very refreshing that you have not gone on with the same old rut and the hackneyed phrases which are echoed in various quarters about the grievances and requests of minorities, but I must tell you that these assurances have been given and they are going to be implemented. Minority communities must not by mere words but by actions show this that they are truly loyal and they must make majority community feel that they are true citizens of Pakistan. Then you will help me and you will facilitate my task in carrying out the policy which we have laid down. You know you must dispel suspicion and distrust. It is now up to minorities to show by actions and deeds that they are true Pakistanis and dispel suspicion and distrust that has been created by deplorable and disgraceful events that have taken place.”
    Reply to the Address presented by a Deputation of the members of the Quetta Parsi Community on 13th June, 1948

    Your Royal Highness has rightly referred to the natural bonds of friendship and affection, which bind the people of our two countries. It could hardly be otherwise as these bonds are based on ties of faith and culture and common ideals. With such powerful bonds already in our favor we cannot, I feel, fail to bring the people of our two countries closer towards each other closer than they were before the birth of Pakistan.

    Reply to the Speech made by His Excellency the Ambassador of Afghanistan at the time of presenting Credentials on 8th May, 1948

  26. JinnahtheGreat United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    You are lying. Jinnah never made those speeches. My Quadiani uncle told me. Beta remember, Jinnah never made those speeches.

  27. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    This should not be a secret that Mr jinnah wanted to create a modern idependent Islamic state, when muslim league opted for separation from the main land. But why must he make statements that he did make about non-muslim citizens. What was he aiming at? I hate the word ‘minority’, the use of this word itself is a discrimiation. In a democratic system of Govt. the constitution does not spell out majority or minority per say. The media and the outsiders always talk about minorities and genders. Egypt is facing similar problems today, the so called liberals want specific references to the minority whereas the majority do not and insist that all citizens of Egypt implies(men and women as well as muslims and non muslims). My impression now is that Mr Jinnah with respect was not very consequent and clear in his mind about the status of so called minority which was being created in both parts of the country after partition. What an unfortunate and sad episode.

    Rex Minor

  28. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ JinnahtheGreat

    You lack information hence you are wrong about many things regarding Pak and Muslims or even history of independence. Go to national archives and find out if these speeches are true of false..or ask YLH to tell you…I am not going to spoon feed you faithless fools with everything,,,

  29. AKB Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ Rex
    you are right…Pak got created due to folly of hindu leaders and Jinnah got the jackpot accidentally or incidentally by stroke of luck!

  30. R. Bhawani Prasad United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Dear AKB: You wrote: “Pak got created due to folly of hindu leaders and Jinnah got the jackpot”

    Which Hindu leader committed what folly ?


  31. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Dear AKB: You wrote: “Pak got created due to folly of hindu leaders and Jinnah got the jackpot

    prasad jee akb is right.general muslims of india were against partition.first call for partition came from lajpat rai seconded by rss.partition of india was engineered by lal,pal and bal.justice katju confirm the same.during muslim rule indians used to live like brothers hate and division was created by rss britishers and congress.

  32. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I think we must all learn Gujarati now. Its very easy. In 3-4 months, one can speak simple Gujarati. Script is the same as Devnagari, with minor changes.. for instance the alphabet “KA” has a horizontal line in Gujarati, etc.

    When we learn Gujarati, we will also imbibe the ENTREPRENUERSHIP of GUJARATIS. Gujaratis do not prepare CV and look for jobs. Gujaratis give jobs to others.


    Ram Singh, the driver of the whiteline bus in which a 23-year-old para-medical student was gangraped, and his brother Yogesh were arrested. Both were inside the bus when the incident took place, a senior police official said.

    Yogesh was driving the bus when Ram Singh raped the girl along with others.

    The victim was in a “critical condition” after she was allegedly raped and brutally assaulted by four men who also attacked her male friend and threw both of them out of the vehicle, in yet another shocking crime against women in the capital.

    The victim, who is pursuing the course in Uttarakhand and is in the capital for her internship, was battling for life at the Hospital where she was rushed late Sunday night after the incident which sparked outrage.

    Both the girl and her male friend, who had boarded the chartered bus with “tinted” glass windows from Munirka in South Delhi around 9.45 pm to Palam, were assaulted with an iron rod by men after the two resisted before they were dumped on the road side near Mahipalpur flyover.

    This in India.
    Malala in Pakistan.

    Wah ! Aam admmi crushed between 2 stones. Hinduism and Islam are both thriving, but Aam Aadmi is being raped/killed/dying of hunger !

    Khuda kay ghar pe kya guzri ? Sanam khaaney pe kyaa guzree ?

    — Start singing : Ser (sHer) aaya bhai Ser aaya, Gujarat kaa ser aaya ! — for Narendra Modi !

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