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Victory of religious control

By Saad Hafiz:

The unequal battle between the depleting ranks of secularists and the growing band of Islamists in Pakistan is all but over. The dream of a progressive, democratic and pluralistic society is in tatters. It appears that secularists could only take comfort from one speech by Mr Jinnah, which lent support to a secular society, while Islamists could count on decades of constitutional accommodation and appeasement.

The Islamist camp has also been boosted by the democratic and military leaders who have used Islam for political gains. Their contribution to the development of an obscurantist and sectarian society is no less than that of the orthodox clerics. Liaquat Ali Khan, the first prime minister of Pakistan, considered among the secularists, sponsored the Objectives Resolution under the pressure of the clerics. This happened immediately after the passing of Mr Jinnah, who had laid down secular guidelines in his speech to the Constituent Assembly. In the following decades, there was a conflict between the secularists and the clerics. This conflict made the task of constitution making difficult, particularly since the Bengalis wanted to keep some secular clauses like joint electorates. Under their influence, a compromise constitution did come up in 1956.

In line with the Objectives Resolution, the preamble to the 1956 constitution spoke of Allah as having “sovereignty over the entire universe”. It spoke of authority exercised by the people of Pakistan as being within the limits “prescribed by Him as a sacred trust”. The preamble spoke of all laws of Pakistan conforming to the Koran and the Sunnah. Muslim scholars had been urging that all legislation be null and void that contravened, in letter or spirit, Islamic law as laid down in the Koran. They had been urging that the powers of government be derived from, circumscribed by, and exercised within the limits of Islamic Sharia law alone.

In 1962, martial law was replaced by a second constitution, with the preamble to the 1956 constitution remaining in place to appease the Islamists. The 1962 Constitution introduced two Islamic institutions, namely the Advisory Council of Islamic Ideology and Islamic Research Institute. The alienation of the Bengalis and the corruption of the generally secular General Ayub’s regime brought another martial law headed by General Yahya Khan, who ordered general elections in the country, which resulted in the total defeat of the fundamentalist parties. Balochistan and the Frontier provinces backed the secular parties. It was under their influence that Pakistan got a somewhat balanced 1973 Constitution with cosmetic and vague Islamic content. Mr Bhutto under pressure from the Islamists soon started to tinker with it. His end came at the hands of the very obscurantist elements that he tried to appease.

General Zia took over after deposing Mr Bhutto. In a self-serving referendum, the people of Pakistan were asked to endorse “the process initiated by General Muhammad Ziaul-Haq, the President of Pakistan, for bringing the laws of Pakistan in conformity with the injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and for the preservation of the Islamic ideology of Pakistan, for the continuation and consolidation of that process, and for the smooth and orderly transfer of power to the elected representatives of the people.” General Zia, through a rush of ordinances, also changed the basic laws of the state. Hudood and blasphemy ordinances changed the political culture of the country. Pakistan was on its way of becoming a theocracy.

Benazir Bhutto and Mian Nawaz Sharif who came after Zia did little to reverse the tide of fundamentalism and the exploitation of Islam for personal benefit continued. In fact, the emergence of the Taliban and profusion of the fundamentalist elements were the landmarks of their rule. When General Musharraf took over, he started projecting a secular and liberal image for himself by praising Kemal Ataturk. The orthodox clerics reacted against it and the concessions on relaxing the blasphemy law were quietly shelved.

The imposition of one vision of the ‘good’ on others who may not share it is almost complete. This is indeed antithetical to the notion of a democratic system that protects individual and minority rights. The main fault of organised religion is the reliance on violence rather than on the trust in its own truths. Secularism is not a renunciation of religion, but is a recognition that violence and state-sponsored force should not be the mechanism to spread any ideology. Religious control will inevitably lead to despotism, not democracy, because it privileges power over reason. This should have been reason enough for opposing the efforts of Islamists to enter and seek to seize control of the state and the political marketplace. However, a clear unified lobby who are strong proponents of religious domination, and who provoke attacks on those who value their own autonomy and political choice, are in the driver’s seat. On the other side, there is just a silent populace that has lost its nerve through decades of internal harassment by the ruling forces aligning themselves with the fundamentalists. This one-sided struggle assures victory for those elements that want to ram through their agenda of religious control of state and society.

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  1. NDelhi Singapore Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Drone babu here is a piece of information to shatter the bubble of muslim doctors
    “Dr Sameer Kaul, a Kashmiri Pandit and Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s personal physician, speaks about the other side of the hardline separatist.
    Two men at the heart of Kashmiri separatism — hardliner Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Yasin Malik, leader of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front — are alive today thanks to doctors from the Kashmiri Pandit community, which was forced to flee the valley with the onslaught of militancy in 1989.”

    Its a neat little tight slap on your face drone babu , lying & false claims are islamic art form but in info age your false claims are caught. Doctors treated them despite their entire community being made homeless by these two muslims . Does your blood boil now … no..
    Anyhow it does’nt matter since “YOU ARE A SHAME LESS MUSLIM LIKE MOST SAUDI ARABIANS”.

  2. Kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Rex, IMO, you have it exactly right. People get confused because they see a false dichotomy between Islam and democracy and equal rights for all. Jinnah repeatedly emphasized the absence of priesthood and theocracy in Islam. He quite rightly told his interlocutors that Islam had already granted equal rights to all two thousand years ago.

    That is why it is wrong to accuse him of insincerity. He was equally sincere when he corresponded with Pir of Manki and promised (or appeared to promise – I have not followed that debate and don’t really care either way) Shariat to him and ‘secularism’ to Sikhs, Hindus, and Christians. In his mind, there was no difference, and as any good Muslim knows, there isn’t any difference.

  3. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    Indian history tells us that there were political leaders both hindu and muslims who opposed his proposal of creating a separate muslim State from the areas with muslim majority. Today, a section of muslims under the banner of liberals is playing the old rhyme with new music reiterating secularism. Mr Jinnah was neither a genious nor a great strategist but a very straight forward individual looking for the minimum, a separate State for muslim majority next to a State with hindu majority. On hindsight this was the greatest mistake a muslim leader could have made before the partition of the country. A more drastic and separation of muslims from their fellow non muslims could have been more appropriate considering that the political leadership of both India and Pakistan even today does not recognise ‘autonomy’ not separation being the ingredient of democracy.

    I am an outsider and very much familiar with human struggle for survival as well as the recipee for success, namely competence and hard work. Human tragedy is usualy not a fate related but is related with human failure. People who are competent and work hard persist and are good in learning and later in practicing their professions, in industry or public service, in commerce or science, engineering or human medicine. None is related to religion or ethnicity, at least at current level of science.
    As long as we exist we are free and possess the force more powerful than the atoms we are made of. From one to two and more has the power to create a force which cannot be overpowered or defeated by anyone. Try this recipee in India and Pakistan and the world shall admire you. The atomic might is of no consequence if the Pakistan military can not prevent the extra judicial murders by the American drones.

    Rex Minor

  4. Kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    Man, I cannot tell you how disappointed I have been with some of these Pakistani liberals. Yaqoob Khan Bangash, who I thought was an intelligent man, has this article in Express Tribune comparing Pakistanis to the Godfather of Hindutva – Bal Thakre! How he could compare any Muslim – who may fight for his natural rights, but is never hateful toward anyone – to this monster, Hitler-Incarnate, and Devil-in-Disguise is beyond me.

    Pretty disgusting. I wish you were there to raise your voice.


    Tajender has always opposed Muslims going to government schools in India because he fears, and quite legitimately does not want, Hindu teachers to corrupt Muslim children’s minds. On the other hand, we have to use education and every other means to beat Hindus back to their natural position. So a good compromise may be to send children to schools but to keep them informed about essential Hindu character and congenital Hindu animosity toward Muslims. As you said, it is a lot of work, and requires a wise person to lead the effort. I really hope you will start such a program for any Muslim children who may have no option but to attend government-run schools.

    In desperate times, desperate efforts are needed. If we fail now, history will never forgive us for losing generations of Muslim children to Hindu mis-education.

  5. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I will persent this case in New York with the New York Times staff, and have a copy sent to President Barack Obama and the EU leaders. THIS IS the real face of the Hindu. I hate to say this, but we cannot tolerate THIS. (Just because Malala was killed [almost] in Pakistan by teachers/criminals there., does THAT give a licence to TWO GOVT. SCHOOL TEACHERS – who derive salaries from taxpayers’ money – to KILL a 10-year old Student – just out of hatred – that he prays in a different manner ?]. The 2 teachers are out on bail [Rs 5000 each]. Barrack Obama must know about ASLAM ANSARI. I shall present this classic case to every Newspaper Editor in the USA.

    ASLAM ANSARI, ten-year-old boy, was allegedly beaten up by his two teachers at government primary school at Pathakheda in Betul district (in Madhya Pradesh, India), succumbed to his injuries at a hospital in Bhopal, police said on Wednesday.

    Aslam Ansari, a class four student, who was admitted to Hamidia Hospital
    in the city died on Tuesday, they said.

    Aslam’s two teachers – Birju Kumar Sonaria and Vijay Ram Bhagat – had beaten him up brutally in the school on November 16, following which he suffered critical back bone and neck injuries. Both are members of RSS.

    Thank You.. and God bless you all.. esp. N. Delhi. Main ne uski dukhti ragg par haath rakh diya – aur woh bilbilaa uttha !

  6. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    But those who oppose Islam equaly base it on muslim rules in the world, not on what Islam is supposed to be.Mr Morsi is now up against the CIA man El Baradai, who facilitated George W assault in Iraq, and Abu Musa the junior partner of Mubarak. Morsi and his opposite number in Tunisia have the opportunity to create an Islamic democratic State which upholds equal rights for all its citizens regardless of their faiths, gender or ethnicity. Are they going to be allowed by the enemy? Is a bloodless revolution possible in the land of pharaohs a without the involvement of black and white couple in muslim lands?

    Rex Minor

  7. Kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    You touched a raw nerve…That is the biggest problem, and I am still not quite sure how it can be solved. This is what makes me pessimistic sometimes – luckily that does not happen often.

    The problem is – when a Muslim TRIES to implement Islam, he is beaten up by others. He is offered no cooperation. Then when he naturally runs into difficulties, Islam is accused of having failed!!

    It’s like heads you lose, tails I win kind of situation.

    Still, fact of the matter is that nothing else will work. So keep faith, my friend. They will come back to the right path sooner or later.

  8. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Now do not tell us that Doctors in the land of avatars are your Gods now giving life to humans. The press reports from India indicate a horribe view of Indian doctors, who during their clinical research trials put patients with serious conditions were put on placebos rather than treating such cases in ICUnits. Dumb is the word used for such individuals who usualy belong to elites in the academic world. Besides what are your concerns with saudi arabs?

    Rex Minor

  9. NDelhi Singapore Internet Explorer Windows says:

    OK Drone babu,
    Another story but with a role reversal , a muslim student stabs a hindu female ( islamic bravery) teacher to death in school.

    “Chennai: A 42-year-old teacher was allegedly murdered by a 15-year-old class IX student at a private school in North Chennai because the student was apparently “angry” at the teacher for “scolding” him.

    The teacher, Uma Maheshwari, who teaches science and Hindi at the St Mary’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, was found stabbed in her stomach with slash wounds on the throat inside the classroom.

    The students in the school — located on Armenian Street in Parry’s Corner — saw the teacher in a pool of blood and informed the superiors.

    News reports say the student walked in when the classroom was empty during post-period sessions and attacked her with a knife.

    The teacher died from the wounds before she could be taken to a hospital.”

    Does you blood boil now or is it OK. Would you be keen to present this story to barack obama and newspapers ??

  10. NDelhi Singapore Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Missed last paragraph
    ” Mohammed Irfan of St. Mary’s Anglo-Indian School killed Uma Maheswari, who taught Hindi and Science, in the classroom. The act was premeditated as he had smuggled a knife into the school for the purpose, said a visibly shaken Father A. Bosco, school administrator. Maheswari, a mother of two, raised an alarm when Irfan started stabbing her but before others could come to her rescue she bled to death. She was rushed to the Government General Hospital where doctors declared her dead.

  11. saad Canada Safari Unknow Os says:

    Thank you Kamath sir. Appreciate your feedback and you are right I do care to put the record straight. I agree with you that part of the problen is that Mr Jinnah made few attempts to define what kind of a state he wanted. But from what I have read and researched he did not want for Islam to drive the state. More on this topic next week. Cheers, Saad

  12. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    you are a wise man and your approaching NY times is the right approach; but Obama the afroam infidel? Poor choice, I should expect a more humane response from Dr Manmohan singh than from the Zion!

    Rex Minor

  13. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Western education has damaged Muslim brains and made them incapable of understanding Quran. Muslims should avoid western kuffar education and focus on pure Islamic education.

    Most liberal fascists in Pakistan have western education.

  14. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Unless the entire world is Islamic, there is no hope either for Islam or for the world.

  15. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Here is an inspiring story on Islamic education. Parents have to play a huge role such that their kids can be islamically educated –

    An Indian-origin mother who beat her son “like a dog” for not being able to memorise passages of the Quran, has been found guilty by a British court of murdering him and setting his body on fire to hide evidence.

  16. NDelhi Singapore Internet Explorer Windows says:

    though you are changing the topic because your Indian friend claims about muslim doctors are in tatters but let me tell you that your one dog (oops)/one prophet/one manual mindset prevents you from understanding anything worthwhile.
    Carry on with taj/drona who match your IQ level

  17. RajTOO Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Rex Minor,
    you speak of avatars, and land of avatars. Do you even know what you are speaking of?

  18. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Tajender has always opposed Muslims going to government schools in India because he fears, and quite legitimately does not want, Hindu teachers to corrupt Muslim children’s minds

    kaal i am with u i am not afraid that hindu teachers can corrupt muslim mind.bhoot parete kee kahaniyon ka effect temporary hota hai.muslim boys should go to goverment schools.they are cheap and better than madarssa.

  19. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Knowlege is a virtue. Parents have equal responsibility for the education of their children in Germany for people of all faiths: Do ot wait until some one feeds you with vieos. UK schooling is the unique one which allows corporal punishment of children.

    Rex Minor

  20. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    I think I do. Angkor is the example where according to archeologists was the oldest city of Hindu civilisation and became defacto the first industrial city in the world. This compares to India, the original home of Hinduism, apparetly got bogged down with the DIY made little Gods and dreamy mythologies that even in the 21st century millions want to live in make believe stories and are not able to distinguish between the truth and a lie. Remember the story of the child who tells a lie with innocance since it makes him feel happy. Let me give you a more concrete example which occured in France last month. The French industry minister accused Lakhshmi Mittal of consistantly telling lies to the French Govt. for years and told one of the biggest investor employing more than 20,000 workers in France that he is no more wanted in France.

    Mr Mittal family was shocked to hear this, says press reports, but did not go to court for defamation. It was voltair who is quoted to have said that if there was no God one needed to invent one so as to have some regulations for morality and ethics. These are the igredients of a society in the western world and used in world standards. I make an allownce a handicap for the people of India because most still live in the world of innocence, mythologies and usualy bite them which the high priests of their temples tell them and therefore I hesitate to judge all as equals to the enlightened and informed people. Iuse the term ‘avatar’ for the land. The alternatives are upleasant labels.

    Rex Minor

  21. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Uk needs Malala more than Pakistan.

    Although evil kids should be punished after checking their pubic hair. It’s perfectly halal thing to do. Focus should always be Quran and muhammed.

  22. kaalchakra United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    Knowledgeable, succinct, urbane, appropriately respectful – that was a terrific post. An outstanding example of the best that modern, liberal, progressive Islam has to offer.


    Do you really believe that that ‘example’ can satisfy any Indian Muslim who sees Muslims being discriminated against everywhere and brutally murdered everyday without anyone caring for them?

    Not to get into useless arguments, and to save us time, let me tell you TWO unalterable rules that you will find applicable in ALL violence between Hindus and Muslims. These cannot change because they are related to the basic nature of things.

    (1) Any ‘violence’ from Muslim side (like the one you ‘quoted’) is always one of passion, desperation, human error, hopelessness, or simply protecting what is rightfully a person’s AS AN INDIVIDUALS OR some INDIVIDUALS. Hindus on the other hand always take part in ORGANIZED, STATE-SPONOSERED violence, and act as HINDUS.

    (2) Islam does not teach any religious hatred. So if you look at ANY so-called ‘violence’ by any Muslim at any time now or in history, it will ultimately turn out to be ECONOMIC in nature, or CULTURAL, or physical, or or personal, or anything but religious. It can never have any relationship to Islam (because Islam does not preach hatred). Thus this violence is exclusively and invariably non-religious in nature.

    What about Hindus? Just look around you. These Hindutva people, murdering all minorities simply for religious reasons, destroying houses, raping women. There work off of deep-seated Hindu hatred for everyone else, specially Muslims, urging them on. Their violence is exclusively religious in nature.

    These are two unalterable laws. Every single time there is violence, you can be absolutely sure that these will turn out to be finally true.

  23. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    All the knowledge of universe is in Quran – we just can’t see it with 18% brain utilization. Memorizing Quran is the first step – it immediately increases the brain utilization to 36%.

  24. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    You are spot on!! Autists like Ahem and MTG who continualy repeat their messages, can utilise upto 25% not 36% though of their brain potential by foresaking some other function of the brain. They are then able to improve the competence in memorising texts, details of the city skyline etc. at the expense of communication with fellow humans. Your choice to be near humans or near just figures and cosmic scenery and everglades.

    Rex Minor

  25. a,k.b Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ saad
    Stop white lies… can go to ahmadi thread and read Jinnah’s speech about what he wanted for Pakistan…ie Islam and Muslim rule. Also you will find there admonition to the minorities viz Pakistan will accept their security and safety IF they behaved and are loyal to the state and did not hurt the feelings of the majority!! You mirzai’s are acting to the contrary so Pakistan doesn’t hold any responsibility for you. Go to the dogs!!


  26. a,k.b Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ saad

    here is the open Truth…..
    bow down to it!!
    Jinnah warns minorities….lays condition of allegiance and loyalty to Pakistan and the majority!!
    ”Minority communities must not by mere words but by actions show this that they are truly loyal and they must make majority community feel that they are true citizens of Pakistan. ”

    ”I reiterate that you, like any other minorities, will be treated as equal citizens with all your rights and obligations so long as you are loyal to Pakistan. I am glad and it is very refreshing that you have not gone on with the same old rut and the hackneyed phrases which are echoed in various quarters about the grievances and requests of minorities, but I must tell you that these assurances have been given and they are going to be implemented. Minority communities must not by mere words but by actions show this that they are truly loyal and they must make majority community feel that they are true citizens of Pakistan. Then you will help me and you will facilitate my task in carrying out the policy which we have laid down. You know you must dispel suspicion and distrust. It is now up to minorities to show by actions and deeds that they are true Pakistanis and dispel suspicion and distrust that has been created by deplorable and disgraceful events that have taken place.”
    Reply to the Address presented by a Deputation of the members of the Quetta Parsi Community on 13th June, 1948

  27. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Are you telling us now that mr jinnah was a monster? How could he address the so called minorities with such disrespect. He wanted minorities to prove their loyalty to the State and took for granted the loyalty of the majority. This is disgraceful to treat own citizens as war prisoners. Did people of Pakistan go along the lines of their leader? Is the current Zardari outfit following the same line?

    Rex Minor

  28. Amjad Cheema United Kingdom Safari iPad says:

    Well written Saad Hafiz
    Don’t be deterred by the nameless & faceless people I.e., Rex minor , AKB ———————–Miles togo!

  29. NDelhi India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Yup KC,
    you are absolutely correct..

  30. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:


    Not sure why you against memorizing Quran but at least you are one of few who have understood Allah and rasool’s strategies…

  31. Kamath. Canada Safari iPad says:

    You are right, absolutely about M.A.Jinnah’s strong advice to minorities. Be loyal to Pakistan or ELSE. His loyal followers took cues from the Great Leader and made it an iron-tight policy in action and have sent a strong signal to all minorities ie. Hindoos, Christians, Sikhs, Parsees, Ahmedis, so on. Correct me. Did I forgot any other name here?
    Fall in line or else.

    If any one needs further clarification, refer to writings of Yasser Latif Hamdani , unofficial biographer of Jinnah.

  32. Kamath. Canada Safari iPad says:

    Milestogo says:

    “..Unless the entire world is Islamic, there is no hope either for Islam or for the world…” You are making a sweeping statement.. In America, We are told (Re. Bill Clinton, Reza Aslan , Ramzy Baroud, et all..) Islam is the fastest growing religion these days. And there is not the slightest evidence that Saudis are funding it . How do you explain this phenomena ?


  33. MilesToGo United States Safari Mac OS says:

    because Islam is the best religion in the world…people have started realizing that…once the entire world has converted…there will be jannat right here on earth…just a matter of time…

  34. Thomas United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    I don’t usually use unsourced material for my comments. But here is something that came up during a google search on Omar Suleiman the Intelligence (torture) minister under President Mubarak of Egypt… Suleiman either died in a blast in Damascus or in Clevelannd Ohio while undergoing “medical tests…

    Here it is:

    “These moderates are and have traditionally been the PAID PUPPETS of the US-Is-rael-British AXIS of resource acquisition and land theft…….. MODERATE = COMPROMISED !!! COMPROMISED BECAUSE…… MODERATION IN THE PURSUIT OF LIBERTY IS NO VIRTUE………… and when a superpower who has been corrupted by bribery (think Adelsons ‘one issiue’ 1OO million) demands their assumptions and worldview be accepted and promulgated……. THEN being MODERATE is a VICE. It’s selling out their own country. Selling out ……..their own co-religionists…….. The very word ‘moderate’ loses all meaning…. Why not call a spade a spade.. It really means pro U.S.-Is-rael-British axis worldview and assumptions…..

    Thats all for tonight…

  35. Weed and Breed United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    “how fastest growing”

    Even if not fastest growing, ever heard of weed growing the fastest, bad news spreading the farthest, mutilating cells growing the most, and base emotions and fears easiest to transmit?

  36. Maggu India Google Chrome  GT-N7100 Build/JRO03C) AppleWebKit/535.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/18.0.1025.166 Mobile Safari/535.19 says:

    Begin your day with a laugh
    Hassan and Habib are beggars. They beg in different areas of Toronto .

    Habib begs just as long as Hassan but only collects $2 to $3 every day.

    Hassan brings home a suitcase FULL of $10 bills, drives a Mercedes, lives in a mortgage-free house and has a lot of money to spend.

    Habib says to Hassan, ‘I work just as long and hard as you do but how do you bring home a suitcase full of $10 bills every day?’

    Hassan says, ‘Look at your sign, what does it say ?’

    Habib’s sign reads; ‘I have no work, a wife and 6 kids to support’.

    Hassan says, ‘No wonder you only get $2 – $3 !’

    Habib says… ‘So what does your sign say ?’

    Hassan shows Habib his sign…. It reads: ‘I only need another $10 to move back to Pakistan..

  37. HistoryBuff United States Safari iPad says:

    Pakistan is the result of an evil Jewish conspiracy to corrupt Islam, by making a nation of Hindu converts to Islam, carrying with them all the detritus of their Hindu heritage and none of its reformatory zeal.m thus a dagger is pointed at the heart of Islam, more the Islamic world embraces Pakistan, the more the Hindu poison will seep into Islam.

    But Muslims will win in the end. The difficult and painful task of purifying Pakistan is going on. Much blood is being shed, but this is a cleansing fluid. Those who are on the Jewish payroll are dismayed by the slaughter because they see the defeat of their evil designs. The pure Pakistani Muslim should recognize that as longy as a single infidel or apostate or Muslim in name only is visible in Pakistan, the task is not done, and anyone seeking to impose an artificial peace, like with the talk of a civil society and such, is also an enemy, and must repent or die.

    KC, top that!

  38. tajender United Arab Emirates Internet Explorer Windows says:

    maggu great i liked it.these days i am sick.

  39. Kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    HB, precisely six years too late, my friend. I wrote almost those very words six odd months before Lal Masjid was visited upon us. :)

    That smiley is more ironic than celebratory, of course. Allow me to point out one point of minor difference, though. As a man of peace and nothing but peace, I merely describe the processes by which death sentences are passed, not pass those death sentences myself! More Chakra than Kaal! Hope you would permit me a small chuckle there, despite the understandably bizarre context.


    Tajender, get well soon, brother!

  40. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    A gazan is seen rescuing his family of 20 children after his house suffers Goliath bombs; he carries them in a tractor driven cart to a school building for safety. After the unload he is seen oce more on the road tellig the reporter that he must ow look for his 20 grown up sons if he could help them. Israel is the factor for Palestinian growth who must offer blood cells as a rental to the occupier Israel to be able to stay in the land of his forefathers.

    In sheer weight though the family of twenty children do not exceed the weight of Clinton obesed family of four fed on harmone rich beef.
    Apart from the growing perversion, the anti- marriage, anti-baby pills, abortions and awareness of economic restrictions for large families are some of the causes why people of christian faith have a smaller and negative growth. An average 1.4 a family in Germany is not sufficient to survive,

    Rex Minor

  41. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    Humans capcity for memorising is expandable and almost ulimited. It is the retrieval of the memorised, however, which is not an easy task. Therefore, one goes to the Madrassa and monestries.

    Rex Minor

  42. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:


    Why call names of nameless people? Besides, I have not commented the article, which is exceptionaly well written and realisic documenting the events with Authors conclusions, and corrolates with what is in the Press about the world of Islam. From Palestine to Tunisia and Egypt and from Mali to yemen to Afghanistan and now in Pakistan it is the religious faction of the polity which is gaining the upper hand versus the moderates and liberals who ufortunately got themselves aligned with the www of Zion.

    Rex Minor

  43. Rex Minor Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    I am sure you are ot sick but ill! Too many foreigers in Doha or wrong eat?
    Get well soon!

    Rex Minor

  44. Milestogo United States Safari iPhone says:

    Pakis need to start the purification by learning Arabic and memorizing Quran.

  45. saadh Cayman Islands Google Chrome Windows says:

    Thank you Amjad Cheema. The band pipers of darkness do not bother me!

  46. a,k.b Pakistan Opera Windows says:

    @ a cheema



  47. HistoryBuff United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:


    Do you happen to have the words you wrote 6 years ago? I would love to read them!

    Also, no one here has read between those lines? That is more amazing than the original phenomena!

  48. Dronacharya Saudi Arabia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    O’ MUSLIMS OF THE WORLD : Surrender your economy to the Hindu Bania – and go to pray. Good luck. Leave Commerce and Enterprise / Entreprenuership to the Bania.

  49. Kaalchakra United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    Oh no! Not the ‘between the lines stuff! That the breasts whose imaginary pleasures draw all the gaze when looking at the face isn’t that pleasant :)

    HB, I wrote a LOT many things along those lines: I write entirely elusively, and solely for myself, and those were the days I was trying to make sense of many things. Many basic theoretic issues?

    Was Islam simply a very cynical power grab in the hands of a few? It talks, walks, sounds, and smells like continuous revolution, but why hadn’t there been much of a revolution in Pakistan all these years? Where was ‘justice’ – the very reason for which Pakistanis got rid of their Hindus? Also, the spirit of Islam isn’t very big of ‘nationalism’ so what on earth was a ‘nation’ of Islam all about? And what was the deal with the band of ‘Pakistani nationalists’? Were they Muslims, Pakistanis, nationalists, could one have to be one to be the other? Etc etc…There were many questions whose answers I was trying to come up with, in my own head, to my own satisfaction.

    It was very clear at least to me that if Islam indeed was ANY force greater than individual man using it, then its constant manipulation was going to bring upon Pakistan some major grief. And given that there was so much of Islam in Pakistan without anyone following it at all, meant that sooner, rather than later, a real battle was likely to break out between Pakistan (of the upper crust) and Islam (of the masses); between the remaining Hinduism – which explained the oppressions and the corruptions, and Islam – the future promised to perfection. And this was bound to be a long and bloody battle that will spread out into the countrysides; yet my fear was that the upper crust had gotten too powerful – it had cornered all the guns, all the money, the media – too many resources. On the other hand, faith, if it can be kept alive, always wins. So, the last part of my speculation was that the upper crust that had been hitherto exploiting Islam without the smallest bit of shame would try to abandon Islam as quickly as it could. It would come up with any absurd story it could sell in order to delegitimize the struggle – when it came – against its own vested interests.

    Would the upper crust succeed? Only time will tell. The masses are unlikely to follow suit so quickly.

  50. Amjad Cheema United Kingdom Safari iPad says:

    May God save humanity from followers of Allah like u!

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